Repetitive Times Revisited


The following is strictly my anecdotal observations on the repetitive time phenomena.  If you want to read how rare it is that you will glance up and see a time of 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 etc… and specifically 11:11, go back to my original article on repetitive times.

On May 1st, I saw 2:22 and took a screen shot.  I told myself that every time I saw a repetitive number that I would take a screen shot.  Today is the 1st of June and I knew by the 3rd of May that something was going on.  I was correct.  By May 3rd I had 4 repetitive number screen shots.  (Remember these do not include the kitchen digital stoves or other LED clocks around the house).

Once again; I knew by the 3rd of May that something was going on.

Major fires started in May.  It was a month I would describe as full of misunderstandings and poor choices of words misunderstood verbal forest fires were blazing.  I will go so far as to say that, like many articles on the net, repetitive numbers are your angels Or as some call them, “Spirit guides”, are trying to get your attention.  Unfortunately, I went back over my phone to see if any major impact calls corresponded with any of these repetitive times.  They did correlate to several phone calls but not enough to create an “aha” moment.

My non-scientific observations lead me to this conclusion.  If you start seeing multiple repetitive digital times on your IPhone or LED clock; know that something of importance is going down and you need to (as they say in the godfather) “Go to the Mattresses.




The introduction.

OK, if you don’t have a really open mind.  You’re not going to find this post very amusing so go watch the Food Network NOW.  GO GET OUT. I think you’re missing Bobby Flay.

Anyway, reason #1

I was brainwashed  and something

happened to me at the age of 4. 

Let me tell you a story of what happened to me and you have my word, it’s all true.

At the age of 4 I had an out of body experience.  To be honest it was an “entering body experience”.  A physical awareness of my body from the spiritual point of view.  But seriously how profound could an experience by a 4 year old be?  That’s a fair question.

I remember it as if it were yesterday.  My mom, probably as a chance to nurse a bad hangover, would send us kids to church every Sunday. I learned later (When I was 6) that the girl liked to party all the time (As in the Eddie Murphy song).  This explains my mom’s death when I was 11.  Hey my baseball glove is almost twice that age.

But I remember those 1950’s folding chairs.  We sat in the back on the left side (facing the pulpit) This young kid (me) remembers looking down at my little four year old hands and fingers and becoming aware that I could make them open and close at will. I felt separated from my extremities.  After years of trying to figure this out; I believe it was my spirit connecting with my frontal cortex.

I believe in the silver cord theory that we are connected to God/Source energy by a silver spiritual umbilical cord that is invisible to the human range of the light spectrum.  For that matter, there could be an entire universe or multiple universes that are invisible to our eye’s light spectrum.

I told you at the beginning that you needed an open mind.

Does this explain ghosts?  I don’t know.  I think ghosts are real, but they’re probably spirits in a glitch.   Am I saying God is imperfect?  Not at all. God has given us free will.  We can be as stupid as we want.  God allowed Cain to kill his brother Able out of jealousy.  Does that make God an evil God, or does it make death less important?

It’s my belief that God showed me the spiritual aspect of my life, (It just happened to be in a church I can vividly remember when I was 4) Plus that experience was followed up by 13 years of threats of Hell, Fire and brimstone/damnation.

That’s all for today.  Let me know if you’ve had an out of body experience or if you have reason to believe God exists.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  God willing.







James Jr. WW2 Hero on left KIA ~ James Leininger III on right


“I knew you were going to be good parents when I saw you both in that

Hotel in Hawaii.” ~ James Leininger (Age 5?)



The above line is what young James Leininger said to his father at the age of 5 or 6. James is the most documented case of “Past Lives” and “Reincarnation”.


On this Mothers’ day, it makes me wonder if we had a choice to pick our parents, or if it was just James that had a choice. This is part of a discipline called “Theosophy”.  The difference between Theology and Theosophy is that the latter explains the “How” behind the what.

In the documentary, the father of James is initially a skeptic/Bible thumping evangelical that “believeth not”. Most Christians that do not believe reincarnation is real do so because of the parable of Lazarus and Abraham’s bosom.  In short, Lazarus is a poor man who lives a righteous yet poor life and then there’s the man of wealth.  Both die and move to the next realm.  Of course the rich man who is a non-believer is in the lake of fire and can see Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom.  (Let me explain).  The term “In Abraham’s bosom is like that first time you walk through the door of your home after 12 weeks of Basic military training, and Dad is there to welcome you home by greeting you with a big hug.  Ya know those hugs where you wait to see who lets go first? To make Hell worse, the rich man finally sees Abraham and believes and asks to go back just to warn his family members.  Abraham replied, naw, if they wouldn’t believe while you were alive, they still won’t believe.  Hard core Christian believers believe that means, one life per customer.  And from a physical mortal position, that’s true.  But can the rich man come back in a poor man’s body with no recollection of his past life?

Let me give you a couple of verses to consider. In Matthew 16:13, why did Jesus ask his disciples: “Who do they say I am”? Peter’s response in Matthew 16:14 is simple, he said: ““Some say John the Baptist; and others, Elijah; but still others, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.” OK, John the Baptist is just wrong.  He baptized Jesus.  Are we to believe that JTB and Jesus shared the same spirit? I’m not buying it.  But many of the Jews thought Jesus was an old testament Prophet.  My point is, in the first century, reincarnation was an accepted belief.

The next verse is even more convincing as it comes from the mouth of Christ. Flip the page to Matthew 17:10.  I’m going to paraphrase.  After Jesus had confessed He was the Christ; his disciples asked: “Then why do the scribes say Elijah must come first ?” here is the New American Standard Version which is the KJV minus the “Thees” and “Thous”.

Matthew 17:11

 ” And He answered and said, “Elijah is coming and will restore all things; 12 but I say to you that Elijah already came, and they did not recognize him, but did to him whatever they wished. So also the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands.” 13 Then the disciples understood that He had spoken to them about John the Baptist.

Christ’s disciples believed that Jesus was saying, the old Prophet Elijah had returned in the body of “John the Baptist”. How else can you interpret that last line?  In keeping with the parable of Lazarus and Abraham, it wasn’t Elijah that came back to life.  It was John the Baptist with Elijah’s spirit.  Just as James III thought he was James Jr.  He wasn’t.  He is James III with James Jr’s soul.  No memory of much after the age of 4 or so.  Do you ever wonder why little children often have “Imaginary friends”?  Pediatricians say that most people cannot recall their childhood prior to the age of 4.  Is this because the younger we are, the closer we are to our last incarnation?

So this makes me wonder. Do we have a say in being reincarnated?  Do we get a pre-incarnate look at what our life is going to be like?  Perhaps we get a look at the circumstances we’re born into.  Perhaps not.  Why would an intelligent spirit choose to be an Ethiopian slave?  The comedian “Father Guido Sarducci” once said that many nuns were gangsters in former lives.  That’s why they enjoy inflicting pain on the kids.  On the other hand, if you’re looking at 70 years in south Chicago or eternity in Hell, one looks much better than the other.  If it means saving lives while risking your own; or Hell, the answer is pretty easy.

I’ve always felt we were born into our situation, (rich or poor) to get the spiritual knowledge that being in that position could give you. I’m not talking about mental knowledge or conscious knowledge, but the feelings that build the character you get from getting kicked around in life. You get to understand what it’s like being poor.  Maybe if you arrive in the after life with a grudge because you tried your hardest but were still poor, you come back as a Rothschild only to see the drawbacks of wealth. (Loss of privacy, feelings of guilt, always having to wear and say the right things).  I learned many years ago that if you can’t be happy when you’re without money; you’ll never be happy with money.  I said that during a knee arthroscopy and the Orthopedic surgeon I was working with who was bringing in 3M a year (was) replied: “You said it”. 


I’ve always felt that I was a German Lüftwaffe Pilot in my previous life. (And a good one).  I think I killed many.  I also get memories of crashing my Messerschmitt into the side of a mountain.  Is it any wonder that this musician had to spend the majority of his life in Surgery?  Did I need to learn what it was like to put people back together in surgery?  I was trusted to drill tunnels in your knee, or carve out a new tendon for your ACL, then sew you up at the end of the case.

When the government did away with paying general surgeons to assist, former Navy corpsmen like me were in demand.  I saw my salary triple overnight.  But who knows, maybe I’m that same “Ace” that killed so many British, Russian and American pilots before getting shot down, but with a better understanding and respect for human life?

God can do whatever He wants for whatever reason. Maybe not everyone gets reincarnated.  Maybe the previous Ace needed some spiritual fine tuning and was worth saving with a little polishing.

In closing; let me leave you with one last bible verse. It’s the most profound verse in the book of Job.  It comes from an innocent young sympathizer of Job’s named Elihu.

JOB 37:5

“God thunders with His voice wondrously,

Doing great things which we cannot comprehend.”


I get it. I don’t know crap about the intricacies or the extent of the God of our Universe.  The God of Infinity.  And even if it were taught to me; I wouldn’t be able to understand it.


Jesus said: “Love God and love your neighbor as you would love yourself””. Everything else is just STUFF. (Vanities, useless, fodder etc…) Also, honor your parents.  Even if you were born to an alcoholic drug addict mother.  God wants you to “Love” without a reason.  That’s your sign of being born again.



At the turn of the century, the most popular websites on the internet were pornographic websites followed by UFO websites. One of the highest rated TV shows was Bill Byrnes’ UFO Hunters. (One of the first of many “Hunter” reality shows)

At the same time UFO Hunters was undergoing scrutiny from the black ops division of the Bush Administration, Paranormal state was a fledgling show that introduced America to the world of ghost hunting. As UFOs disappeared on the small screen; shows about Hauntings flourished.  The show had a plot of 2 roto-rooter employees that investigated hauntings in their spare time. Soon viewers became familiar with terms like “Intelligent Hauntings” vs. “Residual Hauntings”. The show jumped the Shark when the co-host Grant Wilson left the show.

In the ratings, Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters were having their lunch digested by three Ghost Hunters from Las Vegas. Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin started out as a low budget investigation group that got a huge bump when they took a Camera crew from Reno NV on a documentary with them to Goldfield and Virginia City.

The threesome created a show called “Ghost Adventures”. In the beginning it was quaint and much of the entertainment came from the characters of the three hosts as they were not afraid of ghosts, yet the executive producer is frightened of clowns and snakes.

Nobody has done a convincing job of “debunking” the video that was shot by the Reno News crew as they recorded video of rocks being thrown at the hunters as well as what appears to be a “Full Bodied Apparition” aka “A GHOST”. The documentary can be seen on line. The show blossomed as they began to introduce new gadgets to contact with those in the afterlife. In one touching episode, the inventor of the “MELmeter” connects with his recently deceased teenage daughter “MELlissa” who communicates from the “other side”. Melissa died in a car accident and the crew attends an afterlife birthday party.

Now everybody seems to own a digital Olympus voice recorder. I’m sure sales of FLIR cameras have gone up as well (Forward looking Infra-Red).

As ratings grew with the interest in ghosts; this opened the door for Psychics and stories about hauntings.

I asked myself while watching an episode of Paranormal witness: “Why do we find scary shows so interesting”? The answer is as old as Bela Lugosi’s Movies. Besides the fact that physical death is something we all have in common and perhaps want to know more about what happens after the last heartbeat; I think the emotion of fear leads us to expect a childhood relief we felt when our mom came to our rescue to remind us that it is just a movie. I think people drink alcohol because when we cried, we found comfort in the bottle. But fear brings back the emotion that someone was there to protect you.

That’s it.
It’s an infantile back flash. It’s the same reason women who grow up getting beat by their father will eventually marry a man who will physically abuse her. Sad but true. A lot of your actions can be traced back to your childhood.



If you want to learn what your earthly experience is about, I strongly suggest reading the Old Testament Book Ecclesiastes which was written by King Solomon the son of King David. (As in David and Goliath or David and Bathsheba or David, a man after God’s heart) I believe King David to be the example of what a human can hope to become. Another human would be Jesus the Christ or Messiah. Unlike Christ, King David was not of the divine Trinity. He was a man that was not exempt from sin; but he knew God and accepted the consequences of his sins. David longed to be a Godly man, but his human circumstances lets us know that even the most righteous amongst humans is not immune to the temptations of Satan. As a human, the young David showed faith by saying: “Hey, I’m not going to sit and let that Philistine with a pituitary glandular problem talk trash about my God”. David was a kid and he stood up to the Philistine Warrior who “weighed in” at an estimated at 9’6″. (nine feet and six inches tall) The kid took on the challenge while King Saul cowardly “lead from behind”.

King Solomon on the other hand is the son of the Giant slayer. He inherits David’s kingdom and also is credited with building the Temple. In his book, Solomon talks about everything he did to get a buzz. From Concubines (The King’s girl toys) to conquering other armies. And what does Solomon have to say about his accomplishments? In short: “The one who dies with the most toys is………dead”. He goes on to say that someone (like him) will come along that did not build the temple and will not appreciate it either. In the New American Standard version of the Bible (The same as the King James minus the “Thees” and “Thous” uses the term “Vanities”. Solomon says “All is Vanity” in the watered down “Good News” version, it uses the phrase “Chasing the wind”. As in: “All is useless, like chasing the wind”. The book Ecclesiates is about your purpose on earth. He surmizes that in the end, your relationship with God is all that matters. Is this like having a mother that takes pre-natal vitamins when she is pregnant with you? Is this like learning at a young age to take notes in class rather than pass notes? Is this like trying to understand and learn from your homework than just “getting it done”?


At a point in your life where you finally make the mountain curve, you realize that looks, health and eventually wealth are “fleeting”. Even the attractive sins lose their magnetism. If not you continue to go off the side of the mountain and in doing so, take others with you. I honestly believe that this is a result of tuning out your higher vibration. (AKA wisdom)


There are two types of people. Those who only believe what they can see and touch and those who realize that a creator that can make a system that works so perfectly would not let the story end with His creation that shows love for Him turning to dust. Again, I could write a blog on why people refuse to believe in an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God.

So What Are the 3 Destinations after 7 or 8 decades of biological living?


Hell no we won’t go:

I call these spirits the confused, frightened or just lost. Not lost as in God has forgotten about them. The higher power will see everyone at judgment. If you’re smart you will not look up. Keep looking at your toes and be as humble as you possibly can. If you want to connect with the “Hell no we won’t go” crowd; go visit the Old Washoe Club in Virginia city NV. (Or any popular haunted location). I’ve seen too many legit non-believers who confess that there are intelligent entities that exist without human bodies. Spirits or “Ghosts” do try to hang on to the earthly realm. There excuses may be that they fear judgment and do not want to face the Judge. Some don’t know that they’re dead in the earthly realm. Most do not want to accept that they are dead and hesitate to walk into the light.


  1. Hell

I’ve read and heard wild testimonies of former non-believers that were fortunate enough to experience a near death experience. One said he was being spread over a burning abyss with ropes attached to all 4 extremities. Another saw what he said looked like a monitor. (A large alligator sized lizard) with red eyes. If you want more vivid descriptions, I strongly suggest you go to . I could stay up all night reading about people who had out of Body Experiences and lived to talk about it.


  1. Heaven:

The typical story of the believer who died for a brief time and lived to tell about it said they didn’t want to come back. Their stories go like this:

Any pain to be suffered comes first. Instinctively you fight to live.  That is automatic.


It is inconceivable to the conscious mind that any other reality could possibly exist beside the earth-world of matter bounded by time and space. We are used to it. We have been trained since birth to live and thrive in it. We know ourselves to be ourselves by the external stimuli we receive. Life tells us who we are and we accept its telling. That, too, is automatic, and to be expected.

Your body goes limp.

Your heart stops.

No more air flows in or out.

You lose sight, feeling, and movement, although the ability to hear goes last. Identity ceases. The “you” that you once were becomes only a memory.


There is no pain at the moment of death.


Only peaceful silence . . . calm. . . quiet.


But you still exist.


It is easy not to breathe. In fact, it is easier, more comfortable, and infinitely more natural not to breathe than to breathe. The biggest surprise for most people in dying is to realize that dying does not end life. Whether darkness or light comes next, or some kind of event, be it positive, negative, or somewhere in-between, expected or unexpected, the biggest surprise of all is to realize you are still you. You can still think, you can still remember, you can still see, hear, move, reason, wonder, feel, question, and tell jokes ? if you wish. You are still alive, very much alive. Actually, you’re more alive after death than at any time since you were last born. This is different; different because you no longer wear a dense body to filter and amplify the various sensations you had once regarded as the only valid indicators of what constitutes life. You had always been taught one has to wear a body to live.


If you expect to cease to exist when you die you will be disappointed.


The only thing dying does is help you release, slough off, and discard the “jacket” you once wore (more commonly referred to as a body).


When you die you lose your body.


That’s all there is to it.


Nothing else is lost.


You are not your body. It is just something you wear for a while, (Like your mother’s uterus) because living in the earth-plane is infinitely more meaningful and more involved if you are encased in its trappings and subject to its rules.




There is a step-up of energy at the moment of death, an increase in speed as if you are suddenly vibrating faster than before. Using radio as an analogy, this speed-up is comparable to having lived all your life at a certain radio frequency when all of a sudden someone or something comes along and flips the dial. That flip shifts you to another, higher wavelength. The original frequency where you once existed is still there. It did not change. Everything is still just the same as it was. Only you changed, only you speeded up to allow entry into the next radio frequency on the dial.


As is true with all radios and radio stations, there can be bleed-overs or distortions of transmission signals due to interference patterns. These can allow or force frequencies to coexist or commingle for indefinite periods of time. Normally, most shifts up the dial are fast and efficient; but, occasionally, one can run into interference, perhaps from a strong emotion, a sense of duty, or a need to fulfill a vow, or keep a promise. This interference could allow coexistence of frequencies for a few seconds, days, or even years (perhaps explaining hauntings); but, sooner or later, eventually, every given vibrational frequency will seek out or be nudged to where it belongs. You fit your particular spot on the dial by your speed of vibration. You cannot coexist forever where you do not belong.


Who can say how many spots there are on the dial or how many frequencies there are to inhabit. No one knows.


You shift frequencies in dying. You switch over to life on another wave-length. You are still a spot on the dial but you move up or down a notch or two.


You don’t cease to exist when you die. You shift your consciousness and speed of vibration.


That’s what death is, . . a shift.


Some NDErs say they felt free. They say they saw a tunnel that they were drawn to. Once in the tunnel, they saw a bright light. Brighter than Xenon and it expressed the emotion of pure love. Love is a common theme that most who survive near death experiences talk about. (Those who get to enter into the bright light). Those who experience the other place say they experienced fear, regret and darkness. Many say they are greeted by relatives who have passed. One then tells them it’s not their time, or, a deity gives them the choice of staying or going back. It’s at this time they must weigh the consequences of possibly leaving your children parentless or going back to suffer the rebuilding process and even going through the rest of your life looking like the elephant man. Your decision will weigh on your ultimate destination regardless. Did you go back for yourself? Did you go back for your children or spouse? Did you stay because you knew you would face great physical pain upon returning. Did you go back to seek salvation? Remember, every action has an opposite re-action.


You ultimately choose your destination. If I gave you a choice of two gifts; the first being the largest winning lotto ticket in history and the second a guaranteed place in heaven, which would you pick? If you have to think about it, you’re not right with God.


I don’t know about the 7th realm of heaven or what judgment day will be like. I do know that we live and we die a physical death. I choose to believe that after our physical death our spiritual existence is all that is left. I’ve heard we will get new bodies free of sickness or illness. Again, that is hearsay. I’ve chosen to be with my creator. I am doing whatever I can do to get the attention of my creator.

In the New Testament,

Jesus is quoted as saying in Matthew 7:21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’

~ “but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter”.   Conversely; “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness”.

It would seem Jesus must know you, and perhaps for doing the will of His Father.


einstein-rosen-bridge2 julie

~ “the most important thing you learned in school was not WHAT you learned rather HOW to learn”


When you were waiting to be born on the other side as pure spiritual energy, I’m guessing there were spiritual coaches telling you to watch out for Nigerian Princes that would let you in on their gold that was being held in customs by the Nigerian government scam.  They probably told you how wonderful the womb would feel as all you had to do was pick a parent that wasn’t a crack head or pot head.  You probably were told to remember that you had a spiritual version of yourself that was pure energy, and that you would occupy a carbon based biological version of yourself that was designed by the great Higher Power (We’ll use the term God) to be fruitful and multiply.  Because God has respect and love for His creations, your spiritual conscious knowledge was erased prior to your conception.  This was to keep anything from corrupting your learning experience.  God calls this “Free Will”.


So you sat in your mother’s womb getting everything you needed through this umbilical cord.  I truly believe this is why the concept of socialism comes so easy to people.  It’s natural for all humans to get something for nothing.  (That’s presuming that you’re not aborted and harvested for your fetal parts).  You will note that all humans are not created equal.  As you are nurtured, you feel (and fill) the need for productivity or manifest your love for sloth.

They (science) say, that babies that have mothers that take prenatal vitamins and actually read to their “bun in the oven” produce smarter children. So all of these precautions prepare the unborn for life after the womb.  It is a magnificent advantage.

You sit waiting in your mother’s uterus.  The temperature is perfect, you get everything you need to live through a life line called the umbilical cord.  If you want proof of this amazing life line, reach down and feel your belly button.(Umbilicus)  That was where your umbilical cord was attached.  Perhaps (If you could remember such thoughts) you were wondering if you would die without the use of your attachment to your mother. You wondered: “Is there life after the womb and cord”? Perhaps you struggled to hold on to the advice you were given on the other side.  Does this explain why some children are born and require very little guidance while other babies are born and must be civilized and have mores (pronounced Mor-rays) inculcated day after day?

The day of birth comes and goes.  The amniotic fluid that kept you alive for 9 months has now been drained from the pool.  As this happened, your quarters began to shake.  In Hebrew, this shaking is referred to as a “Shemitah” (Pronounced Schmee-tah).  It is the seventh year of the Hebrew calendar.  The last day of the Shemitah year is Elul 29.  For those of you interested in economy; We are in a  Shemitah year and coming up on Elul 29 next month on September 13th.  It’s a Sunday.  But unlike past Shemitahs, this Shemitah is the 7th out of 49 years which leads to what was called the “Jubilee”.  (Look it up) So as the womb started shaking or “contracting”, the paradigm was:

“Everybody out of the pool”. 

So both you, then your umbilical cord slid down the water slide into warm blankets. Your power pack (or placenta) is the last one out.  A clamp was put on your life cord, then your cord was tied off with a white ligature that looks like tennis shoe laces.  Minutes later, your mom would expel your now needless “placenta”.


So life didn’t end after you outgrew your womb without a view.  In fact, quite the contrary.  It had just begun.  Although you didn’t know it at the time, instead of sitting up watching “Gilligan’s Island”, you were sent to a new place where other kids your age went.  It was this place called “School”.  This is most likely where you discovered the concept that all men were not created equal. Some kids had red colored hair.  Some kids had brown skin.  Some kids could see the writings on the chalk board. (Something you might not have noticed until you stood up next to the large green structure).


For the next 13 years, your life consisted of preparation.  You didn’t know it at the time.  How on earth would you ever find use for the Pythagorean theorem?  Why would I care if the square root of 144 was 12?  How come nobody ever told Einstein that i comes before e except after c?


By the sixth grade (or grade 6 for my Canadian friends) you begin to think of school as just a job.  Learning was work.  Little did you know that the same thought process would help you figure out how to program a remote control device.  At this point, it is imperative to have some type of guidance.

There are those who are blessed like James Leininger III who knew at the age of 4 what they wanted to be.  Young James wants to fly FA-18s.  Then again James is one of the most documented modern day “past life experiences” on record.  He is supposedly the re-incarnation of James Huston Jr. who was a young Corsair pilot shot down in the south Pacific during WWII.  But very few of us have that kind of direction. (or recall) At the age of 11, without direction you are a sailboat in the wind without a rudder nor anchor.  For 13 years you go with the flow until the reality comes that you need to become accountable and responsible for yourself.  All of a sudden, you start wishing you could go back to the third grade and take it seriously.  You finally get it.  Even without direction, if you have advanced tools in education (Which is getting harder and harder to acquire with many of your instructors being pot heads) you will find yourself working at “Waste Management” but you (my educated friend) will not be shoveling garbage,


rather signing the paychecks at the front office.  There in lays the difference between achieving in class and sleeping in class.


Don’t think it ends there.  Even if you go to a community college to try to heal your poor highschool grades, and you understand the Pythagorean theorem inside and out as well as the Magna Carta, you realize that your time on this planet or dimension is short.  Once you realize that the most important thing you learned in school was not what you learned rather how to learn, you start to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Just as our time in the womb was brief, so is our time in the body.  Just as there was another dimension after the womb, you must wonder if the process continues?


Even more important, knowing what we know now about the value of learning and preparation, ask yourself how important it is to prepare for the next dimension?  I don’t know about 72 virgins or passing go to collect 200 in Karma and a new re-incarnated Buddhist body until I reach Nirvana; but I have been taught the tale of three dimensions after this one. Heaven, Hell and “Hell no we won’t go” 

(the paranormal)

Please come back for Part II



Ace Andres bistro1

Is it part of the String Theory?


I can’t explain it.  Is it a state of Nirvana? Naw, Nirvana is way too ambiguous.  (Because there are so many different definitions of it that mean so many different things.  But it’s a place that is not of this consciousness.  It’s like getting high but without drugs or any mind altering substance.  I don’t think its beta-endorphins. Usually runners have to run a certain distance before their bodies release Beta-endorphins.  It’s called a runner’s high.


Mind over matter?  Sometimes you can hurt yourself; however if your mind is preoccupied, you won’t feel the pain until your mind focuses on the injury.  Then all of a sudden it starts hurting.  Why is that?


I’m trying to describe a place that my consciousness goes to when I launch into a guitar solo.  Club owners that watch me say that they can almost tell when I’m leaving my body.  I haven’t soloed live (In front of an audience) for a few years.  The other day I was in my studio and had Stevie Ray Vaughan playing on my Computer.  He went into a blues solo and I picked up my studio guitar and launched into my own solo.  At a point I could feel myself losing my awareness of where I was and even what I was doing.  I was “In the Music”.  Does that make sense?  I was assimilating into the song.  Then I could almost feel something inside me leaving my body.


It was like a flame of passion coming out of my chest.  It was like someone flipped a switch.  And I wasn’t playing in front of anyone.


I have no Idea…..  It feels good and I want more.   When you see me close my eyes and throw my head back; I’m going to that place.




Minister Dies and comes to

As most of you know, I’m a huge fan of NDERF or the Near Death Experience Foundation.  Their URL is

This is a submission from a minister who died of a heart attack after shoveling Snow:

I was having a heart attack after shoveling snow. My wife drove me to the hospital. The doctor said I was having ‘a really good heart attack’ not long before I blacked out at the time of my arrest. There was a brief darkness, a sensation of going through a dark void of some sort then I was in another place. I saw dogs playing in a grass-covered field and I was with them. I have always loved dogs. I think they were dogs that I once had as an adult or child. I’m a minister and I don’t really believe ‘all dogs go to heaven’ but there they were!

Then I was in a different place. It was bright or red? Then there was an extremely bright light, like a vertical column of light.  But it was much more than light, like a pillar of pure energy.  It was sparking, sparkling, and much, much brighter and whiter than any sun. I floated over near it. I don’t know if I wanted to or not, but I was about 6 inches from it. It was not hot or cold, just pure white energy. I was face-to-face with whatever this was. I took it to be the pure divine presence of God. 

I felt if I touched it, that would NOT BE GOOD. But I felt total peace and that God was going to take care of everything, take care or me, and take care of my family. There was a low rumbling going throughout everything, like the lowest note on an organ.  It was a very holy sound.  The sound wasn’t intimidating as in ‘scary’ but it was intimidating as in totally awesome and awe inspiring; maybe coming from the pillar? Then I realized, ‘If I am here, I am either dead or dying!’ So I said a prayer, ‘Please send me back! Can I go back?  If there is any way, please send me back!”

The next thing I felt was the paddles shocking me.  ‘Ow!’ Those things hurt! I remember looking up at the doctor and he looked at the paddles like, ‘Wow! They worked!’ I did not know but they had shocked me 15 to 20 times or so in the past 40 minutes. They were getting ready to call my time of death.  The doctor had come out several times and told my wife absolutely nothing was working and there was no response to anything.  When they tried one last time that is when I came to. They transported me to another hospital by helicopter where I arrested two more times on the flight.

They put a big stent in my heart in the left anterior descending artery.  They shocked me yet again to start the heart up and it started. The best hope they held out to my wife was that I would have significant organ damage, almost certainly significant brain damage, and that I would likely live out the rest of my days in a nursing home.

When I work up, I was in the cooling blankets.  As soon as I could move again I started talking and telling jokes. My family and my wife couldn’t believe it. A year later the only damage they have found is a EF of 35% for my heart, but after running 5 kilometer races for several years, it is up to 40%.  I hope one day to get it up to 50% again which is a normal reading. Soon after my experience, I noticed light was too bright, especially sunlight. Sounds were too much also. That has continued to get worse the past several years to the point where this winter with the sun on the snow, I almost could not even look at it without a LOT of discomfort.  





 First let me say that if Science cannot explain something, that does not disprove it.  It exposes the ignorance of Science.

I have been having an issue I’m sure many of you might be experiencing.  Or maybe, we’re just noticing this more but my investigations tell me the odds of “noticing” this is pretty rare.

I’ve been noticing on my digital clocks the times of 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:10, 11:11 and occasionally 12:12.  So, I first wrote this off as my R.A.S. or reticular activating system.  How can I explain the R.A. S.?  When you buy a new car in this year’s color (A Red Camaro), once you buy it your mind is tuned into 2014 Red Camaros.  So you notice more of them on the road.  But the truth is they were always there.  Or if you buy a new shirt and you go to a party and someone else also bought that shirt, you notice it right away.  That’s a part of your brain that is trained to notice “like items”.  It’s the reticular activating system.

To prove this point to myself; I was noticing 11:11 on my clocks a lot.  So I said to myself: “I’m going to notice 10:10 instead.  And indeed, I started noticing 10:10.  Now these numbers do STAND OUT like these two words written in all capitals.  But I still have to raise my head and look at the clock and how many times a day do you look at the time?

The Mathematical possibilities.


There are 1,440 different times if you combine A.M. and P.M.  Let me say that again ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FORTY TIMES a day.

Ask yourself: “how many repetitive times are there in a day”? …………16

So the odds are 16/1440 or (let me grab my calculator)  1 out of 90.  And that’s just to get a like number.  If you keep seeing 1:11 and you sleep through the morning cycle, it’s 1/1440.  But let’s take the odds of 1:90. That’s 1.1% chance of seeing those repeating numbers. The only one I can explain is 1:11 because I take a medication between 1 & 2 o’clock.  As for 5:55pm, (Never A.M.) I notice it because I’m usually watching the “O’Reilly Factor” from 5pm – 6pm.  I’ve said it before, I’m really glad there is no 6:66.

BTW, should you really want to drive yourself crazy; keep in mind that you only have 60 seconds to notice that time of the day. (Or 120 seconds if you’re awake when both times come around)

1.1% chance of catching one of these combinations is rare.  I catch on average about 3 to 5 a day.  What does this mean?  I don’t believe in coincidences.  I don’t want to make up stuff and say that 1:11 is good and 5:55 is bad.  I have no empirical evidence to support that.  There is an entire premise of research on the time 11:11.  It has some crap to do with angels etc…  (I know I shouldn’t call it crap as they could be correct if you have an open mind) Let me say that I advocate an open mind, yet not so open that you trip over your brain.

Personally, I think that noticing such high odds could be an attempt from the spiritual realm to communicate with you.  I won’t begin to speculate on what they are trying to tell me.  When I say: “The Spiritual realm” I’m talking about Spirit guides.  Or your “helpers” from the other side.  Jesus said the Holy Spirit would bless us with gifts.  Perhaps this is one of them.  I think the only way to research this mystery is simply to start a log of dates and events.


And just to push you over the edge; what do you think it means when you see 12:12 on December 12th? Or for that matter 1:11 on January 11th?  Do you want to know the odds of that happening? Since those times happen only 8 times a year (Jan 11th 1:11, Feb 22nd 2:22, November 11th 11:11 and December 12th 12:12, twice a day) Take .011 (1.1% and divide it by 8 and you get .0000138…or  .00138%  Now we’re talking Mega-Lotto numbers.  So can you just dismiss this as random numbers?  Or is someone or something trying to get your attention without using a partial body apparition in the mirror?

My guess is, when you start seeing these extremely low possibility numbers, be very observant as to what is happening in your life.  Don’t think good or bad because you don’t want to “manifest anything using the law of attraction”.  But just look at it as a “synchronicity”.  I believe that’s what they are.



Meteor over Russia 2013

Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.  Every now and then I like to check in with my Astrophysicists friends to see how much longer we have to live.  Or to put it in a more optimistic way; How much more of Obama do we have to put up with.

Sadly, the fact that Obama seems to not give a shit about anything could mean he knows something that we don’t.  Astronomers who buy into the planet X or Nibiru concept are saying that the reason we’re seeing such an increase in earth quakes, Hurricanes and especially meteors is because a planet 4 times the size of Jupiter is in between the Earth and the Sun.  The Video below predicts a passing of Nibiru, (which the Egyptians use to call: “The Destructor”)  is due to pass Earth sometime around August 2014.  HEY WAIT………… uh oh.  Why’ll watching the video, take my “Zeta” friend with a grain of NaCl.  I know, I know he claims to be in telepathic communications with the “Zetas” or the “Gray Aliens”.  But he does bring up some great thought provoking Ideas.  George Noory puts up with him so I guess I can. Enjoy.

Like Marshall Masterson says: “See ya on the back side”