First let me say that if Science cannot explain something, that does not disprove it.  It exposes the ignorance of Science.

I have been having an issue I’m sure many of you might be experiencing.  Or maybe, we’re just noticing this more but my investigations tell me the odds of “noticing” this is pretty rare.

I’ve been noticing on my digital clocks the times of 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:10, 11:11 and occasionally 12:12.  So, I first wrote this off as my R.A.S. or reticular activating system.  How can I explain the R.A. S.?  When you buy a new car in this year’s color (A Red Camaro), once you buy it your mind is tuned into 2014 Red Camaros.  So you notice more of them on the road.  But the truth is they were always there.  Or if you buy a new shirt and you go to a party and someone else also bought that shirt, you notice it right away.  That’s a part of your brain that is trained to notice “like items”.  It’s the reticular activating system.

To prove this point to myself; I was noticing 11:11 on my clocks a lot.  So I said to myself: “I’m going to notice 10:10 instead.  And indeed, I started noticing 10:10.  Now these numbers do STAND OUT like these two words written in all capitals.  But I still have to raise my head and look at the clock and how many times a day do you look at the time?

The Mathematical possibilities.


There are 1,440 different times if you combine A.M. and P.M.  Let me say that again ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FORTY TIMES a day.

Ask yourself: “how many repetitive times are there in a day”? …………16

So the odds are 16/1440 or (let me grab my calculator)  1 out of 90.  And that’s just to get a like number.  If you keep seeing 1:11 and you sleep through the morning cycle, it’s 1/1440.  But let’s take the odds of 1:90. That’s 1.1% chance of seeing those repeating numbers. The only one I can explain is 1:11 because I take a medication between 1 & 2 o’clock.  As for 5:55pm, (Never A.M.) I notice it because I’m usually watching the “O’Reilly Factor” from 5pm – 6pm.  I’ve said it before, I’m really glad there is no 6:66.

BTW, should you really want to drive yourself crazy; keep in mind that you only have 60 seconds to notice that time of the day. (Or 120 seconds if you’re awake when both times come around)

1.1% chance of catching one of these combinations is rare.  I catch on average about 3 to 5 a day.  What does this mean?  I don’t believe in coincidences.  I don’t want to make up stuff and say that 1:11 is good and 5:55 is bad.  I have no empirical evidence to support that.  There is an entire premise of research on the time 11:11.  It has some crap to do with angels etc…  (I know I shouldn’t call it crap as they could be correct if you have an open mind) Let me say that I advocate an open mind, yet not so open that you trip over your brain.

Personally, I think that noticing such high odds could be an attempt from the spiritual realm to communicate with you.  I won’t begin to speculate on what they are trying to tell me.  When I say: “The Spiritual realm” I’m talking about Spirit guides.  Or your “helpers” from the other side.  Jesus said the Holy Spirit would bless us with gifts.  Perhaps this is one of them.  I think the only way to research this mystery is simply to start a log of dates and events.


And just to push you over the edge; what do you think it means when you see 12:12 on December 12th? Or for that matter 1:11 on January 11th?  Do you want to know the odds of that happening? Since those times happen only 8 times a year (Jan 11th 1:11, Feb 22nd 2:22, November 11th 11:11 and December 12th 12:12, twice a day) Take .011 (1.1% and divide it by 8 and you get .0000138…or  .00138%  Now we’re talking Mega-Lotto numbers.  So can you just dismiss this as random numbers?  Or is someone or something trying to get your attention without using a partial body apparition in the mirror?

My guess is, when you start seeing these extremely low possibility numbers, be very observant as to what is happening in your life.  Don’t think good or bad because you don’t want to “manifest anything using the law of attraction”.  But just look at it as a “synchronicity”.  I believe that’s what they are.


    • I’ve been marking the replicating times on my calendar. I had one day with 5 matching times and 5 days out of the week. Then I went the week end without any, then back to multiple times again on Monday.

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