Dignity – A lost American Virtue



1. bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect.
2. nobility or elevation of character; worthiness: dignity of sentiments
3. elevated rank, office, station, etc.
4. relative standing; rank

Dignity is a Virtue.  The first definition is self-respect.  The problem with society is that we no longer think of our dignity in terms of self-respect but in terms of what we can get away with.  We’ve become a society of acceptable underachievers.  JFK asked not what your country could do for you (Entitlements) but what you could do for your country? (Enlist, volunteer as an officer, serve your country)

“Is it my fault that’s the way the system is set up”?  That was Jason the Food Stamp surfer’s response to Jesse Watters.  Watters asked Jason: “Does it bother you that people think you’re a mooch”?

Because the underachievers in this country have turned their back on self-respect, it makes it easier to trash any type of “Moral Compass” or “dignity” we use to espouse as a supreme virtue.  We, as a society, have been brain washed into thinking that it’s the government’s responsibility to show compassion.  So as humans, we’ve lost our dignity.  What this country needs are the obstacles that our grand or great grandparents faced in putting their future on the line to get on a ship and come to the new world, or get on a wagon or train and go west to cash in on the “Gold Rush”.

America is rotting from within like a Rolls Royce in a barn with rats and mice making nests under the hood.  We’re too lazy to take the Rolls out of the garage and polish it like we use to.  If it’s between working a job that offers the same amount of money as the government will gladly give you to expand its’ power grab, Americans will take the couch and remote control 95 percent of the time.

Who’s to blame?  They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  I’m afraid we can’t completely blame Obama for making it easy to become a welfare queen.  But our parents who were either veterans of WWII or Baby Boomers felt it was their responsibility to spoil the next generation.

“I want my kid to have all the things I never had”.

This is great if you taught your child all about work ethics.  If not, it’s a selfish act of providence.  If YOU worked hard to raise them, and gave them everything they wanted.  You created the entitlement monster.  If you fell short of becoming a self made millionaire, leaving your child a trust fund; where are your children going to go to find support if they’re not use to supporting themselves?  What’s worse is, if you don’t value marriage, what sort of family values have you imparted on your children?  Your good intentions made you feel good, but it paved the road to Hell for your unprepared off-spring.

Sadly, Obama knows this and his supporters and minions are more than willing to take the parents place and turn the land of the free into the land of entitlements.  The problem is, socialism never works.  The makers leave and the takers are left to steal and loot each other.  Just look at Detroit.  It use to be the symbol of American Strength.  Look at Pittsburg.  It use to be the Steel capital of the world.  The Empire state building was built in one year.  (52 weeks, 365 days) It’s taken 13 years to rebuild where the Twin Towers were.  Unfortunately, the Democrats are fostering this culture.  This election in November will be a good barometer for deciding whether to pack your bags, or prepare to dig in for a total restoration of America.

I’m afraid to say it, but what America needs is an event that will make them appreciative of the free market.


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