My Admiration for Jerry Rice

The Greatest

And Why He should be every young fatherless kid’s Role Model.

400 yards
I use to say: “I could throw for 400 yards a game with these two guys“.

I, without hesitation, consider Jerry Rice the greatest Football player (at any position) and perhaps the greatest athlete ever.  He didn’t use Steroids. But he did put two quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame.

In the late 80s and early 90s, I was on a first name basis with most of the Dynasty 49ers.  Ironically, my two favorite niners, Jerry Rice and Steve Young, I never got to meet.  But I heard stories about Jerry Rice.


It amazed me how both Montana and Young would never hesitate to throw into 3 man coverage with confidence that Rice would come down with the completion.  Jerry broke records that will remain his for a long time.  One reason was his dedication to his workout program.  Complacent was not a word in Jerry’s vocabulary.    He would practice relentlessly which ruined many a first round draft picks that the niners wasted on Wide Recievers to replace either Jerry Rice or John Taylor.

Example: J.J. Stokes – He was assigned to Jerry Rice to learn Rice’s workout routine.  Stokes could not keep up with the veteran exactly 10 years his elder. (Rice born in 62, Stokes born in 72).  Rice was simply dedicated.  He didn’t have goals of being the “Greatest” ala Mohammed Ali or Rickey Henderson.  He just did his job in a steadfast humble fashion.  Only once did Rice ever get involved in a controversy and that was when Joe Montana was nearing the end of his career and was being offered local commercial offers.  Rice felt he was being over looked because he was black and not flamboyant like Dion Sanders or Michael Jordan.  The truth was that Montana had done commercials earlier in his career which is how he met his wife Jennifer. (In a Gillette commercial). Also; Rice was the greatest on the field, but not on the screen.

Being the classy gentleman that Jerry Rice is, he went back on the field and proceeded to shatter football records.  Jerry Rice should be a role model for those who don’t have fathers in the household.  His story should never be forgotten.  Recently I posted a video of Itzhak Perlman and called him the Jerry Rice of music.  Those who are truly great never concentrate on greatness.  They concentrate on always doing better. They practice until they can’t practice any longer; then they give it one more shot.  Anyone can learn a lesson from #80.


Jerry Rice


Ace Andres bistro1

Is it part of the String Theory?


I can’t explain it.  Is it a state of Nirvana? Naw, Nirvana is way too ambiguous.  (Because there are so many different definitions of it that mean so many different things.  But it’s a place that is not of this consciousness.  It’s like getting high but without drugs or any mind altering substance.  I don’t think its beta-endorphins. Usually runners have to run a certain distance before their bodies release Beta-endorphins.  It’s called a runner’s high.


Mind over matter?  Sometimes you can hurt yourself; however if your mind is preoccupied, you won’t feel the pain until your mind focuses on the injury.  Then all of a sudden it starts hurting.  Why is that?


I’m trying to describe a place that my consciousness goes to when I launch into a guitar solo.  Club owners that watch me say that they can almost tell when I’m leaving my body.  I haven’t soloed live (In front of an audience) for a few years.  The other day I was in my studio and had Stevie Ray Vaughan playing on my Computer.  He went into a blues solo and I picked up my studio guitar and launched into my own solo.  At a point I could feel myself losing my awareness of where I was and even what I was doing.  I was “In the Music”.  Does that make sense?  I was assimilating into the song.  Then I could almost feel something inside me leaving my body.


It was like a flame of passion coming out of my chest.  It was like someone flipped a switch.  And I wasn’t playing in front of anyone.


I have no Idea…..  It feels good and I want more.   When you see me close my eyes and throw my head back; I’m going to that place.




The Cafe’s 2015 Breitbart Award winner is….


The Café Americain awards its’ 2015 Andrew Breitbart Award to the person that most embodies the transformational political horizontal shift.  Ms. Powers is just one major epiphany short of making the “Jump to right”.  At this point in time, The Writer Kirsten Powers is where Andrew was when he was starting to question why he was a liberal.  In Kirsten’s current position, she believes that she has too much to lose by making the swing.  As she becomes more and more disenfranchised by the left, she’ll see how welcomed she is on the right and this will open her mind to that which it has been trapped in.


It’s that “Ah-ha” moment where you ask yourself why.  Nobody with the exception of Ronald Reagan embraced this shift like Andrew Breitbart.  We who were once of the liberal persuasion had tangible reasons for becoming republicans or Independence. (Not the Juan Williams kind).  Ronald Reagan while president of the Screen Actors’ Guild was threatened to have acid thrown in his face.


Your humble author and almost famous rock star learned politics as a 12 year old growing up next to a 60’s Bobby Kennedy type congressman.  When I saw how the word liberal had changed in the Carter years; Ronald Reagan, (also a former Democrat) started making sense in that government needed to get out of the way of the individual’s prosperity.


Andrew Breitbart was a liberal because it was cool to be a liberal in SoCal.  Then once he discovered where his own self-esteem came from; his eyes were opened. Kirsten has a lot invested in the left and honestly, admits her own ignorance when it came to conservative ideology.  She is still like the circus elephant chained to a small “useless” chain. (look up that story for yourself)


But hopefully Kirsten can reach voters and enable them to “Think for themselves and not be afraid to engage in true debate”  To quote Kirsten: “The debate is never over”.