Circadian Rhythm



The Rhythm of Living

Did you know that there exists within your brain a particle called the “Suprachiasmatic nucleus”?  It’s often referred to as your body’s Master Clock.  It tells you when should hit the sack and also when to wake up.

The concept of Circadian Rhythm is more than just your body’s time clock.  There are other mysteries in life that are related to the SCN that “Chronobiologists” are just beginning to understand. (And not).  The power of suggestion is so strong it can often over-ride your SCN.  For example, the SCN uses surrounding environmental conditions to tell you to wake up.  The sunrise is a great example.




When I first started touring the U.S. I had trouble on the east coast having come from Pacific Standard Time.  For me, waking at 6AM was like waking at 3AM.  I soon learned that the natural way to not sleep through your wake up call was to leave the curtains open.  Yes the Sun would wake me at 3AM PST if I needed to be up at 6AM EST.

Add the power of suggestion.  I was told that if I had been drinking on that long flight from LAX to Logan, to take 2 Tylenol and tell myself that I was going to awaken at 6AM feeling refreshed and full of energy.

It works.

Although I quit drinking several years ago, I still use this if I have to wake at 3AM PST to catch a 6AM flight.   But let’s go deeper into the SCN’s influence.  A study was done about 40 years ago on young ladies in sororities. The results would make Esther Williams proud.  In a house with 6 females, in time, they would all have synchronized menstrual cycles.  Again, the theory of external ambience would alert the SCN that it was time to cleanse the uterus.  Be it the subconscience smell of menstrual blood or the Tampon wrappers in the trash can.


The same function as the sun coming through the Hotel window would trigger a chronobiological response.  Did you ever wonder why you could hold your bladder on a long car trip, but as soon as you got through the front door of your home, you practically had to reach down to hold your urethra shut?  Your body knew the spot of urination was close.

Fascinating, yes?

Try explaining mutually synchronized orgasms.  Try and explain the Pavlovian response to the smell of garlic, onions, oregano and Olive oil.



Finally, and I can’t begin to explain this last example.  When spouses in long-term relationships or “LTRs” (I don’t know if they have to be close relationships, meaningful or just proximity) pass; the average time left for the surviving spouse is 2 – 9 years.  It’s easy to understand that if we’re talking about a couple in their 70s, sure it’s not unusual for anyone to die in that decade of life.  The problem is it happens earlier.  (Sometimes in their 50s).  I will admit 7 years is a long spread but most close LTR couples tend to pass on the 2 year end of the time period.

At this point in my life experience, I feel that we die when we are ready to die.  When we lose a spouse or friend that we included in our daily lives, and they pass, it leaves us thinking we should go with them if we have no reason to continue living.  Often when the other spouse continues past 9 years, we find that their work was their reason for living.  This could be a reason why so many veterans with PTSD pull the plug on life.  For that matter anyone who has had a life altering event.  A beautiful model who had her face scared in an automobile accident and is no longer acceptable as a cover model falls victim to depression and then suicide.  Much can be written about the many child stars that would grow up only to outgrow the cute 7 year old sitcom star.  We see these young talents committing suicide as a result of feeling that their life has no purpose.  They stop getting outside attention and lose that inner love for themselves. (Which turns to depression etc….)



Perhaps one of the greatest Baseball Players the state of Minnesota ever saw was a fantastic center fielder named Kirby Puckett.  He was an annual All-star and a pillar in the community.  In 1995 Puckett took a fastball in the eye from opposing pitcher and friend Dennis Martinez.  Puckett was at the zenith of his career.  He was winning batting titles and took the Twins to the World series twice.

During the following spring, Puckett was putting up impressive batting numbers once again hitting .344 in the Grapefruit league.  On a morning in March, Puckett awoke to blindness in his right eye.  He had developed Glaucoma which was left untreated over the off-season.  In 1996 the phenom center fielder could no longer play the game and was forced to retire after 3 unsuccessful operations on his eye.

Leaving the game he loved was a sudden and traumatic turn for the all-star.  Puckett would live another 9 years and die at the young age of 45 due to a Stroke. His life after early retirement was not one of bliss.  He would divorce his wife and later go on to gain weight which was a concern to those who knew him.  He let himself go.  His weight was estimated at over 300 pounds  He was the Youngest Hall of famer of modern times to die.  (2nd all time to only Lou Gehrig).



What does the SCN or Circadian rhythm have to do with life?  It seems everything.  We have free will and our nucleus time clock responds to our intentions.  When we stop loving ourselves, we have nothing left to live for.  When we feel or tell ourselves we have nothing to live for, we die.


Eye X



It’s this simple. You arrive at a surgical care establishment.  The receptionist takes your insurance info and marks you off the schedule as “arrived” and you’re sent to a nurse that checks you in. He or She says (as she looks at the print out) so we’re working on your left eye? You say: “Yep” then she looks at you and puts an X over the left side of your forehead. (Remember it’s left from her point of view)

And you have no Idea what just happened.

The nurse that put an X on your forehead takes you into an area called “Pre-op”. This is where you are supposed to be asked a million times, which eye or limb are we working on.  Some nurses may be more concerned about what drugs you are allergic to. Some just look at the X on your forehead (especially if there are a lot of patients) and say I see you’ve been written on. “I see your X”.  So the mistake is accepted at the 2nd check point.

After you’ve stripped, put on a gown and locked your valuables in a locker, a doctor that is going to either put you to sleep during the case or keep you sedated does a rough check, looks at your armband, checks the name with the chart and asks again: “Are you allergic to any drugs”? You say: “Just Ancef that I know of.” So the doctor/anesthesiologist puts a note on the top of your chart that says ALLERGIC TO ANCEF. It’s usually on a big red label designed to catch a care provider’s attention.

Your doctor is grumpy because he can’t have his coffee until after your surgery. If he’s using a microscope, he can’t have a shaking hand.  So your doctor says to the Surgical center: “I want all of my patients on the table 10 minutes before their scheduled time.  I don’t want to wait as I have a busy office schedule.  So you get rushed into the O.R. ASAP.

Someone says: “Dr. Grumpy just pulled up. Let’s get going. The next thing you know is you’re being draped and they’re putting Iodine around the eye with the X.

This actually happened at that HMO I talked about in vol.5. I was the guy getting ready to put a drape around the eye so it would be ready when Dr. Grumpy walked in the room. But for some reason (I call it divine intervention) I STOPPED!  I said: “Read me the Operation Permit”.  This is the document signed by both the doctor and the patient in the Doctor’s office.  The room nurse said: “It says cataract removal left eye”.  The X was over the right eye and had made it past 3 check points.  It was at this point, that if we were ever operating on a part that had a counterpart, I always asked for the Op-permit to be read before I came near the patient.

OK, If God put me on this planet for 3 reasons, the 3rd was to stop that patient from having a lens put in a normal eye. Chalk one up for the Holy Spirit’s intercession.

Three is a sign.

In my final week in the Operating Room I witnessed 3 events. One event is a fluke. Two is a serious concern. Three is a sign.  That’s how I see it.

The first event was a patient that came back with belly stitches coming undone.  When I heard that I prayed: “Please don’t let it be my name on the Op-report”.  Please let this NOT be a patient I sutured up.  It wasn’t

The 2nd event was a case I was working on.  It was an ACL repair of the left knee that had been done a week before.  It was infected and needed to be opened, inspected and irrigated.  I found a sponge. Not a 4×4 inch gauze, but a thick absorbent rag. Again my prayer went out and no my name was not on that Op-report either.


The day before I quit, a patient was brought into the O.R. and his leg was put into a leg holder. Some facilities set up the first case of the day for you.  If you’re doing a right leg, they’ll put the leg holder on the right side.  The staff before didn’t have time to set up the room and the morning staff assumed the room was set up.  Because the nurse put the leg in the holder, the tech assumed it was the correct extremity.  She didn’t check for an X or ask for the Op-permit to be read.

The patient got the wrong knee operated on!


The next day I had to assist 10 hours without a break for food. (I’m not a breakfast guy, but I did have a Vente Americano at 6:30AM. At 5PM I asked if I could get a break for some water or a PBJ.  I was called a pussy and told to keep working.  One nurse showed mercy on me and gave me a sip of Orange juice through a straw under my surgical mask. “During a case” but only because I was getting dizzy.  I told a friend who knew I had been on my feet for 12.5 hours non-stop.  A doctor who assisted on a lot of cases as well as brought his general surgery cases there: “I don’t think I’m coming in tomorrow”.

I started work on my first solo album the next week.





Vol. 1



Let me start with The End. I have a book full of unbelievable stories that are sad, funny, short and downright frightening.  I originally just wanted to write an article on “When you know it’s time to leave a job”.  Then I looked back on all of the real nightmares I experienced and had to share them.


Many of these stories are graphic and I will use the exact language that was used at the time.

Who am I? I’m a guy that spent the majority of his life standing across from a surgeon standing by an operating room table.  We use to be called O.R. techs and before that “instrument nurses”.  But when the government stepped in and cut payments to general surgeons, many of us former military O.R. (Operating Room) Technicians became what surgery calls first assistants.


I was scheduled to go home but the main desk wanted me to stay and start an “Incision and drainage” of a Bartholin cyst. Most of the public (Even some of you women) probably don’t know a Bartholin cyst from a ganglion cyst.  The Bartholin gland is in a woman’s vagina. Its purpose is to lubricate the vaginal canal for sex.  When the opening gets obstructed, it builds up pressure. (You can see where I’m going with this).  I was assisting a female OB/GYN surgeon with this procedure.  There wasn’t much room between the patients legs, but both of us were able to squeeze in between the stirrups.

I was holding the vagina open and she was doing her best to “probe” the opening. When she found it, the contents found me, I instantly had a mixture of blood, pus, and synovial fluid in my hair cover, my mask, my neck, it dripped down my chest under my shirt and of course my goggles could have used windshield wipers.  They did wipe my goggles off during the case.  I had one hand up this lady’s vagina holding pressure on the bleeding gland with a surgical rag while turning my head to let the nurse wipe the bloody pus out of my face, mask and handball goggles.

I was relieved of my duties shortly after by the late shift and basically went through a short decontamination process in the O.R… I thought I had gotten everything but when I left the room, my manager saw me and everyone around just backed away from me.  I guess this stuff was everywhere.  As ugly as your imagination can imagine; it smelled worse.  That was the last operation I did at that surgery center.  It was unforgettable. Just for further reference; I don’t mind the gross stuff.  I’ve seen stuff I wish I could unsee, but what bothers me the most, is the smell.

My Last case

I was setting up for a laparoscopy. (Taking a scope and looking inside a belly) I was in a hurry and my gay male nurse counter-part didn’t have his Wheaties that day. I remarked on his lack of enthusiasm. (Slowness) and he said to me: “A good Tech would take his time throwing the cables off of the field”.  I had just watched the movie “Roadhouse” with Patrick Swayze and doing my best villain impersonation, I responded: “I used to fuck guys like you in prison”.

The next morning my work computer would not let me log on.




(Dead at the age of 27)

Dear Politician,

I am a disabled vet. While I agree many people are easily addicted to pain medications, You CANNOT throw the baby out with the bath water.

Chronic Pain for inoperable conditions are the price middle class Baby Boomers are paying for building America.


X-Ray of rare rib invading nerve bundle

What used to take four 200 pound men to lift can now be done with robotics.  But from 1946 to the 21st century it wasn’t always like that.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that “Physiatry” became a respected semi-invasive discipline.

Because heavy lifting was required to build the infrastructure of our great State and Nation, a physiological price was paid. Spinal injury among others became as common as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Manual laborers were not required to wear back braces until the late 1980s.


Rare extra Rib on R-side of picture

Remedies for back injuries are a crap shoot at best.  It wasn’t until the 1990s that “Physiatry” became a respected semi-invasive discipline. Pain management is an answer but not a good one. Physiatry is the field of “curing successful neurosurgical” operations. Disc fusions and laminectomies often leave the patient in more pain from scar tissue than the original disc pathology.

Physiatry is the field of “curing successful neurosurgical” operations

Patients over dosing
Chronic pain treatment should only be made available after a psychiatric workup has been done on the patient. Pain pills are like bullets and pain treatment is very similar to the 2nd amendment. Patients taking narcotics need to be responsible. Pain pills don’t kill, irresponsible patients abusing them kill. For that matter; there are plenty of over the counter drugs that can kill legally if abused.

I’ve been suffering from an injury in 1996.  I responsibly went through pernicious radiological exams and MRIs that left me with few options.  The last thing a true  disabled chronic pain patient needs is more legislation that makes it difficult to attain something they don’t really want to take. After years of narcotic pain treatment (as well as multiple steroid injections)the pain management patient no longer experiences euphoria or a “high” from the medication. It only “Takes the edge off the sharp pain”.

After years of narcotic pain treatment

the pain management patient no longer experiences euphoria

The Answer
The answer is not passing legislation that handcuffs doctors that sincerely provide legitimate treatment. The think tanks must know that Chronic pain is a real problem that was a result of hard working Americans who built this country. (Not to mention soldiers told to follow orders) It needs to be understood that many Chronic pain patients retire in remote states because the cost of living is more affordable. (Than California or New York). Until a non-narcotic pill becomes available, there will be no pragmatic answer. I might add that it’s not the pills that kill as much as it is the pain. I can only imagine that those who overdose, do so because they cannot tolerate the pain. They don’t want to overdose, yet the pain is an ugly game changer.  I’m sure there are those that think pain pills are party favors like other recreational illegal drugs.  To the patient that needs a reliable form of pain relief; narcotics are currently the only proven form of practical relief. Again, it’s not a good option, but it’s the best. Sort of like our government.

Get the economy and GDP up and healthy people won’t have time to abuse drugs. As our economy declined, vices and crime have increased. If I were not disabled, I would be out camping on weekends or working on my car. Sadly, without pain management, the best I can do is lay flat on my back and try not to move.  Even with pain management, I’m restricted to what I can and can’t do.  I used to be able to coach baseball. I taught pitchers how to throw sliders. Today I can’t even play catch with my son.

Please don’t pass any laws that make it harder for patients in pain to get access to the medications that keep them somewhat mobile until science comes out with a pain reliever that is safe.

Albert Schweitzer wrote:

“We must all die. But that I can save him from days of torture, that is what I feel as my great and ever new privilege. Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself”.



Who wants to live forever? ~ Freddie Mercury (and Queen)

The United States of America has done wonderful things since the end of WWII. Capitalism is responsible for part of the success and it’s also partially responsible for the silent war.  We’re beginning to see the effects of the silent war every week.

The greatest generations, those who fought WWII benefitted the most from the rise in technology. In the early 70s, there was a movement called “ZPG”.  It stood for Zero Population Growth.  Someone smarter than I looked at the growth rate of the U.S. in the late 1960s and early 1970s and predicted that at our then current rate of reproduction, it would not be long before the American lifestyle would become unsustainable.

Many people who would have died from artery disease

In 1972 Americans were advised to limit their families to 1.5 children. This was a plan that would provide for a balanced growth rate.  Those born in the 30s and 40s were in their golden years when America was in the early stages of technological health inventions.  Many people who would have died from artery disease are living longer due to statin drugs which actually clean the inner lining of your arteries.  (Its side effects notwithstanding).

Then chemists started playing with our food. Why?  As our population grew, we could not tolerate the waste that was taken for granted in the 40s.  Cows that use to get sick would be disposed of.  Now in some countries, cows are fed anti-biotics (as well as steroids) to keep cattle production up to meet demands.  Ironically, in the 60s ground beef was 69 cents a pound. Today that same pound will cost you roughly $6.00 dollars a pound.  Sure you can find it watered down with more fat for $5.00 a pound but do you really want to consume something that is 20% saturated fat?

Just as our life expectancy was growing, a new silent warrior invaded us that consisted of “Partially hydrogenated soy bean oils and High Fructose Corn Syrup”. Yes the same drive to keep up with our population’s demands is killing us silently in the form of pancreatic cancer, lower digestive tract cancer and Mesothelioma and other lung cancers.

This is a picture of Ray Kroc's first McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines IL USA - now a museum.

People didn’t die from these forms of death in the 19th century.  Sadly, the people that will die from chemical induced cancers are those who are forced to live on fast food.  Former governor Mike Huckabee has a saying: “If it wasn’t a food 50 years ago; don’t eat it.  The problem is, even the foods we grew 50 years ago are grown faster and are having their genes modified.  (GMOs).


Just look at Barry Bonds before and after Steroids.  The same thing is state of the art technology in the food industry.  We won’t discuss poultry.  I’m not a PITA nut, but anyone with 2 eyes and a heart can see that what we do to chickens is by far the most inhumane.



Don’t Eat Fish.


I see too many otherwise healthy people dying in their 60s. 20 years ago, that would have been unheard of.  We had made it to a point where Americans expected to live far into their 80s.  Life was a moral decision in the 90s.  Who would want to live into their 80s or 90s?  The Rev. Billy Graham has been saying for 10 years he’s ready for God to take him home.  In the graphic, notice how the growth rate leveled off in 1980.

The Average life expectancy of an American stands at 79 years. (If you trust the current administration) Many of those in grave yards are registered democrats voting with absentee ballots.  In 1960 it was 70.  We still trail Japan.  I guess we gained 8 years.

I guess the only question is: “Are they worth it”?




laparoscopy romeo-and-juliet


I use to be a surgical first assistant.  I worked with one of the pioneers in Laparoscopic surgery at Stanford University Medical Center.  His name was Arnold Kresch MD (R.I.P) Arnold died of pancreatic cancer.  A silent cancer that doesn’t manifest until you only have 3 months left to live.  “Arney” and I were close.  I held the scope and camera while he used the forceps and laser.  I know my way around the inside of a woman’s abdomen quite well.


After Dr. Kresch died, I went on to work at dozens of Bay Area hospitals. Although my prowess was orthopedics/Sports Medicine, I had a personal interest in GYN surgery.  From a clinical POV I found endometriosis one of the most interesting diseases that afflict many women.  So my ability to hold a camera and endoscope made me quite a sought after commodity at Stanford University.


One issue that confronts those who work in women’s medicine is how mundane sexual exposure becomes. In short: “A vagina is a vagina”.  Only once did I allow my personal feelings to enter my clinical mind, but I always put my professional attitude before my natural God given inclinations and I washed thoughts of any involvement from my mind. I got the thought out of my head and went back to seeing the vagina as just something connected to the uterus. I quickly got to the point where I saw surgery as auto repair except the oil was red, the water pump was the bladder, well you get the idea.



God created men and women with reproductive organs that secrete hormones which often influence the brain. This accounts for Las Vegas weddings, teenage pregnancies and sadly “rape”.  I do have spiritual theories on homosexuality but I consider them (for the sake of this article) to be outliers.


How does “Porn” become “Parts?” A lot has to do with, as I said before, with your POV (Point of View).  When sexual organs no longer become a source of stimulation; the POV looks to a higher source for sexual gratification.  I think this is the POV most couples should have in mind before choosing to marry.  I know there must be a genetic desire for procreation. Procreation done in the right way for the right reason is a very exciting thing.  Creating another human is as close as we will come to being a deity.


There is a fine line between lust and the stimulus for procreation. Lust cannot sustain a relationship.  Love enables you to be supportive when the lust phase of a relationship has worn off.  After your mate has put on 20 pounds the first year of marriage, the lust factor will diminish.


Many make the mistake of thinking an “oil change” (another sex partner) is the answer; however it’s a myth based on an attempt to replicate the excitement of virgin lust. The cycle soon repeats (especially if you haven’t changed) and it’s back to wash, rinse and repeat.  It’s not long before one realizes that a new sex partner is not the same as a new “first time”.



I would presume that in the afterlife we will not be concerned with anything physical. It’s ironic because when we enter the corporeal world, all we know is the physical.  We show emotion when we find the feeling of lying in a diaper full of feces and urine unacceptable.  Our empty stomach makes us cry for nourishment.  On the other side I would presume we will have an avatar that resembles a body.  We’ll probably communicate telepathically.  I doubt/hope we do not have pain receptors which means the only way we will be able to hurt someone would be emotionally.


If the “near death experience survivors” (NDErs) are correct, inflicting pain is not practiced on the other side. They return feeling a type of Love they cannot describe.


If the bible is correct, there is another place on the other side where pain is practiced in abundance. I can’t tell you for sure what determines where you will eventually end up.  All I know is that if you’re a Christian;

Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and treat your neighbor as you would yourself!

Attorney-Client Privilege & Doctor-Patient Privilege “BEWARE”


In short, if an attorney has information that would free a convicted suspect he can’t mention it. The innocent defendant will rot in prison. Such was the case with William Macumber in 1974 when he was allegedly framed by his wife while going through an ugly divorce.

Yet if you go to your family doctor and say you would rather die than live with tubes coming out of your body, fear your physician as you may return home, only to be greeted by the Police and escorted against your will for a mental evaluation.

William Macumber

William Macumber

 The murder of a couple on a “Lover’s Lane” in Arizona north of Scottsdale happened in 1962. The case went cold until Macumber’s wife went to her boss in the Scottsdale P.D. and said (In the middle of an ugly divorce) that he (Macumber) had confessed to her of being the killer of the couple in 1962. This event happened in 1974 just weeks after Macumber’s wife had taken a class on forensics and how to lift prints. To add insult to injury, the evidence was not locked up and anyone with a badge could have tampered with the evidence.

One other piece of evidence Macumber’s defense had was a young girl who claimed to have known who committed the crime. She said it was a guy named Ernesto or Ernie Salazar. No such person could be found. In 1967, five years after the murders in the desert, a drifter named Ernesto Valenzuela was charged with a similar homicide. He told his lawyer, Thomas O’Toole that he had also killed the couple in the desert in 1962.

Thomas O’Toole was fresh out of law school at the time and just beginning a career with the Federal Public Defender’s Office. He thought when he saw the Macumber case: “They have the wrong guy”. But because of attorney-client privilege, he was not allowed to mention the confession and Valenzuela died in prison taking the truth with him.

Apparently, attorney-client privilege extends beyond the grave. 11 years later, O’Toole, no longer a public attorney was a judge and couldn’t shake the ghost of Ernesto Valenzuela. Judge O’Toole contacted the Justice Project and gave them the info he had on the confession of his late client. In 2012, the Justice project had all of the evidence they needed to present their case to the Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer for a Clemency hearing. Brewer rejected Macumber’s release twice. Later in 2012, Macumber agreed to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and was released on time served. Talk about political wrangling to avoid a major wrongful imprisonment suit. So William Macumber spent 37 years in prison for something he didn’t do.

*Note! I have taken an oath never to plead guilty to something I am innocent of. Even if they promise me a new Ferrari. Never confess to guilt if you are not guilty. The D.A. will use money to get you to “plead out”. If you are accused of beating your wife and you have never laid a hand on your wife, you are given a choice to fight it in court costing you every penny you’ll ever earn for the rest of your life, OR you can plead guilty and take an anger management class and lose your 2nd amendment right for 10 years. Although you and God know that you are innocent, you will have that guilty plea follow you through life like an albatross. Do not do it.

Let’s continue:

Not surprising, the story doesn’t end there. 5 months later Macumber was back in prison for sexual assault accusations by younger members of Macumber’s own family. I can only wonder; Is this the spouse still trying to keep her ex-husband behind bars or does prolonged incarceration create the criminal? Macumber plead not guilty of the sex assaults but was found guilty at trial and is serving 4 years for sexual assault on a minor.


 David Sarti

 David Sarti’s only crime was trusting his doctor. Just as we have attorney-client privilege, we are also supposed to have doctor-patient privilege. (With a caveat). The doctor has the discretion/power to deem his patient mentally defective and a danger to himself. If this happens, you lose your 2nd amendment right and can be detained in a mental institute as long as medical professionals see fit. No judge, no jury and no public defendant. You also become an interest of the F.B.I. as long as you live.

Sadly Sarti had appeared on National Geographic’s television series “Doomsday Preppers”. Sarti is a boisterous somewhat loudmouth that likes to exaggerate and he did so in front of the wrong doctor. His cardiologist Andre C. Olivier said there was nothing wrong with his heart, but they could put tubes in him to help him breathe. I’m not sure what procedure Dr. Olivier was referring to. I can’t see why he would recommend a tracheostomy for obesity. Neither lungs were collapsed so I can’t see chest tubes being inserted in Sarti’s plural cavity. Perhaps his cardiologist was using fear to get Mr. Sarti to lose weight. I do not know what Olivier’s reasoning was. But Sarti made a statement that was not very well thought out. He said something to the effect that he would rather die than have tubes hanging out of him. Dr. Olivier took this as a confession of suicidal tendencies and ordered Sarti to go to the Emergency Room.

Let’s Stop right here. Sarti’s doctor asked Sarti if he was suicidal and Sarti replied: “No I’m a Christian and my religious faith prohibits suicide”. That should have been the end of the conversation.

Regardless; when Sarti refused to go to the Emergency Room and went home; Law enforcement officers were waiting for Mr. Sarti and took him to the E.R. against his will.

 Where is the privacy called Physician-patient privilege?

The horror in the Sarti story is not so much what happened to David Sarti. (At least he’s not in prison serving a life sentence) But what has happened to all of us as a result of this? I seriously encourage you to no longer speak freely to your doctor without thinking about the unintended consequences. You MUST consider every sentence and your choice of words that you use when you are in the privacy of your doctor regardless of the Doctor-Patient privilege. I do not think it would be a good Idea to continue to see a doctor you do not have a good relationship with. I would not make an issue of it either. I would silently quit seeing your doctor and search for another doctor.

In both of these examples of privacy, the principle was used to keep an innocent man in jail, and to send an innocent man to a mental institution.  The words of a former, late President keep haunting me.


“The most terrifying words in the English language are:  I’m from the government and I’m here to help. ~ President Ronald Reagan.





What I didn’t know then……

Does that saying ring a bell (((((?))))))  What many of you don’t know about your intrepid Blogger is that I possess a wealth of medical knowledge.  I use to tell interns at Stanford University Medical Center’s O.R. that I was suturing up patients when they were still in the 5th grade.

After the Feds quit paying general surgeons (Appendectomy doctors) to stand across from an Orthopedic Surgeon or GYN surgeon to tie suture and cut nots, and in the latter days, drill tunnels in a patients knee for an ACL repair, Medics from the military became highly sought out precious commodities.  We became, (with a little further classroom training) known as surgical first assistants.  I’ve worked in such busy surgical centers where I was sowing up patients in my sleep.  Since I did nothing but assist, I did my rounds in most disciplines.  It made me more desirable.  I turned down two scholarships.  Actually one scholarship and a verbal offer from a Dean of a medical school saying: “I can get you into ……..”

But as you know, my heart was always meant to be behind a Sennheiser Microphone and in front of a Marshall stack and a Fender amp.  Making my gold top guitar scream was my way of reaching Nirvana.

But I’ve probably forgotten more about medicine than the newer medical larva coming out of Medical school can remember.  It must be tough for young doctors today.  They can thank Obama and uniformed voters for their poor reimbursement rates.  I (Like many of my former doctor friends) would leave the field of fixing people because you’re no longer guaranteed a six digit income your first year and a 7 series BMW or Mercedes Benz.  In fact it was bad enough under Bush when HMOs popped up. (Health Maintenance Organizations/Kaiser) but now if one graduates from Harvard he might have to be content to work for the Veteran’s Administration.

This is a noble gesture if you’re a true patriot, and there are great surgeons that work “part-time” at V.A. Health Centers.  Unfortunately, there are those who hate the fact that they can’t afford their own practice, let alone have to take Obamacare reimbursement as payment.  The result is overt self-loathing and it often shows in patient care.

Perhaps I know more than a patient should.  Those who voted for Obama deserve these frustrated losers.  And a note to veterans: “If you drive a nice vehicle, keep it to yourself”.  I have a very nice leather daytimer that I like to use.  It has a Porsche Crest Logo on the front.  I believe my V.A. doctor saw this and it made him hate me.
He also asked me who did my last surgery and I couldn’t remember my doctor’s last name.  I always just called him Sid.  I had to ask my wife what Sid’s last name was.  This doctor was offended that I addressed my friends by their first names.  (I had done hundreds of operations with these doctors I called my friends).  An insecure doctor will be the first to tell you that if doctors are not your colleagues, you don’t have a right to address them by their first name.  Their first name is “doctor”.

Fucking ass hole.

Hopefully, the communists will be out of Washington in 2016 and a better path to medical care will come to fruition.  If I would have been a consultant?  I would have said: “Address the problem and don’t tear apart a system you loath”.  The problem was 43 million uninsured Americans.  Screw the insurance, give them health care.

Set up government clinics for those who don’t have the means to afford insurance.  Unfortunately, Obamacare has made 3rd party healthcare insurance untouchable for the middle class. (Someone has to pay for the owners of Obama phones).  But the truth is, Obamacare is an attempt to dismantle our medical system in this land of capitalism.  Obamacare was a step towards commie-care.  Yes the old “Single Payer” system.  Just answer me one question you scumbag in the oval office.  Why do heads of state in foreign countries come to the United States for things like HEART SURGERY?  It’s because when real doctors are making good money, they are inclined to provide great care.  When you turn your surgeon into a mail man, people in your health facility will go “postal”.  At that point, being called “doctor” is the only difference between you and your Porsche mechanic. (Except my mechanic makes $110.00 an hour). 43 out of 311 million.  We could have covered the cost of giving the indigent health care without messing up the Insurance system.  But that’s not the communist way.  And people, you’re starting to understand why wealthy people come to America for surgery.  And why some of the best surgeons are taking their retirement and running with it.

What few excellent surgeons that haven’t closed their practices are over booked.  In fact Obamacare is making it impossible to run a medical practice in a normal fashion.  I pity the conservative that is tasked with the job of straightening out the ball of wires and cords this idiot in Washington has created.  He’s destroyed the American Healthcare system in perfect Saul Alinski/Cloward & Piven fashion.

But 2016 might be too late.  I think the U.S. dollar is going to crash in about four months.  Then your Obamacare will be worthless as civil unrest will make every city look like Ferguson and Baltimore.


Bacon Baconburger ???????????????????????????????????????????????????



Vol. 1 FATS


A Majority of Americans today are a good 10 to 60 pounds overweight.  What do I blame it on? No it’s not your love of Ice Cream Sandwiches or Bon Bons; It’s the thing you’re starring at, but more so the thing your Fat Ass is sitting on.

When we were blessed with the era of information, we were also shifted into the era of sedentary labor.  Now what use to take 4 guys with Schwarzenegger arms, now can be done by a 110 pound female with the help of a robotic arm.  Yep, that back seat to your new car can glide into place with just a little guidance from one human arm.

Instead of having to climb into an air duct to check humidity and vacuum, all you have to do is pull down a computer menu attached to probes in the duct and you can do it all from your cushy chair.

The new industrial injury has shifted from the low back or lumbar disc damage to “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”, “Obesity”, “Hypertension” and a “plethora of anal conditions”. Seriously, I’ve written several articles on taking really good care of your ass if you sit on it all day.

YOU DON’T WANT RECTAL SURGERY.  Hemorrhoids OUCH, Anal Fistulas DOUBLE OUCH.  And it’s not the condition, it’s the ugly surgery and recovery.  This is why you need to pull up a bar stool, (Or stand) at the Café Americain on Fridays.  I’m going to help you get rid of that FAT ASS.

Before I start the HOW TO part; I need to reprogram your brain.  I’m not going to talk about diets or weight loss programs.  KNOWLEDGE is POWER. So for Volume 1 just want to focus on FAT.

FATS: Taste really good.  You’ll find it in Ice Cream, Red Meat, even my favorite sustenance Peanuts. Now don’t freak out on me, but there’s good fats and bad fats.

First: Bad Fats.  These are “Poly-saturated” fats. It means that the molecule that make up the fat are small and sticky.  What happens when you run fine sticky sand through Tubing with fine holes in it?  The holes clog and fat builds up.

Now the Good Fats.  Yes it is an Oxymoron.  You should avoid fats if possible but most of the culinary arts do not.  So if you’re going to buy oil to cook with.  Buy extra Virgin Olive oil.  It’s what is called Mono-saturated.  What happens if you put large rocks through that same tubing that has been clogged with the fine sand?  It tends to push it out of the tubing.

So it’s important that you look at the labels and see what kind of fat you’re eating.  Peanuts are rich in fat, but it’s mainly mono-saturated fat.

I’ll try to keep this simple because I know most of you have not studied biophysics, but when you hear your doctor talk about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol; he or she is talking about good and bad fats.  Only the scientific term is called “Lipids”.  (As in Lip-o-suction) with this in mind; now you can understand HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.  AKA “high density lipids” and “low density lipids”.  Low density lipids or fat is like spackle.  It sticks to your tubes, only in this case we’ll call them arteries and veins.  High density lipids are like toilet bowl brushes.  They lower the amount of LDL building up in your arteries.  Pills like Lipitor are the equivalent of Draino.  After 10 years of use, we’ve found that Drano can rot your delicate tubes. (Lipitor or “statins” can damage your muscles, the companies don not deny this). BTW, your heart is a big muscle.  So the principle you want to remember is:



Pardon the pun but, “chew on this info for a while”.  We’ll talk about Carbs and Proteins soon.  But I do not want to over load your mind.  Lastly I want to talk about what fats are good for.

First: They usually taste really good. Second: If you survive a plane crash and you’re in the wilderness looking for food, your fat acts as a reserve form of sustanence.  I’m not saying it makes you superman/woman but it’s been shown that fat people are usually the last to starve to death.  On the other hand, healthy people are in a better position to find and catch or gather food.


Darren Einstein

During the first half of the year, I found myself writing 2 articles a day.  I was a writing fool.  Sadly what I found attracted the most “hits” were articles with the word “Fuck” in it.  For example I wrote an article entitled “Where the fuck am I”.  I was getting a lot of traffic from a site that is connected to Fox news.  So, my love for writing became a job.

I had to get away from writing and I had to start doing it again.  Perhaps I’ve been going through a transition.  Writing is a form of escapism.   I’ve lived a some what good yet shitty life.  I was asked to write a small essay about my life for a counselor that I went to see and it printed out at 134 pages. (Or there about) She said I was a good writer and couldn’t put it down.  I guess that’s good and bad.

My inspiration for writing so prolifically was that I found last December that Greg Gutfeld whom I would “Copy” or “CC” my stuff to; started using my jokes on “The Five”.  (An hour long show on Fox News Channel which rivals “The View” only it has 4 conservatives and one lovable yet obnoxious liberal)  So It was fun to write an article and see if Mr. Gutfeld used it on National Television.  I was a “Ghost writer”.

I never wanted to be a writer.  I am by nature, a guitarist.  According to the Editor of the Wave Magazine, I am a “Guitar god”.  But I know a lot about politics, having grown up next door to a congressman, and I have a pretty good knowledge of the Holy Bible. (Mostly as a result of having a somewhat good yet shitty life)  I was forced to attend church as a child. (And an extremist one at that) and I also found solace in church after I got divorced.  I have an incredible diverse set of career tools.  I assisted in surgery for most of my livelihood. I was in the Navy as a Corpsman or “medic” in case you’re like Obama and cannot pronounce the word Corpsman.  (It’s pronounced Kor-mun not Korps-men).  But I digress.

Nothing will change your view on life quicker than being broke and divorced.  It’s almost like the Domino effect. I found that being a Hermit and exercising daily was the best thing I could do.  I also, as previously stated, took solace in the church.  So religion and personal development became my 2 most common interests (next to raising two sons).  Going through the Clinton years got me interested again in politics again.

I did get to play music again.  An important aspect of my life that was put on hiatus while trying to be the husband my ex wanted me to be.  Shame on me. Again I digress.  Before I know it, this article will be 134 pages if I do not stay focused which is why I write.

I started a blog in 2005 because it was the thing for musicians to do.  I could tell people where I was playing as well as get my feelings out.  It was Therapy.  But I couldn’t write for the sake of giving Greg Gutfeld material and I felt betrayed when I wrote really good serious articles on life and divorce that didn’t get published at the “Red Eye” site.  So I haven’t written since August.

I will be focusing on the 4 L’s in life that my late mentor “Stephen R. Covey” wrote on.  He said that man needs to do 4 things.  Live (put a roof over your head and food in your stomach) Learn (Get educated) Love (Show concern for someone else’s best interest) and finally, Leave a legacy. (Whether it’s Officer Darren Wilson or Albert Einstein, or your cantankerous Uncle that pisses everyone off at family get-togethers yet only shows up for the food)


In short……………. I’m back