I remember a scene in the first “GHOST BUSTERS” movie where Dan Akroyd and Ernie Hudson are driving in the Ambulance and Ernie says to Akroyd: “The Bible says in the end of times the dead shall rise.  Did you ever think Ray that’s why we’re so busy”?

I know for a fact that the tone of the World is in low frequency right now.  It’s a result of an uncertain future.   Everything in the world vibrates on the quantum physics level.  In the spiritual realm, a low vibrating spirit is “evil” and a high vibrating spirit is “righteous”.  A low vibrating spirit is referred to as a “dark” worker and a high vibrating spirit is referred to as a “light” worker

As humans, we have free will. We can choose to be light workers or dark workers.  We choose to be good or evil.  One problem is that the more you find comfort at a certain level of vibration; the harder it is to change.  That’s a good thing if you are a high vibrating being.  Unfortunately, if you vibrate low, it’s hard to see the light. The Bible says: “The darkness hates the light”.  Another issue is that you can’t change vibrational frequency overnight.  It takes about two years of conscious decision making.

Many people go through life thinking it’s natural to cheat on your taxes.  Some people use social injustice to justify stealing or keeping something that doesn’t belong to them.   They see corporations as faceless entities.  It’s like the conversation at the beginning of Pulp fiction when the robber is saying: “He’s got business insurance; he wasn’t supposed to be a hero and get shot”.  Light workers can’t watch darkness without speaking out.  A light worker will try to see the big picture but his/her life is guided by principle based on right and wrong.

Anger is a low vibration emotion.  This country is a very, VERY angry country.  Even those who find themselves getting stuff from the government for free know that there are light workers that despise them.  This causes sub-conscious anger.  Those who are playing the game by the rules and paying their taxes and losing stuff to those who are getting it for free, are also suppressing anger.  That can have an even more explosive result once it’s manifested.  The American Revolution was fought because the king of England was taking stuff from the colonies for free and building up the kingdom while doing nothing for the colonials.

Our union is no longer a Union.  It’s a divided republic where the makers are being outnumbered by the takers nd the makers are getting really mad.  What’s worse is that the more you want to follow the rules as a light worker; the more anger you suppress.  I believe “Our Union” is headed for an insurrection and it will be “worldwide”.

I would not be surprised if this is not the last State of the Union address America sits “quietly” through.


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