What the hell are you talking about now Ace?  What, you’ve never seen the Secret?  In 2006 Rhonda Byrnes produced a cult movie called the Secret.  The Secret was a movie that introduced the World to The Law of Attraction.  Another name it’s been given is “Intention Manifestation”.


Before I explain how IM works let me give you the premise of the movie. The Law of Attraction is best described by three words: “Thoughts become Things”.  Let me add a quote that I’ve repeated in many of my personal development articles: “You must become the person you want to meet”.  The two have many principles in common.


Let me also start with a line that I’ll also come back to at the end of this brief article Jesus said: “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”~ Matthew 17:20


I think we’ve all (at one time or another) had positive results from positive thinking.  That’s a start.  Have you ever driven into a large parking lot and said to yourself: “I know there’s a great parking space right up front by the front door just waiting for me”.  And it was there?  When I was taking people on tours of San Francisco in the late 70s, one of the things I would almost dread was trying to find a place to park a “VAN” at fisherman’s wharf. (This was one of my first jobs) It got to the point where I made a game out of it.  I would say, I’m going to get a great parking space really close to pier 39 today.  It might have taken me a couple of passes, but eventually, I got that parking space.  I think one of the reasons I found this space was because I could imagine it clearly in my mind.  I was developing “Faith”.


I chalked it up to having a positive attitude.  I started using this technique or attitude in everything I did when I was younger.  When I bought my first house, it was like getting a bill passed through congress.  Yet through it all, in the back of my mind I knew I was going to get the house.  I’ll never forget the day that I got the phone call saying that I got the house.


I’ve manifested hundreds of intentions.  I believe it works.  Here’s the secret.  The more you believe it will work; the more it works.  Dr. Stephen R. Covey once said: “There are always two creations.  The mental creation comes before the physical creation”.  He compared it to the carpenter’s rule of measure twice cut once.  It’s easy to see how it works when searching for a mate.  It’s very easy.


If I’ve quit smoking and drinking, started working out, take great physical care of myself, if I don’t stay out late at parties, don’t do drugs, enjoy reading the classics or material on personal development; guess what kind of person I’m going to attract?  Do you think a Pot Head is going to put up with my love and passion for personal development?  Probably not.  Yet when I’m out on a jog and I see that person that resonates in my soul, you can bet we’re both going to be heading down the same trail, both literally and figuratively.


If I’m at a party and I’m saying goodbye to a girl I just met that night and in parting I say: “Live long and prosper” and she does the Vulcan hand sign, (Making a V with the middle and ring fingers) do you think that was an accident?

Likeness attracts Likeness.  It’s a common result that if you take 100 people and invite them to a party and two of them are alcoholics, the odds of them finding each other are very high.  Likewise, if you have a party with drugs and alcohol and you invite 98 users and 2 Mormons, the same odds of the two Mormons seeking out refuge with each other are equally high.  Why is this?


Is it our reticular activating system like Tony Robbins claims?  If you’re not familiar with your R.A.S. it’s a part of your brain that cues your conscious mind to things that you are aware of.  For example if you just bought a new red Camaro it would not be unusual for you to notice many red Camaros on the road.  The same goes for that new blouse or jacket.  These red cars or blouses were always there but you never noticed them until you owned one.


But the Law of attraction goes deeper than that.  It works on the quantum physics level.  “I think”.   If you studied science, what is one of the first things that you were taught?  The Periodic Table of Elements.  Remember that chart with all of the squares on it that had H for Hydrogen and O for Oxygen etc….?  If you were awake during that class you know that each element consisted of total sum of electrons, protons and the nucleus.  (Stay with me) And they showed the nucleus as a red cherry in the middle and the electrons and protons orbiting the nucleus like sperm trying to penetrate an egg.  OK, maybe the planets orbiting the sun.


The point I’m making is that everything in that atom is moving.  The electrons and protons in all atoms are moving.  So nothing is static.  If you looked at the desk you’re sitting at under an electron microscope, you’re going to see this motion.  Without the scope, you’re going to presume the wood or plastic or glass is solid, and some atomic structures are denser than others, but at the cellular level, or “Quantum Physics” level, you’ve got microscopic sub-atomic particles rotating around the nucleus.


What happens when you introduce electricity to atoms?  You “excite” and sometimes manipulate the atomic cohesiveness of the object.  What is it we do 24/7 in our brains?  We have electric brain wave function.  What is the source of this electrical function?  Where is the conduit that this energy comes from?  It’s not hydraulic, it’s not electromagnetic, and it’s not static/friction electricity. What is it?  Some call it life force.


What do paramedics do when they’re losing a patient to a heart attack?  They bring out the paddles. (An electro-defibrillator).  It re-introduces electricity back into the heart.  And you hear the paramedics yell: “STAND BACK”.  Why?  Because it’s delivering a boatload of electricity.  So the electrical current that runs your body is no AAA cell battery.  But more importantly, where is this “LIFE FORCE” energy source?  Is it the idea that Nicholai Tesla was trying to uncover when he was trying to invent “Wi-Fi” electricity?


In 1910 Wallace D. Wattles wrote these words in his best seller “The Science of Getting Rich”:


“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which in its’ original state, it penetrates and permeates the inner spaces of the universe”.


In closing for today; I’ll give you my personal interpretation of this proclamation.  In what we perceive as our physical surroundings are objects made up of atoms.  These atoms are held together by a force we have not identified. But in its’ unaltered state, this force (Which I feel electricity plays a role) penetrates and permeates (saturates) the physical objects we see and keeps them in a condition of stasis.  If the original state is altered, as Dr. Wattles states, we can see ice turn to water then turn to gas.  Our thoughts emit electrical impulses that also alter the original state of this “thinking stuff”.  If done correctly, it can turn an empty wallet into a full wallet.


Let that sink in and we’ll talk more about it tomorrow.

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