A Toxic Sunrise



This has been happening since the great Bee die off of 2008.  It was the first time we’d heard the Term Chem-Trail.  Of course there are pilots who fear losing their FAA license who will not say the Chem word and insist on calling them Con Trails.  Condensation vs. Chemical Trails.  If you want to get the basics on the composition of that Tic-Tac-Toe board in your sky, just search YouTube for “Bio-Engineering” which is what ChemTrail believers are calling it.

There are Three basic reasons for polluting our once Beautiful Blue Skies.

1. Agenda 21.  The depopulation of the globe.  The Chemicals the planes are spraying are lethal to man in the  long term.  Some have blamed the spraying of our atmosphere for the death of the bee population which in itself could be the end of man.  Monsanto, (maker of GMO seeds) also profits from the control of pollination.  No bees no blossoms.

2. The camouflage of the Planet X or Nibiru Star system entering our galaxy.  This is evident by the Sunrise and Sunset Spraying.  Those obvious crosses in the sky are often sprayed between metropolitan cities and the direction of the sun.  Just get up at Sunrise and look in the direction of the sun.  THEN look around to see if you see any other Jet-Trails in the sky…….

3. The most pernicious of the three and hardest to prove would be the materialization of the atmosphere.  Since Magnesium and Barium are the two main particles being sprayed, it makes the sky more conductive. Why make the sky conductive?  In Alaska we have the H.A.A.R.P. system.  It’s basically a death Ray designed from Nikola Tesla’s inventions.  (The Mad Scientist) HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  It’s a set of massive antennae designed to fire electric bursts into the upper atmosphere.  In short.  The U.S. government has weaponized the weather.  Many claim HAARP was used in the Gulf to stimulate the many destructive Hurricanes.  We first used the weather as a weapon in Vietnam when we “seeded the clouds”.  We made the Ho-Chi-Man trail to muddy to transport ammo and food to the Viet Cong gorillas fighting in the south.   Some have claimed that HAARP scientist are using the ionosphere or Ozone layer to bounce and reflect deadly HAARP beams back to earth.  Again, the spraying is seeding the sky.  It’s also damaging the Ozone layer which could also be a main reason for the increasingly high UV levels we say this summer.  In July many parts of the country had 6 – 8 weeks of level 10 UV radiation.

Many noticed that the spraying had stopped in the first 6 months of 2017.  The rumor was that President Trump had written an executive order bringing an end to the spraying of Chem-Trails.  But Monsanto and other large members of the Military industrial Complex have given the 45th president the finger and started up again in July.

Many wonder if the Los Angeles and NorCal fires were started by HAARP.  Not to mention the West Coast drought.


Here is a short video I took this morning to prove that what your seeing in the skies is not air traffic as usual.



Ace; Tell us how you really feel about Hillary

How do I really feel about Hillary?

I really feel that Obama hates police of any fashion and would rather spend the next 4 months in Martha’s vineyard playing golf and Hillary is her own favorite vegitable. She wouldn’t know the truth if it gave her husband a blow job. She has no morals or mores and will put up with her womanizing husband just for her own hubris. In all honesty her husband was a better president than Bush 43 & 41. But now that he’s not accountable, life is one big testosterone shot for the guy who’s gotten old and gray. I feel Trump is either the best thing to happen to America or the 2nd worst. (Obama with the help of George Soros without a doubt has done more to destroy America than anyone. At least Bubba balanced the budget (with the help of the 101st congress, you know, Newt Gengritch et al?) And he did make wealfare recipients accountable.

But even bubba let Osama Bin Laden go. He also signed into law the affordable housing act. Which lead to the 2008 crash once the greed generation got on wall street. As for Monica Lewinski? I really don’t care, but seriously; Is that the best he could do? At least the Kennedys had class. You can’t compare Norma Jean to Monica.

I think it takes an incredible amount of hubris to run for president. Hillary is running because she thinks she’ll get Bubba’s votes. Can you imagine the hubris it takes for both spouses to think they can run the country? But most voters were in grade school when William Jefferson weasiled his way into the White House like Bush 43. Only Bubba had the largest minority vote. (Not ethnic) All three candidates got less than 50% of the vote. THAT MINORITY.

In this situation, we know more about Donald than we did Buckwheat. He only got elected because the Bilderberg’s wanted him elected. America is the final trophy for the Bilderbergs. So far we’ve avoided the war the Bilderbergs had anticipated. The Bilderbergs have been running the country since Eisenhower left office. (With a short break when Reagan took office in the 80s which was the longest AND most prosperous peace time presicency ever.) And Reagan was shot….hmmmmm!

Bush 41 was the first to openly say: “New World Order”. (Global communism). Bubba signed not only the affordable housing act, BUT N.A.F.T.A. Which brought the rise of Walmart and the fall of mom and pop stores. (Taking the middle class American dream with them). In Bush’s last term he destroyed Detroit and Pittsburgh with regulations. (A Bilderberg move) as for Buckwheat; just look at our GDP for the last 7.8 years. The first thing the Buckwheat administration did in 2008 was to move the census bureau into the White House. (Giving him control of the nation’s demographics.) In other words, the position to manipulate economical reports. His unemployment rates are a hoax. The Fed considers you employed if you’re not filing unemployment claims. (Not taking into consideration those who are living in mom’s basement and can’t get unemployment anymore). So what the unemployment rate really represents are those filing unemployment claims divided by 330M. Not those who are unemployed. The real unemployment rate is somewhere between 15% and 20%.

Not to mention the under employed rate. (The result of Buckwheat care.) How many 40 hours jobs are now 29 hour work weeks? The final economic death nail in the coffin will come if this stupid $15.00/hour (for flipping burgers) min wage isn’t repealled. Teens will be stealing gas or gas money while college grads will be forced to flip burgers. See how far you’ll get with a liberal arts degree if you can make what a plumber makes by picking up trash. Instead of 2 teens getting employment and experience at 7.50/hour, one person who probably use to input data will now work twice as hard with “Robotic” burger flippers.

$15.00 an hour will put us on the road to singularity. (dependence on machines and computers). What used to take 4 big GM employees to put in a wind shield now takes one 104 pound female and a hydraulic arm. Sadly, I believe Obama has ruined us beyond kicking the can down the road. By creating the Federal Reserve Bank after WWI in 1919, and even worse, taking us off the Gold Standard in 1973; it put us in a situation where if the U.S. Dollar was the world’s reserve currency, and it was no longer based on the amount of Gold and Silver a country possessed; the only way we had to create wealth was by debt. Why do you think Buckwheat doubled the national debt in 8 years? He did in 8 years what 43 presidents wouldn’t do in 232 years. The scarey part is that Russia and China know that we have an idiot for a president. So China has been buying up Gold like it’s free. Are you getting the picture?

With China and Russia sharing the same Ideology and America raising spoonfed 30 year olds in momma’s basement use to getting $15.00 “Fiat” dollars an hour for wearing a hairnet and asking if you want fries with your 9 dollar big mac, what condition will the U.S. be in should their be a communist/Islamic invation? The only way for America to return to its glory days of the late 40s and 60s is for the big 3 to destroy one another. America defaults on its debt and manufacturing is brought back to what’s left of a nuclear ruined America and we go back to gold back currency, not fiat currency.

That’s what happens when you let 9 rich people in 1919 create a bank and call it “Federal Reserve” no different from “Federal Express”. Then make it illegal to own gold (Nixon in 73). It would have worked fine until we got megalomaniacs in power with a “ghetto mentality”. (“Hell we be Rich”)

You’re right Mr. Franklyn. Thank you for the republic you and our founding fathers gave us, but as you allured to; we couldn’t keep it.




(Dead at the age of 27)

Dear Politician,

I am a disabled vet. While I agree many people are easily addicted to pain medications, You CANNOT throw the baby out with the bath water.

Chronic Pain for inoperable conditions are the price middle class Baby Boomers are paying for building America.


X-Ray of rare rib invading nerve bundle

What used to take four 200 pound men to lift can now be done with robotics.  But from 1946 to the 21st century it wasn’t always like that.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that “Physiatry” became a respected semi-invasive discipline.

Because heavy lifting was required to build the infrastructure of our great State and Nation, a physiological price was paid. Spinal injury among others became as common as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Manual laborers were not required to wear back braces until the late 1980s.


Rare extra Rib on R-side of picture

Remedies for back injuries are a crap shoot at best.  It wasn’t until the 1990s that “Physiatry” became a respected semi-invasive discipline. Pain management is an answer but not a good one. Physiatry is the field of “curing successful neurosurgical” operations. Disc fusions and laminectomies often leave the patient in more pain from scar tissue than the original disc pathology.

Physiatry is the field of “curing successful neurosurgical” operations

Patients over dosing
Chronic pain treatment should only be made available after a psychiatric workup has been done on the patient. Pain pills are like bullets and pain treatment is very similar to the 2nd amendment. Patients taking narcotics need to be responsible. Pain pills don’t kill, irresponsible patients abusing them kill. For that matter; there are plenty of over the counter drugs that can kill legally if abused.

I’ve been suffering from an injury in 1996.  I responsibly went through pernicious radiological exams and MRIs that left me with few options.  The last thing a true  disabled chronic pain patient needs is more legislation that makes it difficult to attain something they don’t really want to take. After years of narcotic pain treatment (as well as multiple steroid injections)the pain management patient no longer experiences euphoria or a “high” from the medication. It only “Takes the edge off the sharp pain”.

After years of narcotic pain treatment

the pain management patient no longer experiences euphoria

The Answer
The answer is not passing legislation that handcuffs doctors that sincerely provide legitimate treatment. The think tanks must know that Chronic pain is a real problem that was a result of hard working Americans who built this country. (Not to mention soldiers told to follow orders) It needs to be understood that many Chronic pain patients retire in remote states because the cost of living is more affordable. (Than California or New York). Until a non-narcotic pill becomes available, there will be no pragmatic answer. I might add that it’s not the pills that kill as much as it is the pain. I can only imagine that those who overdose, do so because they cannot tolerate the pain. They don’t want to overdose, yet the pain is an ugly game changer.  I’m sure there are those that think pain pills are party favors like other recreational illegal drugs.  To the patient that needs a reliable form of pain relief; narcotics are currently the only proven form of practical relief. Again, it’s not a good option, but it’s the best. Sort of like our government.

Get the economy and GDP up and healthy people won’t have time to abuse drugs. As our economy declined, vices and crime have increased. If I were not disabled, I would be out camping on weekends or working on my car. Sadly, without pain management, the best I can do is lay flat on my back and try not to move.  Even with pain management, I’m restricted to what I can and can’t do.  I used to be able to coach baseball. I taught pitchers how to throw sliders. Today I can’t even play catch with my son.

Please don’t pass any laws that make it harder for patients in pain to get access to the medications that keep them somewhat mobile until science comes out with a pain reliever that is safe.

Albert Schweitzer wrote:

“We must all die. But that I can save him from days of torture, that is what I feel as my great and ever new privilege. Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself”.





Many of you don’t realize that “Primary” elections were not as serious until 1968. It’s the 1968 Faux Pas that brought America Richard Nixon. (AKA Trick Dick).  As a young Democrat wannabe (before I had to pay taxes) I was charmed by a politician named Bobby Kennedy.  Bobby was the most likable of the Kennedy brothers. Jack was the Leader, yet covertly flawed, Ted was the black sheep and Bobby was the “good boy”.  He was probably the parents’ favorite.  He was also America’s favorite in 1968 as America had lost a popular president named Kennedy just 5 years earlier.


America’s favorite in 1968



In 1968 it was not Bobby’s turn. Hubert Humphrey was next in line to run as the Jack Ass candidate.  But Bobby ran also.  Just as we saw in Trump and Obama, (I threw up a little in the back of my mouth when I added the latter) They hadn’t paid their dues or to put it more precisely: “Kissed the Ring”.


Bobby was young, handsome and charismatic. Even republicans had no problem in 68 conceding the election to another Kennedy.  Sadly, as this 12 year old was half awake and half asleep listening to his radio on a hot California June 6th night, I was awakened by the sound of: “Rafer (Johnson) get the gun”.  Then someone yelled: “He’s been shot”.


I thought I was having a bad nightmare. My father who was not well versed in parenting skills came home from work and said: “They shot your candidate”.  He didn’t know how crushed I was, (as was most of America) especially because my mom had died in June of the previous year. My neighbor was John J. McFall (D) congressman from CA.  He got me interested in civics at the age of 12.


FAUX PAS off the Starboard bow.


The DNC who was not supporting Kennedy, continued to run Humphrey (LBJ’s VP) as the DNC candidate. He lost to Richard Nixon.  Nixon’s only political capital was that he was VP under Eisenhower. But when a Muslim named Sirhan Sirhan shot and killed Bobby Kennedy, he took down the DNC’s presidential hopes as well.  Bobby, like Donald Trump, had a following.  He was another wealthy, handsome Kennedy.  Not only did Sirhan Sirhan get Nixon elected; he ended the era of the back room deal makers choosing the next presidential candidate. (To a degree).  Labor unions controlled the DNC for about 40 years.  A majority of union members were pro-George Wallace. In 1968 many registered voting union members stayed home and gave the election to Richard Nixon, who had failed to beat Pat Brown for Governor of California.


THE 1968/2016 VORTEX



Donald Trump took America by storm.  He is easily the most controversial candidate we’ve seen since George Wallace in 1968.  The RNC establishment was dreaming for a Trump “implosion” since June of last year.  Nobody took the Talk show host billionaire seriously. But those who love “The Donald” do so because they’re tired of political correctness and a POTUS that refuses to use the term Islamic Terrorism.  Those opposed to the Donald are either in this country illegally or simply afraid of what Trump might do while running the country like one of his businesses.  He’s shown how ruthless he can be which (to some) is a refreshing new Doctrine compared to the lead from behind mentality of the previous POTUS.  If Bernie Sanders (A registered Ind.) goes 3rd party, millions of millennials and welfare recipients will split the Hillary vote ala George Wallace.  If Ted Cruz & Bernie run as a 3rd & 4th party, prepare for a cage match.

I pray nobody is assassinated.  I also pray that Hillary gets the indictment she so deserves.  It feels like 1968 all over again.  But this time more is at stake.  We need Trump’s financial knowledge to get us out of Obama’s 21 Trillion of debt.  We also need to let the world know that there’s a “NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN”.




10.  CAMERAS on Cell phones.  The phone is a nice safety feature especially while traveling and you need to call your auto club to change a tire.  And of course quick access to 911.

9.  OBAMACARE What are insurance companies going to do after the party is over?  I will not miss the $6000.00 deductible.

8.  TSA strip searches and exposure to radiation.  We need to learn from Israel.  We need to interview more 20 year old jihadists and less 80 year old white ladies.

7.  Government Corruption yes, the IRS and homeland security should be hit with RICO laws. (Racketeering influenced Corrupt Organizations) This would also include political PACs.  A financial fund that is allowed to support certain candidates.  It’s a slap in the face of a law that limits individual contributions to $2,700.00 per individual.  This was a great Idea in an attempt to keep elections from being “bought”.  Political PACs have no restrictions so “Big Money” is allowed to influence (There’s that word again) your vote.  In 2009 the head of the SEIU, Andy Stern was asked while entering the White House: “What are you here for today?” His response was: “I’m here to collect on a deal”.

Andy Stern

6.  $3.00 Coffee – How many years did we drink coffee out of the can?  I wonder how much a shot of espresso is in Italy.  All Starbucks did was gave Folger’s a chance to increase the price of “non-premium” coffee.

5.  Political Correctness – Just look at Donald Trump and ask yourself why he’s so popular?  I think consciously hurting someone’s feelings is wrong.  Today the word Black can label you a racist.  I think you have to use the term “African American”.  So get it straight “Whitey”.

4.  Electric Cars – Sure I’m for alternative energy but don’t you have to pay for Electricity? (which has an effect on the environment as well)  Fossil fuel is like cancer.  There are companies that have too much to lose should it be done away with.  Think of the Million dollar scanners that would not get sold if something like “Aloe Vera” cured cancer?  GE would not let that happen.

3.  Millions of Taxpayer dollars being wasted on “Global Warming”. Most hydrocarbons do not come from semi-trucks on the road.  A majority comes from active volcanoes and methane comes from your dinner.  Get rid of subsidies for corn as a fuel.  Not only is it a waist of taxes but it has raised the price of meat.  Talk to me when you can explain what melted the last two Ice ages.  Let me know when China and Russia are willing to show some concern.

2.  RAP/Kanye West – Sports used to be the dream for underachievers but that required a high level of discipline such as Jerry Rice demonstrated.  Jerry Rice was every 49er rookie’s worst nightmare.  Not many athletes were as dedicated to such a strict workout routine as Rice. (Even when Jerry Rice was at the top of his game).  San Francisco paid big money for future replacements for Jerry Rice and most of them faded away out of frustration of trying to keep up with the greatest athlete in sports.

Rice YAC

Then spewing filth to a drum machine became much easier and attractive. Rap is not poetry, it’s more of a “jingle.” It doesn’t need to be clever.  The more crude it is the better.  It started in the 20th century, but gained legitimacy when Run DMC did a version of “Walk this way” with Aerosmyth.  Soon, music was optional, then a beat was optional then it morphed into filthy loudmouth rants that degrade women and appeal to those who can’t speak a sentence with 2 syllable words.

1.  SOCIALISM & Barack Hussein Obama – The United States has been fighting a battle of socialism for 7.5 years now.  An argument can be made that it actually started in 2004.  Not only are we fighting against a socialist president, but in a Hitleresque fashion, we’re fighting socialist professors in expensive colleges.  It’s no wonder the socialist, Bernie Sanders is campaigning for free college. (You get what you pay for, or should)


The current administration embraces taking money from achievers and giving it to under-achievers. I’m not talking about social security as that was a government imposed retirement account.  It was a Ponzi scheme as it was designed to pay off 10 years after the average lifespan of the average American.  So when it started, they calculated that pay offs would be rare. (Assuming you would be dead). Socialism is a guise for communism.  The only difference is socialism gives you the illusion of freedom.  Communism uses the power of totalitarianism.  Do it or die.  By the way; Communism and Socialism have failed in every country trying to impose it.




I will confess that while listening with one ear to Donald Trump, he says the things you want to hear. But it’s what he doesn’t say which should have all of you Trump minions concerned.  Recently, I posted on a Face Book page that is “Pro” Donald Trump that America should be able to do better than a game show host for president. I was asked by the admin: “Who would you choose”? OK.  Fair enough.

My response was to ask the minions of Trump to strip away the 4th grade name calling and ad hominem attacks on Megyn Kelly and ask themselves, what are Trump’s plans?  I mentioned that he couldn’t use the term interstate commerce and repeated “rings around the states”.  To me this is poor coaching before the debate and not something from a well thought out plan.  I said: “If Trump had a plan, he would have loudly made sure everyone heard it”.  But the truth is, interstate commerce is just one tool that would heal the devastation inflicted by Obamacare. I questioned what Trump would do even if we could get the uninsured down to 49 million Americans again? What would he do about regulating the out of control health insurance and Pharmaceutical market?  How is he going to get these high deductible scam policies back to the pre-Obama rates?  You can’t just say “Many programs will “pop up” once you do away with restricted border commerce”. I felt Donald Trump’s current political platform is to call whoever “dares” to attack him a bigger liar than the last candidate that attacked him.

I like tough talk after 8 years of a pacifistic communist in office. But talk without meat won’t cut it.  In 1928, a young Austrian stepped forward and fanned the flames of the fire of discontent for the out of control inflation in the Weimar Republic.  The man with the answer would go on to be known as “Der Fürher”.


  I do not want to see America (A country that re-elected Obama and Nixon) repeat the mistake California voters made by voting for Arnold. Strip away the name calling and tell me what you’re left with?

A self-proclaimed Presbyterian that thinks Planned Parenthood is a great place for women to seek medical help.

By the way, my answer to the Admin’s question was Rubio, Carson or Kasich but not Cruz as he’s shown his willingness to be deceitful under the guise of Christianity. Instead of putting up a rebuttal, I was blocked and the entire thread was destroyed. The truth shall not only set you free, but get you blocked.

I call it a badge of honor

Attorney-Client Privilege & Doctor-Patient Privilege “BEWARE”


In short, if an attorney has information that would free a convicted suspect he can’t mention it. The innocent defendant will rot in prison. Such was the case with William Macumber in 1974 when he was allegedly framed by his wife while going through an ugly divorce.

Yet if you go to your family doctor and say you would rather die than live with tubes coming out of your body, fear your physician as you may return home, only to be greeted by the Police and escorted against your will for a mental evaluation.

William Macumber

William Macumber

 The murder of a couple on a “Lover’s Lane” in Arizona north of Scottsdale happened in 1962. The case went cold until Macumber’s wife went to her boss in the Scottsdale P.D. and said (In the middle of an ugly divorce) that he (Macumber) had confessed to her of being the killer of the couple in 1962. This event happened in 1974 just weeks after Macumber’s wife had taken a class on forensics and how to lift prints. To add insult to injury, the evidence was not locked up and anyone with a badge could have tampered with the evidence.

One other piece of evidence Macumber’s defense had was a young girl who claimed to have known who committed the crime. She said it was a guy named Ernesto or Ernie Salazar. No such person could be found. In 1967, five years after the murders in the desert, a drifter named Ernesto Valenzuela was charged with a similar homicide. He told his lawyer, Thomas O’Toole that he had also killed the couple in the desert in 1962.

Thomas O’Toole was fresh out of law school at the time and just beginning a career with the Federal Public Defender’s Office. He thought when he saw the Macumber case: “They have the wrong guy”. But because of attorney-client privilege, he was not allowed to mention the confession and Valenzuela died in prison taking the truth with him.

Apparently, attorney-client privilege extends beyond the grave. 11 years later, O’Toole, no longer a public attorney was a judge and couldn’t shake the ghost of Ernesto Valenzuela. Judge O’Toole contacted the Justice Project and gave them the info he had on the confession of his late client. In 2012, the Justice project had all of the evidence they needed to present their case to the Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer for a Clemency hearing. Brewer rejected Macumber’s release twice. Later in 2012, Macumber agreed to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and was released on time served. Talk about political wrangling to avoid a major wrongful imprisonment suit. So William Macumber spent 37 years in prison for something he didn’t do.

*Note! I have taken an oath never to plead guilty to something I am innocent of. Even if they promise me a new Ferrari. Never confess to guilt if you are not guilty. The D.A. will use money to get you to “plead out”. If you are accused of beating your wife and you have never laid a hand on your wife, you are given a choice to fight it in court costing you every penny you’ll ever earn for the rest of your life, OR you can plead guilty and take an anger management class and lose your 2nd amendment right for 10 years. Although you and God know that you are innocent, you will have that guilty plea follow you through life like an albatross. Do not do it.

Let’s continue:

Not surprising, the story doesn’t end there. 5 months later Macumber was back in prison for sexual assault accusations by younger members of Macumber’s own family. I can only wonder; Is this the spouse still trying to keep her ex-husband behind bars or does prolonged incarceration create the criminal? Macumber plead not guilty of the sex assaults but was found guilty at trial and is serving 4 years for sexual assault on a minor.


 David Sarti

 David Sarti’s only crime was trusting his doctor. Just as we have attorney-client privilege, we are also supposed to have doctor-patient privilege. (With a caveat). The doctor has the discretion/power to deem his patient mentally defective and a danger to himself. If this happens, you lose your 2nd amendment right and can be detained in a mental institute as long as medical professionals see fit. No judge, no jury and no public defendant. You also become an interest of the F.B.I. as long as you live.

Sadly Sarti had appeared on National Geographic’s television series “Doomsday Preppers”. Sarti is a boisterous somewhat loudmouth that likes to exaggerate and he did so in front of the wrong doctor. His cardiologist Andre C. Olivier said there was nothing wrong with his heart, but they could put tubes in him to help him breathe. I’m not sure what procedure Dr. Olivier was referring to. I can’t see why he would recommend a tracheostomy for obesity. Neither lungs were collapsed so I can’t see chest tubes being inserted in Sarti’s plural cavity. Perhaps his cardiologist was using fear to get Mr. Sarti to lose weight. I do not know what Olivier’s reasoning was. But Sarti made a statement that was not very well thought out. He said something to the effect that he would rather die than have tubes hanging out of him. Dr. Olivier took this as a confession of suicidal tendencies and ordered Sarti to go to the Emergency Room.

Let’s Stop right here. Sarti’s doctor asked Sarti if he was suicidal and Sarti replied: “No I’m a Christian and my religious faith prohibits suicide”. That should have been the end of the conversation.

Regardless; when Sarti refused to go to the Emergency Room and went home; Law enforcement officers were waiting for Mr. Sarti and took him to the E.R. against his will.

 Where is the privacy called Physician-patient privilege?

The horror in the Sarti story is not so much what happened to David Sarti. (At least he’s not in prison serving a life sentence) But what has happened to all of us as a result of this? I seriously encourage you to no longer speak freely to your doctor without thinking about the unintended consequences. You MUST consider every sentence and your choice of words that you use when you are in the privacy of your doctor regardless of the Doctor-Patient privilege. I do not think it would be a good Idea to continue to see a doctor you do not have a good relationship with. I would not make an issue of it either. I would silently quit seeing your doctor and search for another doctor.

In both of these examples of privacy, the principle was used to keep an innocent man in jail, and to send an innocent man to a mental institution.  The words of a former, late President keep haunting me.


“The most terrifying words in the English language are:  I’m from the government and I’m here to help. ~ President Ronald Reagan.



The Cafe’s 2015 Breitbart Award winner is….


The Café Americain awards its’ 2015 Andrew Breitbart Award to the person that most embodies the transformational political horizontal shift.  Ms. Powers is just one major epiphany short of making the “Jump to right”.  At this point in time, The Writer Kirsten Powers is where Andrew was when he was starting to question why he was a liberal.  In Kirsten’s current position, she believes that she has too much to lose by making the swing.  As she becomes more and more disenfranchised by the left, she’ll see how welcomed she is on the right and this will open her mind to that which it has been trapped in.


It’s that “Ah-ha” moment where you ask yourself why.  Nobody with the exception of Ronald Reagan embraced this shift like Andrew Breitbart.  We who were once of the liberal persuasion had tangible reasons for becoming republicans or Independence. (Not the Juan Williams kind).  Ronald Reagan while president of the Screen Actors’ Guild was threatened to have acid thrown in his face.


Your humble author and almost famous rock star learned politics as a 12 year old growing up next to a 60’s Bobby Kennedy type congressman.  When I saw how the word liberal had changed in the Carter years; Ronald Reagan, (also a former Democrat) started making sense in that government needed to get out of the way of the individual’s prosperity.


Andrew Breitbart was a liberal because it was cool to be a liberal in SoCal.  Then once he discovered where his own self-esteem came from; his eyes were opened. Kirsten has a lot invested in the left and honestly, admits her own ignorance when it came to conservative ideology.  She is still like the circus elephant chained to a small “useless” chain. (look up that story for yourself)


But hopefully Kirsten can reach voters and enable them to “Think for themselves and not be afraid to engage in true debate”  To quote Kirsten: “The debate is never over”.




What I didn’t know then……

Does that saying ring a bell (((((?))))))  What many of you don’t know about your intrepid Blogger is that I possess a wealth of medical knowledge.  I use to tell interns at Stanford University Medical Center’s O.R. that I was suturing up patients when they were still in the 5th grade.

After the Feds quit paying general surgeons (Appendectomy doctors) to stand across from an Orthopedic Surgeon or GYN surgeon to tie suture and cut nots, and in the latter days, drill tunnels in a patients knee for an ACL repair, Medics from the military became highly sought out precious commodities.  We became, (with a little further classroom training) known as surgical first assistants.  I’ve worked in such busy surgical centers where I was sowing up patients in my sleep.  Since I did nothing but assist, I did my rounds in most disciplines.  It made me more desirable.  I turned down two scholarships.  Actually one scholarship and a verbal offer from a Dean of a medical school saying: “I can get you into ……..”

But as you know, my heart was always meant to be behind a Sennheiser Microphone and in front of a Marshall stack and a Fender amp.  Making my gold top guitar scream was my way of reaching Nirvana.

But I’ve probably forgotten more about medicine than the newer medical larva coming out of Medical school can remember.  It must be tough for young doctors today.  They can thank Obama and uniformed voters for their poor reimbursement rates.  I (Like many of my former doctor friends) would leave the field of fixing people because you’re no longer guaranteed a six digit income your first year and a 7 series BMW or Mercedes Benz.  In fact it was bad enough under Bush when HMOs popped up. (Health Maintenance Organizations/Kaiser) but now if one graduates from Harvard he might have to be content to work for the Veteran’s Administration.

This is a noble gesture if you’re a true patriot, and there are great surgeons that work “part-time” at V.A. Health Centers.  Unfortunately, there are those who hate the fact that they can’t afford their own practice, let alone have to take Obamacare reimbursement as payment.  The result is overt self-loathing and it often shows in patient care.

Perhaps I know more than a patient should.  Those who voted for Obama deserve these frustrated losers.  And a note to veterans: “If you drive a nice vehicle, keep it to yourself”.  I have a very nice leather daytimer that I like to use.  It has a Porsche Crest Logo on the front.  I believe my V.A. doctor saw this and it made him hate me.
He also asked me who did my last surgery and I couldn’t remember my doctor’s last name.  I always just called him Sid.  I had to ask my wife what Sid’s last name was.  This doctor was offended that I addressed my friends by their first names.  (I had done hundreds of operations with these doctors I called my friends).  An insecure doctor will be the first to tell you that if doctors are not your colleagues, you don’t have a right to address them by their first name.  Their first name is “doctor”.

Fucking ass hole.

Hopefully, the communists will be out of Washington in 2016 and a better path to medical care will come to fruition.  If I would have been a consultant?  I would have said: “Address the problem and don’t tear apart a system you loath”.  The problem was 43 million uninsured Americans.  Screw the insurance, give them health care.

Set up government clinics for those who don’t have the means to afford insurance.  Unfortunately, Obamacare has made 3rd party healthcare insurance untouchable for the middle class. (Someone has to pay for the owners of Obama phones).  But the truth is, Obamacare is an attempt to dismantle our medical system in this land of capitalism.  Obamacare was a step towards commie-care.  Yes the old “Single Payer” system.  Just answer me one question you scumbag in the oval office.  Why do heads of state in foreign countries come to the United States for things like HEART SURGERY?  It’s because when real doctors are making good money, they are inclined to provide great care.  When you turn your surgeon into a mail man, people in your health facility will go “postal”.  At that point, being called “doctor” is the only difference between you and your Porsche mechanic. (Except my mechanic makes $110.00 an hour). 43 out of 311 million.  We could have covered the cost of giving the indigent health care without messing up the Insurance system.  But that’s not the communist way.  And people, you’re starting to understand why wealthy people come to America for surgery.  And why some of the best surgeons are taking their retirement and running with it.

What few excellent surgeons that haven’t closed their practices are over booked.  In fact Obamacare is making it impossible to run a medical practice in a normal fashion.  I pity the conservative that is tasked with the job of straightening out the ball of wires and cords this idiot in Washington has created.  He’s destroyed the American Healthcare system in perfect Saul Alinski/Cloward & Piven fashion.

But 2016 might be too late.  I think the U.S. dollar is going to crash in about four months.  Then your Obamacare will be worthless as civil unrest will make every city look like Ferguson and Baltimore.



Happy Birthday Andrew, God rest your soul.

A year later and Edward Snowden is still on the lamb.

In 2012 The name Breitbart became a verb.  Just as the term suicide is used as a façade for murder (As in: “They’ll suicide me”) Andrew Breitbart is dead and before his body was even cold, the mid-stream media released a press report saying Breitbart died of natural causes.  So when someone politically active dies, one can use the name Breitbart as a verb as in: “He got Breitbarted”. (Meaning he was snuffed out mysteriously and the cover up was in motion before Andrew’s heart stopped).

Andrew Breitbart’s death was a message to those who knew too much.  You can be “Neutralized” and it will look like natural causes.

Edward Snowden was an employee of the NSA with a high security level rating.  He allegedly downloaded the NSA Database and has been exposing the NSA for spying on us, the American Public.  Part of the country sees him as a traitor and politicians especially want to see Snowden hang for treason.  Some of America as well as the rest of our allies see Snowden as a hero who outed the practices of the Obama Administration. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was informed that her cell phone calls had been tapped.  Senator Rand Paul is filing charges against the Obama administration for violations of the 4th amendment. (Right to privacy and due process)

I believe, (Looking at it from Snowden’s POV) he had no choice but to do what he did when you consider the ability of the NSA’s ability to track down hackers, let alone a breach of security within the NSA.  Should he have done it?  I can’t answer that.  I would like to know what was on the memory sticks he gave to China and Russia.  If he thought he was acting in the best interest of our country I don’t think he had many plausible options.  I’ve heard politicians that were shocked! Shocked I tell you to find out the NSA was spying on its’ citizens, then have the nerve to say he should have testified before congress.  Perhaps Mr. Snowden has a memory stick that explains how

Andrew Breitbart really died and Snowden understands how short his life expectancy would be if he would have gone to congress.  Andrew simply said he had info on Obama.  His exact words at the C-Pac convention was:”We have information and this time you will be vetted Mr.Obama”.

What Can Snowden Do?

Stirb langsam

Hans Grüber once said while stealing 700 million dollars in Bara bonds  if you steal 100 dollars nobody will look for you.  When you steal 700 Million dollars they will find you unless they think your dead.

As far as silly claims of “Clemency”; to quote Tony Soprano: “Forget about it” Snowden will be “Breitbarted” before he has a chance to raise his right hand.  He will have died from bad caviar from Russia.  For all intents and purposes, Snowden is a dead man if he makes any public appearances.  He needs to go into a German witness protection program or perhaps Lichtenstein then somehow disappear in Switzerland.   Edward Snowden is no Mark Felt. AKA Deep Throat. (The anonymous confidential informer on “Watergate”)


In fact with today’s technology; Felt would have been hunted down in hours and “Neutralized”. (Or Breitbarted). Welcome to Chicago politics. If Edward Snowden is smart, He will stop making videos unless they are to head fake his former NSA comrades. Shave his head or put on a Phil Robertson beard.  It should be Glenn Greenwald’s mission statement now, to take down the Obama administration.


Andrew. Rest in peace and Happy Birthday.