Politics and the Person


I have a burning feeling in my stomach every time I think of the Russian invasion of Berlin.  What the Red Army did was cowardly and shameful.  But what Stalin had created was a culture without morals.  It’s the only way communism can work.  To say I hate Russians would say I hate America, as what America and Great Britain did in the early months of 1945 was just as bad.  The terror bombings of Dresden under the guise of war was as hideous as the cowardly Red Army killing 11 year old German boys, then raping his mother and 8 year old sister.

Germans_killed_by_Soviet_army rape-german-women-ww2-1945-001

These are German women and children raped and killed by the Russian Army.

It’s not Paval’s fault he was born under the leadership of Stalin. (Who probably killed Paval and his family for not wanting to be party members.

I’ve been to Tokyo.  The Japanese people are amongst the most polite people I’ve ever met.  Yet the emperor’s Army took none to very few prisoners.  Stories of children being killed with Bayonets were not just propaganda.  It did happen Yet I don’t hate the Japanese.  What was the difference between Russia and Japan?  Russia was suppose to be a liberator.

Austrian Women raped

Austrian Women in Berlin commit suicide after being Raped by Red Army

Perhaps I’m a convenient victim of growing up during the cold war and the Bay of Pigs when the USSR wanted to destroy America.


America is far from perfect.  We stole this land from the Native Americans and Mexicans who were here before us.  What right did we have to “Manifest Destiny”?  Was that any different from Hitler’s “Lebensraum”?

I can’t believe that Americans died protecting Chinese nationals in WWII.  (Remember the AVG)? The Flying Tigers?  Then 5 years after the war we are being killed in Korea by Chinese and Koreans.  Japan and Germany become loyal allies while our WWII allies became our worst nightmare. In 1961 Nikita Khrushchev pledges to bury us.  This came only 15 years after supplying Russia with food and P-39 Cobras to combat Germany.

And now Putin is at it again.  Americans have died more for other countries’ freedom than for our own.  Some speculate that had we not stopped Hitler in the late 20th century, he would have cornered the world. But I suggest that is just speculation.

There will always be someone who has an inherent need to conquer.  Unfortunately, there will always be those afraid to stand up to tyranny.  Lyndon B. Johnson once said, aggression not confronted is aggression unleashed.  I would hope that the Russian troops that go into the Ukraine would not kill the men and rape the women and children.  Hopefully Russia’s “taste of freedom” planted the seeds of morality.  Unlike the generation before.

I’m sure Putin represents the Russian people as much as Obama represents America.  79% of Americans wish they could replace Obama.  I’m sure the feelings of the Russian people do not matter to Putin.  Putin has a Gulag for those who don’t speak kindly of him.  In America, a place where free speech is supposed to be welcomed, if you say something negative about Obama, you will be harassed by government agencies like the NSA or worse, the IRS.


Or we’re all Obama’s suckers and Obama is in on the Ukraine take over.  (Remember the flexibility after the election)?



Go ahead and click on it.

Do you see a difference in the total number of troops between the Communist countries and the Freedom loving countries?


mukraine ukraine

I don’t know who said it, but without Ukraine, Russia is a country. (A 3rd world country) With Ukraine, Russia is a world power.  Ask yourself; Is Obama going to do ANYTHING besides bark at Putin?  Hell no.  Putin knows he can push Obama and the United States around.  Unless, Like Franklin Marshall Davis (Communist party member #47544 and mentor to Barack Obama); Obama is a part of the Rebuilding of the Old USSR.

Putin has given the Ukrainian Armed forces a deadline to surrender.  Now is the time to see what our fearful leader is going to do.  This is NOT a JOB for a COMMUNITY OGANIZER.  Obama is best suited for selling Girl scout cookies.  Unless he’s in on it.  Then he’s selling us out and should be tried for treason.



sofia_vergara_98I don’t usually talk about my surgical past.  Many of you know that I made my living for several years as a Surgical assistant.  It’s a trade that I learned in the military.  I saw things nobody should ever have to see.  I’ll spare you the gore.  Just believe me there were days I felt like I was living a horror movie.

I found one of the most disturbing operations that I assisted with was any thing that had to do with one’s butt.  The most common “Butt” cases that get scheduled are Pilonidal cysts, anal fistulas,  Hemorrhoidectomies,  and ……. well that’s enough.

Needless to say, none of these are brain surgery, (although some people I know…..) but most of these cases only take about 45 minutes.  In fact, in most cases, it takes longer to prepare for the operation than the operation its’ self.
The Pilonidal cyst is amongst the most common.  Let me explain how it’s handled.  The area,(usually above your rectum) has been sat on for an eternity.  When you sit on your butt day in and day out, depending on your weight and DNA,  the area about your rectum which is often a very vascular area, forms an awful cyst or as they say on the streets, “a Boil”.  Unlike a ganglion cyst or a sebaceous cyst where they make an incision, remove the encapsulated cyst then sow up the incision; your friendly neighborhood general surgeon takes what is called a “Bovie” (It’s actually the brand name of the person who popularized the “Electro Cautery knife”.  In other words, they use an electrical knife to cut the whole area above your butt hole out.  It’s an incision that looks like a football.  The difference? They don’t sew it up.  They let it “fill in” on its’ own.  The recovery is quite painful.  You are pretty much forced to stand or lay on your stomach.

What do I do?  I’m not a doctor and I’m not saying this will help you, but how closely do you use soap and water “down there”?

Seriously, your rectum needs a daily once over and if I did a lot of sitting, (and I don’t) I’d use soap and water to massage that area where the Pilonidal develops.  I have no proof it helps, but I know that I massage my scalp every day when I shampoo, and look at my hair.


I’ve been a long believer that blood flow is an important part of your health.  That’s why exercise is so important.  It forces blood to your body parts.  (Along with air and nutrients etc…)  This is why many claim that magnets have a therapeutic value.  The magnetic field vibrates the tissue.
This is all anecdotal and non-empirical so don’t take my word for it.  But it does make sense to me.



We’ve managed to avoid being in the faces of China and Russia since Reagan left office, now it looks like Obama’s flexibility he spoke of to Medvedev. in 2012 is coming to fruition.  I’m presuming Obama has given Putin the green light to put the old Soviet Union back together again.

Like Father like son

150,000 troops as well a Russian naval vessel,  are assembling in the Ukraine,  a country that wanted to join the E.U. but now has a former KGB agent’s boot on the country’s throat.  I’m seeing visions of Hitler marching into Austria.

Russian in Ukraine Russian Ship anschluss

Once again, this is happening at a time when Obama wants to “dismantle” our troops which is already tired and rated 9th in size compared to other war mongering nations such as North Korea, Russia, Vietnam and China.  Obama wants to cut our troops down to 420,000.

Ukraine Soldiers UkraineFema

Under trained targets for the Russian Army

Does anyone remember Obama and Hillary dismantling the anti-missile shield in Belgium?

Must I remind everyone that Obama was born of Communist parents, he was raised in a communist school and was mentored by one of the FBI’s top watched Communists in the country; “Franklin Marshall Davis”  Communist party #47544.

commie flag



Is it a coincidence that Russia under it’s former KGB leader (that never acknowledged the break up of the old Soviet Union) is going to pull a real Hitler and take back all that was lost when the USSR fell apart?  Especially now that Obama has almost single handedly dealt America the same financial blow Reagan dealt Gorbachev?