Joe         Gandhi

Pablo Picasso was 55 when he painted Guernica.
Dom Perignion was 60 years old when he made his first bottle of Champagne
Oscar Hammerstein was 64 years old when he wrote the lyrics to the “Sound of Music”
Winston Churchill was 65 years old when he became Prime minister of Britain
Nelson Mandela was 75 years old when he was elected President of South Africa
Michael Angelo was 72 when he designed the Dome of St.Peter’s Basilica in in Rome.
Ben Franklyn was 79 years old when he invented Bi-focal eye glasses.
Frank Lloyd Wright was 91 years old when he finished his work on the Guggenheim museum.
Dmitri Yordanidis was 98 years old when he ran a marathon in 7 hours & 33 minutes in Athens Greece.
Tesicki Igarashi  was 100 years old when he climbed Mt. Fuji.

Your whole life is ahead of you.

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