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Hello old friends,

Let me first start this entry by saying your host is single as of August 30th.  Remember that date.  I will do an article on that date.

18k yellow gold wedding rings

12 years ago I opened the Cafe for chit chat.  The cafe went through some changes.  In 2014 a certain personality from Fox news was using my material and I enjoyed being his ghost writer.

Years passed and my articles became mainly about relationships, religion, God (don’t confuse the two) and the paranormal.

My last entry was June 18th, but the entries were getting farther and farther apart starting back in February.  I found myself losing my edge.  Then I lost most everything in July.  It hit me like a Tsunami.  I can’t say I didn’t see it coming because even a Tsunami gives you 15 minutes of warning as it sucks the surf out to sea before returning it 100 feet high.

So I’ve been rediscovering myself as I carry on the household responsibilities alone. (With 3 Siamese, a Wolf and a loyal loving German Shepheard who is 12 and knocking on Heaven’s door.)  Please keep in mind, age is not a disease.

That being said.  I’m BACK!

The Guitar Slinger part 1 History

The Guitar Slinger part 1 History

ace-andres-1 aceflames

(Definition, vernacular, Guitar Monster who sings lead vocals and astonishes audiences with guitarmanship)



Examples include: “Chuck Berry”, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Ace Andres

We’re a dying breed.  (So I’ve been told)

The story starts with a trumpet player named Louis Armstrong.  Armstrong is in the Smithsonian Institute for creating the format which would be followed by the “Guitar Slinger” for decades to follow.  What was his invention?

He was the first to establish the songwriting style which began with two verses, a chorus, a solo, a third verse, a chorus then an end.


Perhaps the first true “Guitar Slinger” was Chuck Berry.  His hit song Johnny B. Goode was one of his 27 hits in which the Father of Rock and Roll would open with a signature guitar solo then sing two verses, a chorus, then perform a guitar solo, then a final verse and end on a finishing solo (often called the outro).

The original Guitar Slinger who may or may not be the creator of the discipline was a young blues singer named Robert Johnson.  His 29 songs became material for Early Rock bands who had not yet become comfortable in recording original music.  Many of these songs still exist today.  Songs that have no known writer such as the Blues standard “Boot Hill”.  (Last made famous by Stevie Ray Vaughn)

In the early days of Rock and Roll, before Classic Rock, before the Beatles, before progressive rock, punk rock, new wave and pop rock, (etc.…) There existed only one sound in the genre of Rock and Roll.  It was “Roots Rock” which we often refer to today as “Rockabilly”.   Rock music at the time was personified by artists like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley (AKA: The King of Rock and Roll) and more importantly Buddy Holley known as Buddy Holly.  The spelling of his last name was a clerical error that was never corrected. Although Buddy Holly’s importance is not derived from his guitar prowess; he is historically important as being the first musician to create a major paradigm shift in pop music.  Holly composed, recorded, produced and performed his own music.  Elvis sang songs that were written by songwriters, produced by men like Sam Phillips and the King was often accompanied by studio musicians with various backgrounds.  Although The King was always seen with a guitar around his neck, he does not meet the prerequisites as a “Guitar Slinger”.

The guitar slinger is known more for his prowess as a guitarist first then as a lead singer.  Even though one of the greatest singers of our time played a Fender Telecaster on “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, Freddy Mercury also does not meet the prerequisites as a “Guitar slinger”.  Early guitar Slingers like Chuck Berry were known for their guitar solos as well as the songs they wrote and sang.

The Day the Music Died


1959 – 1960 was a bad year for the Guitar Slinger.  Rock music lost both Buddy Holly (That’ll be the day) and the young up and coming, Ritchie Valens (“La Bamba”, “Come on Let’s go”) in a plane that crashed shortly after takeoff in a cornfield in Clearwater IA.  Then in 1960 a young rocker from Minnesota named Eddie Cochrane (Summertime blues) would die in an automobile accident in England.
Between 1959 and 1963 the only Guitar Slinger still making music was Chuck Berry.  Sadly, “Race” Music had not been fully accepted as main stream entertainment by the world.  Players like Chuck Berry and Little Richard would be confined to the “Chitterling” circuit.  Their music was being covered by socially acceptable Caucasian entertainers like “Pat Boone”.

Various Elvis manifestations would be force fed to the youth of America when Elvis enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1958.  Hollywood saw this new genre of Rock and Roll as “musical sex”.  The default formula for Hollywood when a drought of Rock talent would arise would be to find a harmless pretty boy and put a guitar in his hands.  (Playing was optional).  Among these pretty boys that arose after the loss of Buddy and Ritchie was Ricky Nelson.  Ricky Nelson was the product of an early 60’s television show called Ozzie and Harriet.  The band Queen would go on to perform “Mary Lou” up until Freddie Mercury’s death in 1991.

It wasn’t until the British Invasion during the mid-sixties that we saw the Guitar Slinger make young kids want to do more than strum chords on their guitars.  As fate would have it; Elvis Presley’s manager Tom Parker had a fear of flying.  This phobia gave a huge advantage to Buddy Holly and his band the Crickets.  Holly, Cochrane and Gene Vincent did tour the U.K. transforming British pub bands that were playing a “blue grass” style of music called “Skiffle” to American rock music.

The British Invasion


Eric Clapton

The “Crickets” spawned English bands with similar names such as the “Beatles”.   The absence of Elvis in England can explain why England produced the most “Bands” while the U.S. produced the most “Solo Artists”.  The Guitar Slingers that would blossom from an English band, would often relocate to the U.S. and enjoy a career as a “Solo Artist”. Guitarists that could sing, like Eric Clapton and Peter Frampton would eventually leave their bands and come to the States to enhance their careers as “Guitar Slingers”. However; the true Guitar Slinger has been mainly an American character due to the origin of Blues or Rhythm and Blues music.  Again, it all goes back to Robert Johnson.


One U.K. band did back an amazing Guitar Slinger by the name of Alvin Lee.  Alvin Lee was the front man for the U.K. band “Ten Years After”.  Alvin Lee was Chuck Berry on steroids in a Ferrari.  Many will remember Ten Years After as the band that stole the show at Woodstock.  Lee would share the stage at Woodstock with one of the greatest Guitar Slingers to touch 6 strings.  A young up and coming guitarist who got his start with Little Richard named Jimi Hendrix closed out Woodstock but it was two years earlier in Monterey California that Jimi Hendrix would be re-introduced to America.


One of the first major outdoor festivals that made Rock Music main stream entertainment was at the Monterey fairgrounds in 1967. (The summer of Love).  Not only is the recording of Jimi Hendrix live at the Monterey Pop Festival still a classic, but many guitarists still have the poster of Jimi burning his guitar on stage.  Jimi was the 2nd great Guitar Slinger to be celebrated.  At the time, there was nobody playing like Jimi.

In the late 60s, many solo artists would make attempts at playing guitar solos during their songs, but most of these artists were known more for the song and their vocals.  Johnny Rivers (Secret Agent man) comes to mind. They had guitar skills but were not known as guitarists.  Speaking of Johnny’s; in the late 60s and early 70s a phenomenal Guitar Slinger from Waco Texas would surface as one of America’s best Guitarists.  Johnny Winter had a Rock and Roll voice and was a Guitarist’s Guitarist.


Although Johnny wrote little original music, he made a living off of recycling Rolling Stone hits. (A band that made a living off of Robert Johnson songs.) Whenever there would be a “Night of the Guitars”.  Johnny Winter would always end up making others turn their volume knobs down.  Nobody played like Johnny Winter.  There is a session recording of Johnny and Jimi before Jimi died out there in bootleg land.

In the late 70s, bands like Led Zepplin , Pink Floyd, and Aerosmyth would feature lead singers and carry a phenomenal guitarist as a side attraction.  (Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Joe Perry) Then, many great guitaraists that couldn’t sing, would tour under their name, but would hire a lead singer to sing for them. Examples include Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose and Van Halen.

Blues Guitar Slingers

The concept of the Guitar Slinger was carved out of Blues Music.  Gary Moore who spent a great deal of his career playing “Hard Rock” became a blues solo Guitar Slinger. B.B. King spent his whole career singing and playing blues.  His prowess appears to be divided along racial lines. I’ve found that his black audience loves his guitar playing while his white audience enjoys that deep blues voice.  I like them both.  Jeff Healy, a Canadian made a name for himself as one of the best “Shredding” Guitar Slingers.  He played better blind than most guitarist with the help of YouTube videos.

bbsrv  srv_live

Finally the last great Guitar Slinger of worldwide fame was Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Stevie was just a kid from Texas playing along with Jimi Hendrix records.  Like so many talented Texas Guitar Slingers, the Stars aligned just right for Stevie, who decided to do the singing himself, and he was noticed by an English Artist named David Bowie who asked him to perform on his hit Album “Let’s Dance”.  Stevie died tragically in a helicopter accident after playing a blues concert in Wisconsin that featured several other Blues artists that included Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughan and BB King.



Today we celebrate the Birthday of one the masters of personal development. Stephen R. Covey.  Covey authored several great books but none of them came close to the life changing book: “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Many people have “rock bottom” experiences.  I was in that position once.  I was thrown from a “cushy” 6 figure income into having my own business and having to work at something I wasn’t really trained well to do.  The cushy job was “marketing” surgical cameras.  The hard job was selling them for a profit.


One day in “Office Depot” I was picking up a ream of paper for my printer. I had just suffered a bad month.  So I browsed through the book/audio book row.  I was looking for some business books or tapes, (preferably tapes so I could learn while I drove) and I left with the Simon & Shuster tape “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  When I was in Marketing, the Salesmen were averaging $250,000.00 a year.  I think I qualified for welfare.  As was the case when I tried to satisfy my ex-wife and ventured into Sales (with the use of my degree in business administration) I always got in at the end of the curve. I must mention that I majored in business because a Music degree was useless and I figured having a business background would help me once I made it in music.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people is a common sense way of saying: “There are no shortcuts in life”. Or better yet: “Short cuts never work in the long run”.  It was a game changer for me.  I listened to the tape constantly.

I met Dr. Covey once. It went like this. I was standing in a long line.  I finally got to the front and said: “Thank you for changing my life” after we finished shaking hands.  Dr. Covey stood up and grabbed my hand again before I could leave and said: “No. Thank you son”.  It’s a memory I’ll take to the grave.

If you don’t have it. Buy the book and read every page.  Better yet; buy the CD and listen to it as many times as you can.

Happy Birthday Stephen.






Dear Parentless Child,

Understand that life on this planet can be long or prematurely terminated. If you can read this, you were not killed in the womb.  Remember that as you grow.  If your life was not taken in the womb, never consider taking another’s life in the womb.

Growing up in the fast lane is based on two principles.

1. You must know right from wrong and be brave enough to choose right even when wrong seems acceptable, more fun and is justified by society.  In the long term it’s this thought process that will indeed hurt you on this planet.  If you have trouble understanding right from wrong, seek a noble mentor.  If one is not available, read the New Testament Bible and try to emulate the life of Jesus.  Let the Jesus in the Holy Bible be your example of righteousness.

2.  You must try to understand Love. If you were born and grew up in an orphanage; it will be hard for you to understand unconditional Love. The most important form of love is the love you have for everything created by God.  God, the Creator of the Universe, Source Energy or your Higher Power is the one you will have to answer to in the end.  Don’t hold a grudge against God.  Your life will be full of obstacles.  Never forget that even the worst of the worst are still creatures of our God.  Show them love by wanting what is best for them.  Show them the best that you can give them.  The truth is that on this planet there is no “Us and Them”.  There is only us.

Story of the not so cute little kitten

I once had a pet kitten. There was something wrong with this creature.  It was not an easy pet to love.  It did not enjoy being held. It would hiss when touched.  It urinated on my coats and shirts that had fallen off their hangers.  I knew that had I taken this creature back to the place where I had adopted it; it would be put to sleep (death).  For ten years I put up with the damage and frustration this cat caused.  I got to a point where I was keeping it alive and feeding it just because it was the right thing to do.  That in its self was a form of the love I’m talking about.  Looking back, I believe this animal was put into my life as a lesson to see if I could love something that did not show love back.  It also showed me that I had a personal choice to get angry or just accept the situation and save myself the ulcer.  This is called Agape love. (Pronounced Ah-gah-pay).  It’s the most important type of love because it reflects on your ability to love, show compassion and mercy.  It’s the kind of love God has for his creation.

Human Nature

Humans that have offspring usually have a natural love for their creation. I would have said that this separates us from the animal kingdom but I’ve found that some humans can walk away from their children in a very animalistic fashion while at the same time a Mother Bear will protect her cubs with her last fighting breath.


A mother’s true love for her child is the Agape Love we should show for everyone. You may have heard the term: “He/She’s the type only a mother can love”.  You need to show that type of love for others while expecting nothing in return.  Your duty is your reward.  You showed love.  Even if the creature turns on you and kills you, you will have died proving your worthiness as a loving creature.  If you see someone hurting, do what you can to ease their pain.  If you see someone struggling, help them.


Life can get lonely. If you have no family it is better to stay within yourself than share your ignorance and desperaton with someone you find attractive.  I say “Ignorance” because if you haven’t figured out what your own faults, weaknesses and fears are, you will more than likely only be able to find a match that has the same issues that you have.  In short, my child, intimacy with another ignorant person will not solve the loneliness that stems from your “Ignorance”.  Keep in mind, highly educated individuals can be emotionally ignorant.  Love is not a quid pro quo arrangement.

Loneliness is never a good reason to seek company. Two ignorant people are worse than one.  When one sees enlightenment, often the other is no longer a match.  So in searching for a mate; become the person you want to meet first.  Likeness attracts likeness.  It’s simple physics.

When you strike a 512 Hz tuning fork, (concert C) if you hold another 512 tuning fork next to it, it will start vibrating without physical stimulation. If you hold a higher vibrating tuning fork like a 659 Hz (concert E) the fork will remain still. If you think substance abuse will solve your problems, you will probably find someone that tolerates substance abuse.  Abuse of anything is a form of ignorance. Don’t be ignorant.  Read! Watch personal Development videos! Talk to those who are perceived to have wisdom.  Go to personal growth seminars if you can afford it and believe the speaker is a person of wisdom.

Your body was created “naturally” with chemicals and organs designed to pro-create. (Meaning reproduce). Remember this when you engage in the act of sex.  Sex often leads to reproduction. It’s supposed to.  It’s always been my creed (when lucid) to avoid sex with someone I would not spend the rest of my life with.  You will find some that view sex as a sport, drug, distraction, affirmation or an intimate hand shake.  This thought process often leads to unwanted reproduction.  Unwanted reproduction is the road to the orphanage.  If you, my child, don’t want to put another human in the same shoes you were forced to wear; you will avoid sex without commitment.  Make love, not sex.  Sex without love is equivalent to substance abuse.  Don’t do it.  Love should be the: “Physical Manifestation of Spiritual Unity”.


You can only change the past by altering the future. Think hard about that.  If you go through life dwelling about how hard you had it growing up; remember that at some point you became responsible for your actions.  In most religions they talk about the “age of accountability”.  As far as the law is concerned, it differs in legal definition in different states.  In the absence of responsible guidance, this will take you longer.

*However; once you realize that your actions become your past, you can modify your future actions which will in time modify your past. Once you read this it will be in your past by the time you understand it. 

Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression. If you’ve based your life on right from wrong and let Love and Knowledge guide your behavior ,  you will not have to worry about how you come across to others.  (You shouldn’t anyway)  Be what you want to be then share your life with the like minded person you attracted.

Unknown Emotions


11 years ago we adopted an orange tabby from the SPCA. Boy was he ever glad to be out of his kennel (The first day).  We took him home to a beautiful surroundings that had an upstairs and down stairs made for a wild mountain lion.

Upon the second night of getting familiar with the new kitten, he had changed. While this little 5 or 6 week old kitten was standing on the bathroom sink, I went to pick him up and “bond” with him.  He arched his little back like a Halloween cat and hissed like a Cobra.  He did the same to my wife.

We both stared at each other in disbelief.

If you adopt a pet from a rescue agency like animal control or the SPCA. Should you return the pet for “behavioral” issues; you are sending that pet to death row.  So being the responsible pet owners that we wanted to be, we kept hope that the kitten would change.  We figured a new environment would just take some getting used to.  One can surely hope can’t they?  He did warm up to my wife but only on his terms.

For 11 years, this animal was the “problem child”. Any other less responsible pet owner would have sent him back or as time went by, just had him euthanized.  We live in a culture that refers to “abortion” as “Having it taken care of”.  Your pet or baby becomes an “it”.  It’s so easy to just “Tap out”.

I considered the tabby my penitence. Sometimes God puts aggravation into your life to see how you will respond to it.  I can assure you that coming home from a long day on the road only to find that the Nike bag you left on your office floor got urinated on will test your will and emotional strength.  There were more than several times when one of us would say to the other, if you want to take him down and have him put to sleep, just  don’t tell me about it.  But for the reason of knowing right from wrong, putting up with this source of aggravation built a certain type of character.  I’ve never considered character an emotion, however; it did develop a certain hidden emotion.  Hate is an emotion.

The opposite of love is NOT hate; it’s indifference.   Sometimes indifference is a survival tool be it long term or situational.

Today; after 11 years of trying to show love for this difficult tabby, it came time to put him to sleep due to a terminal illness. This was the first euthanasia of a pet I had witnessed since I had to put “My Gool ol’ Max Dog” down 11 years ago.

That tore me up. In 2005 I had spontaneous crying attacks just driving down the road.  I would be in the shower and realize that my shadow of 9 years was gone and I would lean my head against the shower tile and cry.  I would see one of his favorite toys in “PetSmart” and get choked up.

Since then, my wife has taken our first two cats in by herself as I just couldn’t/wouldn’t do it. But for some reason, as much as I disliked this cat, I forced myself to treat it humane; I felt I had to be there for his last goodbye.

I don’t know if it was repressed and released memories of 2005 or perhaps a ball of anger, frustration and self-imposed control; but I started to tear up when I closed his eyes for the last time. I felt he needed someone to show him love one last time. This is the essence of true love.  It’s the principle of first century Christianity;  showing love to someone or thing that needs it regardless of your feelings for it.

Cat Christmas 009

It’s only human.

Fireworks and Veterans



Ironically, most Veterans would rather pass on the Fireworks aspect of Patriotism.


I was only in a life threatening situation once in my military career. My job was to keep Marines and Sailors alive.  But I recall the sound of what I thought was firecrackers.  Then M-80s.  Then I heard a whistle by my ear.  I yelled to my fellow NCO: “Get Down” he was my senior officer but green to bullet fire.  He hadn’t heard the bullet and still thought it was firecrackers.

It’s a natural tendency to evaluate the situation and look for cover. (After you drop to the ground of course.)

Years later when I was into mountain biking; I would ride in the hills above a lake I lived by. It was the second or third trip to the top of the mountain which had a gun range on it. It was the first time I had heard gun fire since my time in the service and it gave me a churning feeling in my stomach that made me want to stop and throw up.  I stopped and just evaluated the situation.  It took a while to recall that a gun club was at the top of the hill along with campgrounds.

Keep in mind, I’ve held someone else’s leg in my hand.  I’ve held their eye (separated from their head) in my hand. These are memories you can’t un-see.  I’ve been bathed in blood and purulent excretions. (Pus). But fire crackers still send chills down my spine.

I’m honored by those who get enjoyment out of watching explosion in the sky aka “The Rockets’ Red glare. Some which sound amazingly like in coming.  Personally, on the night of July 4th, I enjoy turning up the television.  All I can ask is if you have a young returning Veteran in your neighborhood that has seen action, hold your fireworks display someplace else should you wish to be thoughtful.



In CHINA, It’s the 4th of July; In The U.S. it’s INDEPENDENCE DAY

(One of my first blog entries from 2005)

Moon Flag and Earth

I’ve finally reached the end of my rope with Americans that don’t respect their country. And I know they mean well, but damn it, Today is “Independece Day”. The 4th of July is just a day on the calender. Independence Day should make you reflect on the sacrifices of the “MinuteMen” and “The Sons of The American Revolution” . It should make you think about the courage of the George Washingtons, Thomas Jeffersons and Nathan Hale. Nathan Hale was barely 21 when he chose death over selling out his country. He was hung as a spy for the “Colonists”.Today is a day many will appreciate as a 3rd day of a 3 day week end. Barbeque sales will be at their peak today. Many pre-schoolers will associate the term “Independent Day” with ID4. The Will Smith movie where we defend our planet from Aleins. In a sad way, it seems that Hollywood wants to overlook the essence of the real “Independence Day” and replace it with a “New World Order”  day.

Today please remember; “Freedom is not free”. A price was paid for our autonomy. The willingness to FIGHT for our freedom was the cost of freedom. Those who risked their lifes and those who sacificed their lifes; paid the price of freedom.

If you can put down your bottle rockets, or your barbequed chicken wing long enough to reflect back on the Love and sacrifice that was shown for Liberty, you will indeed be glorifying the true meaning of Independence Day.

Duane Merrells walks with an upside down flag in a protest Monday, Aug. 18, 2014, for Michael Brown, who was killed by a police officer Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo. Brown's shooting has sparked more than a week of protests, riots and looting in the St. Louis suburb. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

update July 4th 2016
We are currently in 1776 again.  Only this time King George is King Obama.  Obama and his minions have tried to dismantle the United States without it looking like a full government takeover.  Example?  When ISIS Terrorists where killing our allies in places like Belgium and France.  Obama was laughing, drinking a cold one while watching a baseball game in CUBA.  Yes COMMUNIST CUBA,  WITH THE CASTROS.  My only complaint is that he wasn’t detained.  I wonder if America would have tried to get him back?  Or at least put as much effort into getting him back like he did our Marines being held by Mexico (for making a wrong turn).  While we can’t send illegals back fast enough.  We are being invaded from the south  as are our European counterparts.
On this Independence Day live each day as it could be your last day of Freedom.  Yes I know Alex Jones could argue that we are not Free and I he wouldn’t get Much of an argument from me.  I served my country in 1973 and heard the bullet fly by my head.   I’ll repeat.  Freedom is not Free.  The Terrorists of Orlando and San Bernardino could be coming to your town next.
On this Independence Day live each day as it could be your last day of Freedom
A lot of college students and Star War fans will have to grow up quickly should we be “Occupied” by China or Russia with the backing of Radical Islam.  Living will be prioritized properly behind defeating our enemy.  What wins wars is believing in the reason you’re fighting.  I want my children to have a better life than I had.  They’ve survived 7.5 years of Obama.  Obama was a high level infil-traitor.  Yes I spelled it that way on purpose.  It’s Hillary Clinton’s mission to try and finish off America.  She will try to weaken America defensively as she so successfully did in Benghazi.  It’s our mission as Americans to resist. 

Father’s Day


One thing I’ve learned is that “procreation” in its self does not make you a father. (Or mother). Judging your parents is purely subjective and wrong for anyone to expect their parents to be the Cleavers.

One thing I’ve learned is that as we grow, it takes at least 35 years before you begin to understand what being a good human is all about. Once you stop listening to television or your friends and start listening to that inner voice, only then can you change your own character. It never happens overnight no matter what kind of epiphany you’ve had.

The best you can hope for is to understand what made your parents tick. Once you do that, you can get Freud out of your head and take responsibility for your actions and become accountable. At that point you can let go of the past. Only then can you start your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, which, in the end, is all you can hope to do.

Giving birth to a healthy child is the best you can do as a parent. (Meaning not giving birth to a Crack/alcohol addicted infant). How they are raised is all gravy. Keep in mind how you prioritized your children in your life will surely reflect on you on judgment day. I would think that “Loving your children” would have more meaning than “Love thy neighbor”.






James Jr. WW2 Hero on left KIA ~ James Leininger III on right


“I knew you were going to be good parents when I saw you both in that

Hotel in Hawaii.” ~ James Leininger (Age 5?)



The above line is what young James Leininger said to his father at the age of 5 or 6. James is the most documented case of “Past Lives” and “Reincarnation”.


On this Mothers’ day, it makes me wonder if we had a choice to pick our parents, or if it was just James that had a choice. This is part of a discipline called “Theosophy”.  The difference between Theology and Theosophy is that the latter explains the “How” behind the what.

In the documentary, the father of James is initially a skeptic/Bible thumping evangelical that “believeth not”. Most Christians that do not believe reincarnation is real do so because of the parable of Lazarus and Abraham’s bosom.  In short, Lazarus is a poor man who lives a righteous yet poor life and then there’s the man of wealth.  Both die and move to the next realm.  Of course the rich man who is a non-believer is in the lake of fire and can see Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom.  (Let me explain).  The term “In Abraham’s bosom is like that first time you walk through the door of your home after 12 weeks of Basic military training, and Dad is there to welcome you home by greeting you with a big hug.  Ya know those hugs where you wait to see who lets go first? To make Hell worse, the rich man finally sees Abraham and believes and asks to go back just to warn his family members.  Abraham replied, naw, if they wouldn’t believe while you were alive, they still won’t believe.  Hard core Christian believers believe that means, one life per customer.  And from a physical mortal position, that’s true.  But can the rich man come back in a poor man’s body with no recollection of his past life?

Let me give you a couple of verses to consider. In Matthew 16:13, why did Jesus ask his disciples: “Who do they say I am”? Peter’s response in Matthew 16:14 is simple, he said: ““Some say John the Baptist; and others, Elijah; but still others, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.” OK, John the Baptist is just wrong.  He baptized Jesus.  Are we to believe that JTB and Jesus shared the same spirit? I’m not buying it.  But many of the Jews thought Jesus was an old testament Prophet.  My point is, in the first century, reincarnation was an accepted belief.

The next verse is even more convincing as it comes from the mouth of Christ. Flip the page to Matthew 17:10.  I’m going to paraphrase.  After Jesus had confessed He was the Christ; his disciples asked: “Then why do the scribes say Elijah must come first ?” here is the New American Standard Version which is the KJV minus the “Thees” and “Thous”.

Matthew 17:11

 ” And He answered and said, “Elijah is coming and will restore all things; 12 but I say to you that Elijah already came, and they did not recognize him, but did to him whatever they wished. So also the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands.” 13 Then the disciples understood that He had spoken to them about John the Baptist.

Christ’s disciples believed that Jesus was saying, the old Prophet Elijah had returned in the body of “John the Baptist”. How else can you interpret that last line?  In keeping with the parable of Lazarus and Abraham, it wasn’t Elijah that came back to life.  It was John the Baptist with Elijah’s spirit.  Just as James III thought he was James Jr.  He wasn’t.  He is James III with James Jr’s soul.  No memory of much after the age of 4 or so.  Do you ever wonder why little children often have “Imaginary friends”?  Pediatricians say that most people cannot recall their childhood prior to the age of 4.  Is this because the younger we are, the closer we are to our last incarnation?

So this makes me wonder. Do we have a say in being reincarnated?  Do we get a pre-incarnate look at what our life is going to be like?  Perhaps we get a look at the circumstances we’re born into.  Perhaps not.  Why would an intelligent spirit choose to be an Ethiopian slave?  The comedian “Father Guido Sarducci” once said that many nuns were gangsters in former lives.  That’s why they enjoy inflicting pain on the kids.  On the other hand, if you’re looking at 70 years in south Chicago or eternity in Hell, one looks much better than the other.  If it means saving lives while risking your own; or Hell, the answer is pretty easy.

I’ve always felt we were born into our situation, (rich or poor) to get the spiritual knowledge that being in that position could give you. I’m not talking about mental knowledge or conscious knowledge, but the feelings that build the character you get from getting kicked around in life. You get to understand what it’s like being poor.  Maybe if you arrive in the after life with a grudge because you tried your hardest but were still poor, you come back as a Rothschild only to see the drawbacks of wealth. (Loss of privacy, feelings of guilt, always having to wear and say the right things).  I learned many years ago that if you can’t be happy when you’re without money; you’ll never be happy with money.  I said that during a knee arthroscopy and the Orthopedic surgeon I was working with who was bringing in 3M a year (was) replied: “You said it”. 


I’ve always felt that I was a German Lüftwaffe Pilot in my previous life. (And a good one).  I think I killed many.  I also get memories of crashing my Messerschmitt into the side of a mountain.  Is it any wonder that this musician had to spend the majority of his life in Surgery?  Did I need to learn what it was like to put people back together in surgery?  I was trusted to drill tunnels in your knee, or carve out a new tendon for your ACL, then sew you up at the end of the case.

When the government did away with paying general surgeons to assist, former Navy corpsmen like me were in demand.  I saw my salary triple overnight.  But who knows, maybe I’m that same “Ace” that killed so many British, Russian and American pilots before getting shot down, but with a better understanding and respect for human life?

God can do whatever He wants for whatever reason. Maybe not everyone gets reincarnated.  Maybe the previous Ace needed some spiritual fine tuning and was worth saving with a little polishing.

In closing; let me leave you with one last bible verse. It’s the most profound verse in the book of Job.  It comes from an innocent young sympathizer of Job’s named Elihu.

JOB 37:5

“God thunders with His voice wondrously,

Doing great things which we cannot comprehend.”


I get it. I don’t know crap about the intricacies or the extent of the God of our Universe.  The God of Infinity.  And even if it were taught to me; I wouldn’t be able to understand it.


Jesus said: “Love God and love your neighbor as you would love yourself””. Everything else is just STUFF. (Vanities, useless, fodder etc…) Also, honor your parents.  Even if you were born to an alcoholic drug addict mother.  God wants you to “Love” without a reason.  That’s your sign of being born again.



10.  CAMERAS on Cell phones.  The phone is a nice safety feature especially while traveling and you need to call your auto club to change a tire.  And of course quick access to 911.

9.  OBAMACARE What are insurance companies going to do after the party is over?  I will not miss the $6000.00 deductible.

8.  TSA strip searches and exposure to radiation.  We need to learn from Israel.  We need to interview more 20 year old jihadists and less 80 year old white ladies.

7.  Government Corruption yes, the IRS and homeland security should be hit with RICO laws. (Racketeering influenced Corrupt Organizations) This would also include political PACs.  A financial fund that is allowed to support certain candidates.  It’s a slap in the face of a law that limits individual contributions to $2,700.00 per individual.  This was a great Idea in an attempt to keep elections from being “bought”.  Political PACs have no restrictions so “Big Money” is allowed to influence (There’s that word again) your vote.  In 2009 the head of the SEIU, Andy Stern was asked while entering the White House: “What are you here for today?” His response was: “I’m here to collect on a deal”.

Andy Stern

6.  $3.00 Coffee – How many years did we drink coffee out of the can?  I wonder how much a shot of espresso is in Italy.  All Starbucks did was gave Folger’s a chance to increase the price of “non-premium” coffee.

5.  Political Correctness – Just look at Donald Trump and ask yourself why he’s so popular?  I think consciously hurting someone’s feelings is wrong.  Today the word Black can label you a racist.  I think you have to use the term “African American”.  So get it straight “Whitey”.

4.  Electric Cars – Sure I’m for alternative energy but don’t you have to pay for Electricity? (which has an effect on the environment as well)  Fossil fuel is like cancer.  There are companies that have too much to lose should it be done away with.  Think of the Million dollar scanners that would not get sold if something like “Aloe Vera” cured cancer?  GE would not let that happen.

3.  Millions of Taxpayer dollars being wasted on “Global Warming”. Most hydrocarbons do not come from semi-trucks on the road.  A majority comes from active volcanoes and methane comes from your dinner.  Get rid of subsidies for corn as a fuel.  Not only is it a waist of taxes but it has raised the price of meat.  Talk to me when you can explain what melted the last two Ice ages.  Let me know when China and Russia are willing to show some concern.

2.  RAP/Kanye West – Sports used to be the dream for underachievers but that required a high level of discipline such as Jerry Rice demonstrated.  Jerry Rice was every 49er rookie’s worst nightmare.  Not many athletes were as dedicated to such a strict workout routine as Rice. (Even when Jerry Rice was at the top of his game).  San Francisco paid big money for future replacements for Jerry Rice and most of them faded away out of frustration of trying to keep up with the greatest athlete in sports.

Rice YAC

Then spewing filth to a drum machine became much easier and attractive. Rap is not poetry, it’s more of a “jingle.” It doesn’t need to be clever.  The more crude it is the better.  It started in the 20th century, but gained legitimacy when Run DMC did a version of “Walk this way” with Aerosmyth.  Soon, music was optional, then a beat was optional then it morphed into filthy loudmouth rants that degrade women and appeal to those who can’t speak a sentence with 2 syllable words.

1.  SOCIALISM & Barack Hussein Obama – The United States has been fighting a battle of socialism for 7.5 years now.  An argument can be made that it actually started in 2004.  Not only are we fighting against a socialist president, but in a Hitleresque fashion, we’re fighting socialist professors in expensive colleges.  It’s no wonder the socialist, Bernie Sanders is campaigning for free college. (You get what you pay for, or should)


The current administration embraces taking money from achievers and giving it to under-achievers. I’m not talking about social security as that was a government imposed retirement account.  It was a Ponzi scheme as it was designed to pay off 10 years after the average lifespan of the average American.  So when it started, they calculated that pay offs would be rare. (Assuming you would be dead). Socialism is a guise for communism.  The only difference is socialism gives you the illusion of freedom.  Communism uses the power of totalitarianism.  Do it or die.  By the way; Communism and Socialism have failed in every country trying to impose it.