Focusing on Death

After being attacked by a spirit or demon, there’s only one feeling I can describe……Helpless. I mean, “What can I do”?


It’s been 4 days since I was carved up by a ghost or Demon named TEX at the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City. The more I try to figure it out the less sense it makes. For those of you who didn’t read about the attack, I’ll give you a short recap. I was challenged to go into an old 150 year old morgue by myself and turn the light out. When I got home that night; I had the name TEX carved into my tummy. It is still there. I’m hitting it aggressively with steroid cream to prevent it from scarring.

But  this whole time I’ve been wondering, why me?  This was my first reaction and it seems the most plausible.  Before my 4 family members and I entered the club, a party of about 12 ghost hunter wannabes in their young 20’s or teens were coming out of the “Crypt” or “Morgue”.  They were laughing and giggling.  They were displaying a very disrespectful attitude for those spirits stuck at the mining town water hole.  I’m sure this aggravated or “Provoked” the paranormal powers.

My family went in next.  There were 5 of us.  My sister was very interested as she’s had paranormal experiences before.  She received a phone call from her father while he was in a coma.  Apparently he dialed collect twice. Later than night he died.  She checked her phone bill and it showed no documentation of any collect calls.  So she is really into the paranormal.  But we were polite, however my brother kept repeating a mantra in an attempt to manifest an apparition.

My brother, whom I had met for the first time in my life (That’s a whole different story) and I had just driven 550 miles the day before to visit our mother’s grave site.  He only met our mom once as he was adopted as an infant.  He wanted to visit her grave.  So on my birthday he flew out west from Michigan and we had a spontaneous “Road Trip” (About 275 miles each way) all in one day.  It was 8.5 hours of driving but a great way to get to know each other.

I, as you may or may not know am a Christian that is open to Theosophy.  It’s the why or how behind the what.  I believe as Thomas Jefferson said: “Question boldly everything, even the very existence of God for if there be one, he would surely pay homage to logic than blind fear”.  I believe in the Holy Trinity and the New Testament.  I believe in my translation of the scriptures.  (As read with an open mind).  So when I was in a place that was known for harboring demonic entities or human spirits that had crossed over, I had no fear as I “clung to my belief system”.  I felt the Holy spirit would protect me.  I did not pray for protection as I pray everyday for forgiveness, blessings for health and good abundance.  So when I arrived at home with TEX carved into my abdomen, I felt a bit let down by my spiritual back up.

My best friend when I was a teen became a Lutheran minister.  He advised me to give it a week.  Continue to wear my Crucifix, and if it has not gone by Saturday, to go see a Catholic priest.  They are trained in Demonology.  I don’t feel like I brought anything home with me except something’s name on my tummy.

And to finish off the Irony; We watched the movie “Ghost” tonight.  I found it sad at the end because I couldn’t help but wonder how Patrick Swayzy’s family feels when they see their boy filming his death scene.

I’ve had lots of questions from the local news station to fans of the TV show “The Dead Files”.  Many who are attracted to the paranormal because they’ve had paranormal experiences.  Very few have been scratched or in my case, autographed.  They all can’t imagine how it feels.  I can’t either.

My best answer is: “What can I do”?  I’m partly in denial, and am treating it like I picked up a tick and I’m ignoring the possibility that it could be the work of a demonic creature.  I think I’m less concerned because I have faith in God.  After all of life’s let downs, I know God will not forsake me.  I also know that the demons are stronger than man.  But they fear Christ, The Father and the Holy Spirit.

Do I think it was a stupid thing to do?  In retrospect; No.  I was curious.  I wasn’t testing my faith, I was practicing my faith.  Perhaps God picked the strongest of the family to be attacked.  I was questioning the existence of spirits and other entities.  Do I hold a grudge against The Holy Spirit for allowing TEX to cut me? Not at all.  In fact, I prayed to God to forgive TEX and prayed to the Arch Angel Michael to guide TEX into the light.

Life is about love.  Love comes in many manifestations. Love can hurt and love means forgiving.  The Bible is full of examples where we need to show forgiveness in order to be forgiven.  I know I am far from perfect.  We know that the Bible is full of sacrifices.  Christ, (God in human form) gave his human life for our spiritual lives.   Am I freaked out? No.  I’ve learned a great lesson from this and it has strengthened my belief system.

3 dayscr

Three days later

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