“I want to believe” ~ Agent Mulder (X-Files)

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“My God doesn’t need a flying Saucer to get from here to there”. ~ Sideshow George AKA Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

As much as humans ask: “Why are we here”? The other question that often accompanies that is: “What’s next” and there is very good reason for mankind’s expectations.  Pediatricians as well as primary care physicians will tell you that most people do not have much memory recall prior to the age of four years of age.

Those who study Metaphysics say that children who claim to have a past life lose their ability to recall their past life at the ages of four to six.

Why do we think there is another dimension that comes after this life?  Because we’ve already made one transition that we are aware of.  When we were safely tucked away in the warmth of our mother’s uterus, we had everything we needed.  We were attached to our mother (our creator) by way of the umbilical cord.  In the same manner, many humans say we are attached to our spiritual creator by our soul.

When we were separated from the world of the womb, we didn’t know there was another world waiting for us.  For all our pre-natal minds knew; we would cease to exist once separated from the umbilical cord.  But it wasn’t so.  Our new life was just beginning.

So having gone through this life after Birth transition it’s only natural to anticipate a life after death transition.  We search for that transition which will relieve our minds.  This is why we look at the “Paranormal” as a possible answer to this “Next level” transition.  Some think we are the descendants of Ancient Aliens that will come to take us home to the star system Sirius. In the constellation Orion.

Many believe in the religious afterlife.  HEAVEN!  You’ll find a lot of competition down this avenue of thinking.  In fact there are some religions that will send you into the afterlife if you disagree with them.  They are currently waging war on everyone in the middle-east as we speak.

An ancient belief that is gaining traction again is the thought of “Re-incarnation”.  As much as this idea is shot down by biblical worshippers, one must remember that the Idea of re-incarnation was popular 2014 years ago.  Jesus asked Peter at the end of Mark 8:27: “Who do they say I am”?  Did you ever wonder what Jesus meant by this?  And look at Peter’s answer: “Some say you’re John the Baptist.  Some say Elijah others say one of the prophets”.  I believe Jesus asked his disciples this because re-incarnation was a popular belief 2000 years ago.  I have no idea how the concept of re-incarnation works other than your soul comes back in another body.  So you’re not really living twice.  You’re living once as one person, then again as someone else.  Thus, one life per person as the scriptures say.  Look at it this way, if the rules said a horse could race once at the tracks per day yet the jockey raced Seattle Slew in the fifth, then He raced Sea Biscuit in the seventh, the rules were obeyed.


string                            string-cheese

The string theory says that there are multiple dimensions of universal existence that can actually intersect.  This would explain life elsewhere but not life after our current life.  Unless of course we’re born into another world in another universe that intersects ours.  ………..naw me neither.



Personally, I do believe.  I believe that after we die, our energy goes someplace that was prepared for us.  It’s the same energy that operates our brain.  It’s the same energy that shows compassion or hatred.  I might add that there are probably various places that our energy can be sent.  Could it be Heaven and Hell?  Sure.  Could it be an infinite number of dimensions? Why not?  I cannot see how the creator of this magnificent  human body could have any limitations imposed on Him that he hasn’t willfully allowed.  If you want to worship a negative entity (Satan), I’m sure there’s a place for you.  This comes from my translation of the New Testament or Holy Bible assembled in 325A.D.  by the counsel of Nicea.  I believe that part of the Holy Trinity named “Jesus” MUST KNOW YOU.


 If you are special, I’ve heard of a place called the seventh realm of Heaven. What can I say?  It must be pretty awesome.  To me, I believe in the Holy Trinity.  This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in UFOs or re-incarnation.  I have no idea how it works and I would warn you to avoid anyone who claims to know.



Focusing on Death

After being attacked by a spirit or demon, there’s only one feeling I can describe……Helpless. I mean, “What can I do”?


It’s been 4 days since I was carved up by a ghost or Demon named TEX at the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City. The more I try to figure it out the less sense it makes. For those of you who didn’t read about the attack, I’ll give you a short recap. I was challenged to go into an old 150 year old morgue by myself and turn the light out. When I got home that night; I had the name TEX carved into my tummy. It is still there. I’m hitting it aggressively with steroid cream to prevent it from scarring.

But  this whole time I’ve been wondering, why me?  This was my first reaction and it seems the most plausible.  Before my 4 family members and I entered the club, a party of about 12 ghost hunter wannabes in their young 20’s or teens were coming out of the “Crypt” or “Morgue”.  They were laughing and giggling.  They were displaying a very disrespectful attitude for those spirits stuck at the mining town water hole.  I’m sure this aggravated or “Provoked” the paranormal powers.

My family went in next.  There were 5 of us.  My sister was very interested as she’s had paranormal experiences before.  She received a phone call from her father while he was in a coma.  Apparently he dialed collect twice. Later than night he died.  She checked her phone bill and it showed no documentation of any collect calls.  So she is really into the paranormal.  But we were polite, however my brother kept repeating a mantra in an attempt to manifest an apparition.

My brother, whom I had met for the first time in my life (That’s a whole different story) and I had just driven 550 miles the day before to visit our mother’s grave site.  He only met our mom once as he was adopted as an infant.  He wanted to visit her grave.  So on my birthday he flew out west from Michigan and we had a spontaneous “Road Trip” (About 275 miles each way) all in one day.  It was 8.5 hours of driving but a great way to get to know each other.

I, as you may or may not know am a Christian that is open to Theosophy.  It’s the why or how behind the what.  I believe as Thomas Jefferson said: “Question boldly everything, even the very existence of God for if there be one, he would surely pay homage to logic than blind fear”.  I believe in the Holy Trinity and the New Testament.  I believe in my translation of the scriptures.  (As read with an open mind).  So when I was in a place that was known for harboring demonic entities or human spirits that had crossed over, I had no fear as I “clung to my belief system”.  I felt the Holy spirit would protect me.  I did not pray for protection as I pray everyday for forgiveness, blessings for health and good abundance.  So when I arrived at home with TEX carved into my abdomen, I felt a bit let down by my spiritual back up.

My best friend when I was a teen became a Lutheran minister.  He advised me to give it a week.  Continue to wear my Crucifix, and if it has not gone by Saturday, to go see a Catholic priest.  They are trained in Demonology.  I don’t feel like I brought anything home with me except something’s name on my tummy.

And to finish off the Irony; We watched the movie “Ghost” tonight.  I found it sad at the end because I couldn’t help but wonder how Patrick Swayzy’s family feels when they see their boy filming his death scene.

I’ve had lots of questions from the local news station to fans of the TV show “The Dead Files”.  Many who are attracted to the paranormal because they’ve had paranormal experiences.  Very few have been scratched or in my case, autographed.  They all can’t imagine how it feels.  I can’t either.

My best answer is: “What can I do”?  I’m partly in denial, and am treating it like I picked up a tick and I’m ignoring the possibility that it could be the work of a demonic creature.  I think I’m less concerned because I have faith in God.  After all of life’s let downs, I know God will not forsake me.  I also know that the demons are stronger than man.  But they fear Christ, The Father and the Holy Spirit.

Do I think it was a stupid thing to do?  In retrospect; No.  I was curious.  I wasn’t testing my faith, I was practicing my faith.  Perhaps God picked the strongest of the family to be attacked.  I was questioning the existence of spirits and other entities.  Do I hold a grudge against The Holy Spirit for allowing TEX to cut me? Not at all.  In fact, I prayed to God to forgive TEX and prayed to the Arch Angel Michael to guide TEX into the light.

Life is about love.  Love comes in many manifestations. Love can hurt and love means forgiving.  The Bible is full of examples where we need to show forgiveness in order to be forgiven.  I know I am far from perfect.  We know that the Bible is full of sacrifices.  Christ, (God in human form) gave his human life for our spiritual lives.   Am I freaked out? No.  I’ve learned a great lesson from this and it has strengthened my belief system.

3 dayscr

Three days later

My Ghost Attack

photo 29

I don’t know how to begin to explain this.  To those who think ghosts or spirits don’t exist, all I can say is if you are EVER in a place known to be haunted, SHOW RESPECT!

My story starts out when my brother arrived last Wednesday night to visit me for my Birthday.  He’s a Paranormal Fan and I myself get pleasure out of watching Zak, Aaron and Nick (Ghost Adventures) trying to document Ghosts.  I can say a Ghost documented me.  Stick with me, it’s an incredible yet enigmatic story that isn’t even 24 hours old yet.

Chart to VA City

It was my bright Idea to drive to Virginia City in the State of Nevada.  That’s where the Ghost Adventure Crew shot their documentary and caught a full body apparition on film.  Where did they catch it?  The Old Washoe Club in Virginia City NV.  It was so legit that channel 4 from Reno NV sent a crew with Zak on his 2nd trip and NBC cameras caught a brick being thrown.  And of course the debunkers were debunked by cinematic forensic investigators.  In other words, they said the film was legit.

But with stuff like this, you’ll always have doubt until it happens to you.  Regardless of whether we saw a ghost or had “an experience”; I thought it would be a nice drive up to the old mining town.  Virginia city is not easy to find.  To make matters worse, if you’re from California or any other state that spends lots of money on infrastructure; you’ll hate the lack of directional signs.  So just getting to Va. City was a challenge.  Now let me say that I’ve been told that I’m “Clairsentient”.  Unlike a Clairvoyant who can see the future, I get a feeling when something is going to happen.  I think we all have it, but some of us are just more “Full of it”.  I first noticed my gift in October of 1989.  I looked out a huge window and said: “Looks like Earthquake weather”.  At 5:17PM, The Loma Prietta Earthquake leveled much of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I just felt it in my gut.  Many call it a “Gut Feeling”.  I pay attention to mine.

On the way to the Washoe Club, my stomach started getting sick.  And NO I’ve never gotten motion sickness before.  I use to ride a destroyer in the Navy.  I was in the wake of Typhoon Pamela on a Westpac tour.  I never got motion sickness.  So I know it wasn’t the car ride.  Besides, I was driving.

Desert Ghost

This is the first Ghost I ever took a picture of.

So we get to Virginia City and find a parking space.  We go right to the “Old Washoe Club”.  It’s not hard to find.

photo 32

We went inside and I was quite disappointed because they have a banner that hangs outside that says: “As seen on Ghost Adventures”.  I felt that really detracted from the authenticity of the establishment.  So I got an attitude about this place.  I thought it was more of a carnival than a real haunted site.  When you walk in, it has a list of “Tours” you can take, of course a T-shirt shop, but a good old Bar up front.  There was a guy there that looked like me. (Long black hair) And I said, so what’s this place all about?  He said well this is where Zak and Ghost adventures all started.  He said you can take the tour upstairs for 8 bucks or just order a drink and you can go in the back where the Morgue or “Crypt” is.  The Crypt is a place where they use to stack dead bodies during the snow.  It’s reportedly quite HAUNTED!

photo 5

So I bought a bottled water and drinks for my party of 5 and we proceeded to the back of the parlor.  As we went into the back, a tour of about 15 people were coming out of the Morgue giggling and mocking the spirits, then checking their cell phones to see if they got any “ORBS” or apparitions.  I thought it was a joke.

Shortly after they vacated the Morgue I went in with my 4 family members.  It was suddenly cold and eerie.  The room was made of Rocks and there was a small table with a lamp and a stack of cards on it.  The lamp lit up the room.  So we did the camera thing and my brother was trying to use the “Law of Attraction to summon a spirit”.  We were all pretty underwhelmed.  We said “Meh” and left the Crypt.

photo 6

As I was walking out, a lady came out of nowhere and said to me: “Have you been in there with the lights out?  Alone?  I said, “Uh NO”!  She said try it.   So I thought, what the hell, I’ll play. So I went back into the morgue after I got my cell phone camera ready; and I reached for the lamp and turned out the light.  I backed up so I could get some panoramic shots of the Crypt.  I took two pictures and I heard two low frequency rumbling sounds.  I will admit, I was really scared and exited the crypt.  It sounded like the vibration was right next to me.  But still being skeptical, I went back in and continued to shoot in the dark.

photo 12                       photo 7

I went back to the Bar and asked one of the staff, what’s that low rumbling sound?  Are there hot water pipes or toilet pipes that run along the back wall?  They said, there’s nothing back there except the fire sprinklers and they’re above you and if they move, you’re going to be sprinkled on.

So the staff was curious and went back with me.


So after the excitement of anticipation wore off, we decided to take a walk up and down the street to see the antique shops that were about to close up.  I looked down at my gold dog tags which I wear around my neck and one tag had been mangled*

*Let me explain.  I still have my chain from the Vietnam war.  The tags are custom made because the original dog tags had my Social Security Number on them.  You don’t want to lose those.  So I had a new pair made out of brass and they have what are called “Silencers” around them.  They’re black rubber frames that keep the tags from making noise when approaching the enemy.  You wear two sets of tags.  One set your squad leader grabs to put in his pocket when you’re dead (This goes on the long neck chain) and the other (which is on a small chain that attaches to the big chain) goes around your right big toe for body I.D. in the old days, they use to put them between your front teeth and kick them to wedge them in.  (I know TMI)


When we were out of the Washoe Club, I looked down at my Tags and my tag that was on my small chain was tampered with.  The silencer had been taken off.  I must add that in addition to the 2nd tag, I also wear a crucifix.  (A Christian Cross).  So my tags being messed with was the only thing that was unusual about the trip to the Haunted Old Washoe Club.

Until I got home.

Before bed, I hung my tags up on a hook on the wall and I took my shirt off before calling it a night.  Remember, I wear my dog tags on the OUTSIDE of my shirt.  (No skin contact) When I looked down at the area where my dog tags were, I saw a scratch.  I thought it might have been a bug bite from the mountains.  So I looked at it in the bathroom and it looked like lines that had been scratched into my skin around my abdomen.  I said “Meh” and put some Cortisone ointment on it and didn’t think anything of it. (Even though it was in the same area that my dog tags were hanging)  This morning when I woke up (And as I’m writing this 21 hours later) the scratches were still there in spite of the Steroid cream.  So I took a picture of it.  Apparently an upset spirit or ghost named “TEX” wrote his name on my stomach.


Click on the image to see the Ghost’s autograph.  And NO IT’S NOT PHOTO SHOPPED!




It was the 21st annual Stanford University Paranormal Investigators conference at the Hoover Pavilion.  A group of about 250 were in attendance.  The premise was the documentation and verification of Apparitions or “Ghosts”.

Present were the usual television speakers and mediums who you might see on the SyFy channel or even H2.  In attendance was Zak Bagans, Jason Hawthorn,  Amy Allan, Char, Chip Coffee, Theresa Caputo and Kim Russo just to name a few.  The host was professor Erick Von Daniken.

After the cordial greetings and the introduction of the panel, the Host started out by asking if he could see a show of hands of those who have had a paranormal experience.  Approximately 220 participants raised their hands.

The speakers next question was: “Has anyone seen and been touched by a spirit or ghost”.  Only about 75 raised their hands.  Out of the 75; the host asked how many had been in what they would consider an intimate encounter with a ghost.  Only three people raised their hands.  The Professor asked the three to stand up.  With great anticipation he asked: “Out of the three of you; did you actually have sex with a ghost (An Incubus or Succubus) two of the three sat down just leaving one old fellow dressed in a flannel shirt and overalls.

This was fantastic.  With jubilant excitement, Dr. Von Daniken asked once again, REALLY; You’ve had sex with an actual Ghost?  The audience member asked if he could repeat the question.  Once again: “Did you actually have sex with a Ghost”?

The gentleman replied: “Oh Ghosts.  Hell no.  I thought you said goats”.




“I Want to Believe” ~ The X-Files

Many of us want to believe there is more to life than is viewable within the light spectrum.  As we learn, we want to learn more.  A part of our brain pushes us to find an answer to the unexplained.  Where did we come from? Where are we going after this? How did I get here?  These are the common questions we don’t ask in school.  (Unless your life sucks)

Science is of no help until you get to the Quantum Physics Level.  (The study of life at the atomic level) But quantum physics is not something your public High School or Junior college is going to teach you.  It’s not until you decide to major in Physics OR decide you need to learn more about atomic structuring on the molecular level.  (How everything in existence is vibrating) Academic Science has a useless paradigm that: “If it cannot be proven and reproduced in a lab, it doesn’t exist.  The only thing that is proven by failure is ignorance.  Once again: “The only thing that is proven by failure is ignorance”.  Those who are 40,000 years ahead of us in technology may know how to teleport atomic particles as easy as making toast.

I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said: “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, He must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear”.  I believe in keeping an open mind but not so open that I trip over it.

Finally, the question that supports all of the other interest in UFOs, Ghosts, and spirits, is our optimistic curiosity that something better than this exists.

One issue that I believe atheist fear is the concept of good and evil and its’ affect in an afterlife.  These are people who fear uncertainty and are more comfortable with the paradigm that life is finite and that all quantum existence ceases to exist.  We know this is not true as often in our bio existence, we see that some things have to die (In its’ current state) to transform into something new.  We also know that continuity can be disrupted, but the molecules still remain.  The real $65,000 question is; “Where does the energy go”?

So we develop a personal belief system.  Religion is based on historical stories.  Often one’s religious belief structure is strengthened by “answered prayers”, while others are taught a dogma and adhere to it out of “blind fear” as Jefferson would say.  I might add that there is nothing wrong with that approach either.


Some people believe that we are ancestors of extra-terrestrial visitors from another “place”, and we were created by DNA manipulation to insure the survival of their specie.  They support their theory on credible eye witness testimony and unexplainable implants have been found in alleged abductees.


Those who believe in Theosophy, believe that our spirits are eternal, but do not necessarily believe in the Judeo-Christian discipline of life and death.  It is for lack of a better description, closer to Buddhism. They believe in reincarnation, but can’t explain why one is reincarnated.  Some will use the concept of “Karma” as a reason one would return to try and “Get it right”.


Recently, quantum physicists have been exploring the “String Theory”.  It’s a concept of parallel universes that often inadvertently intersect.  This could account for UFO or advanced life forms (gods)  It also proposes the Idea of “worm holes” in space as Einstein considered.  Below is the wonderful Dr. Michio Kaku.  He is atypical and an anomaly to say the least in that he is a Physicist with an OPEN MIND!

I can’t disprove any of these theories, but when I evaluate all that I have learned, it comes down to what “resonates” deep within my “soul”.  I will define the existence of the soul in another article.




Bill Birnes

In 2007 the 2nd most viewed topic on the internet (After pornography) were sites about Unidentified Flying Objects.  The History Channel had a lock on the subject with the show “UFO HUNTERS” which starred Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert, and scientist Ted Ackworth .  The show was so successful it was beating John Stewart’s show in ratings.  It was getting great sponsors.  Life was good.

In the 3rd season, (2009) Obama started his quest to destroy the American economy and the networks were feeling it.  UFO HUNTERS was withstanding the poor economy and retained its’ sponsors.  But when investigating a suspected underground UFO base in Dulce, New Mexico, the HUNTERS came across an unexpected and inconvenient truth.  They discovered an earthly practice of “Human/Animal” cloning.  They went in search of Alien cattle mutilation and found cross specie experimentation.


Black op

Birnes goes on to say that 3 days after the airing of the “Dulce” episode, Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell introduced a bill that would make it a felony to clone Human and Animal parts.

Most of the sponsors on the History Channel are Big Pharma.  Pharmaceutical companies had their Research and development toes stepped on so they put pressure on Disney, who owns A&E, who owns the History Channel to cancel the show.  Season 3 finished airing in 2010 and Season 4 was left in the can.  Bill goes on to say that they sold the Ideas from some of the episodes to form new shows like Ancient Alien. (Which was a season 3 episode)

Below is a phone interview with Bill Birnes and I’ve uploaded the complete episode that got the series cancelled.

I feel the Topic of UFOs as well as Ghosts/Spirits is a good exercise in stretching your belief system.  Yesterday Bill O’Reilly had a discussion on the demonic possession of the 9 year old child in Gary, Indiana.  Both Bill and his guests were skeptic, yet the witnesses were credible. (A social worker and a Nurse)

As for UFO presence, I’ve always said that just because science can’t prove something exists, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It only proves ignorance.   I believe we need to keep open minds but not so open that we trip over our brains.

END OF TIMES? Documented Demonic Possession?

I thought it was just Obama oppression/Depression but it’s POSSESSION.  Read Jason Howerton’s article from the “INDYSTAR”. Police are afraid of the house and the demonic possession was witnessed by a social worker AND a nurse.  They say stuff like this will be common occurrence during the final days.

A terrified mother claims she watched in horror as her demon-possessed 9-year-old son walked backwards up a wall and ceiling. Her claims would be easy to dismiss if a child services case worker and a nurse weren’t reportedly there to witness it all.

A Real Life Demon Possession Is Being Reported in Indiana – The Details Are Almost Too Horrifying to Believe

Latoya Ammons claims all three of her children showed signs of being possessed, including “evil” smiles and strangely deep voices, the Indianapolis Star reports. The mother says she also witnessed her 12-year-old daughter levitating in their Gary, Ind., home.

Strangely enough, the scary-sounding incident is outlined in official documents. Further, Gary police Capt. Charles Austin told the Star that he is a “believer” after making several visits to the home and interviewing witnesses. He first thought the family was making stories up as part of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Ammons’ home was “exorcized” by a catholic priest in a number of ceremonies that were reportedly authorized by the Diocese of Gary. The story apparently became so believable that officers with the police department said they were too scared to stay at the house and some city officials wouldn’t even step foot on the property.

The 32-year-old mother says the spirits that haunted her family’s house were only vanquished after she moved away and underwent several exorcisms. The unbelievable story has come to light after the Indianapolis Star obtained hundreds of pages of official documents relating to the case.

The Ammons family moved into the rental house on Carolina Street in Gary, Ind., back in November 2011. They soon noticed strange occurrences, including swarms of flies around the house, footsteps in the basement and wet footprints streaking across the living room floor.

In March 2012, Ammons claims she rushed to check on her 12-year-old daughter after hearing her screams. When she entered the bedroom, she says she witnessed her daughter levitating above her bed unconscious.

The family and some of the guests they were hosting prayed over the girl until she returned back to the bed. The girl reportedly didn’t remember anything about it.

The torment reportedly continued and the family wasn’t in a position financially to flee the home. So the family contacted churches and clairvoyants for help, but they received little relief. The clairvoyants allegedly told the family their house was haunted by more than 200 demons.

A Real Life Demon Possession Is Being Reported in Indiana – The Details Are Almost Too Horrifying to Believe

Ammons claims her childrens’ eyes bulged and they regularly sported evil smiles, effects of their possession. Her youngest child would reportedly sit in a closet and talk to an invisible child that no one could see. She also claims he was once thrown from the bathroom when no one was even near him.

Most of Ammons’ allegations are backed up by her mother, Rosa Campbell, who also lived in the house.

Later in 2012, child protective services in Indiana was contacted to investigate the mother for possible child abuse or mental illness. A psychiatrist reportedly evaluated Ammons and determined she was not mentally ill.

A family case manager reportedly interviewed the family and witnessed a number of strange occurrences. Valerie Washington confirmed that she witnessed the youngest boy growling before his eyes rolled back in his head.

Washington also claimed she saw the 9-year-old boy flash a “weird grin” and then walk backward up a wall to the ceiling. Her account was corroborated by a nurse.

“There’s no way he could’ve done that,” the nurse told the Star.

After being sent to investigate Ammons, Washington concluded that an “evil influence” might be affecting the family.

The copyrighted Video on the exorcism can be seen HERE at THE BLAZE.


Non-Religious POV

I’ve written an article called “My Christianity” so know that this article is more of a “Theosophical” article than a biblical or religious argument.  Does it conflict with my Christian beliefs which most say equate to “one life one death”.  No.  And I’ll answer that down below the video

One needs to understand the existence of the physical life form and the non-physical life.  The physical life you can confirm by touching a hot stove.   The non-physical takes faith.  Often the evidence of the non-physical life is found in your belief structure.  You get to a point where you stop believing  in the concept of the “coincidence”.   Sometimes, however; we misread or misinterpret that which we have been taught.

When you start to look at your physical/incarnate life from a quantum physics POV, the existence of the soul or “Non-physical life” becomes clearer.  We (Everything we see, taste and touch) are vibrating atoms.  Things that vibrate create a frequency.  Sound is the acoustical result of vibration.  The strongest steel bar is made up of dense vibrating atoms.  So the whole world is vibrating.  (Faster than the eye can see)

Can I give you an example?

What you watch on television are 60 still frames being presented per second.  You can take the frames to a stopping point and if you have a very good toggle control you can scroll through the frames just like those old moving pictures that came in a box of Cracker Jack.  But since it happens so fast we don’t notice it.

The same  principle applies to everything that surrounds us.  This principle of quantum physics can explain “Ghost Hauntings”.  When the mind or non-physical being can manipulate the vibrational structure of atoms, strange things can happen.  It can happen with the living as well.  There are those (Living) who have mental abilities to move objects.  I ask: “Why can’t souls without bodies do the same thing if it is an action based on
invisible frequency”?

So if the Soul is the “eternal” part of our body; does it get recycled?  Watch this great two part video of the most documented case on reincarnation.


Just as water is the very essence of life, Man starts his life in “amniotic fluid”.  If you lower the temperature of water if becomes a solid form such as Ice.  If you heat it, it boils.  Just as man leaves the womb, it becomes a solid form.  Much like the cube of Ice.  Over time, Ice melts and evaporates.  Boiling water does the same thing, it evaporates.  But what was once a solid piece of Ice is now a vapor.  The vapor still exists in the form of  “Humidity” or a “Cloud”.  I proclaim that the body and soul work in much the same fashion.  One decomposes (Your body) while the “Life Force” is  released and goes “SOMEWHERE”

I won’t pretend to understand the “Ether” or “Ethereal Realm”.  I believe that’s what God meant when He said: “Don’t dabble in the occult or traffic with mediums; you’ll pollute your souls. I am God, your God”. (Leviticus 19:31) Again, we have an issue of translation.  First, let me say: “NEVER TOUCH A DAMN OUIJA BOARD”. Let me repeat:  “NEVER TOUCH A DAMN OUIJA BOARD”.  That is dabbling in divination and opening Pandora’s box.  Even Mediums will tell you, more bad than good comes from those weapons of “dark vibrational spirits”.  If you believe in Psychic Mediums, understand  that spirits can lie just like Obama. So you can’t trust what you hear from a Medium and like God said: “You’ll pollute your souls“.  It’s also interesting
that God chose the term: “Do not traffic in mediums”.  I translate it as: “Don’t let Mediums be your direction”.  Again, spirits can lie though a Medium like a human saying: “If you like your doctor you can keep him. Period”.

Regarding reincarnation and why it does not conflict with my belief system.  The concept “One life and one death”, I believe refers to the incarnate body and spirit you have now.  In other words; If you die at 21 as Joe Smith, you will not be born again and be the same Joe Smith at 21 with the same parents and siblings.  For the sake of learning; You die as Joe Smith the Wall street guy and might come back as a South Australian Aboriginal.  When that body dies, it goes back into the earth.  Your soul is like a mother board.  In a strange spiritual way, the energy can be put into a different system.  Why we lose our memories of our past lives, I do not know. (Which seems to happen at 4-5 years of age)  I believe Life is a learning  experience.  I believe that we are taught to avoid Mediums as we are not to take “Short cuts” or risk being misled.  We need the true learning experience.  That might be the justification for having to go through another physical life (I know it sounds like Buddhism/Hinduism).  But our creator never said that we shouldn’t ask Why or How life/Soul issues work.  Our admonishments are meant to help us learn and become better spirits.

In the end, you are responsible for your own personal Spiritual belief system.  I’m not claiming everybody gets reincarnated.  I don’t even know why someone would be reincarnated.  But I won’t rule out that there have been those who have had their spirits return.  Jesus told his disciples that the old testament prophet “Elijah” had returned as “John the Baptist” thus fulfilling prophecy.

“I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come. He who has ears, let him hear”. Matthew 11:11-15

 “God thunders with His voice wondrously, Doing great things which we cannot comprehend”. ~ Job 37:5