Survival of the Fittest

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Survival of the Fittest

There is little doubt that America has become a nation of undisciplined zombies that cannot live without some form of daily medication.  30 years ago, insulin and water pills with a supplement of Potassium Chloride were the only daily medications needed to stay alive.

Today we have an industry that, I believe has earned the name, “Big Pharma”.  Instead of searching for a cure to eradicate the disease, they see the disease as an opportunity to get man addicted to a pill.  Daily pills equal daily profits.  Patients, although living longer, are being exploited by the companies that enable patients to continue living on fast food and snacks.


I’m sure that some of the daily medications that are driving up the price of medicine are prolonging life, but in a bad way.  If you take an obese person and put them in jail for a year, you will get them off of their statin drug.  You’ll probably get them off of their beta blocker as well.  Simply because they’re no longer at will or free to live a liberal self-destructive lifestyle. 

My point is, we’ve found ways to replace “will power”.  We’ve found ways to allow sick people to live sick lives without dying.  Worst of all, we’ve aloud people to go through life without experiencing feelings.  Many who have not learned to “Cope” with their feeling are put on an “Anti-depressant”.  These drugs put you into a mental jail.  They enable you to walk around without having to actually deal with society in a healthy way.


Do you have any Idea how many health issues are caused by a “Liberal” lifestyle?  The liberal, (meaning an abundance) paradigm means nobody is going to tell you what to do, say and of course eat.  The paradigm lets you ignore rules or good advice that is meant to help you.  Simple ideas such as moderation is no longer seen as good common sense, but rather an infringement on your civil rights.  Yes you do have a right to eat a whole bag of Cheetos or even a whole quart of Ice Cream.  Many drink a whole six pack of beer on a nightly basis.  Why?  Because nobody can tell them they can’t.  Then they wonder why they’ve gotten fat.  Why do people smoke cigarettes?  Because they can.  Then they act surprised when they are diagnosed with emphysema.  Now in many states, people will be replacing tobacco with marijuana.  Soon they’ll be wondering why they are fat AND stupid.  (Probably REALLY FAT)

What happens when you get fat?  You feel bad about your appearance.  What happens when you look in the mirror and you no longer see the guy that was 140 pounds in high school or the girl that was a cheer leader?   You get depressed. Then……… You do one of two things, and rarely a third one. 

  1. 1.     You self-medicate with either legal or illegal substance.  These medications could range from Krispy Crème donuts to heroin.  But because we live in such an “Animal House” society; Beer is a common self-medication.  This results in making the problem worse.  It creates a cycle of poor self-esteem motivating the  urge to self-medicate.  Either with food, cigarettes or drugs.
  2. 2.     You learn to live with it.  You continue your poor nutritional program which could in its’ self be a form of self-medication.  However that’s not always true.  In today’s society we have very unhealthy food outlets that will sell you a small box of food that is full of artery clogging chemicals as well as weight gaining calories.  It may appear small, but the damage from a “Big Mac” is another nail in your coffin.  Eating normally is not what it was 30 years ago.  We’ve gone from 8” dinner plates to 12” or even 14” dinner plates.  The portions we eat are unnecessarily large.  Many of us were conditioned as children to eat everything on our plate.  Unfortunately, in the 70s, the term: “All you can eat” became a popular marketing strategy.  If you couple this with kids no longer taking physical education, because they would have to get naked and shower. (Which is hypocritical considering what they’re being taught in the class room).  And no sport can be played without the proper safety gear, (helmets, pads etc…) so kids become virtual bio-bots in front of a computer of some sort.  So response #2 is not helpful even though the person feels they are doing the correct thing.
  3. 3.     Change from within.  You decide you’re tired of being fat and tired of taking pills.  This has led to another industry that is just as bad as “Big Pharma”.  It’s the fad diet industry.  What’s hilarious is many of the diets that work simply instruct you to cut down on the size of your meals and get sufficient exercise.  This was something Americans didn’t have to think about before “Fast Food” and “Food Additives”.  So the fad diets lead to disappointment which often leads to the rebound depression from gaining back more weight than you loss and one finds themselves’ back on statins (Anti-Cholesterol drugs) and Beta Blockers (Blood pressure lowering drugs).  And then if uncontrolled; insulin as obesity often leads to a new disease called type II diabetes.  It’s a self-induced form of diabetes.    If a person wants that high school body back; they need to understand that it will take time.  Unfortunately, the microwave and McDonald’s has turned us into a society of instant self-gratification.  We want to lose weight and we want it now.  What’s great about losing weight at a healthy pace (2.5 pounds a month) is that it takes a serious approach and you will respect the work you went through to shed the weight.  Losing weight over a long period of time also makes it harder to put the weight back on because your stomach becomes atrophic like any other muscle that doesn’t get stretched.  And by all means, leave surgery as a last resort.  Surgery is becoming far too acceptable as a form of losing weight.  I think it’s like using abortion as a form of birth control.

Once you’ve lost weight the correct way, (Ask your doctor what is best for you) your self-esteem will increase.  Even if you don’t look like Brad or Angelina, a slimmer/healthier version of yourself will work wonders for your self-esteem.  Maybe even enough to get off of Effexor or whatever anti-depressant you’ve been taking like candy.

Here’s another surprise; your blood pressure will decrease as will your cholesterol.  So you will not need those daily pills. 

Are you beginning to understand how this is all linked together?  And what’s sad is, the subtle truth is: you have the power to get rid of the pills.  My doctor once said, you need to learn to shut your mouth.  That’s easier said than done.  But losing weight takes more than talking about it.   It takes coming to the realization that you’re fat.  Many think they can dress in black and their weight will not show.  But if you’re taking statins and Beta-blockers, you’ve probably got a weight problem. Some can be thin as a rail and have sky rocketing cholesterol levels. (a condition called hyperlipidemia) but for most of America, we see beautiful people on T.V. and become depressed because we don’t look like that.  So many give up on self-control.  The more you can get off of daily pills, the less dependent you become on your pharmacist.  And in this unstable world, you have to ask yourself what you are going to do if all the pharmacies close down?  Don’t think it can’t happen.  Then everyone will understand the term: “Survival of the fittest”.



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