F-22 Stealth Raptor

We, the United States of America hold a slim advantage against Russia and China due to our technological warfare/upgrades.  We actively deploy the F-22 Raptor which is America’s first pure stealth fighter with dog-fighting capabilities.  It actually has a .30 caliber machine gun on it.  The B2 stealth aircraft is a bomber and the FA-117 is an attack/air to ground system.  If you’ve seen it, it reminds you of a top hat and very little maneuverability.  Where the F-22 can stop and do a ballet move in mid-air.


F-15 Eagle

There is no argument that the F-15 Eagle was the best fighter plane ever conceived. At the time.  The same can be said for the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang.  But as technological advancements evolve, so must our investment in protecting the homeland.  We do not want to be using bows and arrows, when our foes have six shooters, Rifles and Bullets.

f14sbig f14vf1

The 4th generation fighters, or defensive aircraft that were non-stealth were commissioned in the early 1970s.  The F-14 Tomcat was commissioned for the Navy in 1974 and decommissioned in 2006.  It would be replaced by the FA-18 Hornet which was a less expensive multirole Naval aircraft designed for aircraft carriers and was commissioned by the Navy in 1983.

The F-15 Eagle with it’s impressive score card of “0” (Zero) combat defeats was introduced into service in 1976.  In its’ almost 40 years of service, the fleet of F-15s were being phased out by the introduction of the multirole land based F-16. The F-16 was introduced in 1978 as a replacement for the F-15 because it was 10 million cheaper than the Eagle.  But the Falcon was never as good as the F-15 and it was not stealth.

All of the above were dominant “Air Superiority” aircraft until “Stealth technology” evolved.  Now these magnificent fighters have been demoted to the status of “dinosaur”.  They are large visible targets in an age where surface to air (SAM) missiles have been perfected, and now China and Russia have their own versions of a Stealth fighter.  The F-15 which is “Undefeated” would be shot out of the air and not know what hit it.


The age of Stealth Technology or “Invisible to radar” became a game changer.  The F-22, in simulated drills was going up against the F-15 outnumbered by great odds.  (Such as 2 stealth Raptors vs. 24 F-15s) and the  flew home safely.  This proved one point, the era of the radar visible aircraft was over.  The Stealth F-22 radar signature is hard to tell from that of a sea gull.


In the late 1990s, the department of defense realized this and put together the JSF Project of “Joint Strike Force” project.  The main reason they had Boeing and Lockheed compete for the largest aircraft contract in history was because, Stealth was a game changer, and the F-22 came at a price of $200,000,000 a bird.  That’s right, I said two hundred million per F-22.

After 2 years of competition, Lockheed-Martin won the contract with the F-35 Stealth Lightening II.  The estimated cost of the F-35 is 153 Million per bird.  (Versus 200 million per F-22 Raptor)  The F-35 can actually do things the F-22 cannot do.  The F-35 Lands on aircraft carriers, it hovers like a helicopter, and it breaks the sound barrier with ease.   But the F-22 is still the best best aircraft ever made 2nd only to Northrop’s YF-23 which was found to be superior to the F-22, but came in at a price of 400 Million per bird.

So just as the DOD had the F-16 and F-18 ready to replace the F-15s and F14s, the F-35 was built as a “cost-effective” alternative to the F-22 Raptor. Yet the F-35 is not a replacement for the F-22 but rather an addition to the F-22.  The F-35 will be the work horse while the F-22s are the feared nightmare of our enemy.  Unfortunately, we NEED Air Superiority to control “Space” superiority.  When the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans or Iranians start shooting down our satellites, we’ll be back to Gen 3 Jet fighters.  We need to keep developing a defensive platform that will protect our GPS Satellites.  Without those, are Gen 5 aircraft are hundred million dollar paperweights.


f-15Boneyard F18 BoneyardF16 Boneyard F14 Boneyard

As you can tell; The F-14, F-15, F16 and F-18s are already resting in peace in what are called “Boneyards”.  Or Junkyards. These fighters are reaching 40 years old.  I pity the Pilot that has to go up against a Chinese Chengduj-20 stealth fighter.  This is when the large UAV or Unmanned Aerial vehicle or “Drone” comes into the picture.  The whole theater of air superiority will change once everyone is flying a “radar invisible aircraft”.


Chengdu J-20 Red Stealth Fighter

China, under the Clinton administration, hacked into DOD files and was able to download our F-35 plans.  when they unrolled their version of the Stealth fighter (The Chengduj-20) there was a lot of finger pointing going on in the Clinton White House.  The Chinese also hacked our nuclear submarine plans.  So American pilots will no longer be able to shoot down Chinese aircraft from 90 miles away.

Sukhoi_Su-47 Sukhoi_T-50_stealt2011h

Sukhoi fighter SU41

The Russians also have their version of the Stealth fighter.  As you can see, the T-50 on the Right looks like a Raptor knock off.  The Sukhoi 47 on the left is a revolutionary stealth fighter as it has “swept forward” wings. (Making it a little faster and giving it a slight edge in maneuverability.


Didn’t Obama say we don’t fight with Bayonets anymore?

PACOM Delegation to China china_pla pla_army PLS

Armed Forces


O’Reilly and Peace in our time


As I sat and watched Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly talk about his invitation to the White House and how he was almost beaming about planting the seed of making the POTUS confront the 72% out of wedlock birthrate amongst blacks, I could only think of the Hamburg agreement of 1938 in pre-WWII Germany.

(If you think I’m just a Hater; please see my last article)

Many of us have seen the video of Neville Chamberlain proclaiming that the piece of paper he had signed in his hand by “Herr Hitler” guaranteed: “Peace in our time”.

One could see Mr. O’Reilly being used successfully as a puppet of the Obama Administration.  This technique is called throwing your opponent a bone.  It will make O’Reilly, the highest watched cable news program, to put it bluntly, soft on the administration.  The Super Bowl interview was a presidential “Wine and Dine” to get to O’Reilly’s larger than life ego.

When all is said and done, O’Reilly came off looking like a “tool” of Valerie Jarrett, and reminded those of us who have studied history; of the same fool who returned from Munich waving a piece of paper.

One would think that Mr. O’Reilly would recognize the road to hell.  In this case, having Valerie Jarrett on Fox news was like the Wolf in Grand-mamas’ night gown.  O’Reilly’s intentions were good.  But how can someone with O’Reilly’s ratings be hoodwinked by an Administration that sent Susan Rice out to look the American public in the eye and say Benghazi was all about a YouTube video?  For that matter, even the POTUS who appeared in front of the United Nations continued the same lie.

The answer to O’Reilly’s gloating can be summed up in one word.  HUBRIS.

Bill, don’t let the chill go up your leg.  You’ve been around long enough to know when you’re making a difference and when you’re being used.




Attorney General Eric Holder was hospitalized today for “Faintness” and “a fluttering” feeling in his chest.

As much as I loathe this person and see him as America’s enemy #2, When I heard he was hospitalized my first thought was, perhaps America will get lucky and……..

Then I rose above that and saw the hatred the left had for President GW Bush.  And we are taught by higher powers to “Love our Enemies”.

So I said a little prayer for A.G. Holder and I do pray that his stay in the Hospital is not a serious stay and that he is healthy and able to testify for his role in Brian Terry’s death.  But I wish him no harm.  I wish him a speedy recovery.

This is the difference between the Right and the Left.  I can hate Eric Holder’s actions without carrying a personal hate for the man.

Get Well Mr. Holder



The Pen is Mightier than the terrorist.  Al Qaeda could never Crash our economy. (Although crashing the World Trade Centers did have a temporary effect on our economy) But unemployment never rose to 9% overnight.  Al Qaeda could never ruin our health care system.  Al Qaeda could not spy on every American or Every world official.  Al Qaeda could not supply the Mexican drug Cartels with the heavy arms and ammunition like Obama.  Al Qaeda could never make it hard for Americans to buy ammo like Obama did in early 2013.  Al Qaeda could never buy 7.6 Billion rounds of Hollow Points like Obama did.

obama 666

But something Obama is about to do is far more pernicious than China, Russia, and the whole middle east put together could not do.

Dismantle our military.  At a time when China is nipping at our technological heels and is sporting a military of well over 2.3 million troops, Obama plans to cut our troops back to 420,000.

What’s equally destructive is his intent to cut the JSF or Joint Strike Force project.  He’s disrupting our ability to defend ourselves against other countries who will be developing stealth fighters.  The real question is; is he doing this intentionally, or is he just irresponsible, a foreign policy novice or living in his own ideological fantasy world?  Perhaps the real answer is all of the above.  Obama has weakened us internally like a prize fighter throwing stomach punches.  Now he’s setting us up for the Coup de grace.





Obama has crashed our economy.  He’s given us 5 years of unemployment above 7%.  Our workforce is at an all-time low.  Now he wants to defund our military so he can make us vulnerable to Communist countries.


This would be a suicidal death blow.  Look at the big picture.


Note how unemployment sky rockets in 11/08.

1.  He’s crippled our economy making the U.S. dollar vulnerable.  He continues to prop up the market with FIAT money.  The printing press at the Federal Reserve will help the future of America only when it breaks down from printing so much monopoly money.

2. The D.O.J. is telling the States that they can ignore the rule of law.  The top cop in the land is telling State D.A.s that they only have to enforce the laws they want to.

3. Obama wants to let the most dangerous terrorists go from Gitmo on a “get out of Jail free” card.

4.  Now he wants to reduce our troops to a level of pre-WWII.  This in its’ self is nothing short of treasonous.  Why doesn’t he defund his vacation plans, of which we the Tax Payer, have paid over 18 Million for since he’s become the Golfer in chief.

In the BIG PICTURE, Obama has weakened America in every way he can.  When the comfort of under-achievers in the ghetto becomes more important than kevlar for our troops in Afghanistan, we can determine what the main agenda on Obama’s dance card it.  He is the most deceitful politician our country has ever seen.  (That’s a quite an accomplishment)  He can look at the parents of dead heroes and lie about their death.

We have an A.G. that has needed executive protection to keep from cooperating with Congress.

We have the head of the IRS pleading the fifth as Obama looks into Bill O’Reilly’s eyes and says: “There is not one smidgeon of corruption in the IRS”.  Of course it’s not a smidgeon, there’s a truck load of corruption in the form of intimidation and harassment.

Whoever is funding Obama and various other corrupt representatives is trying to bring down our Capitalist system and cause the destruction of America from within.

Nikita Khrushchev once said: “The proletariat is the undertaker of Capitalism”.  Then he said we will bury you.


Obama was raised by Communist parents. (Ann Dunham)

Obama was educated in Communist schools (Jakarta, Indonesia)

commie flag

Obama was mentored by Franklin Marshal Davis.  Communist Party memberr #47544


And in his own words, he clung to Anti-American groups while growing up.




In the world of military dominance there is a thing called counter balance.  It means that when your enemy gets a new toy; You’ve got to match that toy or “One up them”.  (Or you’ll end up like the Native Americans)  At the present time we enjoy Generation 5 fighter air superiority.  The F-35 is an integral part of the future of America maintaining air superiority.  It is a Jet fighter designed by Lockheed-Martin to meet the needs of all branches of the armed forces.



The F-35 (Which is a stealth fighter) will be able land on Aircraft carriers and replace the aging FA-18s.

It has Vertical Take of or landing capabilities like the Harrier Jet used by the Marines. (The ability to hover like a Helicopter.

And finally it is able to go hypersonic.

With Russia and China both developing formidable Generation 4 fighters like our F-15 Eagle, it’s vital that the U.S. continue to produce “next generation” aircraft.  With Obama cutting back the defense budget, we could possibly give Russia, China, North Korea or Iran the edge if we do not continue to develop a low level space fighter.  Here in Nevada, we are seeing aircraft “disappear” daily into the Ionosphere.  Why? Because if one of our enemies gets control of the “orbital” battle field; our generation 5 technology will become useless once our enemies start shooting down our Satellites.  The defenseless objects that control GPS.  The single most vital component of every modern American Jet fighter.


Aging F-15

Currently, we have in commission a majority of F-15s and FA-18s which are the world’s greatest non-stealth fighters.  But as superior as they are in the air; they would have a 50% loss rate against another world power like China (Who has stolen our F-35 plans) and Russia who has developed better “Archer Missiles” that can avoid our Gen 4 jamming signals.  In other words; The enemy is catching up while we’re giving cell phones to under achievers in the ghetto.  The only aircraft keeping the U.S. in command of the skies are the F-22  Raptors.  They are our current stealth work horse but come at a cost of 200 Million a bird.  The F-35 was designed as an affordable replacement for the Gen 4 F-15s and F18s.  It is called the “Joint Strike force fighter.


200 Million dollar F-22

The F-35s will enable us to develop and deploy B1R Bombers and Particle Beam distant Laser aircraft.


Our Space Fighter

But ultimately, the Scramjet will be the fighter that keeps the bad guys from taking America off of the grid.  China has already used a missile to shoot down one of their own Satellites.  We did the same to prove that two could play at that game.  But once a country can put a fighter that goes Mach 25 in outer space, the rules of engagement change for everyone.  And don’t think China or Russia will not hesitate to knock out our electricity combined with Obama downsizing our troops.

You could wake up in the middle of the night to Chinese helicopters circling your neighborhood, while you’re looking for a flashlight as Red Communist are kicking down your door and marching the men out into the street.  All this is happening as your cell phone is dead and the national guard has already been knocked out.

To quote President Reagan, we can only achieve piece through power.  Cutting the defense budget is nothing short of treason.

Dignity – A lost American Virtue



1. bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect.
2. nobility or elevation of character; worthiness: dignity of sentiments
3. elevated rank, office, station, etc.
4. relative standing; rank

Dignity is a Virtue.  The first definition is self-respect.  The problem with society is that we no longer think of our dignity in terms of self-respect but in terms of what we can get away with.  We’ve become a society of acceptable underachievers.  JFK asked not what your country could do for you (Entitlements) but what you could do for your country? (Enlist, volunteer as an officer, serve your country)

“Is it my fault that’s the way the system is set up”?  That was Jason the Food Stamp surfer’s response to Jesse Watters.  Watters asked Jason: “Does it bother you that people think you’re a mooch”?

Because the underachievers in this country have turned their back on self-respect, it makes it easier to trash any type of “Moral Compass” or “dignity” we use to espouse as a supreme virtue.  We, as a society, have been brain washed into thinking that it’s the government’s responsibility to show compassion.  So as humans, we’ve lost our dignity.  What this country needs are the obstacles that our grand or great grandparents faced in putting their future on the line to get on a ship and come to the new world, or get on a wagon or train and go west to cash in on the “Gold Rush”.

America is rotting from within like a Rolls Royce in a barn with rats and mice making nests under the hood.  We’re too lazy to take the Rolls out of the garage and polish it like we use to.  If it’s between working a job that offers the same amount of money as the government will gladly give you to expand its’ power grab, Americans will take the couch and remote control 95 percent of the time.

Who’s to blame?  They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  I’m afraid we can’t completely blame Obama for making it easy to become a welfare queen.  But our parents who were either veterans of WWII or Baby Boomers felt it was their responsibility to spoil the next generation.

“I want my kid to have all the things I never had”.

This is great if you taught your child all about work ethics.  If not, it’s a selfish act of providence.  If YOU worked hard to raise them, and gave them everything they wanted.  You created the entitlement monster.  If you fell short of becoming a self made millionaire, leaving your child a trust fund; where are your children going to go to find support if they’re not use to supporting themselves?  What’s worse is, if you don’t value marriage, what sort of family values have you imparted on your children?  Your good intentions made you feel good, but it paved the road to Hell for your unprepared off-spring.

Sadly, Obama knows this and his supporters and minions are more than willing to take the parents place and turn the land of the free into the land of entitlements.  The problem is, socialism never works.  The makers leave and the takers are left to steal and loot each other.  Just look at Detroit.  It use to be the symbol of American Strength.  Look at Pittsburg.  It use to be the Steel capital of the world.  The Empire state building was built in one year.  (52 weeks, 365 days) It’s taken 13 years to rebuild where the Twin Towers were.  Unfortunately, the Democrats are fostering this culture.  This election in November will be a good barometer for deciding whether to pack your bags, or prepare to dig in for a total restoration of America.

I’m afraid to say it, but what America needs is an event that will make them appreciative of the free market.


$7,000 worth of Free Advice

Q and Woo

If you are struggling with anger management, I’ve got a great story that really helped me.

In 2006 I moved to the greatest city in the World, Monterey, California. Then after a year, I move 7 miles south to the elite neighborhood of Carmel.  But while in Monterey; I leased a condo on Del Monte Beach.  It was right on the Monterey Bay and the sound of the ocean waves as well as the vibration of the waves crashing put me to sleep at night.

Beach Art 021

Del Monte Beach is one of the few “Dog Beaches” on the Monterey Peninsula.  But your dog must be on a leash.  As you can see; I own a German Shepherd and a Hybrid wolf.  They mind their business but keep an eye out for the “pack’s” safety.  Day after day idiot liberals would let their dogs run free on the beach because they felt that leashes were too cruel for animals.  Of course dogs that didn’t know better ended up in the jaws of my Shepherd who was obeying the law on the beach.

Monterey beach house 009

It use to make me furious day after day.  I told my counselor that I just wanted to let my dog kill the next dog that was off leash that came running up to my dogs.  He said something very profound.  Here’s your 7K worth of free advice.  He said: “So you let your dog kill the next dog; what about tomorrow”?  The point being that there will always be ass holes in your life.  You can’t kill them all.  There will always be an endless abundance of stupid people in California.

That put life into perspective for me.  I was a minority in a sea of liberal idiots.  Saul Alinski is buried in Carmel.  So once I realized that I was getting upset over fools, I let my dogs defend themselves, then said to the owners: “You know the leash law isn’t just a law”. I changed my attitude towards these idiots and rather than getting mad: I just let them make fools of themselves.  fortunately my dogs would spit out little Fee Fee and never killed an animal on the beach.

To this day, I think of the same line whether I’m in a long traffic jam or a long line at the bank.  “You gonna kill them all?  What about tomorrow”?

Fortunately, here in Area 51, everyone owns German Shepherds and everyone keeps them on their leashes. The people here are responsible Republicans that care for their pets and are thoughtful of others.  So if you find yourself in a place like Carmel; you might think about moving.  If not, just keep in mind; The world will always have stupid people and you can’t kill them all so don’t let them upset you.



The funniest line in Red Eye history happened Friday night with guests Sonny Johnson from “The Blaze” and JoNo aka Joanne Nosuchinski.


Sonny Johnson was explaining her parenting techniques and how she had  to explain to her child that: “She’s not a perfect parent and that sometimes she had put a little more force into “whooping” her kids ass”.


Greg interjected after Sonny’s speech and said: “Jo, you recently gave birth to a wolf.  What advice do you have”?


JoAnne responded with a line that gave me a hernia from laughing so hard.  She simply said: “Greg, I’m not a perfect parernt”. lol…….



Just as hindsight is 20/20; Facebook accounts can either make you count your blessings or make you gnash your teeth. I wrote an article about 7 years ago talking about the women in my life that were “special”. I don’t think Facebook was quite the attraction it is today, but that was a good thing in 2006.

Since then Facebook has added about 800 Million new accounts and several of the people on that list have had the courage to upload recent “profile pictures” (ah the good ol’ profile picture). I’m sure many of them are 10 years old, but it’s easy to tell how recent the profile pic is if they’ve uploaded other pictures of more recent events and you can’t really pick out which one is your old heart throb.

Since my article, I’ve been able to see pictures of about half of the people on that list.  One who was a real heart breaker just let things go and gave in to her hungry appetite and another who “was” a model is showing the results of long nights of partying and possibly serious drug and alcohol use. I was crushed because I thought I wasn’t good enough for either of them.

“Sometimes God’s greatest blessings are unanswered prayers” – Garth Brooks

My point is our childhood/early adult insecurities are there to protect us. Unfortunately, I blame the divorce rate in America for casting these insecurities on our country’s youth. When you lose a parent by divorce or by death at a young age, you try to replace that person with someone else. This is such a natural but flawed response. The cycle of insecurity only propagates more insecurity and more divorce.

Parents, the best thing you can do for your children is to love each other. To those 30 and under who have been abandoned by a parent; there is nothing wrong with you. Focus on being the best version of the person God meant for you to be.