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I use to be a surgical first assistant.  I worked with one of the pioneers in Laparoscopic surgery at Stanford University Medical Center.  His name was Arnold Kresch MD (R.I.P) Arnold died of pancreatic cancer.  A silent cancer that doesn’t manifest until you only have 3 months left to live.  “Arney” and I were close.  I held the scope and camera while he used the forceps and laser.  I know my way around the inside of a woman’s abdomen quite well.


After Dr. Kresch died, I went on to work at dozens of Bay Area hospitals. Although my prowess was orthopedics/Sports Medicine, I had a personal interest in GYN surgery.  From a clinical POV I found endometriosis one of the most interesting diseases that afflict many women.  So my ability to hold a camera and endoscope made me quite a sought after commodity at Stanford University.


One issue that confronts those who work in women’s medicine is how mundane sexual exposure becomes. In short: “A vagina is a vagina”.  Only once did I allow my personal feelings to enter my clinical mind, but I always put my professional attitude before my natural God given inclinations and I washed thoughts of any involvement from my mind. I got the thought out of my head and went back to seeing the vagina as just something connected to the uterus. I quickly got to the point where I saw surgery as auto repair except the oil was red, the water pump was the bladder, well you get the idea.



God created men and women with reproductive organs that secrete hormones which often influence the brain. This accounts for Las Vegas weddings, teenage pregnancies and sadly “rape”.  I do have spiritual theories on homosexuality but I consider them (for the sake of this article) to be outliers.


How does “Porn” become “Parts?” A lot has to do with, as I said before, with your POV (Point of View).  When sexual organs no longer become a source of stimulation; the POV looks to a higher source for sexual gratification.  I think this is the POV most couples should have in mind before choosing to marry.  I know there must be a genetic desire for procreation. Procreation done in the right way for the right reason is a very exciting thing.  Creating another human is as close as we will come to being a deity.


There is a fine line between lust and the stimulus for procreation. Lust cannot sustain a relationship.  Love enables you to be supportive when the lust phase of a relationship has worn off.  After your mate has put on 20 pounds the first year of marriage, the lust factor will diminish.


Many make the mistake of thinking an “oil change” (another sex partner) is the answer; however it’s a myth based on an attempt to replicate the excitement of virgin lust. The cycle soon repeats (especially if you haven’t changed) and it’s back to wash, rinse and repeat.  It’s not long before one realizes that a new sex partner is not the same as a new “first time”.



I would presume that in the afterlife we will not be concerned with anything physical. It’s ironic because when we enter the corporeal world, all we know is the physical.  We show emotion when we find the feeling of lying in a diaper full of feces and urine unacceptable.  Our empty stomach makes us cry for nourishment.  On the other side I would presume we will have an avatar that resembles a body.  We’ll probably communicate telepathically.  I doubt/hope we do not have pain receptors which means the only way we will be able to hurt someone would be emotionally.


If the “near death experience survivors” (NDErs) are correct, inflicting pain is not practiced on the other side. They return feeling a type of Love they cannot describe.


If the bible is correct, there is another place on the other side where pain is practiced in abundance. I can’t tell you for sure what determines where you will eventually end up.  All I know is that if you’re a Christian;

Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and treat your neighbor as you would yourself!

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