Or we’re all Obama’s suckers and Obama is in on the Ukraine take over.  (Remember the flexibility after the election)?



Go ahead and click on it.

Do you see a difference in the total number of troops between the Communist countries and the Freedom loving countries?


mukraine ukraine

I don’t know who said it, but without Ukraine, Russia is a country. (A 3rd world country) With Ukraine, Russia is a world power.  Ask yourself; Is Obama going to do ANYTHING besides bark at Putin?  Hell no.  Putin knows he can push Obama and the United States around.  Unless, Like Franklin Marshall Davis (Communist party member #47544 and mentor to Barack Obama); Obama is a part of the Rebuilding of the Old USSR.

Putin has given the Ukrainian Armed forces a deadline to surrender.  Now is the time to see what our fearful leader is going to do.  This is NOT a JOB for a COMMUNITY OGANIZER.  Obama is best suited for selling Girl scout cookies.  Unless he’s in on it.  Then he’s selling us out and should be tried for treason.

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