I remember when I was growing up, there were two things that were as reliable as the sun coming up and tides rolling in.


  1. The President of the United States stood for the Constitution, Truth andFreedom
  2. Neither rain nor sleet nor even hail; nothing could stop the U.S. mail.


Now the president is amongst the most popular public liars.  Yet he doesn’t just stretch the truth, he’s become a sociopathic liar.  He along with Nancy Pelosi and other political buffoons don’t seem to understand how video works.


To validate the above accusations we have the consultant of Obamacare saying that “Non-transparency along with the stupidity of the American voter was necessary to get the law passed”.  Pelosi went on Television and said she had no Idea who this Gruber person was.  Yet we have video of her bragging about what a great job Jonathon Gruber from the prestigious M.I.T. was doing with Obamacare.  Yes the same Gruber who called the American public STUPID.


After the Stupid American Voters chose the habitual liar over Mitt Romney, Obama felt he could lie with complete impunity. “Not even a smidgeon” to use his choice of words when lying to Bill O’Reilly on Super Sunday.  His will to lie is so absurd; he sat on “Univision” and lied to the Hispanic host who came out and called him a liar and even asked him if he was worried about being impeached?  Basically Obama sat and argued that the sky was green.


What effect has this had on lower Federal branches?  Lois Learner is pleading the 5th in front of a congressional panel about her participation in denying conservative action groups their 5013C tax exempt status prior to the 2012 election.  Actually she used even dirtier actions than denial, she just didn’t act on them.  That’s even worse than denial.  If you think a good employee will quit if you tell them something they don’t want to hear, what do you do?  You say, let me think about it.  (You haven’t decided either way thus causing paralysis).

File photo of U.S. Director of Exempt Organizations for the IRS Lerner being sworn in to testify before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in Washington

The NSA went crazy spying on everyone.  I’ll bet they downloaded my music for free. Our once loyal allies in Europe got spied on. Germany was furious.

Two protesters attend a demonstration against secret monitoring programmes PRISM, TEMPORA, INDECT and showing solidarity with whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and others in Berlin

Hell, even Fox news channel’s James Rosen was investigated by the D.O.J. for not turning over his sources.


Sharyl Atkisson of CBS was a fine reporter until she decided to do her job and uncovered EMAILS from the D.O.J. to the Whitehouse regarding the Fast and Furious scandal.  Atkisson was dismissed from the lap dog network CBS and went rogue.


She later released a book called Stonewalled.  A great title as that is the typical Modus Operandi unless you’re a less than intelligent non-law abiding citizen selling “Lucies” (Loose cigarettes) in Time’s square.  If you do that, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will have you taken down with the equivalent of a S.W.A.T. team and you may end up with Andrew Breitbart.


Now if you are breaking immigration laws, Obama will assist you in your crime by telling the ICE units not to enforce the laws of our constitution.


If you are a drug Cartel, “BONUS” just get a kid 18 or older to go into a Texas Gun shop and have them buy as many AR-15s (Civilian M-16s) as the local Cabela’s has in stock. Don’t worry, when the owner calls the D.O.J. to warn them of what appears to be a scandal, the store owner will be told to “Stand down” and then eventually get blamed for selling the guns to the illegal immigrant.  As for the D.O.J./AG?  He received executive cover from the liar in chief.


Speaking of Stand down……….


We have CIA agents who testified they were locked and loaded in Benghazi and chomping at the bit to go in and rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens when they were given a “Stand Down” order.


Then we had one of Obama’s professional liars (almost as good as he is) take her dog and pony show on the 5 Sunday shows spewing a lie about the attack on our embassy in Libya being about a YouTube video that nobody has ever seen.

Rice Talk shows

What happened to the great deceiver?  She got promoted to U.N. Ambassador.  I guess in this administration; you get promoted to your ability to lie for Obama.



The Secret Service.


OK I don’t want to piss these guys off, but what Fraternity did the White House find them at.  It just seems they have a prostitution directory in every port.

 Tutes SS

As for the Nimrods that jumped the fence and did an end-zone dance in the White House, I guess the SS knew Obama wasn’t at home.  (But don’t they just have to push a button to release the hounds)?  Perhaps the K-9s get confused.


So let me get local about Federal corruption.


The U.S. mail which use to stand for trust, reliability, and confidence is now just another scam outlet.  We expected such behavior from the luggage workers at the air-lines.  But does anyone remember the legendary “Pony Express”.


Now you better be prepared to “Pony” up a few hours on hold with USPS if you want to find that Christmas package your Grandma sent you.  I hate coming down on the Post office as my mail carrier in California was one of the finest workers the postal service has ever employed.  On the other hand, in my new location, it’s like being stopped by the Mexican Police.


Perhaps it’s the unintended CON-sequences of affirmative action, but recently, I tracked a package from Texas that stop at a local location on December 5th.  OK, I know it’s the Christmas/Hanukah season so I waited 10 days before calling USPS.  I guess they heard Obama say: “If you like the package; you can keep the package”.  Sadly, the supervisor of my local post office got caught in a typical Obama-esque lie.  He said that he had: “called me and we had “resolved the issue”.  After going up the ladder to the Department of CONsumer affairs, my package arrived the next day.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the President of the United States or the Post Master of your local post office, integrity has become a thing of the past.  I call it

Trickle down Federal Corruption”.





 First let me say that if Science cannot explain something, that does not disprove it.  It exposes the ignorance of Science.

I have been having an issue I’m sure many of you might be experiencing.  Or maybe, we’re just noticing this more but my investigations tell me the odds of “noticing” this is pretty rare.

I’ve been noticing on my digital clocks the times of 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:10, 11:11 and occasionally 12:12.  So, I first wrote this off as my R.A.S. or reticular activating system.  How can I explain the R.A. S.?  When you buy a new car in this year’s color (A Red Camaro), once you buy it your mind is tuned into 2014 Red Camaros.  So you notice more of them on the road.  But the truth is they were always there.  Or if you buy a new shirt and you go to a party and someone else also bought that shirt, you notice it right away.  That’s a part of your brain that is trained to notice “like items”.  It’s the reticular activating system.

To prove this point to myself; I was noticing 11:11 on my clocks a lot.  So I said to myself: “I’m going to notice 10:10 instead.  And indeed, I started noticing 10:10.  Now these numbers do STAND OUT like these two words written in all capitals.  But I still have to raise my head and look at the clock and how many times a day do you look at the time?

The Mathematical possibilities.


There are 1,440 different times if you combine A.M. and P.M.  Let me say that again ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FORTY TIMES a day.

Ask yourself: “how many repetitive times are there in a day”? …………16

So the odds are 16/1440 or (let me grab my calculator)  1 out of 90.  And that’s just to get a like number.  If you keep seeing 1:11 and you sleep through the morning cycle, it’s 1/1440.  But let’s take the odds of 1:90. That’s 1.1% chance of seeing those repeating numbers. The only one I can explain is 1:11 because I take a medication between 1 & 2 o’clock.  As for 5:55pm, (Never A.M.) I notice it because I’m usually watching the “O’Reilly Factor” from 5pm – 6pm.  I’ve said it before, I’m really glad there is no 6:66.

BTW, should you really want to drive yourself crazy; keep in mind that you only have 60 seconds to notice that time of the day. (Or 120 seconds if you’re awake when both times come around)

1.1% chance of catching one of these combinations is rare.  I catch on average about 3 to 5 a day.  What does this mean?  I don’t believe in coincidences.  I don’t want to make up stuff and say that 1:11 is good and 5:55 is bad.  I have no empirical evidence to support that.  There is an entire premise of research on the time 11:11.  It has some crap to do with angels etc…  (I know I shouldn’t call it crap as they could be correct if you have an open mind) Let me say that I advocate an open mind, yet not so open that you trip over your brain.

Personally, I think that noticing such high odds could be an attempt from the spiritual realm to communicate with you.  I won’t begin to speculate on what they are trying to tell me.  When I say: “The Spiritual realm” I’m talking about Spirit guides.  Or your “helpers” from the other side.  Jesus said the Holy Spirit would bless us with gifts.  Perhaps this is one of them.  I think the only way to research this mystery is simply to start a log of dates and events.


And just to push you over the edge; what do you think it means when you see 12:12 on December 12th? Or for that matter 1:11 on January 11th?  Do you want to know the odds of that happening? Since those times happen only 8 times a year (Jan 11th 1:11, Feb 22nd 2:22, November 11th 11:11 and December 12th 12:12, twice a day) Take .011 (1.1% and divide it by 8 and you get .0000138…or  .00138%  Now we’re talking Mega-Lotto numbers.  So can you just dismiss this as random numbers?  Or is someone or something trying to get your attention without using a partial body apparition in the mirror?

My guess is, when you start seeing these extremely low possibility numbers, be very observant as to what is happening in your life.  Don’t think good or bad because you don’t want to “manifest anything using the law of attraction”.  But just look at it as a “synchronicity”.  I believe that’s what they are.


Joe         Gandhi

Pablo Picasso was 55 when he painted Guernica.
Dom Perignion was 60 years old when he made his first bottle of Champagne
Oscar Hammerstein was 64 years old when he wrote the lyrics to the “Sound of Music”
Winston Churchill was 65 years old when he became Prime minister of Britain
Nelson Mandela was 75 years old when he was elected President of South Africa
Michael Angelo was 72 when he designed the Dome of St.Peter’s Basilica in in Rome.
Ben Franklyn was 79 years old when he invented Bi-focal eye glasses.
Frank Lloyd Wright was 91 years old when he finished his work on the Guggenheim museum.
Dmitri Yordanidis was 98 years old when he ran a marathon in 7 hours & 33 minutes in Athens Greece.
Tesicki Igarashi  was 100 years old when he climbed Mt. Fuji.

Your whole life is ahead of you.




People that do not express their emotions are either social geniuses or potential serial killers.  In America, I would think that 90% of the country are raised to be crybabies or they have a paradigm that the world owes them something.  They may believe that life is only unfair to them. (Not the rest of the world).

The late/great speaker Dr. Stephen R. Covey said that this one line changed his life: “Between stimulus and response there lays a space.  In that space lays our opportunity to decide what our reaction is going to be”.   He felt the key to life was being able to “maneuver in that space”.  He also went on to say something that made me pull the car over and write down: “It’s not what happens to us that effects our emotions; rather our interpretation of what happened to us that effects our emotions”.  Do you want an example?  Take a look at the Ferguson case.  To the open minded, a policeman was doing what he perceived was his job.  (The grand jury agreed).  Yet thousand have taken to the street because they interpret the killing of the 400 pound 18 year old to be a cold blooded racial murder.  (Damned be the facts).  So we see those passionate yet uninformed/bias protesters walking around with their hands up.

Our adrenal glands, which perch atop our kidneys secrete adrenalin.  It’s also known as epinephrine in the pharmaceutical world.  The release of this chemical causes the brain to respond.  Let me rephrase that, when the brain feels this “rush” of adrenalin, it expects a response.  Sometimes it is an enjoyable response if you love rollercoasters and scary movies, and sometimes it’s a defensive mechanism as in “Fight or Flight”.  Whatever the case may be; we have conditioned our brains to respond to certain situations by practice.  We don’t even know we’re doing it.

The deadly emotion is the “Silent Emotion”.  This is a conditioned response that you are not even aware of until you’ve responded.  I recently found myself dealing with a disappointing situation where I didn’t get a part on a Television series.  I was really thinking this was going to be my big role.  It never happened.  But in the entertainment industry, we have a little secret.  When you’re auditioning for something, you never tell anyone.  The reason is, if you don’t tell anyone, when you don’t get the part or the gig, you don’t have any explaining to do.  We also say: “It curses you”.  Subsequently, I caught myself eating half a bag of potato chips on the way home from the store.  Why?  I was dealing with the frustration and disappointment and I wasn’t even aware of it.

So anyone who’s been in entertainment for more than a year and is still trying to knock down the door, you know the feeling of not getting excited about good news, and not to get depressed about bad news.  I believe you need the same paradigm in sales as well.

I’ll give you another example.  In 2004 I was on-line and my wife came to me with the cordless phone and said: “It’s for you.  She said she’s the manager of DOUBLE TROUBLE” (Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band) Tommy Shannon had seen my performance and wanted his manager to get a hold of me and tell me how he enjoyed my performance.  That was it.  The first thing I did was called Terry Anderson who writes for the Georgia Satellites and told him what had just transpired.  I was shaking.  I said: “Should I be getting excited about this”?  Terry said: “NOT YET”.  He knew.  If you ask anyone who has made it in show business: “When did you know that you had made it”?  They’ll usually answer: “There were so many times that I had thought I had made it but really didn’t”.

So what do you do?

Use the Anchor

I think emotions are what make us human.  Love is the highest and most potent emotion of any.  We can’t run from it and we can’t hide it very long.  This accounts for many broken hearts.  If you train yourself not to react to news, what separates you from zombies?  I learned when I was going through hell back in the 90’s about the “Anchor”.  The anchor is a technique I had read about where you take a deep, deep, deep breath and think of your special place.  But you have to take that deep breath.  Now, when disappointment smacks me in the face, I take a deep breath and it takes me instantly to my hide away.  I don’t need to close my eyes and I don’t need to go into meditation.  It’s using the same technique your body does naturally but instead of huffing and puffing, I go to my happy place.  I must admit that sometimes, my happy place goes away, then I’m really in trouble.  The worst place to be is in Apathy.  “No Feelings”.

The anchor works for an instant response.  But what happens when you start thinking about what happened to you hours later?  Days later?  The disappointment may still be there.  They may say that understanding won’t satisfy the hunger, but understanding can help you look for sustenance.  I’m not saying you need to go into denial or go get analyzed. (Although sometimes therapy is a great idea) I’m saying clear your head and try to think about why you’re disappointed. Is the disappointment worth the energy your body is wasting on something that is out of your hands?  That should be the first question you ask yourself.  Can I do anything about it?  THEN, try and learn from your disappointment.  The next time what can I do that might be useful to me?

Remember this!  Your response is indicative of your state of mind.  How you respond is how others will remember you.  If you go into a rant, it may make you feel better for a few minutes, but it might cause a lifetime of sorrow.  The toothpaste will be out of the tube.  This is when the anchor is handy.  Even if your response is insincere, you smile and say, well we’ll get the next one. (Even though deep inside you’re hurting) Your ability to control your response (Maneuver in that space) is what will determine your behavior.  It’s called the mature thought process.

Unbridled negative or positive energy will not serve you well.  Negative energy can destroy you.  Positive energy can blind you.  Use them both as indicators.


Darren Einstein

During the first half of the year, I found myself writing 2 articles a day.  I was a writing fool.  Sadly what I found attracted the most “hits” were articles with the word “Fuck” in it.  For example I wrote an article entitled “Where the fuck am I”.  I was getting a lot of traffic from a site that is connected to Fox news.  So, my love for writing became a job.

I had to get away from writing and I had to start doing it again.  Perhaps I’ve been going through a transition.  Writing is a form of escapism.   I’ve lived a some what good yet shitty life.  I was asked to write a small essay about my life for a counselor that I went to see and it printed out at 134 pages. (Or there about) She said I was a good writer and couldn’t put it down.  I guess that’s good and bad.

My inspiration for writing so prolifically was that I found last December that Greg Gutfeld whom I would “Copy” or “CC” my stuff to; started using my jokes on “The Five”.  (An hour long show on Fox News Channel which rivals “The View” only it has 4 conservatives and one lovable yet obnoxious liberal)  So It was fun to write an article and see if Mr. Gutfeld used it on National Television.  I was a “Ghost writer”.

I never wanted to be a writer.  I am by nature, a guitarist.  According to the Editor of the Wave Magazine, I am a “Guitar god”.  But I know a lot about politics, having grown up next door to a congressman, and I have a pretty good knowledge of the Holy Bible. (Mostly as a result of having a somewhat good yet shitty life)  I was forced to attend church as a child. (And an extremist one at that) and I also found solace in church after I got divorced.  I have an incredible diverse set of career tools.  I assisted in surgery for most of my livelihood. I was in the Navy as a Corpsman or “medic” in case you’re like Obama and cannot pronounce the word Corpsman.  (It’s pronounced Kor-mun not Korps-men).  But I digress.

Nothing will change your view on life quicker than being broke and divorced.  It’s almost like the Domino effect. I found that being a Hermit and exercising daily was the best thing I could do.  I also, as previously stated, took solace in the church.  So religion and personal development became my 2 most common interests (next to raising two sons).  Going through the Clinton years got me interested again in politics again.

I did get to play music again.  An important aspect of my life that was put on hiatus while trying to be the husband my ex wanted me to be.  Shame on me. Again I digress.  Before I know it, this article will be 134 pages if I do not stay focused which is why I write.

I started a blog in 2005 because it was the thing for musicians to do.  I could tell people where I was playing as well as get my feelings out.  It was Therapy.  But I couldn’t write for the sake of giving Greg Gutfeld material and I felt betrayed when I wrote really good serious articles on life and divorce that didn’t get published at the “Red Eye” site.  So I haven’t written since August.

I will be focusing on the 4 L’s in life that my late mentor “Stephen R. Covey” wrote on.  He said that man needs to do 4 things.  Live (put a roof over your head and food in your stomach) Learn (Get educated) Love (Show concern for someone else’s best interest) and finally, Leave a legacy. (Whether it’s Officer Darren Wilson or Albert Einstein, or your cantankerous Uncle that pisses everyone off at family get-togethers yet only shows up for the food)


In short……………. I’m back