Bolling’s Speech to ISIS


After a typical round table debate about Ferguson on the 23 of August, 2014; Eric Bolling who usually has stock picks from his two guests Wayne Rogers and Jonathan Hoenig shared his anger over not only the propaganda video released by the terrorist group ISIS, but the Presidents, response.


The president, who was golfing and laughing it up in Martha’s vineyard gave another predictable, “This is unacceptable” speech and within 6 minutes was back on the Golf course.  Bolling said he yelled at the TV set: “That’s it”?  He was outraged, not so much that Obama went back to golfing, but that the president gave another generic speech that was under 5 minutes with no passion or even a hint of what he was going to do about it.  This is typical as even Obama’s Pravda outlet “The New York Times” even said, Obama is disconnected and doesn’t seem to care anymore.

Before signing off, host Eric Bolling gave what would have been his response to ISIS.  Had Obama given Eric Bolling’s speech; The President’s rating would have spiked 50 points.


Bolling said: “If I were the president, I would have picked up the microphone, looked straight into the camera and said ISIS, YOU JUST BROUGHT A KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT! Then dropped the mic on the podium and walked out and gone back to golfing”. 


But alas, our president doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude, nor does he seem to be bothered by the public beheading of James Foley, to make such a statement.  To America, it was more of the same: “I’m outraged, feel sorry for, and blah, blah, blah.  It makes you wonder who Obama truly sympathizes with.

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