The 58 year old Rex Linn declared in 1975 that he really wanted to be an actor after seeing Jack Nicholson in One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.  The son of a Texas attorney Rex later moved to Oklahoma City; Linn graduated from Oklahoma State University and landed a career in banking.  In High School, Rex was doing a dance routine in a production of “Fiddler on the Roof”.  He tripped and practically tore down the entire set.  Linn was asked by his drama coach to leave the play and direct his energies in other avenues of academia.

With degree in hand, Linn worked his way up the corporate ladder of Lake Shore Bank and was eventually promoted to Vice President of Energy Lending.  It wasn’t long after Linn’s promotion that Lake Shore Bank became insolvent.  This led Rex to an Oil Company in “Field Operations” which afforded him the time to audition for roles in the Oklahoma City Market after he had landed a talent agent.

It was at the age of 32 in 1988 that Linn had a “Take this Job and shove it” moment and quit his job and headed for Los Angeles.  Now, trust me when I say that for every Rex Linn, there are 100,000 Skipper Dans.  But the Rex Linn story is a story of hope and meaning.  In a way it’s the story of Rudy who played for the Notre Dame fighting Irish.

Rush Hour                cliff

Rex Linn who is bald, pudgy and in no way resembles Rob Lowe or Tom Cruise was able to land a major role in the Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker movie “Rush Hour”.  He also gave a great performance in the Sylvester Stallone Movie “Cliff Hanger”.

Rex Linn

These would eventually lead him to a one time part on the CSI franchise “CSI Miami”.  It appeared that the chemistry between Linn and the Show’s star, “David Caruso” resonated with the show’s audience and Linn was invited back for another show, then another then another until he had done nine episodes.  He was brought back the next season for 13 more episodes and was finally made a regular cast member.

CSI Miami

Rex Linn; you are my hero.  Its stories like this and the Jimmy Morris story about “The Rookie” that give people hope.  (Morris threw his first major league pitch at the age of 32).  Especially those who chose to do the right thing and put their own personal wants and needs aside for the greater good. (Usually family obligations).  When you read stories like the making of the movie Rocky, it gives you hope that one day the sun and spot light will shine on you.  I believe that if God has blessed you with talent, He’ll provide an opportunity.  How you approach the opportunity will reflect in your success.  It’s hard to remember that God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  You may be the talented one, but it is talent you were blessed with by God.

And above all, remember; God promised Abraham a son.  He came through with Isaac when Abraham was 100 years old. (Nobody ever accused God of not having a sense of humor)


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