Darren Einstein

During the first half of the year, I found myself writing 2 articles a day.  I was a writing fool.  Sadly what I found attracted the most “hits” were articles with the word “Fuck” in it.  For example I wrote an article entitled “Where the fuck am I”.  I was getting a lot of traffic from a site that is connected to Fox news.  So, my love for writing became a job.

I had to get away from writing and I had to start doing it again.  Perhaps I’ve been going through a transition.  Writing is a form of escapism.   I’ve lived a some what good yet shitty life.  I was asked to write a small essay about my life for a counselor that I went to see and it printed out at 134 pages. (Or there about) She said I was a good writer and couldn’t put it down.  I guess that’s good and bad.

My inspiration for writing so prolifically was that I found last December that Greg Gutfeld whom I would “Copy” or “CC” my stuff to; started using my jokes on “The Five”.  (An hour long show on Fox News Channel which rivals “The View” only it has 4 conservatives and one lovable yet obnoxious liberal)  So It was fun to write an article and see if Mr. Gutfeld used it on National Television.  I was a “Ghost writer”.

I never wanted to be a writer.  I am by nature, a guitarist.  According to the Editor of the Wave Magazine, I am a “Guitar god”.  But I know a lot about politics, having grown up next door to a congressman, and I have a pretty good knowledge of the Holy Bible. (Mostly as a result of having a somewhat good yet shitty life)  I was forced to attend church as a child. (And an extremist one at that) and I also found solace in church after I got divorced.  I have an incredible diverse set of career tools.  I assisted in surgery for most of my livelihood. I was in the Navy as a Corpsman or “medic” in case you’re like Obama and cannot pronounce the word Corpsman.  (It’s pronounced Kor-mun not Korps-men).  But I digress.

Nothing will change your view on life quicker than being broke and divorced.  It’s almost like the Domino effect. I found that being a Hermit and exercising daily was the best thing I could do.  I also, as previously stated, took solace in the church.  So religion and personal development became my 2 most common interests (next to raising two sons).  Going through the Clinton years got me interested again in politics again.

I did get to play music again.  An important aspect of my life that was put on hiatus while trying to be the husband my ex wanted me to be.  Shame on me. Again I digress.  Before I know it, this article will be 134 pages if I do not stay focused which is why I write.

I started a blog in 2005 because it was the thing for musicians to do.  I could tell people where I was playing as well as get my feelings out.  It was Therapy.  But I couldn’t write for the sake of giving Greg Gutfeld material and I felt betrayed when I wrote really good serious articles on life and divorce that didn’t get published at the “Red Eye” site.  So I haven’t written since August.

I will be focusing on the 4 L’s in life that my late mentor “Stephen R. Covey” wrote on.  He said that man needs to do 4 things.  Live (put a roof over your head and food in your stomach) Learn (Get educated) Love (Show concern for someone else’s best interest) and finally, Leave a legacy. (Whether it’s Officer Darren Wilson or Albert Einstein, or your cantankerous Uncle that pisses everyone off at family get-togethers yet only shows up for the food)


In short……………. I’m back

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