I want to say that the mechanics of the LOA is not something that science can define.  It is empirically defined but I wouldn’t exactly use the term anecdotal.  Just as trying to define “Energy” if you watched the video; it’s basically the same definition you will get if you asked a clergy to define God.


The key component in the law of attraction is faith.  As I began this article talking about faith the size of a mustard seed; I quoted Jesus who said faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.  I’m not talking about the mountain growing legs and moving its’ self. (Or a pile of dirt levitating and relocating its’ self.   I’m saying that if you have the smallest amount of faith, something will happen that will move that mountain from point A to point B.  I saw it at Mt. St. Helens.  So compared to moving mountains, finding a parking space, increasing your income or finding a spouse should be child’s play.  It just takes a small amount of faith.  But what is faith?  If I can quote Paul in his letter to the Hebrews in the 11th chapter: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.


Let that sink in.


What are the enemies of faith?  There’s really only one. (Possibly two) DOUBT.  Doubt will kill anything you try to manifest.  Keep in mind that you may be hoping for something and you may have doubt that it will happen, yet it does, how does that happen?  Somebody else manifested it.  You may believe that you deserve a promotion.  Time goes on and nobody has said anything about you while others are showered with praise.  You might say at this point: “This stuff doesn’t work”.  Only to find that your promotion was held up by a poor administrative assistant.  The person who manifested your promotion was your manager.  In this case, your intention was manifested but not by you.


The other enemy of Intention Manifestation is distraction.  To manifest something, you have to live in that paradigm. Everything you do should be consistent with your intention.  If the company is laying off employees, you don’t call in sick on Mondays because going to a Sunday party was more important.  That distraction takes your mind off of your bigger concern which is keeping your source of income.   Your actions need to be in “alignment” with your manifestation.  If you want to manifest a boat race victory, you don’t drill holes in the hull of your boat.  People use to use the example of manifesting a winning lottery ticket.  But if you’re too lazy to get your ass off of the couch to buy a ticket, you’re not in universal alignment with your intention.


Finally, you must know the difference between faith and belief.  Although they sound the same, and belief may appear to be a stronger version of faith, they are not.  Belief is accepting something as a fact.  If I tell you I will pick you up after your dental appointment, it’s your faith that allows you to “Believe” that what I said is true.  If I am supposed to pick you up at 2:00 PM and you are still waiting at 2:15PM; without faith, your belief dwindles and you call a Taxi.  If we are connected on a spiritual level, and I am 15 minutes late, your faith in my word will not allow your belief system to change your mind about me.  Faith will tell you that perhaps I got delayed but you know (by faith) that I would never forget about you.


Belief comes from your mind and Faith comes from your spirit.  Spiritual faith is where miracles come from.  Belief can be speculative and manipulated by doubt and belief systems can change consciously.


On D-day, June 6th 1944 there were those who were cut down on the beaches of Normandy France because they had no faith, and there were those who climbed the cliffs and defeated the enemy because faith is about all they had.  On the morning of D-day, Brigadier General Norman Cota, at the age of 51 was crossing the massive dead bodies that had died on Omaha beach and rallied the troops on the beach that were in chaos.


Here is the Law of Attraction at its’ finest.  Cota, a middle aged general was out in front of 17 and 18 year old kids and he gave them a quick speech that will live long in history.  He said: “”Gentlemen, we are being killed on the beaches. Let us go inland and be killed. There are only two kinds of people who are staying on this beach: those who are already dead and those that are gonna die. Now get off your butts, you’re the fightin’ 29th”.  Cota’s men were able to climb up the 150 foot cliffs and take the enemy machine guns from the edge of the cliffs.


Belief can be paraded like a dog and pony show.  Belief is a program that is launched in your brain.  Spiritual faith is part of a personal relationship with the part of your body that is energy and never dies.  This energy sends out intentions to the energized universe.


Once a belief is created, it can often be modified or even disregarded.  My Oral surgeon confessed that 50% of what they practiced in the 80s and 90s was wrong and they no longer use “posts” in root canals. In the 90s, that was a common belief.


Once you achieve faith, it can never be abandoned.  It will always prevail.  You may walk away from it, but you know it is always there.  The best you can do is pretend faith doesn’t exist, but once you have fait, it becomes as real as your shadow.  Belief is a product of your Brain.  Faith is a product of your spirit.


Finally, let me remind you that when manifesting an intention, you must manifest the desire and not the counter effect.  Mother Theresa said: “No I won’t attend your anti-war rally.  When you have a peace rally, invite me.  I’ll go”.  The universe only picks up the subject and not the verb.  So if you are trying to manifest an end to something, don’t try to manifest an end to the war on drugs or the war on starvation.  You’ll get more drug use and more starvation, because that’s all the universe picks up on.  Manifest an abundance of food or an abundance of sobriety.  Don’t try to manifest your child’s behavior from bad behavior, you’ll manifest more of it.  Manifest or ask for a child that acts with intelligence, compassion and all of the good things.  Do NOT MENTION NEGATIVITY.  You will only manifest more negativity.  This is why faith is so important.  Focus on good things.  Have faith that good will always prevail.  Never seek an end to chaos, manifest peace and love.  Never seek to be out of debt.  You’ll only get more debt.  Seek financial independence.  Let your works be proof of your faith in financial independence.  It’s not about what you ask for; rather how you ask for it.


  Let all of your intentions be POSITIVE.


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