Dow dives 300

With Argentina defaulting on a 539,000 bond payment, almost every stock dropped but a small handful.  Dow is seeing lots of red today.  After boasting about a great economic gain, Obama is back to 12/13 levels.

Cash is King.  Europe is bringing down the industrial sector and earnings basically just suck.  Big Pharma is down, Industrials are down, oil is down, and Social media nosedived as well.

The word on the streets is (according to economist Janet Yellen) that we’re looking at inflation.  The market is and has for a long time been propped up by the fed. The problem is, the fed is playing Russian roulette.  If the Fed skips a beat, we see the market drop.  But today was a “Perfect Storm” between Argentina’s default, Germany’s poor performance for a third month and Janet Yellen saying the I word.

The only good news is that we didn’t see a rush to precious metals. Tomorrow’s close will give us better focus on what type of correction this is.





I want to say that the mechanics of the LOA is not something that science can define.  It is empirically defined but I wouldn’t exactly use the term anecdotal.  Just as trying to define “Energy” if you watched the video; it’s basically the same definition you will get if you asked a clergy to define God.


The key component in the law of attraction is faith.  As I began this article talking about faith the size of a mustard seed; I quoted Jesus who said faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.  I’m not talking about the mountain growing legs and moving its’ self. (Or a pile of dirt levitating and relocating its’ self.   I’m saying that if you have the smallest amount of faith, something will happen that will move that mountain from point A to point B.  I saw it at Mt. St. Helens.  So compared to moving mountains, finding a parking space, increasing your income or finding a spouse should be child’s play.  It just takes a small amount of faith.  But what is faith?  If I can quote Paul in his letter to the Hebrews in the 11th chapter: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.


Let that sink in.


What are the enemies of faith?  There’s really only one. (Possibly two) DOUBT.  Doubt will kill anything you try to manifest.  Keep in mind that you may be hoping for something and you may have doubt that it will happen, yet it does, how does that happen?  Somebody else manifested it.  You may believe that you deserve a promotion.  Time goes on and nobody has said anything about you while others are showered with praise.  You might say at this point: “This stuff doesn’t work”.  Only to find that your promotion was held up by a poor administrative assistant.  The person who manifested your promotion was your manager.  In this case, your intention was manifested but not by you.


The other enemy of Intention Manifestation is distraction.  To manifest something, you have to live in that paradigm. Everything you do should be consistent with your intention.  If the company is laying off employees, you don’t call in sick on Mondays because going to a Sunday party was more important.  That distraction takes your mind off of your bigger concern which is keeping your source of income.   Your actions need to be in “alignment” with your manifestation.  If you want to manifest a boat race victory, you don’t drill holes in the hull of your boat.  People use to use the example of manifesting a winning lottery ticket.  But if you’re too lazy to get your ass off of the couch to buy a ticket, you’re not in universal alignment with your intention.


Finally, you must know the difference between faith and belief.  Although they sound the same, and belief may appear to be a stronger version of faith, they are not.  Belief is accepting something as a fact.  If I tell you I will pick you up after your dental appointment, it’s your faith that allows you to “Believe” that what I said is true.  If I am supposed to pick you up at 2:00 PM and you are still waiting at 2:15PM; without faith, your belief dwindles and you call a Taxi.  If we are connected on a spiritual level, and I am 15 minutes late, your faith in my word will not allow your belief system to change your mind about me.  Faith will tell you that perhaps I got delayed but you know (by faith) that I would never forget about you.


Belief comes from your mind and Faith comes from your spirit.  Spiritual faith is where miracles come from.  Belief can be speculative and manipulated by doubt and belief systems can change consciously.


On D-day, June 6th 1944 there were those who were cut down on the beaches of Normandy France because they had no faith, and there were those who climbed the cliffs and defeated the enemy because faith is about all they had.  On the morning of D-day, Brigadier General Norman Cota, at the age of 51 was crossing the massive dead bodies that had died on Omaha beach and rallied the troops on the beach that were in chaos.


Here is the Law of Attraction at its’ finest.  Cota, a middle aged general was out in front of 17 and 18 year old kids and he gave them a quick speech that will live long in history.  He said: “”Gentlemen, we are being killed on the beaches. Let us go inland and be killed. There are only two kinds of people who are staying on this beach: those who are already dead and those that are gonna die. Now get off your butts, you’re the fightin’ 29th”.  Cota’s men were able to climb up the 150 foot cliffs and take the enemy machine guns from the edge of the cliffs.


Belief can be paraded like a dog and pony show.  Belief is a program that is launched in your brain.  Spiritual faith is part of a personal relationship with the part of your body that is energy and never dies.  This energy sends out intentions to the energized universe.


Once a belief is created, it can often be modified or even disregarded.  My Oral surgeon confessed that 50% of what they practiced in the 80s and 90s was wrong and they no longer use “posts” in root canals. In the 90s, that was a common belief.


Once you achieve faith, it can never be abandoned.  It will always prevail.  You may walk away from it, but you know it is always there.  The best you can do is pretend faith doesn’t exist, but once you have fait, it becomes as real as your shadow.  Belief is a product of your Brain.  Faith is a product of your spirit.


Finally, let me remind you that when manifesting an intention, you must manifest the desire and not the counter effect.  Mother Theresa said: “No I won’t attend your anti-war rally.  When you have a peace rally, invite me.  I’ll go”.  The universe only picks up the subject and not the verb.  So if you are trying to manifest an end to something, don’t try to manifest an end to the war on drugs or the war on starvation.  You’ll get more drug use and more starvation, because that’s all the universe picks up on.  Manifest an abundance of food or an abundance of sobriety.  Don’t try to manifest your child’s behavior from bad behavior, you’ll manifest more of it.  Manifest or ask for a child that acts with intelligence, compassion and all of the good things.  Do NOT MENTION NEGATIVITY.  You will only manifest more negativity.  This is why faith is so important.  Focus on good things.  Have faith that good will always prevail.  Never seek an end to chaos, manifest peace and love.  Never seek to be out of debt.  You’ll only get more debt.  Seek financial independence.  Let your works be proof of your faith in financial independence.  It’s not about what you ask for; rather how you ask for it.


  Let all of your intentions be POSITIVE.




What the hell are you talking about now Ace?  What, you’ve never seen the Secret?  In 2006 Rhonda Byrnes produced a cult movie called the Secret.  The Secret was a movie that introduced the World to The Law of Attraction.  Another name it’s been given is “Intention Manifestation”.


Before I explain how IM works let me give you the premise of the movie. The Law of Attraction is best described by three words: “Thoughts become Things”.  Let me add a quote that I’ve repeated in many of my personal development articles: “You must become the person you want to meet”.  The two have many principles in common.


Let me also start with a line that I’ll also come back to at the end of this brief article Jesus said: “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”~ Matthew 17:20


I think we’ve all (at one time or another) had positive results from positive thinking.  That’s a start.  Have you ever driven into a large parking lot and said to yourself: “I know there’s a great parking space right up front by the front door just waiting for me”.  And it was there?  When I was taking people on tours of San Francisco in the late 70s, one of the things I would almost dread was trying to find a place to park a “VAN” at fisherman’s wharf. (This was one of my first jobs) It got to the point where I made a game out of it.  I would say, I’m going to get a great parking space really close to pier 39 today.  It might have taken me a couple of passes, but eventually, I got that parking space.  I think one of the reasons I found this space was because I could imagine it clearly in my mind.  I was developing “Faith”.


I chalked it up to having a positive attitude.  I started using this technique or attitude in everything I did when I was younger.  When I bought my first house, it was like getting a bill passed through congress.  Yet through it all, in the back of my mind I knew I was going to get the house.  I’ll never forget the day that I got the phone call saying that I got the house.


I’ve manifested hundreds of intentions.  I believe it works.  Here’s the secret.  The more you believe it will work; the more it works.  Dr. Stephen R. Covey once said: “There are always two creations.  The mental creation comes before the physical creation”.  He compared it to the carpenter’s rule of measure twice cut once.  It’s easy to see how it works when searching for a mate.  It’s very easy.


If I’ve quit smoking and drinking, started working out, take great physical care of myself, if I don’t stay out late at parties, don’t do drugs, enjoy reading the classics or material on personal development; guess what kind of person I’m going to attract?  Do you think a Pot Head is going to put up with my love and passion for personal development?  Probably not.  Yet when I’m out on a jog and I see that person that resonates in my soul, you can bet we’re both going to be heading down the same trail, both literally and figuratively.


If I’m at a party and I’m saying goodbye to a girl I just met that night and in parting I say: “Live long and prosper” and she does the Vulcan hand sign, (Making a V with the middle and ring fingers) do you think that was an accident?

Likeness attracts Likeness.  It’s a common result that if you take 100 people and invite them to a party and two of them are alcoholics, the odds of them finding each other are very high.  Likewise, if you have a party with drugs and alcohol and you invite 98 users and 2 Mormons, the same odds of the two Mormons seeking out refuge with each other are equally high.  Why is this?


Is it our reticular activating system like Tony Robbins claims?  If you’re not familiar with your R.A.S. it’s a part of your brain that cues your conscious mind to things that you are aware of.  For example if you just bought a new red Camaro it would not be unusual for you to notice many red Camaros on the road.  The same goes for that new blouse or jacket.  These red cars or blouses were always there but you never noticed them until you owned one.


But the Law of attraction goes deeper than that.  It works on the quantum physics level.  “I think”.   If you studied science, what is one of the first things that you were taught?  The Periodic Table of Elements.  Remember that chart with all of the squares on it that had H for Hydrogen and O for Oxygen etc….?  If you were awake during that class you know that each element consisted of total sum of electrons, protons and the nucleus.  (Stay with me) And they showed the nucleus as a red cherry in the middle and the electrons and protons orbiting the nucleus like sperm trying to penetrate an egg.  OK, maybe the planets orbiting the sun.


The point I’m making is that everything in that atom is moving.  The electrons and protons in all atoms are moving.  So nothing is static.  If you looked at the desk you’re sitting at under an electron microscope, you’re going to see this motion.  Without the scope, you’re going to presume the wood or plastic or glass is solid, and some atomic structures are denser than others, but at the cellular level, or “Quantum Physics” level, you’ve got microscopic sub-atomic particles rotating around the nucleus.


What happens when you introduce electricity to atoms?  You “excite” and sometimes manipulate the atomic cohesiveness of the object.  What is it we do 24/7 in our brains?  We have electric brain wave function.  What is the source of this electrical function?  Where is the conduit that this energy comes from?  It’s not hydraulic, it’s not electromagnetic, and it’s not static/friction electricity. What is it?  Some call it life force.


What do paramedics do when they’re losing a patient to a heart attack?  They bring out the paddles. (An electro-defibrillator).  It re-introduces electricity back into the heart.  And you hear the paramedics yell: “STAND BACK”.  Why?  Because it’s delivering a boatload of electricity.  So the electrical current that runs your body is no AAA cell battery.  But more importantly, where is this “LIFE FORCE” energy source?  Is it the idea that Nicholai Tesla was trying to uncover when he was trying to invent “Wi-Fi” electricity?


In 1910 Wallace D. Wattles wrote these words in his best seller “The Science of Getting Rich”:


“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which in its’ original state, it penetrates and permeates the inner spaces of the universe”.


In closing for today; I’ll give you my personal interpretation of this proclamation.  In what we perceive as our physical surroundings are objects made up of atoms.  These atoms are held together by a force we have not identified. But in its’ unaltered state, this force (Which I feel electricity plays a role) penetrates and permeates (saturates) the physical objects we see and keeps them in a condition of stasis.  If the original state is altered, as Dr. Wattles states, we can see ice turn to water then turn to gas.  Our thoughts emit electrical impulses that also alter the original state of this “thinking stuff”.  If done correctly, it can turn an empty wallet into a full wallet.


Let that sink in and we’ll talk more about it tomorrow.


I’m not talking about “The End of the World as We Know It” or EOTWAWKI.  But simply the end of the World for mankind.   President Reagan once said that America is the last free nation on the earth.  He also said we’re just one generation away from losing our freedom.  There are those who are envious of our freedom and rather than fight for their own freedom; they want to see us lose our freedom.  This will result is a global war of good vs. evil.

The Bible talks about the destruction of the earth in the Final Book of the New Testament, Revelation. The Apostle Paul in his last letter to Timothy talked about the end of times.

Rather than go through Book Chapter and verse; let me give you the gist of it.  He said Evil will do Battle with Good.  We’re not talking about your side versus my side Evil.  Or a Giants vs. The Dodgers good and bad.  But that which represents good via Satanic measures vs that which wants the good for all.  We could easily be in a situation where just pockets of humanity exist.  Should Evil get its’ hand on WMDs, and other countries retaliate, the world will become a small place quite quickly.

We’ve been told that in the final days The Earth will shake.  Fish will stack up on the beach. Volcanoes will erupt.  The water will turn to red.  There will be wars and rumors of war (Ukraine, Gaza, Syria, Iraq)?  Paul used the term, tickled. “They will want their ears tickled”.  An anti-Christ will arise. (Promising hope and change)?  Finally, a great war will take place in the Holy land.

Have you seen Israel lately?


Rockets launched continually from Gaza

I will refrain from showing the multiple beheading pictures.  Just know that it is coming to America.  Obama has no plan nor interest in stopping it.  As he proclaimed to Turkey, America is the largest Muslim nation.

What were some of the situations or signs that the prophets gave us that we could objectively look for?

“Remember that there will be difficult times in the last days.  People will be selfish, greedy, boastful”



They will be unkind, merciless, slanderers, violent, and fierce; they will hate the good;

Christian girl

Christian girl in Syria

“They will be treacherous, reckless, and swollen with pride; they will love pleasure rather than God”


“They will hold to the outward form of our religion, but reject its real power. Keep away from such people. Some of them go into people’s houses and gain control over weak women who are burdened by the guilt of their sins and driven by all kinds of desires, women who are always trying to learn but who can never come to know the truth”.


Nobody will know when.  But it could be today, next week or next month.  But we are that close.  Don’t be fooled.  Get right with God and get your house in order.



The 58 year old Rex Linn declared in 1975 that he really wanted to be an actor after seeing Jack Nicholson in One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.  The son of a Texas attorney Rex later moved to Oklahoma City; Linn graduated from Oklahoma State University and landed a career in banking.  In High School, Rex was doing a dance routine in a production of “Fiddler on the Roof”.  He tripped and practically tore down the entire set.  Linn was asked by his drama coach to leave the play and direct his energies in other avenues of academia.

With degree in hand, Linn worked his way up the corporate ladder of Lake Shore Bank and was eventually promoted to Vice President of Energy Lending.  It wasn’t long after Linn’s promotion that Lake Shore Bank became insolvent.  This led Rex to an Oil Company in “Field Operations” which afforded him the time to audition for roles in the Oklahoma City Market after he had landed a talent agent.

It was at the age of 32 in 1988 that Linn had a “Take this Job and shove it” moment and quit his job and headed for Los Angeles.  Now, trust me when I say that for every Rex Linn, there are 100,000 Skipper Dans.  But the Rex Linn story is a story of hope and meaning.  In a way it’s the story of Rudy who played for the Notre Dame fighting Irish.

Rush Hour                cliff

Rex Linn who is bald, pudgy and in no way resembles Rob Lowe or Tom Cruise was able to land a major role in the Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker movie “Rush Hour”.  He also gave a great performance in the Sylvester Stallone Movie “Cliff Hanger”.

Rex Linn

These would eventually lead him to a one time part on the CSI franchise “CSI Miami”.  It appeared that the chemistry between Linn and the Show’s star, “David Caruso” resonated with the show’s audience and Linn was invited back for another show, then another then another until he had done nine episodes.  He was brought back the next season for 13 more episodes and was finally made a regular cast member.

CSI Miami

Rex Linn; you are my hero.  Its stories like this and the Jimmy Morris story about “The Rookie” that give people hope.  (Morris threw his first major league pitch at the age of 32).  Especially those who chose to do the right thing and put their own personal wants and needs aside for the greater good. (Usually family obligations).  When you read stories like the making of the movie Rocky, it gives you hope that one day the sun and spot light will shine on you.  I believe that if God has blessed you with talent, He’ll provide an opportunity.  How you approach the opportunity will reflect in your success.  It’s hard to remember that God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  You may be the talented one, but it is talent you were blessed with by God.

And above all, remember; God promised Abraham a son.  He came through with Isaac when Abraham was 100 years old. (Nobody ever accused God of not having a sense of humor)



 Skipper Ace

Besides being painfully depressing, this video is incredibly brilliant. Al does more research than your average whiney pop singer. It shows that he takes his craft quite seriously. Then again growing up in L.A. a lot of this stuff is crap I’m sure he probably heard from his acting friends. But I love the subtleties in the making of this video.
*Note In the beginning when the alarm clock rings, there are two books on the bed stand, one says Dickens and the other “Ibsen”. (The father of modern Theater). The line: “I read my Uta Hagan and studied “The Bard”. Uta Hagan was to acting as Tony Robbins is to motivational speakers. (Only worth the money)

The Bard was the last episode of the “Twilight Zone” it was an hour long episode where a screen play writer has to come up with a “knock em’ dead script by morning. He’s given the power to conjure up Shakespeare and such for ideas.

The Bard

All of this is indicative of the serious actor, artist or musician who really wants to be successful. It reminds us that there are vocations that take knowledge, vocations that take dexterity/skill and unfortunately there are those vocations which most people are passionate about that require “Luck” as in opportunity.

Poor Dan

Even worse, you may need brains to recognize opportunity when it comes knocking and Good LOOKS to be recognized. Life is not fair and it doesn’t give you too many 2nd chances.

Please enjoy “The  SKIPPER DAN VIDEO”





Greg was commenting on the Snoop Dog interview where he commented on getting high in the White House bathroom.  He compared Mr. Dog to Foster Brooks who was an incredible actor of the 70s.  His reputation was for his ability to portray quite convincingly a stuttering drunk.  The only problem with Greg’s analogy was Brooks was acting.  It took talent to pull off a convincing drunk


Snoop on the other hand is a “Cult of Personality”.  No that’s not just the name of a song from the 90s band Living Color.  It means a creation that is molded to attract a following.  Hitler was a great “Cult of Personality” as is “Obama”.  They get by on their Charisma.  In Snoop Dog’s case, he’s basically talentless but he enjoys getting high.  A LOT!  Snoop is not acting.  He’s just the kid on the playground that had the first set of Nikes and that made him cool.  Soon everybody wanted to hang out with the Nike kid.  Then when everybody else got Nikes, Snoop probably had to have Jordan’s.  So all of the kids that had Nikes were envious of the “cool kid” because he had Jordans.


Dr. Seuss wrote a book called Sneetches on Beaches.  It was a book about Dr. Seuss creatures (The ones that look like the Grinch) only one set of Sneetches had a Star on their chest and they were the superior Sneetches.  They were special.  Soon a snake oil salesman comes into town and has a machine that will put stars on the other Sneetches’ chest for a dollar.  Soon all of the Sneetches on the Beach had stars.  So the original Starred Sneetches wanted to be different from the fake Sneetches so the Snake oil Salesman had a function on his machine that could remove the Star. (For a dollar) Soon nobody knew who was who.


Snoop was amongst the first rappers to openly use expletives in every other syllable and kids thought this was cool.  Then other rappers came and tried to outdo Snoop. So just like the Sneetches, Snoop decided his new “Thang” would be his love for Pot.  He’s no different from a wrestler looking for that new image, or Larry the Cable guy saying: “Getter done”.  Or for that matter a Sneetch with a Star.


On the other hand, Foster Brooks was a great Actor and not an alcoholic.



  1. Actually hosted the Olympics
  2. Enhanced the U.S. Space Program
  3. Revived his country’s economy
  4. Pulled Germany out of the great recession
  5. Was on the “Hood winking” side of the Hoodwink
  6. Had the respect of other countries
  7. Didn’t send money to foreign countries to try and gain their respect
  8. Built up his military instead of dismantled it.
  9. Delivered great speeches without the use of a teleprompter
  10. Did I mention was respected and feared by other counties?



 gold black2

I will be referring to the termination of long term relationships.  (10 years or longer).  Did you know that the average divorce that makes it past 2 years, dies about 15 years later?  The normal long term divorce is almost predictable.  Most long term marriages (Usually w/ kids) last 17 to 20 years.  The time zone for this destruction is between the ages of 37 and 42.  If you’re a post grad professional like a Doctor, Attorney or Anthropologist, Add another ten years to the time zone of destruction.  But that time period is more of an “outlier”.

Mark Twain once wrote: “Youth is wasted on the young”.  Oh how true, oh how true!  If you want to have children and keep a steady income; the younger you marry and procreate, the more energy and tolerance you have for things like trips to the hospital for asthma attacks or unexplained fevers.  It is an asset to have youth on your side as a new parent.


But unfortunately, getting married in your early 20s like many traditionalists has one huge fatal built in flaw.  The insecurity/immature factor.  Unless you’re born a Romney and have incredible guidance and counseling; like most young couples, you marry someone that you have a good time with, have good sex with and over looks your short comings.


Let’s look at the anatomy of a typical long term marriage that destructs in the 17th to 20th year of matrimony.  A LOT of couples marry between the age of 20 and 25.  So let’s pick the age of 23.  You leave High School at 18, Get accepted to U.C. Santa Cruz, major in business and get your BA in Business at 22.  Then you have a voice in the back of your head saying: “Take a year off”. So you take a year to sow your wild oats.

 Woman Looking at Reflection

Since your parents probably divorced when you were 12 to 15, you don’t have anyone to turn to that wants to talk about how marriage works.  I did take a class in College called “Inter-personal relationships”.  I wonder why there were never any classes on Personal Development.  You can take this statement to the bank: “The only person you can change is yourself”.  After that, remember this: “You need to become the person you want to meet”.  But if you’re divorced, we’re talking about water already under the bridge.

Why people throw long term relationships away after 17 years is easy to understand.  It’s the number 40. (Forty).  For the average proletariat, the age of 40 is a milestone.  You start asking yourself questions such as: “Am I on the right course”? “Am I happy with my life”?  “How much longer can I put up with this psychotic bitch”?  “What would a divorce do to the kids”?  (That’s only if you have a conscience and have feelings for others)


Here’s another unfortunate concern: “Men make easy targets for the wife’s unhappiness” especially because a woman’s beauty is her stock in trade if she doesn’t have a profession to dedicate her life to.  As much as I respect women who have careers, and stay at home mothers, you will find that the stay at home mother will be more concerned about where she is in life sooner than the career woman.  A career woman does not need a man’s support.  A stay at home mother needs not only outside financial support, but if she wants to attract another mate, she needs to do so before gravity takes effect.


The age of forty is like a 15 mile per hour curve on a mountain road.  Those who intend to age gracefully, know that if you hit the brakes before the curve then accelerate into the curve, you’ll come out of the curve safely and in good shape.  Those who are holding on to memories of “the good old days”, roll up the windows, lock the doors, make sure the seat belt is on and floor the gas pedal and go screaming off the cliff in a “Thelma & Louise”, damn the torpedoes, fashion.


What sucks is it only takes one partner to throw 17 years of marriage away.  The first question you ask yourself on that first night of sleeping alone is “How did I get here”?  The answer is simple.  You were clueless when you entered into this eternal bond.  You saw what you believed to be attractive and even more enticing; they were attracted to you.  You were having fun as a couple and you were having good sex.  You were thinking like a young couple.  Then before you knew it, your dreams seemed out of reach and your wife was no longer the cheerleader you were “In love with”.



Assuming you’ve tried everything to keep the boat afloat, and I’m mainly addressing those of you with children.  And once you’ve come to the conclusion that your spouse wants out before the children have both finished High School, (Which I would consider to be a main objective once the “love” has left the relationship)

 balance sheet

If you believe divorce is immanent, keep an eye on your finances.  If you’ve trusted your spouse for 2 decades to pay the bills, you may face the unpleasant surprise that “sweetie pie” has been putting your SUV payment in a special secret checking account.  I would keep an eye on every balance that is in your name.

 one sane mind

Seek personal counseling.  Couples counseling is preferred but if wifey tells you to shove counseling up your ass, go for your own personal mental health.  You’ll need it now more than ever.  Along with counseling, I would submerge myself in your church.  There’s a line in the new-testament where Paul writes in the second book of Corinthians: “If the non-believer wants to leave, let them leave”.


If you are a Christian, you know what the church’s views on Divorce are.  II Corinthians is the only living loophole.  If by chance your spouse wants to proclaim their Christianity, they need to stick it out.  If both are Christians, the only out is, (what’s that word)?  Oh yeah, adultery.  Divorce is a sin as well as adultery.  But all sins except Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and I think suicide are forgivable.  Theoretically.



The most important thing to do after you’re divorced is to spend time alone.  Let the emotions come and go.  If you did have invested emotions, you are going to hurt.  Having an affair with a person half your age may bolster your ego, but it’s not going to do a thing for you long term.



This is a great question and there is no definitive answer.  My suggestion is 2/10 or 1/5th.  This is a good (not perfect) equation for any relationship.  If you dated someone for 5 months, take a month off.  If you were married 10 years, take 2 years off.  If you were married for 17 years take 3 years and 4 months off.  I’m not saying don’t date for 3.4 years, but you need to be up front with the person you’re going to movies with.  Tell them that you’ve just gone through a divorce and that you would not be in the right frame of mind for anyone.  To be honest, I wouldn’t even start looking for 3 years.  It would be like trying to rebuild a house in a hurricane.  You have to let the winds die down before you can even think about the foundation.  BTW, the same goes, once you start dating, the 20% or 1/5 rule applies to the person you’re dating.  This can really suck because you might meet the perfect person.  But what happens if 3 years down the road, you meet another “Perfect” person and you say to yourself, did I act out of desperation?  The question will always be there.




2 weeks for every 10 weeks.  2 months for every 10 months and 2 years for every 10 years.




One more fact/Principle you can take to the bank with you.  50% of all divorces happen from the time you say: “Hi, I’m Ace, what’s your name”?  Not 2 years from the time you say: “I do”, but 2 years from the day your relationship begins.  Naturally the longer you court each other during the first 2 years you know each other, the smaller the chances are of you falling into the 2 year 50% divorce rate.  The meaning of this principle is, if you wait 2 years before you get married; you will have already beat the 2 year 50% divorce statistic.  Why does this stat happen?  Because most people can hide their dark side or a bad habit for up to 18 months.  Ya know how on the first date you want to put your best foot forward?  Well 18 months later, it’s much harder to keep up the façade. That gives you 4 months to say: “Cya”.