Bill Birnes

In 2007 the 2nd most viewed topic on the internet (After pornography) were sites about Unidentified Flying Objects.  The History Channel had a lock on the subject with the show “UFO HUNTERS” which starred Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert, and scientist Ted Ackworth .  The show was so successful it was beating John Stewart’s show in ratings.  It was getting great sponsors.  Life was good.

In the 3rd season, (2009) Obama started his quest to destroy the American economy and the networks were feeling it.  UFO HUNTERS was withstanding the poor economy and retained its’ sponsors.  But when investigating a suspected underground UFO base in Dulce, New Mexico, the HUNTERS came across an unexpected and inconvenient truth.  They discovered an earthly practice of “Human/Animal” cloning.  They went in search of Alien cattle mutilation and found cross specie experimentation.


Black op

Birnes goes on to say that 3 days after the airing of the “Dulce” episode, Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell introduced a bill that would make it a felony to clone Human and Animal parts.

Most of the sponsors on the History Channel are Big Pharma.  Pharmaceutical companies had their Research and development toes stepped on so they put pressure on Disney, who owns A&E, who owns the History Channel to cancel the show.  Season 3 finished airing in 2010 and Season 4 was left in the can.  Bill goes on to say that they sold the Ideas from some of the episodes to form new shows like Ancient Alien. (Which was a season 3 episode)

Below is a phone interview with Bill Birnes and I’ve uploaded the complete episode that got the series cancelled.

I feel the Topic of UFOs as well as Ghosts/Spirits is a good exercise in stretching your belief system.  Yesterday Bill O’Reilly had a discussion on the demonic possession of the 9 year old child in Gary, Indiana.  Both Bill and his guests were skeptic, yet the witnesses were credible. (A social worker and a Nurse)

As for UFO presence, I’ve always said that just because science can’t prove something exists, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It only proves ignorance.   I believe we need to keep open minds but not so open that we trip over our brains.

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