The Cafe’s 2015 Breitbart Award winner is….


The Café Americain awards its’ 2015 Andrew Breitbart Award to the person that most embodies the transformational political horizontal shift.  Ms. Powers is just one major epiphany short of making the “Jump to right”.  At this point in time, The Writer Kirsten Powers is where Andrew was when he was starting to question why he was a liberal.  In Kirsten’s current position, she believes that she has too much to lose by making the swing.  As she becomes more and more disenfranchised by the left, she’ll see how welcomed she is on the right and this will open her mind to that which it has been trapped in.


It’s that “Ah-ha” moment where you ask yourself why.  Nobody with the exception of Ronald Reagan embraced this shift like Andrew Breitbart.  We who were once of the liberal persuasion had tangible reasons for becoming republicans or Independence. (Not the Juan Williams kind).  Ronald Reagan while president of the Screen Actors’ Guild was threatened to have acid thrown in his face.


Your humble author and almost famous rock star learned politics as a 12 year old growing up next to a 60’s Bobby Kennedy type congressman.  When I saw how the word liberal had changed in the Carter years; Ronald Reagan, (also a former Democrat) started making sense in that government needed to get out of the way of the individual’s prosperity.


Andrew Breitbart was a liberal because it was cool to be a liberal in SoCal.  Then once he discovered where his own self-esteem came from; his eyes were opened. Kirsten has a lot invested in the left and honestly, admits her own ignorance when it came to conservative ideology.  She is still like the circus elephant chained to a small “useless” chain. (look up that story for yourself)


But hopefully Kirsten can reach voters and enable them to “Think for themselves and not be afraid to engage in true debate”  To quote Kirsten: “The debate is never over”.


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