Dear Parentless Child,

Understand that life on this planet can be long or prematurely terminated. If you can read this, you were not killed in the womb.  Remember that as you grow.  If your life was not taken in the womb, never consider taking another’s life in the womb.

Growing up in the fast lane is based on two principles.

1. You must know right from wrong and be brave enough to choose right even when wrong seems acceptable, more fun and is justified by society.  In the long term it’s this thought process that will indeed hurt you on this planet.  If you have trouble understanding right from wrong, seek a noble mentor.  If one is not available, read the New Testament Bible and try to emulate the life of Jesus.  Let the Jesus in the Holy Bible be your example of righteousness.

2.  You must try to understand Love. If you were born and grew up in an orphanage; it will be hard for you to understand unconditional Love. The most important form of love is the love you have for everything created by God.  God, the Creator of the Universe, Source Energy or your Higher Power is the one you will have to answer to in the end.  Don’t hold a grudge against God.  Your life will be full of obstacles.  Never forget that even the worst of the worst are still creatures of our God.  Show them love by wanting what is best for them.  Show them the best that you can give them.  The truth is that on this planet there is no “Us and Them”.  There is only us.

Story of the not so cute little kitten

I once had a pet kitten. There was something wrong with this creature.  It was not an easy pet to love.  It did not enjoy being held. It would hiss when touched.  It urinated on my coats and shirts that had fallen off their hangers.  I knew that had I taken this creature back to the place where I had adopted it; it would be put to sleep (death).  For ten years I put up with the damage and frustration this cat caused.  I got to a point where I was keeping it alive and feeding it just because it was the right thing to do.  That in its self was a form of the love I’m talking about.  Looking back, I believe this animal was put into my life as a lesson to see if I could love something that did not show love back.  It also showed me that I had a personal choice to get angry or just accept the situation and save myself the ulcer.  This is called Agape love. (Pronounced Ah-gah-pay).  It’s the most important type of love because it reflects on your ability to love, show compassion and mercy.  It’s the kind of love God has for his creation.

Human Nature

Humans that have offspring usually have a natural love for their creation. I would have said that this separates us from the animal kingdom but I’ve found that some humans can walk away from their children in a very animalistic fashion while at the same time a Mother Bear will protect her cubs with her last fighting breath.


A mother’s true love for her child is the Agape Love we should show for everyone. You may have heard the term: “He/She’s the type only a mother can love”.  You need to show that type of love for others while expecting nothing in return.  Your duty is your reward.  You showed love.  Even if the creature turns on you and kills you, you will have died proving your worthiness as a loving creature.  If you see someone hurting, do what you can to ease their pain.  If you see someone struggling, help them.


Life can get lonely. If you have no family it is better to stay within yourself than share your ignorance and desperaton with someone you find attractive.  I say “Ignorance” because if you haven’t figured out what your own faults, weaknesses and fears are, you will more than likely only be able to find a match that has the same issues that you have.  In short, my child, intimacy with another ignorant person will not solve the loneliness that stems from your “Ignorance”.  Keep in mind, highly educated individuals can be emotionally ignorant.  Love is not a quid pro quo arrangement.

Loneliness is never a good reason to seek company. Two ignorant people are worse than one.  When one sees enlightenment, often the other is no longer a match.  So in searching for a mate; become the person you want to meet first.  Likeness attracts likeness.  It’s simple physics.

When you strike a 512 Hz tuning fork, (concert C) if you hold another 512 tuning fork next to it, it will start vibrating without physical stimulation. If you hold a higher vibrating tuning fork like a 659 Hz (concert E) the fork will remain still. If you think substance abuse will solve your problems, you will probably find someone that tolerates substance abuse.  Abuse of anything is a form of ignorance. Don’t be ignorant.  Read! Watch personal Development videos! Talk to those who are perceived to have wisdom.  Go to personal growth seminars if you can afford it and believe the speaker is a person of wisdom.

Your body was created “naturally” with chemicals and organs designed to pro-create. (Meaning reproduce). Remember this when you engage in the act of sex.  Sex often leads to reproduction. It’s supposed to.  It’s always been my creed (when lucid) to avoid sex with someone I would not spend the rest of my life with.  You will find some that view sex as a sport, drug, distraction, affirmation or an intimate hand shake.  This thought process often leads to unwanted reproduction.  Unwanted reproduction is the road to the orphanage.  If you, my child, don’t want to put another human in the same shoes you were forced to wear; you will avoid sex without commitment.  Make love, not sex.  Sex without love is equivalent to substance abuse.  Don’t do it.  Love should be the: “Physical Manifestation of Spiritual Unity”.


You can only change the past by altering the future. Think hard about that.  If you go through life dwelling about how hard you had it growing up; remember that at some point you became responsible for your actions.  In most religions they talk about the “age of accountability”.  As far as the law is concerned, it differs in legal definition in different states.  In the absence of responsible guidance, this will take you longer.

*However; once you realize that your actions become your past, you can modify your future actions which will in time modify your past. Once you read this it will be in your past by the time you understand it. 

Remember you only have one chance to make a first impression. If you’ve based your life on right from wrong and let Love and Knowledge guide your behavior ,  you will not have to worry about how you come across to others.  (You shouldn’t anyway)  Be what you want to be then share your life with the like minded person you attracted.

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