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In America, everybody wanted to be Elvis.  In Europe everybody wanted to be the Beatles.

Since Elvis started singing Heartbreak Hotel, Hollywood realized that one “Artist” was easier to push around than a whole band.  I mean seriously, have you ever heard band mates fighting amongst each other?  Who needs that?  As a result the U.S. has spawned so many solo artists starting with Elvis and well…… I think it really ended back in the 90s with Bryan Adams.  I can’t comment on the auto tuned industry that exists today.


Because Colonel Tom Parker was afraid of flying, Elvis never toured England but Buddy Holly and the Crickets did which inspired bands like Tony Sheridan and four inspired lads from Liverpool.  The “Crickets” became the blue print for European Bands in the 60s.  The British invasion consisted of primarily “Bands”.  From the Beatles, The Stones, The Dave Clark Five and The Who, to the lesser yet prolific bands like The Animals, Herman’s Hermits, The under-rated “Kinks”, Gary and the Pace Makers, The Yardbirds, Deep Purple and the list of European 60 groups goes on.

1970s EUROPE



In the 70s, Europe really kicked into gear and gave us the band all bands tried to copy; Led Zeppelin. The “group” paradigm would continue with bands like Foghat and Bad Company.  The Faces hit the scene in the 70s, then with the departure of Rod Stewart who came to America to start HIS solo career, and Ron Wood going to the Rolling stones, the Faces would call it quits. Ten Years after became one of first European bands that would do an extensive tour of the U.S. playing cities from New York to L.A. and places in between like Stockton, California.

Another European band that would emerge in the 70s that would eventually go on to become arguably the greatest Rock Band of all-time were known during the 70s as one hit wonders in America with their single: “Killer Queen”.






In the late 70s, the English were amongst the first to pick up where the Beatles (Who broke up in 1970) left off and explored experimental Rock which broke away from the standard blues format of Rock was transformed in several different directions.  Progressive Rock was an attempt by mainly English Artist to make rock music legit by playing rock songs in “Movements”.  Perhaps the best example of this was the band YES.



By the end of the 70s an American solo artist had started a rebellious form of music in New York.  Iggy Pop who had cult success gave birth not only to a new sound called “Punk” but perhaps one of the greatest if not the greatest punk band of all time, The Ramones.  The Ramones were too misunderstood for A.M. radio in America but bands in Europe picked up on the punk scene and kicked out bands like the Clash and the Sex Pistols.  Even Queen put out a punk album with their first mega hit “Tie your mother down”.  I’m not sure who was first to coin the term “New Wave”, but this was an attempt to make punk music sound like “Pop” music.  A good example would be a majority of the 80s bands that came out of Europe.  The 80s was when a new generation tried to co-opt Rock.  The American band “The Stray Cats” made it big in Europe by taking rockabilly and giving it a punk sound which you can hear in their first hit “Stray Cat Strut”.  New Wave was a more palatable version of Punk.  It was punk that was Radio friendly.



Little Richard


Most of the Artists that became big solo artists in America were the skeletonized talent of bands that fell apart.  With the exception of folk artist like James Taylor, John Denver and John Sebastian, The Evil A&R people in Hollywood would sign the leader of a band and use studio musicians under hire to put out albums for Artists “like” Ritchie Valens.  The Stone Ponies were raped of their lead singer, “Linda Ronstadt”.  Crazy Horse was torn apart when Columbia signed Neil Young.  This practice was not unusual.  Even original bands would just cut to the chase and the main talent would be the name of the band.  Artists like the late Ronnie Montrose became the band “Montrose”.  His singer and co-writer Sammy Hagar would go off on his own solo career.  Carlos Santana had his own band called Santana, you get the picture.  If we go way back, Rock and Roll was not only personified but kick started by solo artists like Little Richard and Chuck Berry.


The Eagles

America has had success with Bands, many of whom broke up to pursue solo careers only to fail and reform.  Most of the solo artist get the band back together for one common REA$ON.  The Eagles are a great example of an American band that withstood the temptations of solo careers. America seems to be a place where new genres are discovered.


Grunge bands in Seattle put out a sound that Europe didn’t even try to comprehend.  The movement died in 1994 when Kurt Cobain, perhaps the father of Grunge committed suicide.




Finally, The metal bands.  The head bangers. I think America has a slight edge on that market.  Metal is a “Band” Genre.  One could argue that England started the genre with Ozzy and Black Sabbath who date back to the late 60s.  But a Detroit band was playing a sound the morphed into metal but you have to decide if the band is a solo act or a band and that would be Alice Cooper.  On the other hand, nobody can sell out a stadium quicker than Metallica.



Metallica’s biggest European competition came from a garage band that was struggling in East Germany while the Bay Area musicians of Metallica were in luxury L.A. studios.  Once the Berlin Wall came down, the world was introduced to Germany’s greatest rock band ever. (No not Nena) but the band Rammstein became large really fast.  Oddly, only one American solo artist has been successful in the field of Metal and that would be Rob Zombie.

 Fred and Brin        FreddiePower

Perhaps the greatest Rock Band would come out of England/Zanzibar.  Queen would be the largest ticket and first to conquer to the world.  Their key was re-inventing themselves.  Fortunately, as talented as each musician was, they failed miserably as solo artists.  Freddie Mercury who will stand alone as one of the greatest voices of Rock music ever had perhaps the worst solo album of all four of them.  Together, amazing synergy exploded from the P.A. system.  Just watch the Live Aid concert.


The best Solo Artist of all time? It’s a tossup between three Americans.  Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.  Chuck Berry is known as the father of Rock and Roll, Little Richard (in my opinion) embodies all that is rock and roll.  I think he is the true King of Rock and Roll.

 Elvis 50's

Elvis Presley was everything Hollywood was looking for.  He was a conduit for Race music.  Just as New Wave made Punk radio friendly, Elvis transcended the race barrier of “Race” Music and called it Rock and Roll.  Would we have had bands like Queen, Buddy Holly, The Beatles or Metallica without Elvis?




Self-Esteem by definition is: “a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect”. The key word in this definition is the term “realistic”.  Is this based on a subjective impression or does it require outside objectivity?

Let me say at this time that self-respect shows in the way that you present yourself.  You cannot be helpful to others if you have no respect for your own appearance. I’m not talking about the shape of your nose or the hair on your scalp.  I’m talking about hygiene.  I’m talking about cleanliness.  I’m also talking about watching over indulgence.  Your weight is indicative of your concern for your overall health.  We know that if you try to lose weight to appear attractive to others, you will likely fail.  If, however, you lose weight to be healthy, you are more likely to be successful.  Strive to be as healthy as you can be.

I have the key to your self-esteem and so do you. (Although you might not know it). You cannot improve your self-esteem by actions you take to impress other people.  Self-esteem does not come from others being envious of you.  It has nothing to do with what you wear, what you drive, where you live, or how you look.  In the end, your self-esteem is about what you do to help others.  I can throw a hundred tired clichés at you such as: “It’s better to give than to receive”.   But until you start to change your life for the good of others, you will struggle with your self-esteem.  It’s called “Self” esteem for a reason.  It’s not called “Others” esteem.  When you do a good deed, do it for the pleasure it brings the other person.  Do not do it because it makes you look good like political “Photo op”.  Do it because it makes you feel good.  That feeling is better than the looks you get from wearing a 12,000 dollar suit in a 200,000 dollar sports car.

This explains why the deity point of view about life is to be humble and to be a servant.  What has Miley Cyrus done for you lately?  Yet the books of the late Stephen Covey are timeless and still life changing.  If you can begin to see others as targets for pleasing, it doesn’t matter if you are successful as many refuse to be happy.  When all is said and done though, you tried.  Nothing can degrade a paradigm of self-esteem based on the desire to make others happy.  The feeling you get from the smile on another person’s face from helping them or complimenting them is priceless.

Once you attain that level of thinking it doesn’t matter if you are the King of the forest or a destitute pauper. You’ve entered the realm of the divine.  One of the most meaningful verses in the Bible, to me, is a pragmatic one even though it doesn’t sound like one.  It’s in the book of James, chapter 4 and verse 6: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble”.  That is not simply a biblical platitude.  It gives one insight into true happiness and, yes, Self-Esteem.  The one speech President Kennedy is best remembered for is when he pleaded with his fellow countrymen to: “Ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do for your country”.  It may sound like political rhetoric, but it’s truly a late 20th century version of James 4:6.

It’s easy to brag about the things that you’ve done in life.  Your words of accomplishments may or may not impress the listener but it’s much more rewarding to say nice things to others that make them feel better.  It needs to sound genuine and not just an insincere load of smoke up their ass.

 Try it and see if it changes your life!



Hero worship is a serious problem in our country.  It’s not just because of the lack of positive role models; rather the lack of self-esteem coupled with peer pressure.  At 2:00AM one morning, a Lutheran Minister and I were sitting in an all-night diner discussing baseball.  We got onto the subject of the fans and then after a course of Eggs and Hash browns, we had come to the conclusion that the world’s problems all stem from insecurity.


Have you ever wondered why little girls see Miley Cyrus as a hero or role model for “Twerking”?  It’s because she gets attention.  Forget about the indecency of the act, is this what women feel they need to do to be noticed?  Going back to the first statement, it’s about insecurity.  Bad behavior is about insecurity.  (Bad attention is better than no attention).  We see this in many of the mass killings.  The killer will kill with no regard for consequences because it’s the attention they are generating.  How many times have neighbors of mass killings been interviewed only to hear: “He was such a nice boy and use to help people in the neighborhood”?  We even have a disgusting yet sad video of a young killer who was in angst because he couldn’t get the good looking girls to like him.  Ironically, I can only remember his face from the video and can’t even remember his crime, other than he killed several people.


It’s true from the clothes that we wear, to the cut of our hair, to the music we hear and the brand of our beer.  It has to be acceptable as we’ve let it define us.  We divorce because somewhere in the relationship the seeds of insecurity were sown.  Kids with new Jordans get killed if they get caught alone on an off street.  Look at how far we’ve come from going to school bare foot in the snow.  (A popular fable my parents use to tell me, even though they grew up in California).  150 years ago, insecurity was coming home with nothing for the family to eat.  Now it’s living in a tract home versus a custom home or driving a domestic economy car versus a European sports car.


The greatest generation deserved the title.  They did what they had to do to defeat Hitler.  (My feelings on the excessive bombings of Dresden and Nuremburg aside), they made America a better place for the boomer generation.  Then they SPOILED us.  In the 60s, marketing became ubiquitous on radio and television and every house needed a “Frigidaire”.  In the 80s every house needed a “VCR” and a “Jacuzzi”.  In the 90s every house needed high speed internet, and after Y2K everybody needed a cell phone and a big screen TV.  We’re so spoiled, our biggest problem is having too much food to eat.  Do you get the picture?  But the single most important thing we often fail to attain is something you can’t buy at Wal-Mart.  Attention.  You can buy bling and get people to look at you, but to connect with people and exchange concerns for one another is the hard part.



A kid’s game



I first noticed money and fame corrupting professional sports in 1994 when a basketball player from U.C. Berkeley was in an accident on an East Bay Freeway with his “Entourage”.  He had not shot a basket in the NBA yet, but he had been selected in the 93 NBA Draft in the first round.  And already the “Celebrity” had an “Entourage”.


Jason Kidd

Two years later, the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL had become “America’s Team”.  Money woes had caught up with the Team of the 80s, the San Francisco 49ers, and Dallas, with Troy Aikman were the team to beat.  At the Super Bowl, several players rented Limos to have their “Mistresses” driven to the game.  They would then use the Limos to be driven to practice during Super Bowl Week.


A month after the Super Bowl victory, NFL superstar and Dallas Hall of Famer Michael Irvin would be busted in a Hotel with 10 grams of Cocaine and an ounce of Marijuana.  When Law enforcement entered the room, Michael Irvin greeted the Police by saying: “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM”?  Irvin would go on to stab his team mate for taking his chair in the Team Barber shop.  Irvin has since been involved in sexual assault allegations which he settled out of court.  After becoming an announcer for ESPN, he would be fired over ethnic statements about Dallas Quarterback Jim Romo.


I’m not sure exactly when professional sports licensing began, but once fathers could buy their kids Jerseys with players’ names on them; that, unknowingly became a game changer.  In the late 60s, Joe Namath would be amongst the first to become a sought after former sports star to endorse products.  Endorsement money goes back as far as Ted Williams and side money from bubble gum cards goes back to the mid-1950s.

 Art ting

But today, we see “Sports Medicine” as a different discipline from Orthopedic Medicine.  In lieu of multi-million dollar contracts, team surgeons are forced to perform surgeries on players who are receiving well over 2 – 3 million dollars a game.  In fact, some operations which would not be offered to you and I, are done the same night a football player is injured.  If the team surgeon and medical staff can get a key player on the field a game earlier, that’s 3 million dollars earned.  For example, when a football player tears his MCL (Medial co-lateral ligament) you and I would be put in a brace and the ligament would be allowed to heal its’ self.  If Reggie so and so tears his MCL, we’re in the operating room late Sunday night to sow and strengthen the ligament and perhaps put anchors in the attachment if needed.  It may only mean speeding up the recovery time by two weeks but as you can see, that would be 6 million dollars earned instead of paid by the insurance company.




Now my two biggest complaints about modern day stardom in sports.  Players think they can be rock stars.  I’ll compare two SUPER STARS who were almost equally talented yet one was a training fanatic, the other just wanted to be rich and famous.

  1. We’ve briefly discussed the extremely talented Dallas receiver Michael Irvin. Michael took the O.J. Simpson crash course. He’s still amongst the greatest receivers in NFL history.
  2. THE GREAT ONE – JERRY RICE! John Taylor was the only receiver that could work with Rice and not be intimidated. The 49ers tried for a decade to find an eventual heir to the king as the #1 receiver on the team. They wasted 1st round picks on great receivers like Reynaldo Nehemiah and the supposed next Jerry Rice “J.J. Stokes”. But 49er management would assign the new draft rookie to Jerry Rice and most of them could not keep up with Jerry Rice’s relentless work ethic. It’s the reason I feel Jerry Rice is not just the best receiver of all time, but the best Pure Football player of all time. If any athlete worked out the way Jerry Rice did and was as serious about doing the workouts, they would become the best at what ever sport or endeavor they were competing in. That being said, Rice never got the endorsement contracts or opportunities that Joe Montana got. “America still loves the pretty boy”.


The other consideration I have with sports today is that the business aspect of investing in a future Jerry Rice has become much more intricate.  I think the truly successful organizations are going to (or should) start doing psychological profiles on their million dollar bonus babies.



Brien Taylor

I could give you a 3 page list of million dollar bonus babies signed by the MLB who ended up taking the money and retiring before they made the double A level.  If you’re paid a million up front, to many that do not have the pride of a Jerry Rice or a true love for the game; you’ve made it and can retire as a wealthy 1st round draft pick.  The Yankees threw 1.2 million dollars at a young pitcher named Brien Taylor.  Taylor never threw a pitch above the AA level and injured his pitching hand in a bar room fight.


Tim Lincecum

The other issue I have with the business aspect of signing a bonus baby is the pressure to win at any cost.  Again I’ll give you two examples of mismanaged players because of the pressure to win.  When Tim Lincecum was signed by the San Francisco Giants, the Giants organization had the foresight “not” to mess with Tim’s awkward delivery.  BUT, with pressure on manager Bruce Bochey to win, he would leave Lincecum on the mound (during his formative seasons) much longer than you would an Iron man like Nolan Ryan.  Although Timmy did amazing work for the Giants, you could see in his championship year that the miles on his arm were causing gross and remarkable inconsistencies in his performances.  Even Bochey stated: “I’m not surprised with as many innings as he’s thrown”.  Today Tim Lincecum is in the sports news as to whether he will be taken out of the rotation or allowed to pitch as a starter.  I think after hearing Bochey’s comment either he is that careless or he had orders from the front office to leave the youngster in.  In a Utopian league, you would take a pitcher out after he’s thrown 100 pitches. This is called being proactively responsible.


Felix Hernandez

Contrast Timmy to the King.  Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners was such a pitching Phenom when he came up, that not only did they not start Felix if he had any soreness, but they would NOT, let me repeat this, THEY WOULD NOT let him throw his 86 mph slider until his junior (3rd) year.  The Slider puts incredible stress on the UCL (Ulnar co-lateral ligament) of your pitching arm.  An 86 MPH slider is also one of the most impossible pitches to hit.  But Seattle has struggled with winning, but they have a healthy All-Star in Felix Hernandez who will pay dividends for years to come.




The front office puts pressure on players to win and even (at one time) to play in pain.  In the early 70s, wide receiver Mike Siani who played wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders sued Al Davis for making Siani play with Xylocaine injections before the game.  The numbing medicine a doctor injects before doing surgery while you are awake.


It’s not unusual for a manager to leave his all-star pitcher in who’s on the verge of winning his 20th game or pitching a no hitter for monetary reasons.  Some players have clauses written into their contracts that if they play so many games they earn another 30% of their salary.  If they win 20 games, they get a 7 figure bonus.  So at some point, there has to be a balance of integrity to the game.


I remember a time when a standing ovation was uncommon. Listen to MEL ALLEN when the crowd calls Roger out of the dugout!

James Foley & John the Baptist



Each one of us is born into this world with his or her unique set of circumstances.  Our parents have different I.Q. levels.  They each have their own set of problems as well as personal belief systems.  I’ve always wondered if a child abandoned in the wilderness would grow up with a capacity to love or do we need to have love shown to us before we can love others?  Is it like riding a bike?  Or is that the reason most parents have an inherent love for their offspring?  Even mothers of cubs can demonstrate their love in the form of protection if you get to close to her children.


Are the circumstances for a white child born in south Chicago the same as a black child born in Mobile Alabama?  Why are some humans attracted to the same sex in spite of being born with sexual organs designed for procreation which requires the opposite sex?  Why did Jesus say to the thief of the cross behind him that he would be in “Paradise” today with Him”?  In short, we are all different in one way or another.



I have studied the Christian Bible for 50 years.


I am far from being a Bible Scholar.  Then again, the saying: “Those who can do and those who can’t teach” comes to mind.  But my focus today is directed towards my fellow Christians.  For the majority of those choosing Christianity as their direction for an “After life”, it boils down to this.  When you die, you go to one of two places, heaven or hell.  The gate to Hell is wide and you will supposedly have lots of company.  The gate to heaven is narrow and “only a few” will find it. (Matt 7:13-14). When asked if there are any 2nd chances, you will encounter an emphatic NO and will be directed to Luke (16:19-31).  This is the story of Lazarus and the Rich man.  In short, The Rich man is Mr. Burns from the Simpsons and Lazarus is a street person who begs for Pizza crust at the gate of the Rich Man’s mansion.  (OK, I’m paraphrasing) but this is a good analogy of the parable.

Jesus is telling the story of the two earthlings.  Of course, after both of their deaths the rich man ends up in the lake of fire (Hell) and he sees Lazarus getting a back rub in better place.  Jesus tells us that the rich man pleads for a second chance, not for himself but for his brothers to convince them that Hell exists and to listen to the disciples and learn the way to salvation or the narrow gate.  (We won’t argue about how Lazarus learned to enter the narrow gate). The point being, Christian teachers teach that there are no second chances.

When Ace Andres dies, I will be judged to see if my name is on the manifest.  And I understand this.  But I also understand that the Ace Andres with beautiful long Raven hair, fast guitar hands and a bad neck is not the spiritual essence of what makes Ace Andres.  I have done what the New Testament says needs to be done to be saved.  I was baptized,(full submersion in water) confessed my sins, asked for forgiveness of my past sins and future sins, repented (which is an ongoing thing) and have championed Jesus as the only way to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now let me define salvation.  It means you’ve been “salvaged” from going to the scrap heap.  You were made worthy of a complete restoration.  How do we get this “restoration”?  Does God wave his hand and you are perfect?  I think not.  God casted out a very beautiful Angel and 1/3rd of the Angels in Heaven to Earth for rebelling against God.  So I believe it is safe to say that Heaven is not a lawless place or dimension.

There are only two humans who have been resurrected.  Jesus the Christ and while performing his miracles on this planet, ironically, Jesus resurrected a human named Lazarus.  Lazarus, a friend of Jesus was dead for 4 days.  He was “Graveyard Dead”.  Jesus knew of the sickness of his friend and took his time getting to him.  (Talk about allowing bad things to happen to make a point) Jesus got there and was scorned for taking his time.  The point was, Jesus took his time so he could work His miracle and raised Lazarus, (who had been dead for 4 days) from the dead.  (John 11: 1-45)


That’s resurrection.  This is what Abraham was telling the rich man was not possible.




This is not only directed towards my Christian readers, but it’s also important for my agnostic and new age readers and friends.  Keep in mind, when Jesus raised Lazarus after 4 days of death, he resurrected the human known as Lazarus, the friend of Jesus the Christ.


Here’s the short version.

  1. You die and your body turns to dust. (Cryogenics notwithstanding)
  2. Your spirit/soul is judged.
  3. If you are saved, you go someplace good, if not “Cya, wouldn’t wanna Bya”.
  4. *Speculation- For some anomalous reason God sends your SOUL/SPIRIT back to Earth or Alpha Centauri or someplace for more work or learning.
  5. Your spirit “Possesses” an infant human body that is void of a soul/spirit.
  6. I think some babies are born with virgin infant souls and others are born as meat jackets awaiting the reincarnation of a previous SPIRIT.
  7. Bottom line is it’s your SPIRIT being sent back again NOT the same YOU. You may have memories of a past life and you may actually have habits and mannerisms of a past life, but now you’re someone else. So NO you are not resurrected like Jesus and Lazarus but your spirit is allowed to possess another human body for whatever reason. Personally, I think God can see the good in a soul that we often cannot see in ourselves so we’re sent back to get it right.

“Back in the Day” (sorry) but 2014 years ago, the concept or belief in reincarnation was a common belief.  How can I say this?  In the gospel of Mark chapter 8 verse 27, Jesus asks his disciples: “Who do the people say I am”?  Why does Christ ask his followers this odd question?  He didn’t say: “What do the people say I am” rather “Who”.  Everyone knew He was Jesus.  They knew who he was.  He was more popular than the Beatles and the people only had one name to memorize. (Not four)

Now listen to what his disciples told him: “John the Baptist; and others say Elijah; but others, one of the prophets.” Why would His disciples say that the people thought he was someone who had previously died in the Old Testament?




In the Old Testament, God tells Malachi that Elijah the Prophet will return before the coming of the Christ the Savior.  This was a concern to Christ’s disciples:


“See, I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the LORD you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come,” says the LORD Almighty. (Malachi 3:1)

“See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.” (Malachi 4:5)

When the disciples of Jesus heard and believed that Jesus was the Christ, they asked about Malachi’s prophecy about sending Elijah back.

In (Mark 9:13) Jesus explains:

“But I tell you, Elijah has come, and they have done to him everything they wished, just as it is written about him.”

Again in (Matt 11:13-14) Jesus says:

“For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come.”

 Finally Jesus spells it out in (Matt 17:12-13)

“But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him…” Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Baptist.

So God didn’t literally send Elijah back (Body and Soul) but sent Elijah back reincarnated as John the Baptist.  Just as the journalist James Foley, John the Baptist was beheaded as well.  Call it perhaps the price of doing the will of God.  I call it obedience.



In Matthew 5:48 Jesus says: “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is”.  If we haven’t worked out our anger issues, if we still have desires of the flesh, if we stumble with the truth, maybe the only way we can get it right is by being thrown back into the population for another learning experience.





There exists a place void of “space-time” as Einstein would call it.

James Foley, Jim Foley, Medill alum, Libya, prisoner


I’ve been gathering my thoughts after the decapitation of the young and brave journalist James Foley at the evil hands of some psychotic extremist who is probably just mad at his father and hasn’t grown up yet.  From what Mr. Foley’s brother said, he thought James volunteered to go first as a human sacrifice.


But where is James NOW?  We know his body is probably still being abused in Syria but James is alive in the cosmos somewhere.  The question is where.  I know that the energy that is used to power the human body can easily power a city for a week.  If you don’t believe me, go into a “clean” room where they work on microchips.  Besides wearing “non-static” clean suits, they wear shoe covers and in some cases, bracelets that ground the technicians so they’re body’s static electricity doesn’t fry a whole board.  Yes, the human soul is the main stay of human life.  The body is simply a meat Jacket.


I’ve looked upon the body as a random rental car that you’re stuck with during your incarnate existence.  I have a feeling that your rental body and mission could be determined by your previous rental excursions.  (That’s just my belief) You don’t get to pick the color, the body style, and in some cases, (like rental cars) you get a car that is going to have problems.  But unlike the nice people at Hertz, (sarcasm alert) you can’t return it.  But once the car runs out of gas or becomes un-drivable or uninhabitable; it’s time to visit the rental counter.


I’ve rented easily over a hundred cars and I’ve driven them in some strange places like Peoria IL, Ft. Myers FLA, Manchester CN and even Misquamicut Beach R.I. (I had to work my Brain too damn hard to remember that place).   But I had a mission when driving my rental car at each of those places.  Some places were enjoyable, like playing in San Antonio.  It will always have a “special place” in my heart.  It was a huge stage and the audience was packed with blondes by Clorox.  I also played in a little place called Rheinlander WI.  Not much to talk about but the people loved it.  My analogy is, I tried to get better with each visit and I had little control over where I played.  Most of the time I tried to get a white Mustang convertible. But sometimes I had to drive a Black Crown Victoria and sometimes I had to drive a Blue Toyota.


Regardless of the make, model or location these cars all have one thing in common now (with the exception of the last couple of Camaros I’ve rented) is that all the rentals of the past are in scrap heaps somewhere.  They’re flat pancakes waiting to be turned into toasters.  Using application; I would think that my current rental will be land fill along the California coast (somewhere).  Like all of the other rental cars I’ve driven, they were only needed to get me to and from my mission.


Sometimes when I can’t sleep or am not tired I visit  and read about people who have died and been resuscitated.  In the most recent batch of testimonies, they all had one theme in common.  It was so ubiquitous that it inspired this article.  A majority of them claimed that they were told: “You can’t stay, you still have things to do”.  I wondered what that was all about.  Were they being returned for their edification or were they needed back in the incarnate realm to help someone else?  God works in mysterious ways”!


If you use the analogy of the rental car, you realize that if you can’t return the rental car, you need to take good care of it if you want it to get you back to the rental counter.  When I look back at the many Mustangs I rented from Hertz, I cannot remember one from the other.  I do remember where I drove them and what my purpose was, but arriving in a White Mustang was never my purpose to be where I was going.  Looking back on the performances I gave, I think it even goes deeper than the performances.  I think, (Keyword) that when I get this rental back to the counter, I’ll be asked a series of questions such as how did this trip change you?  I don’t know what I am here to learn but I feel that my existence here is no accident.  Is my “Life Experience” the only way of improving my spiritual being”?  I don’t think my parents had me, I think I chose them; and yes Rick Derringer, I think you did ask to be born!


James Foley’s early death was not in vain.  He exposed evil to the world.  I don’t know if they told him this at the rental counter when they gave him the keys to his rental and told him which model he was taking.  If we are pre-destined in this life then James Foley is what is referred to as a “Brave Soul”.  On this play ground called earth, James showed all the other kids on the playground the bully on the monkey bars.

Well done

If we think of the real James Foley as being the electrical source (soul/spirit) that operates the rental meat Jacket, then James is back home receiving his: “Well done, faithful servant”.

TERMITES           Gateway-to-Hell Flames of Hell


To ISIS, be warned that the wrath of God (and others) are coming for you.  Instead of receiving a: “Well done”, you will be told: “Keep moving” and sent to the scrap yard along with your rental.  Perhaps you will make a better toaster. Perhaps you will be reincarnated as the termite pest that you are. I do not know.  I’ve only read that: “Vengeance is Mine”. (Thus sayeth the Lord).


From my readings of the Bible, when we come home, we get to pick our rentals only we get the pink slips so they’re not rentals and they’re not rental meat jackets.  They’re spiritual bodies that do not run out of gas or break down.

The key (no pun intended) is that you need to know how to drive it!

Bolling’s Speech to ISIS


After a typical round table debate about Ferguson on the 23 of August, 2014; Eric Bolling who usually has stock picks from his two guests Wayne Rogers and Jonathan Hoenig shared his anger over not only the propaganda video released by the terrorist group ISIS, but the Presidents, response.


The president, who was golfing and laughing it up in Martha’s vineyard gave another predictable, “This is unacceptable” speech and within 6 minutes was back on the Golf course.  Bolling said he yelled at the TV set: “That’s it”?  He was outraged, not so much that Obama went back to golfing, but that the president gave another generic speech that was under 5 minutes with no passion or even a hint of what he was going to do about it.  This is typical as even Obama’s Pravda outlet “The New York Times” even said, Obama is disconnected and doesn’t seem to care anymore.

Before signing off, host Eric Bolling gave what would have been his response to ISIS.  Had Obama given Eric Bolling’s speech; The President’s rating would have spiked 50 points.


Bolling said: “If I were the president, I would have picked up the microphone, looked straight into the camera and said ISIS, YOU JUST BROUGHT A KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT! Then dropped the mic on the podium and walked out and gone back to golfing”. 


But alas, our president doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude, nor does he seem to be bothered by the public beheading of James Foley, to make such a statement.  To America, it was more of the same: “I’m outraged, feel sorry for, and blah, blah, blah.  It makes you wonder who Obama truly sympathizes with.


Green Ace_edited-2

Before there was Justin and Gaga, before there was Queen, before there were the Stray Cats and Brian Setzer, there were the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and a band called the Dave Clark Five .  Dave Clark, the Drummer, didn’t even know how to play drums he just wanted to get in on this new thing that started in the 50’s.  I’m pretty sure Rock and Roll was officially born in 1956.


1952 was a Very Good Year


706 Union Ave. Memphis TN

In 1952, a recording engineer from Memphis Tennessee named Sam Phillips opened a small hole in the wall called “Sun Records”.  Sam had mobile recording equipment so he could record events away from the studio.  One place Sam visited was the Tennessee State Penitentiary to record a black do-wop group called the “Prisonaires”.  Their song “Walking in the Rain” became a hit for Sun Records.  Sam was one of the first Caucasians to record what was called at the time: “Race Music”.  Three of Sam’s first big contracts were B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf and Rufus Thomas.

4__-Sun  sam_phillips_372x280

It’s an unknown fact that the first Rock and Roll recording was recorded at Sun Studios by a band called Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats.  An interesting note that might have created the rock sound by a literal accident was the Bass speaker on the record.  While driving to the studio, the Bass speaker bounced and tore in the car.  When it was plugged in, it had a distorted sound.  Sam recorded the song “Rocket 88” (Which is generally agreed as the first Rock and roll song ever recorded) has that torn Bass speaker doing the bass line.  Another point of interest is the keyboardist, he would later have hits in the 60s with a young lady named Tina Turner.  Yes that’s Ike Turner on Keys.



This started an “Underground” movement in America.  Teens would listen to Sam’s late night broadcasts of “Race Music” because, well, Black artists would sing about Sex, drugs, prison and stuff that was completely unacceptable in 1950 America.  Songs like Billy Ward & The Dominoes recording of “Sixty minute man” was about foreplay, Sex and Orgasm.


However; in 1947 a 15 year old piano player out of Macon Georgia got a job playing with a band traveling what was common referred to as the “Chitlan” Circuit. (I had to add that word to my dictionary) But eventually, the charismatic Richard Wayne Penniman would form his own band and eventually break through the color barrier.  It’s rumored that RCA had to hire a song writer to “edit” Little Richard’s” lyrics so they could be played on A.M. radio.  To quote Little Richard: “Good Lordy, Tutti Fruttie was a filthy song”.  As much as I think Little Richard was the TRUE KING OF ROCK, he was a victim of racial discrimination. Many white households would never allow black race music on the turn table.




“Naw, you just another white boy rippin’ off our music”.

(Willie Brown to Eugene Martone in the Movie Crossroads, 1986)  Willie Brown was referring to the “King” of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.  Again, another mistake that evolved into a gajillion dollar industry.  In 1953, a young Elvis Presley came from Tupelo to Memphis to record a record for his mother’s birthday.  Sam Phillip’s secretary was so impressed by the voice of the young Presley that she kept his name on a 3 X 5 index card.  A year later, as Phillips was in search of new “White” talent to sing “Race” music, he brought Elvis Presley in to do Race “Standards” like Hound dog, and other underground hits that were performed by black artists.  Elvis along with Scotty Moore on guitar and Bill Black on Bass would record “Heartbreak Hotel” which when released in 1956 started Elvis “Mania”.


Black Musicians felt scorned as Sam Phillips whose business was saved by the likes of black prison artists, had made the transition that made race music, rock music.  This could explain why we saw a northern migration of very talented black artist relocate to Michigan.  Detroit, the motor city, had a studio called “Music City USA” which was owned by a black entrepreneur named Barry Gordy.  His label “Motown” would change the music black musicians were producing and for the most part, became a reliable bet for investors of the music industry.  While Rock was recovering from the loss of Buddy Holly and being forced to endure awful Elvis movies, talents like Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and yes little Michael Jackson of the Jackson five would find stardom now that black music was being welcomed in white America.

 holly Hollycrickets

Around the same time in Lubbock Texas, another white musician that was a fan of Elvis, was playing country music at the local roller Rink and performing on Saturday nights on radio.  He had a show called “The Holley Hay ride”.  Buddy Holley, later to be known as Buddy Holly (No e) was a combination of Elvis, and Sam Phillips.  But Buddy took the concept of rock music one step further.  Buddy produced and wrote his own music.  Elvis was just the Artist.  Someone else wrote the music and someone else produced the song and orchestrated the musicians.  Buddy was the first to do this all by himself.



In February of 1959, a plane crash in Iowa took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.  Ironically, the late Waylon Jennings, who was supposed to be on that plane instead of Ritchie Valens, said: “Rock & Roll, Country & Western and Rhythm and Blues are only one beat apart”.  In 1960 Elvis would be drafted into the Army. Elvis in an interview after he had finished his movie contract said that: “Rock music was a combination of Gospel and Rhythm and Blues”.  The two WHITE influences on Rock and Roll were gone.  When Elvis finished his tour of duty, his manager Tom Parker had signed Elvis to a Movie Contract that would taint the music industry.  Hollywood saw Rock and Roll as a venue for rebellious teenagers that wanted to worship attractive singers or artists that gave them an Identity that differed from their parents.  After all, isn’t that what being young is all about?  So after the original rockers stopped making rock, Hollywood flooded the radio with the likes of “Pat Boone”, “Fabian”, “Frankie Avalon” and the somewhat talented Ricky Nelson.  The early 60s left a vacuum which was filled with the mourning of a popular President assassinated in Dallas, scenes on the nightly news of Race Riots in Alabama, and a new war we were getting deeper into in a strange place called Vietnam.

Avalon Nelson

 Holly who died in 1959, had sky rocketed to fame with 12 hit songs.  Songs from “That’ll be the day, to “Not Fade Away” as well as “True Love ways”, the list goes on. But one thing Buddy did that Elvis didn’t was tour England.  Why didn’t Elvis tour England?  His manager Colonel Tom Parker was afraid of flying.  England had been playing a type of music called “Skiffle”.  It was a type of bluegrass music.  When they heard this new sound coming from America, Brits would try their hardest to make connections with music importers.  So naturally, Buddy Holly, who toured the U.K. before he died, had made more of an impression on English artists.  One of them being John Lennon.


The first demo recording done by John and Paul (The Quarrymen)was “That’ll be the day”. The Beatles named their band in honor of “The Crickets”.  (Buddy Holly’s band)


The Beatles for a short while, continued the music of their mentors, Holly and Little Richard.  The signature early Beatle scream “Wooooo” was adopted from Little Richard.  Then the Beatles found their own sound in the Fields of Strawberries and Psychedelic music dominated Rock music, then in attempt to make Rock legitimate, Progressive bands like Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer would use Rock instruments to approach classical music. Rock after the 1970s became known as “Root Rock”.  Bands like Foghat and the Georgia Satellites kept the spirit of Memphis alive for a while.  And that brings us back to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

Gutfeld Comments on Red Skin


Kudos to Fox’s Greg Gutfeld from the Five for bringing to America’s attention the struggles of the Native American or “American Indian”.  While the other four were arguing about the name of Washington Red Skins of the National Football League, Greg mentioned that 3 Native American youths a day commit suicide.  I was not aware of this terrible statistic.

With statistics like that haunting the ethnic group that holds the pink slip on this country, you would think that this issue would be more of a concern than the logo on a Football team’s helmet.  I am part Native American and have no issues at all with the name.  In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that I’m man enough to accept the logo because life has more important issues like 3 young indigenous youths committing suicide a day.  As a Native American, I understand and respect that which the “White Man” or western European has brought to this country.


As a native American, I thank God that it was not Communist China or Russia that created a nation out of the many Indian Nations.  Sure, I’m not in denial of the trail of tears, but the Western Europeans brought inventions that would make life healthier for the Native American Race.  Unfortunately the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  After the death and destruction that was imposed upon the indigenous people of North America, civil rights groups felt they had a gold mind on their hands in reparations.  So now, if you’re predominantly Native American, you can ride the government Tax payer from birth to the final resting place.


This is Ironic for a proud, brave and life loving Race that were responsible for their own demise out of their own kindness to these strange white human creatures.  If you truly want to see the common effects of pure socialism, visit an “Indian Colony” aka “Reservation”.  When you do not have to work for your possessions, you tend not to appreciate them.  Native Americans had to overcome the odds of survival without AR-15s.  They had to kill their meals or die of starvation.  Now they’re killing themselves because of no self-esteem.  The great American experiment of self reliability and self accountability which was influenced by the Native American led to self governance.  We need to continue to learn from the Native American and take note of the bi-product of cradle to grave socialism.


So as the politically correct fight about the cosmetic problems involving the Native American and football logos or baseball logos, the death spiral/genocide that comes with complete socialism will render the American Indian extinct and we will be telling our children exactly how the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves got their names.   By then, the only Native Americans left will be the fakes like Elizabeth Warren who lied about being “Part” Native American to get into a certain University.  We have a Black History Month, why not get rid of that and take a month with 31 days in it and call it True Americans month?  Oh I forgot, the Indian is the little bastard child who gets sent to his room when company comes over.


Red Skin is Beautiful.  Socialism is Death.





A lot of these have been seen across America.  Mainly between Roswell, Edwards AFB and Mt. Shasta.  These are exactly like the photos taken in 1980 in Belgium.  It’s called the TR-3B.  Is this the new Wave of Aviation warfare for the future?  Watch the video and decide.