I recorded my 3rd Album at the age of 52.  I didn’t even think about it.  A friend gave me an Idea and the music wrote its’ self.  But another friend, who was infatuated with my performance, told me a story that till this day is a story as sad as “Terms of Endearment”.

Gary (Not his real name) told me his father was a French Horn player and all of his life he wanted to play with a big band.  He also mentioned that his father was in his late 70’s.  The feeling of sadness hit me as if I had heard someone had been diagnosed with a terminal disease yet his father was clinching to this dream.  This was a disease that has been haunting me for most of my life.  Yet deep down under the tears and sadness I was able to scrape the goodness from this story.  Gary’s Dad was holding onto hope and optimism.  What kind of life can you live if you give up on hope?

I’m still able to put on a house shaking performance, but in 20 years, I doubt I’ll have the stamina or dexterity to tear a house down.  The other fear which I’m already starting to understand is that 20 years from now; nobody will give a damn about Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn or Freddie Mercury.  Just as many of you readers may have to query The Glenn Miller Orchestra.

What I took away from the the story of Gary’s Dad was that Dreams are goals without a timeline.  I wanted to make Gary’s Dad’s dream come true at the sake of sacrifincing my own dream. (Which is to play on stage with David Bowie). I found someone from the Glenn Millier Orchestra who said: “Get me a demo”.  When I went back to find Gary, I was told he had moved back across the country from California to the east coast to take care of his father who was/is ill.

I guess in the end; It doesn’t matter if you play lead guitar for David Bowie or French Horn for the Glenn Miller Orchestra.  Once you’ve achieved a dream, you need to have another to keep you going.  There is no finish line.  When you are called home, it will be much sooner than anyone would wish. I’ve had many dreams come true.  I have many more yet to fulfill.  Being David Bowie’s last guitarist on his last tour is amongst my lifelong dreams.

Stage back

Keep Dreaming.

ORGASM over 50

ORGASM over 50 not just for fun



Before you read this, understand that I am not a doctor and this is not medical advise. If you are experiencing the symptoms of prostate problems or any problems mentioned in this article; please see your doctor. If you are 50 and are NOT having the symptoms mentioned at the end of the article, read and learn.

The Media is doing the male over 50 public a great disservice by talking about pills that keep you from “Having to go” (urinate). But I fought with myself about writing this article because I know what the unintended consequences can be.

When the average male starts to hit his 50s, his “ejaculation” frequency slows down. You’ve heard the T.V. commercials talk about one out of three men over 50 being diagnosed with some form of prostate disease. This includes the lesser problem called BPH or Benign Prostate Hypertrophy or Hyperplasia, to prostate cancer.   Here’s another term you’ve undoubtedly heard: “Use it or lose it”.


A normal prostate is the size of a walnut. Your bladder is the size of your fist. A prostate that has become enlarged is the size of a good sized lemon. The Physiology or functionality of prostate issues is easy to understand if you realize that a normal prostate is a Walnut size structure that surrounds your Urethra (Pee tube). But not only does it surround your pee tube, it acts like a super charger for your testicles.

Here’s where and why the problem can exist. Your (I’m speaking to males) testicles create and secrete a hormone called testosterone. It forms the reproductive cells known as sperm which are released in seminal fluid. (The stuff wet dreams are made of) They are those little tad poles that race towards the woman’s egg.

The “On-Ramp” for those sperm cells is the prostate gland. But the prostate is not just any organ, it creates an enzyme that mixes with the sperm cells which protects the sperm cells from the acidic fluids in the woman’s vagina (her special place).

Although the testicles tend to be content with the decrease in testosterone output, it manifests its’ self in other male destructive ways like “BALDNESS”. Don’t ask, I can’t explain that one. All I know is the more testosterone you have, the less hair you have.

The prostate, on the other hand, keeps producing its’ enzyme and there is no other use for it. So if you don’t let it do its’ thing from time to time; it will grow into a lemon. Don’t worry your prostate is not going to explode as the excess gets eliminated, but only after stretching that walnut into a lemon. So once your prostate turns into the size of a lemon, it takes up valuable real estate where your bladder is use to expand. This explains why as a young 20 something, you could drink beer all night, then urinate for a half hour in the morning. What can an over 50 guy do to help reduce this issue and not get up several times during the night to go and try to urinate while all that comes out is a weak trickle of urine? Have an Orgasm twice a week. And the more the merrier.

How you do this is up to you. But know that when you do start releasing seminal fluid, it’s not going to shrink your prostate overnight. I call this the “holistic” PREVENTIVE  alternative to a “TURP” or transurethral resectioning of the Prostate. It’s an ugly operation (Although urologist have gotten good at it) but Orgasm can be more fun than letting someone you don’t know take a small loop and burn away pieces of your prostate.  And again; It only helps if you start practicing it before you manifest symptoms.

***** IMPORTANT*****

What I’m referring to is something you should consider BEFORE you have signs of Prostate issues. If you have the classic prostate symptoms which are a weak urine flow. Having to get up during the night to go urinate. (Water pills not withstanding). Having an inconsistent urine flow. (In other words, you’re never really done pissing) It’s important that you SEE A DOCTOR. Testicular and Prostate cancer are nothing to fool around with.  Any hormone producing organ can turn pernicious really fast. So when your body is not acting the way it always has, you need to have it checked out.

Chalking stuff up to old age is not a good diagnosis, especially if you are the one diagnosing yourself. I’m just educating you on this before in hopes that it will help you avoid becoming part of the other 66 percent, or 50% of all men over 50 and 80% of men over 80.


Times they are a changin’


We’ve gone through about five major stages in technology in regards to the field of information. (The Computer)

1. The introductory stage.  This was when PC’s were only being used to keep a phone number/address data base as well as your favorite recipes.

2. The discovery of the World Wide Web.  The internet use to exist on the corporate level probably 15 years before the WWW.  This new ability to communicate instantly without a stamp or a phone actually hurt the USPS.  As for the phone and cable companies, it was a gold rush windfall.  In the early 90’s companies were racing to buy up what were at the time, local cable TV companies.  Most of the computers in the early to late 90s had what we would call primitive motherboards by today’s standards, but tech heads drooled over the 450 megabyte chip.

3.  Then about the time everyone was buying PCs or Macs; sound files were being compacted into the Mp3.  I predicted (as I’m sure many did) that the next big thing would be the Mp3 player.  Meet the IPod.  Why Apple was the first to jump on this amazes me.  Apple couldn’t even play Mp3 formatted files.  They had to be apple converted files.  But they sold a lot of IPods.

4.  Soon everything had to be “Wireless”.  And I was told by a silicon valley CEO that the future of computers (at the time) was to push email, then, Wireless, then finally the marketing of storage.  We now call it “Back up”.  But external memory drives were also being marketed around the turn of the century.

5.  Finally MULTI-MEDIA.  Here’s where Apple made their comeback.  The IPhone.  It did it all.  They say there is more technology in an I4 than all the technology that went into the Apollo space missions.

But in the old days when new “Updates” came out for a product or software you had installed, you could trust the company that supported your Mp3 or Mp4 player.  In the first 10 years of the 21st century, we got in the bad habit of hitting the next button until we either had to find a folder to file the update in, or hit the finish button.  Believe it or not, companies we use to trust have crossed over to the dark side.  Recently, Real Player which was a desk top Icon on my screen for 17 years, sold its’ soul to Satan.  In the last update, it bundled a ………. A VIRUS.  There I said it.  It was bundled in the update under the name Re-Markable.  I wasted 10 hours yesterday finding the culprit.  What sucked is, it manifested its’ self, two weeks after an install.  That made it really hard to find.  And to make matters worse, they will even offer a nefarious fix on line when you go to a search engine.  But the only way you will find it is to look for the “NAME” of the company that is on the “Pop-ups”.  Then say a prayer before searching for a removal fix on-line.

If I had a company that dealt with removing computer viruses; I would say that rule number one would be: “Have your I.T. guy look at the update then, read every word of every page before you click next or even worse “Agree”.

It’s a new day and a new time and cyberspace is now full of cyber villains.  Take your time so you don’t install a virus under the guise of a “Tool bar”.  By the way, Real Player, (Which is now Real Cloud) whom I trusted for so long, has been rated amongst the top 5 worst software companies in recent years.




I’m writing this short article as an introduction to a larger much more important article that I’m working on.. I simply wanted to say this:  When a Man sees that which stimulates him sexually, and you feel yourself being drawn towards that image, perhaps you even become sexually stimulated;  It’s no different from being hungry from being on a protein Juice diet and seeing a Filet Mignon with a baked potato, real sour cream and chives sprinkled above the sour cream.  Then just to tease you, there’s a bone marrow sauce covering a large sautéed mushroom on top of the steak.

Out of no where your stomach starts to rumble, growl and explode.  People; the responses are no different.  It’s what your body does.  Now if you’re like the Red Army in May of 1945 and you see the above Fraulein and violently rape her, yes, that was lust in the beginning.  If you’re doing a double take at this beautiful nameless model, it’s no different from looking at the Mona Lisa or having your stomach growl at the sight of a Rib Eye or Filet Mignon.

So please know that just because your body responds in a certain way when exposed to certain images, it doesn’t mean you’re going to Hell.  It means your body is responding the way God built your body.  But remember, God also gave you a brain and the ability to understand right from wrong.  That “Tree of Knowledge” is where sin comes from.  Realize that natural attraction is not lust.  It’s what your body does.  Attraction with intent to acquire in an unethical way, is.

Survival of the Fittest

 rosie-o-donnell B Cup

Survival of the Fittest

There is little doubt that America has become a nation of undisciplined zombies that cannot live without some form of daily medication.  30 years ago, insulin and water pills with a supplement of Potassium Chloride were the only daily medications needed to stay alive.

Today we have an industry that, I believe has earned the name, “Big Pharma”.  Instead of searching for a cure to eradicate the disease, they see the disease as an opportunity to get man addicted to a pill.  Daily pills equal daily profits.  Patients, although living longer, are being exploited by the companies that enable patients to continue living on fast food and snacks.


I’m sure that some of the daily medications that are driving up the price of medicine are prolonging life, but in a bad way.  If you take an obese person and put them in jail for a year, you will get them off of their statin drug.  You’ll probably get them off of their beta blocker as well.  Simply because they’re no longer at will or free to live a liberal self-destructive lifestyle. 

My point is, we’ve found ways to replace “will power”.  We’ve found ways to allow sick people to live sick lives without dying.  Worst of all, we’ve aloud people to go through life without experiencing feelings.  Many who have not learned to “Cope” with their feeling are put on an “Anti-depressant”.  These drugs put you into a mental jail.  They enable you to walk around without having to actually deal with society in a healthy way.


Do you have any Idea how many health issues are caused by a “Liberal” lifestyle?  The liberal, (meaning an abundance) paradigm means nobody is going to tell you what to do, say and of course eat.  The paradigm lets you ignore rules or good advice that is meant to help you.  Simple ideas such as moderation is no longer seen as good common sense, but rather an infringement on your civil rights.  Yes you do have a right to eat a whole bag of Cheetos or even a whole quart of Ice Cream.  Many drink a whole six pack of beer on a nightly basis.  Why?  Because nobody can tell them they can’t.  Then they wonder why they’ve gotten fat.  Why do people smoke cigarettes?  Because they can.  Then they act surprised when they are diagnosed with emphysema.  Now in many states, people will be replacing tobacco with marijuana.  Soon they’ll be wondering why they are fat AND stupid.  (Probably REALLY FAT)

What happens when you get fat?  You feel bad about your appearance.  What happens when you look in the mirror and you no longer see the guy that was 140 pounds in high school or the girl that was a cheer leader?   You get depressed. Then……… You do one of two things, and rarely a third one. 

  1. 1.     You self-medicate with either legal or illegal substance.  These medications could range from Krispy Crème donuts to heroin.  But because we live in such an “Animal House” society; Beer is a common self-medication.  This results in making the problem worse.  It creates a cycle of poor self-esteem motivating the  urge to self-medicate.  Either with food, cigarettes or drugs.
  2. 2.     You learn to live with it.  You continue your poor nutritional program which could in its’ self be a form of self-medication.  However that’s not always true.  In today’s society we have very unhealthy food outlets that will sell you a small box of food that is full of artery clogging chemicals as well as weight gaining calories.  It may appear small, but the damage from a “Big Mac” is another nail in your coffin.  Eating normally is not what it was 30 years ago.  We’ve gone from 8” dinner plates to 12” or even 14” dinner plates.  The portions we eat are unnecessarily large.  Many of us were conditioned as children to eat everything on our plate.  Unfortunately, in the 70s, the term: “All you can eat” became a popular marketing strategy.  If you couple this with kids no longer taking physical education, because they would have to get naked and shower. (Which is hypocritical considering what they’re being taught in the class room).  And no sport can be played without the proper safety gear, (helmets, pads etc…) so kids become virtual bio-bots in front of a computer of some sort.  So response #2 is not helpful even though the person feels they are doing the correct thing.
  3. 3.     Change from within.  You decide you’re tired of being fat and tired of taking pills.  This has led to another industry that is just as bad as “Big Pharma”.  It’s the fad diet industry.  What’s hilarious is many of the diets that work simply instruct you to cut down on the size of your meals and get sufficient exercise.  This was something Americans didn’t have to think about before “Fast Food” and “Food Additives”.  So the fad diets lead to disappointment which often leads to the rebound depression from gaining back more weight than you loss and one finds themselves’ back on statins (Anti-Cholesterol drugs) and Beta Blockers (Blood pressure lowering drugs).  And then if uncontrolled; insulin as obesity often leads to a new disease called type II diabetes.  It’s a self-induced form of diabetes.    If a person wants that high school body back; they need to understand that it will take time.  Unfortunately, the microwave and McDonald’s has turned us into a society of instant self-gratification.  We want to lose weight and we want it now.  What’s great about losing weight at a healthy pace (2.5 pounds a month) is that it takes a serious approach and you will respect the work you went through to shed the weight.  Losing weight over a long period of time also makes it harder to put the weight back on because your stomach becomes atrophic like any other muscle that doesn’t get stretched.  And by all means, leave surgery as a last resort.  Surgery is becoming far too acceptable as a form of losing weight.  I think it’s like using abortion as a form of birth control.

Once you’ve lost weight the correct way, (Ask your doctor what is best for you) your self-esteem will increase.  Even if you don’t look like Brad or Angelina, a slimmer/healthier version of yourself will work wonders for your self-esteem.  Maybe even enough to get off of Effexor or whatever anti-depressant you’ve been taking like candy.

Here’s another surprise; your blood pressure will decrease as will your cholesterol.  So you will not need those daily pills. 

Are you beginning to understand how this is all linked together?  And what’s sad is, the subtle truth is: you have the power to get rid of the pills.  My doctor once said, you need to learn to shut your mouth.  That’s easier said than done.  But losing weight takes more than talking about it.   It takes coming to the realization that you’re fat.  Many think they can dress in black and their weight will not show.  But if you’re taking statins and Beta-blockers, you’ve probably got a weight problem. Some can be thin as a rail and have sky rocketing cholesterol levels. (a condition called hyperlipidemia) but for most of America, we see beautiful people on T.V. and become depressed because we don’t look like that.  So many give up on self-control.  The more you can get off of daily pills, the less dependent you become on your pharmacist.  And in this unstable world, you have to ask yourself what you are going to do if all the pharmacies close down?  Don’t think it can’t happen.  Then everyone will understand the term: “Survival of the fittest”.





And Fox News exploiting him

FS Surfer

Meet Jason Greenslate

Here’s a sad but true joke in the world of music: “What’s the difference between a Pizza and a Musician?

A Pizza will feed a family of four.

A majority of musicians face this dilemma, work as a Pizza boy and look for music gigs at night, or put forth all of your time into becoming the best musician you can be.  If financial assistance is available, and you’re not breaking the law, it turns to a moral decision.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “You’ve got mail” there’s a scene where Tom Hanks is invited to a formal get together, and he is at the Hors d’oeuvre table taking most of the caviar off of a platter with one cracker.  Meg Ryan objects by saying: “You can’t do that”!  One might ask, if they didn’t want one person to eat most of the caviar, they should have had a sign saying: “Only one teaspoon of caviar per cracker”.

I guess state entitlements (aka food stamps); should come with stricter caveats if people are going to object to those who use the program.

In the past month, Fox news has found a young healthy surfer who wants to be a rock star that signed up for SNAP. (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program). You know the program better as “Food Stamps”.  In a recent interview with Jessie Watters of Fox News, video of Jason Lobster Tails with his SNAP card was aired over and over by various shows on Fox to show how Jason is “scamming” the system and the Tax payers.  Jason confesses to getting Obamacare and 189.00 a month.  I want to ask why Fox is wasting video on a kid with a dream vs. the first family who has done more than Jason to ruin our country while “Scamming” the Tax Payers for 19 Million just on his vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s vineyard.  Not to mention the infinite rounds of golf he’s played.  Just to humiliate the young rock star wannabe; last night, Sean Hannity asked Jason if he could get him a job making $80,000 a year would he take it?  Jason boldly replied NO!

Could it be that Fox is exploiting Jason because he is white?   If you want to see the Tax Payer getting shaken down, check out this video.

If you want to vilify people that have made an “Art” out of scamming the system, go after the welfare queen above and the biological fathers that get them pregnant, then get arrested.  I’ll bet the cost of incarceration is a lot more than 189.00 a month.  Ya think?

So why is Fox News so intent of humiliating Jason?  There are plenty of egregious scammers in the black community abusing the system for a much larger amount.

I was once referred to in an article in Silicon Valley’s “Wave” Magazine as the “Guitar god from Los Altos, CA.

But when I was Jason’s age, I was working two jobs while trying to afford diapers and maybe playing my guitar every now and then.  It wasn’t until both of my sons were older and I was divorced that I ended up in a guitar store making minimum wage. (I think my take home was about 350 dollars every TWO WEEKS.  But: (I say this emphatically) Playing guitar made me the so called “Guitar god” that the Wave magazine thinks I am.

Had I been able to play 8 hours a day just as a doctor attends Med school (On a grant) when I was younger, who knows what a Guitar god in his 20’s could have done?  But I chose to have a family, support them and I sacrificed what would have been my “formative” years.  In a way I felt like I “copped out” on my dream.  I did cut 4 albums later in my life, but it was too late.

There’s a story I heard in my 40s that Jason and Fox news should hear now.  There was a kid in the early 80s that was working at a burger joint.  He was a great guitarist who was wasting his time flipping burgers.  One night, he was cleaning out the deep fat fryers.  For those of you white collar workers, those are the machines that make your French Fries and other deep fried foods.

This unknown guitarist was standing on top of one of the grease vats positioning another vat on top of a stack of other grease vats.  The top he was standing on broke and the guitarist/burger flipper sunk up to his arm pits in old French fry grease.  He said that was the point when he realized that he was a guitarist.  He quit his job at the Dairy Queen and moved to a more musician friendly city nearby where he played every night and slept on the pool table until he was able to move into a big house with his band mates.

Had he never made the move; he would probably be managing the D.Q. today with regrets (Like someone else I know) or even worse, driving Sean Hannity’s truck in Montana.  Instead, he caught a wind that took him to the top and the world will always be blessed with the music of

Stevie Ray Vaughan.


DE at Daytona

Chances, Choices, Experiences & Goals

They’re all inter-related and determine your destiny.  The term “Pre-destined” doesn’t necessarily mean that your destiny has already been decided.  Because of a simple gift God gave you.


God could have built robots that obeyed His every command.  But He wants you to trust His will.  If the life span of a North American is 80 years old, then let’s approach this article as if we are all 40 year olds.  Let’s pretend that you have half your life ahead of you and half your life behind you.


EINSTEIN SAID: “Dreams are more important than knowledge

Vision is your career compass in life.  Your burning passion is your inner voice.  Everything you do should be done with this compass of passion.  This means focusing on your future or focusing on the carnal instant gratification of youth.  If you don’t reference your Compass, you will lose track of direction, time and experience.  And if this happens; you will not be able to recognize opportunity when it is staring at you from  across a table


Timing is so important.  It has such an influence on your goals which are achieved by your choices, skills, experience, all based on your vision.  Are you with me?

It’s never too late to……..

This sentence can only be determined by you.  The questions you ask yourself in determining the end of this sentence will ALWAYS BE THE SAME.

  1. Are there rules of age? (ex. You have to be 17 to join the military

You have to be 35 to run for President of the United States).

The next question will be, do I have time develop the skills I need to achieve my goal. (And will my goal still be my goal when I’m older as society changes) For example, do I really want to open a VCR or Radio Pager shop?

And probably the most important decision you will need to make is: how much are you willing to risk to reach your goal?  Are you willing to leave Peoria Illinois to travel to Paris France to become a fashion designer?

An even bigger and more common decision is, do you want to have a family?  If you want to be a parent, it limits the doors that will be opened to you.  Unless your last name is Rockefeller; you’re going to have to establish some negotiable skills to buy diapers and a new car for your spouse. (Should you choose a conventional family.)


I can’t begin to tell you how vital chances are.  Even with the highest skills attainable, they’ll do you no good unless you have a chance to prove yourself.  But here’s something even deeper to think about.  You need to consider everything you do a chance to advance towards your goal.  Sometimes God throws us a golden bone and we’re too stupid or vain to see it as a chance to humble ourselves and beg for an internship.


Sometimes we climb the ladder of success only to get to the top rung and find out that our ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. This is often an unintended consequence of an over achiever who has decided to have a family.  You may have been a division top ten quarterback in your high school; however, once you have a kid in diapers, your love for football will lead you to a job at Big Five Sporting Goods.  By the time your two kids graduate and move out, you’ll be 40 plus.  What are your chances of trying out for the New England Patriots then?  But you were one hell of a sporting goods salesman.  So you question is: “It’s never too late to pursue a career in the NFL if you’re not over 25?

Jim Morris, better known as “the rookie” made a pitching comeback at the age of 36.  He threw a 100 MPH fastball and went from teaching a science class to throwing in “The Ball Park in Texas” in 3 months.  But sadly, his MLB career ended basically due to his age and his body’s inability to repair its’ self.

Also remember that what we esteem as being important enough to light the fire of our passion when we’re young, can change just as technology and culture change.  We’ve seen technology completely send businesses to the cemetery.

Soon, all but the very few motivated ones, will be living virtual lives.  Which in the end, is not really living at all.  Know what lights that burning passion in your life.

If society changes, never forget where the spark came from and see what other fuses it can light.  Because man has four inherent needs: “To Live, to learn, to love and finally to leave a legacy”.

Or you can be like the man Thorough wrote about in Walden: “’The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.


I say go out of this life with the pedal to the metal like race car driver Dale Earnhardt going into the final turn of the 2001 Daytona 500.  He died doing what he loved and left a fantastic legacy.  I’m not a Racing Fan or a NASCAR fan, but Dale Earnhardt’s death was glorious and a death anyone would be proud to have as their “Exclamation Point” on life!



Something’s happened to America, and it isn’t good. It’s become easier to get into trouble. We’ve become a nation of a million rules. Not the kind of bottom-up rules that people generate through voluntary associations. Those are fine. I mean imposed, top-down rules formed in the brains of meddling bureaucrats who think they know better than we how to manage our lives.

Cross them, and we are in trouble.

The National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS) received an anonymous fax that a seafood shipment to Alabama from David McNab contained “undersized lobster tails” and was improperly packed in clear plastic bags, rather than the cardboard boxes allegedly required under Honduran law. When the $4 million shipment arrived, NMFS agents seized it. McNab served eight years in prison, even though the Honduran government informed the court that the regulation requiring cardboard boxes had been repealed.

How about this one? Four kindergartners — yes, 5-year-old boys — played cops and robbers at Wilson Elementary in New Jersey. One yelled: “Boom! I have a bazooka, and I want to shoot you.” He did not, of course, have a bazooka. Nevertheless, all four boys were suspended from school for three days for “making threats,” a violation of their school district’s zero-tolerance policy. School Principal Georgia Baumann said, “We cannot take any of these statements in a light manner.” District Superintendent William Bauer said: “This is a no-tolerance policy. We’re very firm on weapons and threats.”

Give me a break. These are just some of the stories featured in a new book, “One Nation Under Arrest”.

Here’s another: Ansche Hedgepeth, 12, committed this heinous crime: She left school in Washington, D.C., entered a Metrorail station to head home and ate a French fry. An undercover officer arrested her, confiscating her jacket, backpack and shoelaces. She was handcuffed and taken to the Juvenile Processing Center. Only after three hours in custody was the 12-year-old released into her mother’s custody. The chief of Metro Transit Police said: “We really do believe in zero-tolerance. Anyone taken into custody has to be handcuffed for officer safety.” She was sentenced to community service and now carries an arrest record. Washington’s Metro has since rescinded its zero-tolerance policy.

Keith John Sampson, a student-employee at Indiana-Purdue University Indianapolis, had the temerity to read “Notre Dame Versus the Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan” during breaks on the job. One student complained because the book’s cover depicted the Klan. The university then found Sampson guilty of racial harassment! Thankfully, a great organization, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), came to his defense and got his school record cleared.

Palo Alto, Calif., ordered Kay Leibrand, a grandmother, to lower her carefully trimmed hedges. Leibrand argued that no one’s vision was obstructed and asked the code officer to take a look. He refused. Then the city dispatched two police officers. They arrested her, loaded her into a patrol car in front of her neighbors and hauled her down to the station.

In 2001, honor student Lindsay Brown parked her car in the wrong spot at her high school. A county police officer looked inside and saw a kitchen knife — a butter knife with a rounded tip. Because Lindsay was on school property, she had violated the zero-tolerance policy for knives. She was arrested, handcuffed and hauled off to county jail where she spent nine hours on a felony weapons possession charge. School Principal Fred Bode told a local paper, “A weapon is a weapon.”

Congress creates, on average, one new crime every week. Federal agencies create thousands more — so many, in fact that the Congressional Research Service itself said that merely counting them would be impossible.

This is a bad trend. As Lao Tsu said, “The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be.”


Obama Crime family

The Obama Crime Family

Sometimes I wonder if Agenda 21 is just a liberal fantasy designed to cover for the left’s “Communist surge”.  Sure George Soros has been quoted as saying it was fun crashing the Bank of England in 1982.

It appears he has no love for America either.   This picture of what would appear to be a political crime family was merely a massive PR campaign to put a fox in the henhouse.  They took a “nobody” and put him in a suit.


This is a person who refused to place his hand over his heart when they played the national anthem.


In 1968, 2 black Athletes, Tommy Smith and John Carlos, were stripped of their medals for standing on the winner’s platform and giving the “Black Power” salute during the playing of the national anthem. Both were expelled from competition and banned from the 68 Olympics. (They could have at least got the correct arms)

Obama displays the same disrespect and gets elected to the highest office in the land.


A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized, heroic, and at times, god-like public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. Sociologist Max Weber developed a tripartite classification of authority; the cult of personality holds parallels with what Weber defined as “charismatic authority”. A cult of personality is similar to hero worship, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda.

The only evidence that might support the “Conspiracy Theory” of Agenda 21 is that both Republican presidents whose last name are “Bush” spoke of a “New World Order”.  The younger engaged in a war with Iraq to stop the devaluation of the dollar as Saddam Hussein was selling barrels of oil for Euros.

Another piece to the Agenda 21 puzzle is that Democrats were forced to commit political suicide by pushing through the tragedy known as Obamacare.  You see; the Obama PR Machine was not concerned with the DNC, it was only concerned about its’ own financial interest and the United States is the biggest threat to “The Rich”.  So from that aspect, it makes sense that every president starting with the older Bush has been put into office by those who could afford to buy the votes and or hide the fraud.  The same founders of agenda could care less about throwing the DNC “UNDER THE BUS”

I would not say that either Bush presidents were conservatives.  But they were both rich.  In fact; immediately after the 2004 re-election of GW Bush, oil prices sky rocketed.


The Media has done a great job of dividing the people and Obama has been pushing the message of “financial inequality”.  Well yeah.  If you sit on your ass playing X-box while Chad uses his skills in economics to invest in the stock market, there should be economic inequality.  There always has been and there always will be.

Raising the level of minimum wage is equivalent to financial masturbation.  Those who are comfortable in their poverty belong in poverty.  The greatest amongst us is never content with any amount of income.  Jesus said: “You will always have the poor”.  I’ve never gotten a job from a poor person.  I can’t help the poor if  I myself am poor.  The government can’t help raise the poor out of their indigence and destitution.  They can only make them more comfortable and addicted to it.

I consider that a crime to humanity.  If a person has a safety net, they will not care about falling.  After a while; it’s no longer worth the climb.


I see nothing Obamaphone

Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin, who is acting more like Vlad the impaler;  Is invading other countries with impunity for colonial expansion.  Something Adolf Hitler did a year before invading Poland and officially starting WWII

United Kingdom, France and Germany

All are turning a bind eye to Putin’s invasion.  Visions of 100 years ago are still vivid.


Still cleaning up the Fukushima power plant and living in denial.  Fukushima is not the only concern of Japan as China has built up an impressive Navy and is looking to conquer Japan’s Islands in the Pacific during Japan’s current  misfortune.


Pulls massive wool over the U.N.’s eyes with the help of the Russian Federation. After buying more time for their nuclear program, Iran has given Obama and the world the finger.  It works on an ICBM with Impunity.  This is a good indication they have the bomb.


Under the threats of Secretary of State John Kerry, President Assad bought more time, again with the help of Vlad the invader.  Syria has turned over 20% of it’s WMDs and given Obama the finger.  Assad continues to kill with impunity.


Prime minister Netanyahu sits with his finger on a button.


Al Qaeda, The Taliban and other misfits:  Sit and wait as Afghan’s leader Corzine robs the nation blind and flees. As will the U.S. boots leaving Afghanistan the same stone age country as it was only with more bath rooms and U.S. Blood on the ground.

The World as a whole is turning into a Fiery Tempest sphere.  While WWIII is being postured by Russia and China;

Obama enjoys vacations in Hawaii while it is still a U.S. territory and continues to gut and dismantle America as we knew it.  He recently submitted a budget that would make America defenseless against our aggressors.  He wants to cut troops and Naval vessels just as China with 2.2 million troops and the world’s largest Navy watch Russia invade a free standing nation, the Ukraine, while Obama continues the destruction of America’s health care system, immigration laws, the military, police and his major priority is to give away more cell phones to the ghetto.

And of course he needs to get more rounds of golf in.  One might think he would be taking up the violin..