Skipper Ace

Besides being painfully depressing, this video is incredibly brilliant. Al does more research than your average whiney pop singer. It shows that he takes his craft quite seriously. Then again growing up in L.A. a lot of this stuff is crap I’m sure he probably heard from his acting friends. But I love the subtleties in the making of this video.
*Note In the beginning when the alarm clock rings, there are two books on the bed stand, one says Dickens and the other “Ibsen”. (The father of modern Theater). The line: “I read my Uta Hagan and studied “The Bard”. Uta Hagan was to acting as Tony Robbins is to motivational speakers. (Only worth the money)

The Bard was the last episode of the “Twilight Zone” it was an hour long episode where a screen play writer has to come up with a “knock em’ dead script by morning. He’s given the power to conjure up Shakespeare and such for ideas.

The Bard

All of this is indicative of the serious actor, artist or musician who really wants to be successful. It reminds us that there are vocations that take knowledge, vocations that take dexterity/skill and unfortunately there are those vocations which most people are passionate about that require “Luck” as in opportunity.

Poor Dan

Even worse, you may need brains to recognize opportunity when it comes knocking and Good LOOKS to be recognized. Life is not fair and it doesn’t give you too many 2nd chances.

Please enjoy “The  SKIPPER DAN VIDEO”

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