Romneys  Syrians


And its’ unintended consequences in adulthood


OK, on a scale of 1 to 10; a one is growing up in a war zone. A zero (0) would be any childhood that included physical or sexual abuse. Verbal abuse would be in the 1 category yet negative adult symptoms will manifest.

A 10 would be growing up a Kennedy or Romney. Aupaires notwithstanding, I’m sure Mitt was around for each child and was strict yet never let his kids down on Birthdays and Christmas. (Again, LDS practices notwithstanding).

Let’s throw out the extremes and go with the 4 to 6 categories. A 4 would be kid with a dysfunctional parent or both.  In my case, I had a dysfunctional parent which led to her death. *Note – Timing is everything.  To quote my best friend: “When your mom died, you just disappeared”.  I was 11 when Mutti checked out leaving me to grow up in the what many would refer to as the “formative years”. Father knew three things, how to run a nightclub, cook gourmet meals and watch baseball.  Setting up a household was NOT a strong prowess.

5s have evolved over the years. In my youth, a stay at home mom was the norm.  Now a stay at home mom means she’s either really wealthy or a crackhead on state aid.  Stay at home moms don’t make category 5.  I would guess category 5s have at least one parent that cares.  If 2 parents are involved, one parent goes to the PTA meetings while the other lives in denial. 5s get half the cool stuff that comes out.  Instead of an I phone, they probably have a pre-paid phone.  The 5 grows up wondering when the parents are going get divorced.

The category 6ers are slightly better off than the 5ers. They have two parents that are dysfunctional yet both want to see their kids raised and wait until the youngest is 18 before manifesting the mid-life crisis.  Psychologically, the 6er may be worse off than the category 4.  The 6 child is growing up in a somewhat leave it to beaver house but they feel that something’s wrong.  They know they’re living a lie.  One or both parents must resort to vices to stay in the relationship. The 6er is not fooled.  Yet he’ll get a car on his 16th birthday, but rarely a parent that says: “I love you”.


I show gratitude every day that I’ve been blessed with free will. An adult can choose to learn from his parents’ lack of parenting skills.  At some point you become an adult when you realize that your parents were immature adults perhaps as messed up as you.  If you lost one or both parents at a young age, you lost unconditional love at the same time.  This will haunt you the rest of your life.  You will probably marry young (and immature) to have someone/anyone who will be there for you.  Many times one of you will be the enabler.  Once financially mature, don’t be surprised to see yourself spending $200.00 on that G.I. Joe you never got in 1966.  *THIS IS IMPORTANT In many ways, we as adults will covertly try to be the parents to both our children as well as our “Inner-child” (sorry for using that rhetoric)

I had a theory that the 80/20 rule applied to raising kids. And I’d say this applies to 80% of kids in the 4 to 6 categories.  Children learn 80% of what they know and do from watching their parents.  If the parents can do it; everybody must be doing it.

Hide your vices if you can’t give them up.

20% of the kids in the 4 to 6 categories think for themselves and learn from 80% of what you say to do and not do. These children are rare.  Again, free will has much to do with these kids.  And as prefaced, I use to think this way.

Kids will grow up in mostly one of three ways.

1  Those who use free will to their advantage. Usually we see this in the self-motivated individuals that recognize what their parents were doing was not serving them well or they had respect for their parents achievements and success and trusted their advice.  Love is the motivator.

2  Those who go with the flow and grow up to be replicas of their parents. Some never leave the town they were born in.  They feel they can only rise to the level of their parents’ success.  Maybe, with interest in personal development, a growing child will question why they are doing what they’re doing then graduate into the previously mentioned group who exercise their free will.

3  Sadly, the underachiever that sees what he or she wants to see. If mom smokes pot and has a paradigm that everybody does it and: “It’s cool once you turn 18” it’s only grooming or even more precise, sentencing, the underachiever to failure.  If not corrected and shown parental love this kid will become a burden on the tax payer.  If this kid comes from a category 5 background, hopefully rock bottom will be what it takes to turn around the youngster.  Hopefully the youngster or adult can survive “rock bottom”.

In closing, some of you may be saying or thinking: “Yeah I can see that” or “This guy is full of crap”  I would say you are both right.



The opposite of love is not Hate rather Apathy ~ Ace Andres

(Apathy is the lack of emotions)


In my first go around with the definition of The Verb: “To Love”, I went into the roots of the word.  We discussed the 3 forms of love, Eros, (sex) Philia (brotherly) Agape (huh?)


Agape needs to be examined closer and I’ll try to keep it short. (I promise). Agape is the Love of mankind.  Imagine showing concern and love for someone you loath.  This is why we are instructed not to hate.  Hate, although it is an emotion, interferes with your ability to forgive and ultimately show love for your enemy.

Jesus said that it was easy to love those who love you. But what virtue exist in that?

I would presume with my finite pea brain that what Christ meant when he said: “Love your neighbor as yourself”, (In the parable of the Good Samaritan) He meant that if you show compassion for a stranger, you have become their neighbor. (Luke 10:25) If a stranger wants nothing to do with you, they are not your neighbor. Pray for them regardless.

Recently, I witnessed the death of a biker that passed me while I was going 4MPH on the freeway and he was going about 50 to 60. I saw a flash of a biker wearing a blue T-shirt.  In my mind (I know I wrote about this yesterday) I said to myself: “He’s going to kill himself”.  Less than a minute later I saw his lifeless body on the road and what was left of his motorcycle.  All I could do was pray for him.  In retrospect, had I shown love and compassion, and been a neighbor; I would have prayed for him as he flew by my driver’s door. (Not pass judgment on him) That is Agape love.  I failed.

Do you see how I’m thinking? I’m nowhere near the vicinity of perfect.  But I’m learning. When I see ad hominem attacks on politicians, I have to refrain from getting involved.  I need to remind myself to take the higher road.  Look for the opportunity to show agape love.

I want to be the Good Samaritan.


3 Stages


If you’re lucky; you’ll get to experience the 3 stages of life.


  1. The Developmental stage. (birth to 21)
  2. The Productive stage (22 to 60)
  3. The Tertiary stage or the remainder of your life.


The developmental stage is perhaps the most important. Your life grid is determined by everyone you see, hear and meet.  In many cases, the best examples are not necessarily your parents.  But beware, should you have less than great examples for parents, they will have a direct or counter effect on your life.  Your conscience will decide.


If you have the parents of the year, you’re a lucky kid. You will know right from wrong and have seen it practiced.  Instead of spoiling you with the latest toys to show their concern, they will fund a college account.  Your parents will understand the need to help you through the learning process so you will get good enough grades AND understand the importance of a continued education.  If you’re truly lucky your parents will help you find your inner voice or passion.


Keep in mind, the above paragraph is like a hole in one, a 300 game in bowling, hitting for the cycle in Baseball or pitching a perfect game. Parents are the same as you and I.  They are humans trying to make their way through the jungle of life.  We are all different and most of us will not hear our parents advice (out of teen rebellion) or in odd counter-intuitive conditions, the child’s mind, which has been programmed by a church service or really good neighbors or perhaps by God on the other side, is able to see the parent’s wrongful behavior and say: “When I’m older, I’m not going to ….etc.”.

The good or bad part of the developmental stage is that it has a direct/proportional effect on your productive stage.



The 80/20 rule which you have heard thru-out your life is best described in your productive stage. What is the 80/20 rule?  In business it means that 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers, or certain sales, or certain district stores. Why does Christmas come sooner and sooner each year?  80% of a stores profits come during the holiday season.  Roughly 20% of the fiscal year.


In your productive stage of life (22 to 60) what you believe, do and say comes from 80% of what you see during your developmental stage, and 20% of what you are taught or told during the same time period. Sadly, what happens to you during your developmental years can lead to serious unintended consequences.  If you grow up in a liberal house hold where sex is looked upon without consequences (Like social disease or procreation) you will not even consider the unintended consequences of your sexual actions.  On the other hand if you are brought up in a “Leave it to Beaver” household, sex epitomizes the manifestation of spiritual unity. (Yeah think about that for a while).  It is something that you treat with respect and is held as something sacred.  It means much more than a penis and a vagina.



This is the stage of your life when you accept that your physical gas tank is getting low. Your odometer has turned over. (Showing my age).  You realize that the above stages are BS as described.  You understand the term “Outlier”. (A statistical observation that is markedly different in value from the others of the sample).  During your “golden years” you have two choices.  Wait to die or plan how to go down making a statement.  Waiting to die is probably the quickest way to die.  (And there are so many ways your God can bring you home). But if you have a mission; it will stimulate the parts of your brain that keep your vital organs or nerves functioning.

Look at the Reverend Billy Graham. He has been quoted as saying that he is ready for God to bring him home. I don’t agree with his dogma, but he’s 97 years old. (Let me add that I do not question his Christianity) I frequently ask myself why God doesn’t bring him home. I believe that your most important work can be done after 60 if you are inspired to do so.  At that age, you’ve had time to quit blaming your upbringing.  You’ve accepted the mistakes you made during your productive years and you realize that your accomplishments mean little in the overall “Big Picture”.

Something you discover after the rollercoaster comes back to the station is the existence of your spiritual life. It’s something that’s been in you since you became you.  I don’t know if you are born with a spirit or if it sprouts during the years of life that you can’t remember. (Less than 4 years of age).


Once you accept the existence of your spiritual life, the morality aspect of your life comes into clearer focus. Fear of God turns into respect for God.  Respect for God turns into Love for God.  Perhaps in the end, that is why we were given this very short human experience.

It’s just my 2 cents. Live each day as if it’s your last.  I’ve been alive to see Billy Graham live to the age of 97. (He’s still going) Mother Theresa only made it to 87 but she also spent a great deal of her life in 3rd world cultures.

I was alive in 1959 when Ritchie Valens died at the age of 17. To this day his songs as well as Buddy Holly’s are recorded by people like myself and others.

Remember this: “If you get to heaven there is only one thing that you cannot do in heaven that you can on this spinning ball, lead spirits to God.

Maybe that’s why God keeps Billy Graham around?




He changed our culture.  He changed music, for good or bad you be the judge and history will decide.


When I was a kid practicing guitar every day, I saw the manifestation of Ziggy Stardust. I was speechless.  I felt he was somewhat enigmatic.  But up to that time, Rock music had guys who wouldn’t even face the audience.  You can still go to a bar and see a blues band where the musicians are statues.


David put color in Rock music. His music, although often described as “Glam” was far more profound.  If you go on you tube and watch the great Rick Wakeman, (who played keys on “Life on Mars”) he said Bowie’s chord structure was like nothing he had ever seen.

To say David played Glam conjures up visions of the New York Dolls. The only thing Glam about David for the beginning of his career were the theatrics in his performance.  America had its’ version in Alice Cooper.  But David’s music was, at heart, Rhythm and Blues.  On his album “Let’s Dance” he hired a young Texas kid named Stevie Ray Vaughn to play the solos.


In his albums like “Young Americans” he showed the “soul” side of his persona. In fact he appeared on “Soul Train”.  (A 70s American TV version of Bandstand designed for African Americans)


Of all of the headliners, I always wanted to do Bowie’s farewell tour. When I stopped touring and focused on recording, fans would ask when I would be on the road again.  For 10 years, my standard response was: “David Bowie hasn’t called me yet”.   (Spoken half in jest) I made every effort to get an audience with Mr. Bowie.  But after his heart attack in 2005, my connections and plans turned more to a dream.  Not a pipe dream but I knew the people around David but It never happened.


Back in 2002 I was supposed to tour Europe with “The man in black”, before the tour, Johnny Cash died.


So goes the story of Major Tom. With David gone its’ made me step back and take a look at the future.  To quote Tom Berenger’s character in the movie “Major League” when he was being berated by his ex-girlfriend’s new fiancé, he asked the has-been catcher: “What do you have planned for life after baseball”?  Taylor, (Berenger’s character) replies: “Something will come up”.


I guess that’s where I’m at. Thank you David for your music and the hope it generated.




For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ~ Isaac Newton


Life is a game of balance that is focused on the 4 major aspects of your life


  1. The Physical
  2. The Emotional
  3. The Education
  4. The Spiritual


The Physical condition gets the most attention because if you’re fat it shows. If you are unclean it smells.  If you are not solid it effects the other 3 aspects of your life.  There are two ways to establish your physical condition.  A healthy diet and exercise.  The “Key” to managing those two aspects is dependent on the other three aspects.


When our emotions are out of balance we tend to over eat or not eat at all. If the conditions are unsustainable; enter drugs and alcohol.  These will destroy your physical condition and make you sick.


When our educational condition becomes clouded, we do not make smart choices. We allow our vices to affect our physical condition.  We know a glass of red wine has 400 calories but by our third glass, who cares?  If not properly educated you will pay a non-monetary price for eating that bacon wrapped pizza.


When we neglect our spiritual properties; we stray from caring about right from wrong. See above abuses which also arise from not being spiritually grounded.


The Emotional Condition


Again, the other three aspects of life affect your emotions. If you are physically undesirable, you will become insecure.  Insecurity leads to poor choices (education) and neglect of your spiritual existence.


The Education Condition


The more educated you are in this world, the more you are aware of. Why? Because you know the cause and effect behind those decisions.  Educated people think three dimensionally.  This allows them to avoid or at least minimalize unintended consequences.  We gather knowledge in the classroom but more so by experience.  The latter (although more memorable) is less forgiving.  If your Wechsler (I.Q.) score is under 100; life might be tough. It could mean the difference between “hard” work and “smart” work.


The Spiritual Condition


I’m not referring to your dogma or religious beliefs, but if you are aware of the existence of a part of your person which is connected to another dimension you are lucky to be scrapping the surface of spirituality. Your spiritual life is based on an understanding of that which cannot be defined.  It helps you understand right from wrong.  It is your foundation for choosing righteousness over evil.  It is the bond that is responsible for the phenomena called love.  The opposite of love is not hate.  It is apathy.  It takes feelings to hate someone or something, feelings are generated by your spiritual belief system.  You can measure your spirituality by your body’s vibration. (Hz).  Low vibrational humans occupy our prisons or haven’t been caught yet.  Low vibrational humans are attracted to the darkness of life.  Unlike “high” vibrational humans, low vibrational humans are dark.  In religious literature, one of the seven sins is “Sloth”.  This another word for laziness.  As sentient creatures we can only look to the ancient writings or listen to our inner voice which I’ll refer to as a conscience.  The low vibrational spirits have learned to ignore their conscience.  High vibrational spirits go through life by following their consciences and the writings of those who claimed to have followed deities.  (God)


If there are any unbalances in your life; let it be an excess in your spiritual life as it is the only thing that connects you to the next dimension. Some say we all have invisible silver cords that attach our spirits to the “other side”.  When we die, those silver cords are severed and our spirits are collected in another place.  Your spiritual life is the most important aspect of your life.


If your physical life is not in Olympic balance, you will die sooner; however we will all die a physical death. If we let our emotions guide our life, we will make poor, sometimes regretful decisions but the worst thing that will happen is that it will lead to apathy and affect your spiritual belief system.


Neglecting the educational condition of your life will make you a target. You will often make poor choices.  Conversely, the over educated often does so at the cost of their social skills.  The highly educated and highly uneducated do so at the cost of their emotional condition.  Both can lead to a life of insecurity.  Without the spirit keeping your life in balance, you will be the one known as the “Know it all” or the “Idiot”.  But keep in mind, Harvard Graduates have ruined the United States while some of America’s greatest Heroes were high school drop outs.




Your spirit is the only thing you take with you when you go. Prioritize it!  A good heart, mind and brain will help you develop that spirit.  But excess and neglect tend to ruin almost everything earthly.  Fear not the physical death, but fear today the suggestion of a spiritual death.






“Time is simply a tool invented by man to measure the progress of man”.


Let me start this post by saying that I’ve been “not well” since the end of the Holiday season. I was on a medication that was tearing my body apart.  It was literally making my muscles tear or “Inflame” my ligaments.  I was unable to walk twice for a period of 3 days each and spent most of the last month in bed and when I could walk, I did not have the motivation to write.


Let me give it a try. So rather than talk about relationships or politics, I’ve decided to pick something easy like Theoretical Physics.  In 1970 (or there abouts) I was in one of many automobile accidents.  My father was driving and I was in the front passenger seat.  Neither of us saw it coming until this 56 Buick came barreling into the wheel well just two feet in front of me.  At that moment……….. Time slowed down to a Nano-second crawl. I recall in slow motion my father losing control of the steering wheel and flying towards the point of impact.  (I use to make great catches at shortstop, but this probably my greatest catch ever) I caught my dad, who weighed about 160 pounds, and put him back behind the steering wheel.  He outweighed me by about 40 pounds.  I was in my early teens.  When we returned to “real time”, the next thing I saw was our car heading towards a Stop sign and the stop sign flying towards our wind shield/screen.


In 1926 Albert Einstein wrote an article on space-time. His claim was that time was woven in to the fabric of space. Have you ever wondered how “Time flies” when you’re ignoring it?  Have you ever noticed how time stands still when you’re waiting in line to have your motor registered?  I believe time is more subjective than objective.


Nobody really knows what time it is.


What inspired me to talk about something I’m completely unqualified to talk about? I did study a little bit of Bio-Physics at Stanford University, but I do not have a formal background in Physics.  I majored in Business Administration so I could be a smarter musician.


What bothered me is how melancholy we get when we think about “The past” aka “The good old days”. I got an email from a company that has made a fortune out of nostalgia.  It’s an online website that connects you with your high school classmates. We find some sort of satisfaction in reliving in our minds what we once experienced.


Let me ask you this one question. Yes we all go through biological changes.  You can call it aging or, you can call it biological changes.  Does time change us; or do we change ourselves.  What slowed down my POV in that car crash?  Was is an enzyme in my brain allowing me to take note of every Nano-second of action?  Or was my brain aware of the entire event happening? (And What was responsible for that?)


I’m convinced Space-time is as real as our imagination. Time is a motivator. How does one measure motivation?


Time is like being on a tread mill. You go nowhere, but your body changes. The earth spins like a treadmill and just as sweat drips off our body, we go through a series of changing events.  Why is a life “Time” for a human roughly 70 years while a fly lives 3 days?  What we call time is strictly an abstract term.  Next episode will be about parallel universes.  Naw just kidding.

I need to apologize to my higher power which I will openly refer to as God.  In my post I said “Time” does not heal, but people heal themselves.  I stand grossly mistaken.  God heals our bodies and our minds.  God supplies the healing tools for us to use to heal with.  Time does not heal; God heals.

5 Movies that make Grown Men Cry


A lot of really sad movies don’t make this list because in most cases, MEN DON’T CRY.  In a lot of sad movies the guy kind of likes it when Leonardo DiCaprio gets killed off  in “Titanic”.  If a guy can sit through this epic chick flick, he sort of lauds the freezing and drowning of Leonardo DiCaprio. We only wish we could have dunked him a few times before he went down for the last time.

When William Shatner is  playing the role of Captain Kirk and finally died Trekkies cheered.  (Because Shatner was such an awful actor that true Trek Fans endured).

But some movies, very few, reach into the gut of the male and puts the guy into an embarrassing situation where he says to his girl friend: “I got an eyelash in my eye” and she says: “Both of them”?  It sucks but here are my five movies that I would just as soon go to the kitchen and grab a Peanut butter sandwich than let my tears roll off of my cheeks.  Theses aren’t in any real order except for # 1.  I hate/love that movie.


5. The Glenn Miller Story.  Ah what a great time to be an American.  Glenn Miller had a dream.  He worked hard and never gave up his Idea for that new sound.  June Allison (Mrs. Apple pie/All-American female) plays the girl of Glenn’s eye.  He marries her and the rest is history until December 15th 1944. (Five months before the end of the war) Glenn is lost over the English Channel.  His wife is at home in the states and she gets to hear her favorite song “Little Brown Jug” (Which Glenn hated) recorded live from Paris.  I think it was such a sad demise for a guy that chased his dream, attained it, then had French bombs dropped on him by mistake. (That’s one of many mysteries).  The look in June Allison’s eyes can’t help but make you feel for Glenn.  We don’t see true love stories like this any more.  (Exception: La Bamba and The Buddy Holly Story)

4. Pride of the Yankees- Lou Gehrig was one of Baseball’s greatest homerun hitters and players of all-time.  He held the record for the longest “starting” streak.  They use to call the Yankee first baseman “The Iron Horse”.  His record 2,130 starts stood for 56 years until it was broken by Cal Ripken.  Gehrig is probably known more for the disease that was named after him ALS or Athero-lateral-sclerosis. Why does this make men cry?  Gehrig was 37 when he died.  He loved the game and didn’t know what was wrong with him.  They didn’t have the scanners we take for granted today back in 1927.  Again, another poor German immigrant that loved the sport, gave it all he had and had the rug pulled out from underneath him. Personally, if I were offered a Lou Gehrig Jersey or a Babe Ruth Jersey, I’d grab the Gehrig memorabilia and run.  I don’t know if it was true in real life but in the movie, Gehrig had the love and support of not only his charming wife, but his immigrant parents who hated the Idea of their son playing Baseball for a living……at first.  I don’t cry when I hear the speech about him being the luckiest man on the face of the earth, I cry when he can’t bend over to field a hard grounder.  He tells him self he needs to run more laps and exercise harder.  (Not knowing he has a terminal disease).

3.  Terms of Endearment The third one on the list is a chick flick.  But it has Jack Nicholson in it and two cute adorable boys.  They have to go through the BS of a cheating dad and a mom who goes through the stages of cancer.  Yeah it’s sad that she declines, but when you see the tears from the youngest kid’s eyes and the older kid acting out you begin to understand how death effects others.  The youngest son should have gotten an academy award for his performance. You (rhetorical you) want to cry along with the son losing his mom.

2. The Rookie – This movie is not as sad as Terms.  I have to turn off Terms of endearment because it hits too close to home for me.  On the other hand; The rookie is a true story that rips the guts out of the man that has to make the choice between being responsible at the cost of sacrificing his dream, or putting his wife and family through uncertainty as he makes 300 dollars a month in the minor leagues.  At the age of 35, after being a High School science teacher Jim Morris gets a 2nd chance at his dream.  All his life he knew he was destined to be a major league baseball pitcher.  After being drafted 4th overall in the 1983 by the Brewers, the first round draft pick would suffer several arm injuries.  He was released after several operations. The Chicago White Sox gave him a minor league contract but he could not rise above “A” ball.  So he found his dreams crushed.  He married had 2 kids and became a science teacher in Big Lake Texas for 10 years.  To relieve the stress of life, he would take a bucket of baseballs out to an old abandoned baseball diamond in the oil fields.  It felt good just to pitch.  Little did he know that one of his Tommy John surgeries made his arm stronger.  Upon discovering this, his High School team he coached made a deal with him that if they won the championship, he had to try out for the Majors.  He thought he would just go, throw and say: “OK I did it”.  Little did he know, his fastball was being clocked at over 100mph and he gets an offer from the Tampa Bay D-Rays.  A few months later he makes it to the Major leagues and is called in to strike out Royce Clayton of the Texas Rangers.  Of course all of his students showed up for the game and at the end he gives his dad the game ball.  The point where I start to tear up is when he’s frustrated and his young black team-mate berates him for talking too long on the pay phone to his “girlfriend”.  Morris (Played by Dennis Quaid) replies: “My son needed help with his home work”.  Every man who isn’t satisfied with their current arrangement wishes they could have a 2nd chance.  Morris at the age of 35 was competing with athletes half his age and made it.

1. Field of Dreams – Another baseball flick, but in this brilliant movie, Baseball is just the medium.  The movie is not about baseball.  It’s about Freud’s comment that we all go through life with an unsettled conflict with one parent.  Unlike The rookie which was a true story, Field of dreams is sort of a science fiction.  It’s about the son of a “has been” baseball player.  The father was a catcher for the Yankees.  He didn’t have much of a career so he tried to live vicariously through his son.  Kevin Costner who plays Ray Kinsella says that playing catch was like taking out the garbage or washing the dishes.  He kept a rebellious attitude toward his dad and Baseball.  Kinsella who marries a girl he met in Berkeley while going to U.C. ends up buying a corn farm in Iowa.  Then one night he hears a voice telling him to build a baseball stadium where his corn crop is. The voice says: “If you build it he will come”. So like three of the other four movies above, it’s the common conflict of dreams vs. Life.  So he plows his corn field and puts up lights and turf and builds a beautiful baseball field at the cost of half his corn crop.  The movie makes you consider what is truly important in your life.

We meet a character named “Moonlight Graham” that played for the Red Sox.  He got called up at the end of a season but never got to bat.  Kinsella thought the field was for him.  They find Graham only to find he went into Medicine and that was the purpose of his life.  At the risk of going bankrupt and losing everything, Ray refuses to sign a deal that would allow him to sell the farm for a tidy profit.  During this time, ghosts from Baseball’s past have been appearing to Ray and his family and have been playing games on the field Ray built.  Shoeless Joe Jackson being amongst the originals.  The ghosts wonder if “This is heaven”?

After deciding to go for broke, the ghost players are walking off of the field in the final scene. They go back to where they exist. (In the uncut cornfield).  Ray looks at the ghost of “Shoeless Joe Jackson” who was the voice telling Ray what to do and he says: “It was you”.  Shoeless Joe responds: “No Ray it was you.  If you build it; He will come”.  (a phrase Ray hears at the beginning of the movie while working in his corn field).  When Shoeless Joe says it, he looks over at the backstop and it’s a young version of Ray Kinsella’s dad.  His dad’s ghost is younger than Ray and he’s wearing an old Yankee uniform.  Ray says to his wife: “Oh my god it’s my dad.  I only remember him after he had been beaten down by life”.  Ray sort of introduces his family to “John Kinsella” and says: “You catch a good game”.  Then more small talk and Ray’s dad says thanks for building the field and starts to walk off.  Ray cries out in a broken voice: “Hey Dad? You wanna have a catch”?  His father says: “Yeah I’d like that”.

PS. I cried while writing half of this article




At the turn of the century, the most popular websites on the internet were pornographic websites followed by UFO websites. One of the highest rated TV shows was Bill Byrnes’ UFO Hunters. (One of the first of many “Hunter” reality shows)

At the same time UFO Hunters was undergoing scrutiny from the black ops division of the Bush Administration, Paranormal state was a fledgling show that introduced America to the world of ghost hunting. As UFOs disappeared on the small screen; shows about Hauntings flourished.  The show had a plot of 2 roto-rooter employees that investigated hauntings in their spare time. Soon viewers became familiar with terms like “Intelligent Hauntings” vs. “Residual Hauntings”. The show jumped the Shark when the co-host Grant Wilson left the show.

In the ratings, Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters were having their lunch digested by three Ghost Hunters from Las Vegas. Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin started out as a low budget investigation group that got a huge bump when they took a Camera crew from Reno NV on a documentary with them to Goldfield and Virginia City.

The threesome created a show called “Ghost Adventures”. In the beginning it was quaint and much of the entertainment came from the characters of the three hosts as they were not afraid of ghosts, yet the executive producer is frightened of clowns and snakes.

Nobody has done a convincing job of “debunking” the video that was shot by the Reno News crew as they recorded video of rocks being thrown at the hunters as well as what appears to be a “Full Bodied Apparition” aka “A GHOST”. The documentary can be seen on line. The show blossomed as they began to introduce new gadgets to contact with those in the afterlife. In one touching episode, the inventor of the “MELmeter” connects with his recently deceased teenage daughter “MELlissa” who communicates from the “other side”. Melissa died in a car accident and the crew attends an afterlife birthday party.

Now everybody seems to own a digital Olympus voice recorder. I’m sure sales of FLIR cameras have gone up as well (Forward looking Infra-Red).

As ratings grew with the interest in ghosts; this opened the door for Psychics and stories about hauntings.

I asked myself while watching an episode of Paranormal witness: “Why do we find scary shows so interesting”? The answer is as old as Bela Lugosi’s Movies. Besides the fact that physical death is something we all have in common and perhaps want to know more about what happens after the last heartbeat; I think the emotion of fear leads us to expect a childhood relief we felt when our mom came to our rescue to remind us that it is just a movie. I think people drink alcohol because when we cried, we found comfort in the bottle. But fear brings back the emotion that someone was there to protect you.

That’s it.
It’s an infantile back flash. It’s the same reason women who grow up getting beat by their father will eventually marry a man who will physically abuse her. Sad but true. A lot of your actions can be traced back to your childhood.

Big Tits and other Lies


I’ve never been infatuated with women sporting large breasts. A simple B cup is fine for my taste. But ladies; don’t tell your plastic Surgeon that. To a successful cosmetic surgeon, a woman ain’t a woman unless her implants enter the room before she does. How did this lie get started?

It’s a hypothesis that I’ve been pondering since my early 20s. I think I’ve figured it out. Part of it has to do with Freud. It’s a childhood paradigm. A majority of men are breast fed the first 6 months of their life. As women became the majority in the work place, the paradigm shifted. A male that would have been “breast” fed, is now bottle fed. (Do you think there’s a connection between bottle fed babies and alcoholics)? It’s just a thought!

Coming from a “Stanford” Medical background; I can say this with certainty: “Breast size is largely determined by FAT CELLS”. It’s a rare genetic anomaly when you find a thin female with large breasts. You’re most likely to find such a specimen in a general surgeon’s office waiting for her consult for a breast reduction mammoplasty. A small/thin woman with double D’s will suffer from lumbar muscle pain. In layman’s terms, she’s top heavy.

I cringe when I see my favorite Hollywood starlets like Meg Ryan go from the beautiful girl next door, to the scarred bee stung lips with breast that look like the headlights on a 48 Tucker Sedan.

Meg  Meg BA

As I mentioned earlier, breasts are mainly fat cells. Physiologically, they were designed to accommodate mammary glands to feed little Billy. If you were the High school quarterback you probably dated the cheerleader with the big breasts. When you came back from the Army, more than likely, the rest of you cheerleader’s fat cells started manifesting in the forms of love handles, saddlebags and in the 21st century, a beer gut.

I use to date girls on the swim team. Girls with “Tom Boy” bodies Sure they’re going to have a AA bra size (That’s the smallest for my male readers) but they never had to worry about being on a constant diet. Check out the 48 year old Dara Torres.

 DT Olympics   Dara-Torres-490x735_1

 And the ultimate question that mankind has been asking since 1967: “Mary Anne” or “Ginger”? You decide.

 Dawn Wells 74 Tina Louise

(Left Dawn Wells as “Mary Anne” on Gilligan’s Island. Right is Tina Louis or “Ginger”)

dawn-wells Tina-Louise

                                   Mary Ann at the age of 74        Ginger at the age of 81 (7 years older)

 There’s an old Blues song written by the late Johnny Winter called “Check out da momma”. (Cuz if her momma ain’t fine you betta take yo time; she gonna look just like her momma on down da line).  You can keep the Double Dees.  I’ll take the fit looking double AA’s anytimeGuys, get over your infantile breast feeding programming.  Large breasts are large fat cells and they usually don’t limit their local to the upper torso.  Ladies, be what you are. There’s a guy out their who will appreciate your small breasts.



einstein-rosen-bridge2 julie

~ “the most important thing you learned in school was not WHAT you learned rather HOW to learn”


When you were waiting to be born on the other side as pure spiritual energy, I’m guessing there were spiritual coaches telling you to watch out for Nigerian Princes that would let you in on their gold that was being held in customs by the Nigerian government scam.  They probably told you how wonderful the womb would feel as all you had to do was pick a parent that wasn’t a crack head or pot head.  You probably were told to remember that you had a spiritual version of yourself that was pure energy, and that you would occupy a carbon based biological version of yourself that was designed by the great Higher Power (We’ll use the term God) to be fruitful and multiply.  Because God has respect and love for His creations, your spiritual conscious knowledge was erased prior to your conception.  This was to keep anything from corrupting your learning experience.  God calls this “Free Will”.


So you sat in your mother’s womb getting everything you needed through this umbilical cord.  I truly believe this is why the concept of socialism comes so easy to people.  It’s natural for all humans to get something for nothing.  (That’s presuming that you’re not aborted and harvested for your fetal parts).  You will note that all humans are not created equal.  As you are nurtured, you feel (and fill) the need for productivity or manifest your love for sloth.

They (science) say, that babies that have mothers that take prenatal vitamins and actually read to their “bun in the oven” produce smarter children. So all of these precautions prepare the unborn for life after the womb.  It is a magnificent advantage.

You sit waiting in your mother’s uterus.  The temperature is perfect, you get everything you need to live through a life line called the umbilical cord.  If you want proof of this amazing life line, reach down and feel your belly button.(Umbilicus)  That was where your umbilical cord was attached.  Perhaps (If you could remember such thoughts) you were wondering if you would die without the use of your attachment to your mother. You wondered: “Is there life after the womb and cord”? Perhaps you struggled to hold on to the advice you were given on the other side.  Does this explain why some children are born and require very little guidance while other babies are born and must be civilized and have mores (pronounced Mor-rays) inculcated day after day?

The day of birth comes and goes.  The amniotic fluid that kept you alive for 9 months has now been drained from the pool.  As this happened, your quarters began to shake.  In Hebrew, this shaking is referred to as a “Shemitah” (Pronounced Schmee-tah).  It is the seventh year of the Hebrew calendar.  The last day of the Shemitah year is Elul 29.  For those of you interested in economy; We are in a  Shemitah year and coming up on Elul 29 next month on September 13th.  It’s a Sunday.  But unlike past Shemitahs, this Shemitah is the 7th out of 49 years which leads to what was called the “Jubilee”.  (Look it up) So as the womb started shaking or “contracting”, the paradigm was:

“Everybody out of the pool”. 

So both you, then your umbilical cord slid down the water slide into warm blankets. Your power pack (or placenta) is the last one out.  A clamp was put on your life cord, then your cord was tied off with a white ligature that looks like tennis shoe laces.  Minutes later, your mom would expel your now needless “placenta”.


So life didn’t end after you outgrew your womb without a view.  In fact, quite the contrary.  It had just begun.  Although you didn’t know it at the time, instead of sitting up watching “Gilligan’s Island”, you were sent to a new place where other kids your age went.  It was this place called “School”.  This is most likely where you discovered the concept that all men were not created equal. Some kids had red colored hair.  Some kids had brown skin.  Some kids could see the writings on the chalk board. (Something you might not have noticed until you stood up next to the large green structure).


For the next 13 years, your life consisted of preparation.  You didn’t know it at the time.  How on earth would you ever find use for the Pythagorean theorem?  Why would I care if the square root of 144 was 12?  How come nobody ever told Einstein that i comes before e except after c?


By the sixth grade (or grade 6 for my Canadian friends) you begin to think of school as just a job.  Learning was work.  Little did you know that the same thought process would help you figure out how to program a remote control device.  At this point, it is imperative to have some type of guidance.

There are those who are blessed like James Leininger III who knew at the age of 4 what they wanted to be.  Young James wants to fly FA-18s.  Then again James is one of the most documented modern day “past life experiences” on record.  He is supposedly the re-incarnation of James Huston Jr. who was a young Corsair pilot shot down in the south Pacific during WWII.  But very few of us have that kind of direction. (or recall) At the age of 11, without direction you are a sailboat in the wind without a rudder nor anchor.  For 13 years you go with the flow until the reality comes that you need to become accountable and responsible for yourself.  All of a sudden, you start wishing you could go back to the third grade and take it seriously.  You finally get it.  Even without direction, if you have advanced tools in education (Which is getting harder and harder to acquire with many of your instructors being pot heads) you will find yourself working at “Waste Management” but you (my educated friend) will not be shoveling garbage,


rather signing the paychecks at the front office.  There in lays the difference between achieving in class and sleeping in class.


Don’t think it ends there.  Even if you go to a community college to try to heal your poor highschool grades, and you understand the Pythagorean theorem inside and out as well as the Magna Carta, you realize that your time on this planet or dimension is short.  Once you realize that the most important thing you learned in school was not what you learned rather how to learn, you start to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Just as our time in the womb was brief, so is our time in the body.  Just as there was another dimension after the womb, you must wonder if the process continues?


Even more important, knowing what we know now about the value of learning and preparation, ask yourself how important it is to prepare for the next dimension?  I don’t know about 72 virgins or passing go to collect 200 in Karma and a new re-incarnated Buddhist body until I reach Nirvana; but I have been taught the tale of three dimensions after this one. Heaven, Hell and “Hell no we won’t go” 

(the paranormal)

Please come back for Part II