Gutfeld Comments on Red Skin


Kudos to Fox’s Greg Gutfeld from the Five for bringing to America’s attention the struggles of the Native American or “American Indian”.  While the other four were arguing about the name of Washington Red Skins of the National Football League, Greg mentioned that 3 Native American youths a day commit suicide.  I was not aware of this terrible statistic.

With statistics like that haunting the ethnic group that holds the pink slip on this country, you would think that this issue would be more of a concern than the logo on a Football team’s helmet.  I am part Native American and have no issues at all with the name.  In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that I’m man enough to accept the logo because life has more important issues like 3 young indigenous youths committing suicide a day.  As a Native American, I understand and respect that which the “White Man” or western European has brought to this country.


As a native American, I thank God that it was not Communist China or Russia that created a nation out of the many Indian Nations.  Sure, I’m not in denial of the trail of tears, but the Western Europeans brought inventions that would make life healthier for the Native American Race.  Unfortunately the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  After the death and destruction that was imposed upon the indigenous people of North America, civil rights groups felt they had a gold mind on their hands in reparations.  So now, if you’re predominantly Native American, you can ride the government Tax payer from birth to the final resting place.


This is Ironic for a proud, brave and life loving Race that were responsible for their own demise out of their own kindness to these strange white human creatures.  If you truly want to see the common effects of pure socialism, visit an “Indian Colony” aka “Reservation”.  When you do not have to work for your possessions, you tend not to appreciate them.  Native Americans had to overcome the odds of survival without AR-15s.  They had to kill their meals or die of starvation.  Now they’re killing themselves because of no self-esteem.  The great American experiment of self reliability and self accountability which was influenced by the Native American led to self governance.  We need to continue to learn from the Native American and take note of the bi-product of cradle to grave socialism.


So as the politically correct fight about the cosmetic problems involving the Native American and football logos or baseball logos, the death spiral/genocide that comes with complete socialism will render the American Indian extinct and we will be telling our children exactly how the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves got their names.   By then, the only Native Americans left will be the fakes like Elizabeth Warren who lied about being “Part” Native American to get into a certain University.  We have a Black History Month, why not get rid of that and take a month with 31 days in it and call it True Americans month?  Oh I forgot, the Indian is the little bastard child who gets sent to his room when company comes over.


Red Skin is Beautiful.  Socialism is Death.

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