A Death Movie Marathon

Las night I had a “Death” movie mini-marathon. The 4 movies I viewed were “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, My Life a movie about a cancer victim coming to grips with is life review starring Michael Keaton and Nichole Kidman.  The 5 people you meet in haven starring Joh Voight and a Movie that almost fell into my lap called Fearless starring Jeff Bridges.  A movie about death Survivors.  But strangely enough this movie had the most effect on me although it was the furthest from the death scenario.

Bucket List:

The movie started a movement when it came out. People started writing down things they wanted to accomplish before the: “Kick the Bucket”.  In the Movie Morgan Freeman finds himself in a 2 bed hospital room with the billionaire philanthropist/owner of the hospital played superbly by Jack Nicholson.  Now most of us would be lucky to do half the things Jack and Morgan do.  But in the end, the movie comes down to the same purpose.  Resolving unresolved issues.

My Life:

Robert/Bob/Bobbie/Jones/Ivanovich is a Detroit Russian that leave Michigan for L.A. to become a successful P.R. man. The movie starts with his fatal diagnosis.  He also finds that his beautiful wife (Nicole Kidman) is pregnant.  So most of the movie is Michael Keaton documenting thousands of feet of video for his son to appreciate after Keaton’s death.  Keaton visits a Cambodian healer who tells him the cause of his cancer is an anger that’s been in his body since his childhood.

The Five People you meet in Heaven:

This Movie is quite mundane compared to the other 2 movies. Spoiler* The premise of the five people you meet in heaven are people that played an important role in your life.  Some you may not even know.  Jon Voight should have won an Oscar for his performance.


Seriously, I was not intending to watch this movie. I was trying to make room for the 3 movies I had just watched and this Movie literally “presented its self” as if to say: “You need to watch me”!  The movie starts with the crash of a 727 Jet from SF to Dallas.  Jeff Bridges plays “Max” who walks away from the wreckage and saves many lives in doing so.  To make the movie more interesting, prior to the crash, Max has a tremendous fear of flying.  But at a poignant moment as the plane is going down, he assesses the situation and realizes he’s not afraid.  He straps himself into a seat next to a 10 year old child who is forced to sit alone.

The movie starts out with him carrying a baby and the survivors following Max through a corn field. Max loses any fears he has as he feels or thinks, he’s a ghost.  The first experiment he does is goes to a diner and orders a fruit platter.  He is deathly allergic to Strawberries.  He east a whole serving of strawberries with no anaphylactic response what so ever.  He stands on the ledge of a sky scraper and dances in a state of delirium.

In the end, he is talked back in to this realm of reality and has on last bout with strawberries.

My message from this movie (which was only the 2nd time I had seen it) was that God is a powerful God. There have been reports of people falling from airplanes thousands of feet and walking away without a scratch.

There are a few lines that stand out in the 4 movies I watched.

When you get to Heaven you will be asked 2 questions: “Did you experience Joy in your life” and “Did your life bring Joy to someone else’s life”?

“It’s the anger that is causing your cancer!”

“I died so you could live. We are all part of each other.”

“Do you want to spend the remaining days of your life making your relatives and friends feel sorry for you; or do you want to spend them living life to its fullest?”


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