It was the 21st annual Stanford University Paranormal Investigators conference at the Hoover Pavilion.  A group of about 250 were in attendance.  The premise was the documentation and verification of Apparitions or “Ghosts”.

Present were the usual television speakers and mediums who you might see on the SyFy channel or even H2.  In attendance was Zak Bagans, Jason Hawthorn,  Amy Allan, Char, Chip Coffee, Theresa Caputo and Kim Russo just to name a few.  The host was professor Erick Von Daniken.

After the cordial greetings and the introduction of the panel, the Host started out by asking if he could see a show of hands of those who have had a paranormal experience.  Approximately 220 participants raised their hands.

The speakers next question was: “Has anyone seen and been touched by a spirit or ghost”.  Only about 75 raised their hands.  Out of the 75; the host asked how many had been in what they would consider an intimate encounter with a ghost.  Only three people raised their hands.  The Professor asked the three to stand up.  With great anticipation he asked: “Out of the three of you; did you actually have sex with a ghost (An Incubus or Succubus) two of the three sat down just leaving one old fellow dressed in a flannel shirt and overalls.

This was fantastic.  With jubilant excitement, Dr. Von Daniken asked once again, REALLY; You’ve had sex with an actual Ghost?  The audience member asked if he could repeat the question.  Once again: “Did you actually have sex with a Ghost”?

The gentleman replied: “Oh Ghosts.  Hell no.  I thought you said goats”.

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