sofia_vergara_98I don’t usually talk about my surgical past.  Many of you know that I made my living for several years as a Surgical assistant.  It’s a trade that I learned in the military.  I saw things nobody should ever have to see.  I’ll spare you the gore.  Just believe me there were days I felt like I was living a horror movie.

I found one of the most disturbing operations that I assisted with was any thing that had to do with one’s butt.  The most common “Butt” cases that get scheduled are Pilonidal cysts, anal fistulas,  Hemorrhoidectomies,  and ……. well that’s enough.

Needless to say, none of these are brain surgery, (although some people I know…..) but most of these cases only take about 45 minutes.  In fact, in most cases, it takes longer to prepare for the operation than the operation its’ self.
The Pilonidal cyst is amongst the most common.  Let me explain how it’s handled.  The area,(usually above your rectum) has been sat on for an eternity.  When you sit on your butt day in and day out, depending on your weight and DNA,  the area about your rectum which is often a very vascular area, forms an awful cyst or as they say on the streets, “a Boil”.  Unlike a ganglion cyst or a sebaceous cyst where they make an incision, remove the encapsulated cyst then sow up the incision; your friendly neighborhood general surgeon takes what is called a “Bovie” (It’s actually the brand name of the person who popularized the “Electro Cautery knife”.  In other words, they use an electrical knife to cut the whole area above your butt hole out.  It’s an incision that looks like a football.  The difference? They don’t sew it up.  They let it “fill in” on its’ own.  The recovery is quite painful.  You are pretty much forced to stand or lay on your stomach.

What do I do?  I’m not a doctor and I’m not saying this will help you, but how closely do you use soap and water “down there”?

Seriously, your rectum needs a daily once over and if I did a lot of sitting, (and I don’t) I’d use soap and water to massage that area where the Pilonidal develops.  I have no proof it helps, but I know that I massage my scalp every day when I shampoo, and look at my hair.


I’ve been a long believer that blood flow is an important part of your health.  That’s why exercise is so important.  It forces blood to your body parts.  (Along with air and nutrients etc…)  This is why many claim that magnets have a therapeutic value.  The magnetic field vibrates the tissue.
This is all anecdotal and non-empirical so don’t take my word for it.  But it does make sense to me.

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