Cat rod-stewart

Cat Stevens wrote: “The First Cut is the Deepest”.  The First Cut is the Deepest?  Naw the last cut is the deepest and the most painful.

With social media and the ability to find that girl that sat in the 1st row, 3rd seat in your sophomore algebra class, or the ability to just say hi on your smart phone, I’ve discovered something; a phenomena if I may, that I find quite disturbing.

I have a list of people that I “THOUGHT” I was close to.  People that “I KNOW” can get in touch with me, yet prefer to let things lay in the past.  And what I hate the most is wondering if I was the A$$ hole, or they’re being an A$$ hole.

Let’s put cyber technology aside.  Are some things best left as history?  Or will you, in the long run, regret not being able to say one last good-bye?  Steve Martin writes a very important line in the Movie L.A. story that is incredibly profound for a comedian.  He says why is it you never know when exactly you fell in love; but you always remember the exact moment it’s over?

Thus I say: “The last cut is the deepest”.  Being turned down is part of life.  Being turned down after being accepted is painful. (If it meant anything to you).  But worse than being turned down after being accepted is being turned down without knowing why.  It does not allow closure.

Sometimes people are just busy.  Sometimes people have short memories and sometimes people are just selfish.  Life goes on and some things just need to be filed under E for enigmatic.  If not, you will hurt yourself trying to take blame for something that you have nothing to do with.

Unless someone comes out and tells you that they want nothing further to do with you, then they fall under one of the above categories.  Oh wait, there is one more: “They’re too thoughtless to let you know why they can’t/won’t/or haven’t replied to your outreach”.

I guess, just as the enemy often considers kindness a weakness, the self centered consider kindness a gratuity.  Or even worse, we (The Seeker) mistake kindness for friendship.

Life is short.  Sometimes we need to: “Let it be”.

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