ORGASM over 50

ORGASM over 50 not just for fun



Before you read this, understand that I am not a doctor and this is not medical advise. If you are experiencing the symptoms of prostate problems or any problems mentioned in this article; please see your doctor. If you are 50 and are NOT having the symptoms mentioned at the end of the article, read and learn.

The Media is doing the male over 50 public a great disservice by talking about pills that keep you from “Having to go” (urinate). But I fought with myself about writing this article because I know what the unintended consequences can be.

When the average male starts to hit his 50s, his “ejaculation” frequency slows down. You’ve heard the T.V. commercials talk about one out of three men over 50 being diagnosed with some form of prostate disease. This includes the lesser problem called BPH or Benign Prostate Hypertrophy or Hyperplasia, to prostate cancer.   Here’s another term you’ve undoubtedly heard: “Use it or lose it”.


A normal prostate is the size of a walnut. Your bladder is the size of your fist. A prostate that has become enlarged is the size of a good sized lemon. The Physiology or functionality of prostate issues is easy to understand if you realize that a normal prostate is a Walnut size structure that surrounds your Urethra (Pee tube). But not only does it surround your pee tube, it acts like a super charger for your testicles.

Here’s where and why the problem can exist. Your (I’m speaking to males) testicles create and secrete a hormone called testosterone. It forms the reproductive cells known as sperm which are released in seminal fluid. (The stuff wet dreams are made of) They are those little tad poles that race towards the woman’s egg.

The “On-Ramp” for those sperm cells is the prostate gland. But the prostate is not just any organ, it creates an enzyme that mixes with the sperm cells which protects the sperm cells from the acidic fluids in the woman’s vagina (her special place).

Although the testicles tend to be content with the decrease in testosterone output, it manifests its’ self in other male destructive ways like “BALDNESS”. Don’t ask, I can’t explain that one. All I know is the more testosterone you have, the less hair you have.

The prostate, on the other hand, keeps producing its’ enzyme and there is no other use for it. So if you don’t let it do its’ thing from time to time; it will grow into a lemon. Don’t worry your prostate is not going to explode as the excess gets eliminated, but only after stretching that walnut into a lemon. So once your prostate turns into the size of a lemon, it takes up valuable real estate where your bladder is use to expand. This explains why as a young 20 something, you could drink beer all night, then urinate for a half hour in the morning. What can an over 50 guy do to help reduce this issue and not get up several times during the night to go and try to urinate while all that comes out is a weak trickle of urine? Have an Orgasm twice a week. And the more the merrier.

How you do this is up to you. But know that when you do start releasing seminal fluid, it’s not going to shrink your prostate overnight. I call this the “holistic” PREVENTIVE  alternative to a “TURP” or transurethral resectioning of the Prostate. It’s an ugly operation (Although urologist have gotten good at it) but Orgasm can be more fun than letting someone you don’t know take a small loop and burn away pieces of your prostate.  And again; It only helps if you start practicing it before you manifest symptoms.

***** IMPORTANT*****

What I’m referring to is something you should consider BEFORE you have signs of Prostate issues. If you have the classic prostate symptoms which are a weak urine flow. Having to get up during the night to go urinate. (Water pills not withstanding). Having an inconsistent urine flow. (In other words, you’re never really done pissing) It’s important that you SEE A DOCTOR. Testicular and Prostate cancer are nothing to fool around with.  Any hormone producing organ can turn pernicious really fast. So when your body is not acting the way it always has, you need to have it checked out.

Chalking stuff up to old age is not a good diagnosis, especially if you are the one diagnosing yourself. I’m just educating you on this before in hopes that it will help you avoid becoming part of the other 66 percent, or 50% of all men over 50 and 80% of men over 80.

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