What I didn’t know then……

Does that saying ring a bell (((((?))))))  What many of you don’t know about your intrepid Blogger is that I possess a wealth of medical knowledge.  I use to tell interns at Stanford University Medical Center’s O.R. that I was suturing up patients when they were still in the 5th grade.

After the Feds quit paying general surgeons (Appendectomy doctors) to stand across from an Orthopedic Surgeon or GYN surgeon to tie suture and cut nots, and in the latter days, drill tunnels in a patients knee for an ACL repair, Medics from the military became highly sought out precious commodities.  We became, (with a little further classroom training) known as surgical first assistants.  I’ve worked in such busy surgical centers where I was sowing up patients in my sleep.  Since I did nothing but assist, I did my rounds in most disciplines.  It made me more desirable.  I turned down two scholarships.  Actually one scholarship and a verbal offer from a Dean of a medical school saying: “I can get you into ……..”

But as you know, my heart was always meant to be behind a Sennheiser Microphone and in front of a Marshall stack and a Fender amp.  Making my gold top guitar scream was my way of reaching Nirvana.

But I’ve probably forgotten more about medicine than the newer medical larva coming out of Medical school can remember.  It must be tough for young doctors today.  They can thank Obama and uniformed voters for their poor reimbursement rates.  I (Like many of my former doctor friends) would leave the field of fixing people because you’re no longer guaranteed a six digit income your first year and a 7 series BMW or Mercedes Benz.  In fact it was bad enough under Bush when HMOs popped up. (Health Maintenance Organizations/Kaiser) but now if one graduates from Harvard he might have to be content to work for the Veteran’s Administration.

This is a noble gesture if you’re a true patriot, and there are great surgeons that work “part-time” at V.A. Health Centers.  Unfortunately, there are those who hate the fact that they can’t afford their own practice, let alone have to take Obamacare reimbursement as payment.  The result is overt self-loathing and it often shows in patient care.

Perhaps I know more than a patient should.  Those who voted for Obama deserve these frustrated losers.  And a note to veterans: “If you drive a nice vehicle, keep it to yourself”.  I have a very nice leather daytimer that I like to use.  It has a Porsche Crest Logo on the front.  I believe my V.A. doctor saw this and it made him hate me.
He also asked me who did my last surgery and I couldn’t remember my doctor’s last name.  I always just called him Sid.  I had to ask my wife what Sid’s last name was.  This doctor was offended that I addressed my friends by their first names.  (I had done hundreds of operations with these doctors I called my friends).  An insecure doctor will be the first to tell you that if doctors are not your colleagues, you don’t have a right to address them by their first name.  Their first name is “doctor”.

Fucking ass hole.

Hopefully, the communists will be out of Washington in 2016 and a better path to medical care will come to fruition.  If I would have been a consultant?  I would have said: “Address the problem and don’t tear apart a system you loath”.  The problem was 43 million uninsured Americans.  Screw the insurance, give them health care.

Set up government clinics for those who don’t have the means to afford insurance.  Unfortunately, Obamacare has made 3rd party healthcare insurance untouchable for the middle class. (Someone has to pay for the owners of Obama phones).  But the truth is, Obamacare is an attempt to dismantle our medical system in this land of capitalism.  Obamacare was a step towards commie-care.  Yes the old “Single Payer” system.  Just answer me one question you scumbag in the oval office.  Why do heads of state in foreign countries come to the United States for things like HEART SURGERY?  It’s because when real doctors are making good money, they are inclined to provide great care.  When you turn your surgeon into a mail man, people in your health facility will go “postal”.  At that point, being called “doctor” is the only difference between you and your Porsche mechanic. (Except my mechanic makes $110.00 an hour). 43 out of 311 million.  We could have covered the cost of giving the indigent health care without messing up the Insurance system.  But that’s not the communist way.  And people, you’re starting to understand why wealthy people come to America for surgery.  And why some of the best surgeons are taking their retirement and running with it.

What few excellent surgeons that haven’t closed their practices are over booked.  In fact Obamacare is making it impossible to run a medical practice in a normal fashion.  I pity the conservative that is tasked with the job of straightening out the ball of wires and cords this idiot in Washington has created.  He’s destroyed the American Healthcare system in perfect Saul Alinski/Cloward & Piven fashion.

But 2016 might be too late.  I think the U.S. dollar is going to crash in about four months.  Then your Obamacare will be worthless as civil unrest will make every city look like Ferguson and Baltimore.

Pro-Choice ~ it sounds so simple and it is.

But killing the unborn is not a choice, rather an intention.

A woman and an unborn heartbeat.  That’s the situation.  The “Choice” is to have a baby or kill the unborn.  I won’t sugar coat it.  It certainly is no longer a woman’s choice as to what to do with her body.

That choice was forfeited weeks, maybe months ago.

It was a choice the woman made often in the throes of passion.  That is when the woman had a choice.  In some (I use the term loosely) situations, the pregnancy was not a result of responsible choice.  My first child was conceived with an IUD.  Some women unfortunately are victims of non-consensual sex. (rape).

These instances are rare and in such cases the woman’s choice has been taken from her.  Is this the fault of the unborn child?

I think the irresponsible have done a successful job of making abortion about life or death being a woman’s choice.  It’s not.  Her choice was whether or not to engage in a sexual act with someone they were not willing to have a baby with.  The primary reason for sex is “procreation”.  To be fruitful and multiply.  The joy we get from having sex is programmed from the “thought” of procreation.  Nothing is more joyful than giving physical life to a spiritual being.

Without it, it’s just friction and negative pressure.

Our bodies were created with neural programs.  Thirst tells us we’re dehydrated.  Weakness and stomach pains tell us we need to eat. Sweat, clamminess and chest pains means get to an emergency room. Lust is a program that can lead to procreation.  But our culture has turned lust into “mutual masturbation”.  The young people in our country refer to the act of sex as “Hooking up”.  Sounds romantic n’est–ce pas?  I still prefer: “Making Love”.

Did you know that this neural programming is so sensitive it can make you aware of danger when you are not consciously looking out for it?  When you stop what you are doing because you heard a sound or smelled something out of the ordinary, we assume what is called the “Kruk” position.  When you hear something that catches your attention, you will automatically say: “Shish” then project your chin forward in a “ready” position. Your eyes may scan left and right, and you will stand as tall as you can, but this is something we all do as a result of a “built in” neurological response.  The same is true in the case of lust.  Men may often assume an erection.  They will go so far as to emit a hormone in their sweat that will attract the opposite sex.  It is designed for the purpose of PROCREATION.  Our bodies were never meant to be used as amusement park rides.



So how does killing a heartbeat within a uterus become a legal choice, while spanking that same heartbeat 18 months later is considered child abuse?  Is this a woman’s “War on Children”?  Not at all.  A woman had a choice not to start the pregnancy process when she “Chose” to use her body as a sperm receptacle. (disregarding the unintended yet primary consequences).

Let me leave you with this one question.  If a woman has the choice to pick up a loaded hand gun and aim it at her head; we would agree it is her choice to pull the trigger.

Should the bullet be blamed for her death?


Tell me why cover


I’ve been on an April Wine binge lately only to listen to AW’s version of John Lennon’s “Tell me Why”.  It’s amazing how inserting one additional word can absolutely mess up a great song.  Perhaps one of The Beatles greatest songs ever.

Here are John’s original lyrics:

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me
Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me

Well I gave you everything I had
But you left me sitting on my own
Did you have to treat me oh so bad
All I do is hang my head and moan

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me
Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me

If there’s something that I’ve have said or done
Tell me what and I’ll apologize
If you don’t I really can’t go on
Holding back these tears in my eyes

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me
Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me

Well I beg you on my bended knees
If you’ll only listen to my pleas
Is there anything I can do
Cos I really can’t stand it, I’m so in love with you

Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to me
Tell me why you cried, and why you lied to


In the 2nd verse “Tell me what and I’ll apologize” Myles Goodwyn inserts the word “Baby” Tell me what and I’ll apologize.  As if he’s making a contrite and remorseful request of his girlfriend or lover.  This is easily over looked because the music is so beautiful.  But adding the word “Baby” changes the POV horrifically.

Clear your mind and think about the song from this perspective.

John said that “Tell me Why” was a song he wrote for all of the children who were the collateral damage of divorced parents. Sure it’s still a love song, but not in the “Eros” meaning of the word.  It’s from the point of view (POV) of a child who thinks that he or she is responsible for their parents breaking up.  The line: “If it’s something that I said or done tell me what and I’ll apologize”.  This cuts to the heart.  The guilt children of a divorce feel is so destructive not to mention unfair while planting the seeds of destruction for a future fucked up adult life. The children feel responsible for the tears being cried.  “Tell me what I did and I’ll apologize”.

Those of you with children, think about the unintended consequences before you say: “I’m out of this marriage”.  Unless you’re being physically abused by your spouse, don’t bail out, stick it out until the kids are old enough to start their own lives.   Or at least until they can understand.  The biggest lie you’ll hear from others when YOU are getting divorced is: “Oh the kids will get over it”.  Right!
<cough Bullshit>