For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction ~ Isaac Newton


Life is a game of balance that is focused on the 4 major aspects of your life


  1. The Physical
  2. The Emotional
  3. The Education
  4. The Spiritual


The Physical condition gets the most attention because if you’re fat it shows. If you are unclean it smells.  If you are not solid it effects the other 3 aspects of your life.  There are two ways to establish your physical condition.  A healthy diet and exercise.  The “Key” to managing those two aspects is dependent on the other three aspects.


When our emotions are out of balance we tend to over eat or not eat at all. If the conditions are unsustainable; enter drugs and alcohol.  These will destroy your physical condition and make you sick.


When our educational condition becomes clouded, we do not make smart choices. We allow our vices to affect our physical condition.  We know a glass of red wine has 400 calories but by our third glass, who cares?  If not properly educated you will pay a non-monetary price for eating that bacon wrapped pizza.


When we neglect our spiritual properties; we stray from caring about right from wrong. See above abuses which also arise from not being spiritually grounded.


The Emotional Condition


Again, the other three aspects of life affect your emotions. If you are physically undesirable, you will become insecure.  Insecurity leads to poor choices (education) and neglect of your spiritual existence.


The Education Condition


The more educated you are in this world, the more you are aware of. Why? Because you know the cause and effect behind those decisions.  Educated people think three dimensionally.  This allows them to avoid or at least minimalize unintended consequences.  We gather knowledge in the classroom but more so by experience.  The latter (although more memorable) is less forgiving.  If your Wechsler (I.Q.) score is under 100; life might be tough. It could mean the difference between “hard” work and “smart” work.


The Spiritual Condition


I’m not referring to your dogma or religious beliefs, but if you are aware of the existence of a part of your person which is connected to another dimension you are lucky to be scrapping the surface of spirituality. Your spiritual life is based on an understanding of that which cannot be defined.  It helps you understand right from wrong.  It is your foundation for choosing righteousness over evil.  It is the bond that is responsible for the phenomena called love.  The opposite of love is not hate.  It is apathy.  It takes feelings to hate someone or something, feelings are generated by your spiritual belief system.  You can measure your spirituality by your body’s vibration. (Hz).  Low vibrational humans occupy our prisons or haven’t been caught yet.  Low vibrational humans are attracted to the darkness of life.  Unlike “high” vibrational humans, low vibrational humans are dark.  In religious literature, one of the seven sins is “Sloth”.  This another word for laziness.  As sentient creatures we can only look to the ancient writings or listen to our inner voice which I’ll refer to as a conscience.  The low vibrational spirits have learned to ignore their conscience.  High vibrational spirits go through life by following their consciences and the writings of those who claimed to have followed deities.  (God)


If there are any unbalances in your life; let it be an excess in your spiritual life as it is the only thing that connects you to the next dimension. Some say we all have invisible silver cords that attach our spirits to the “other side”.  When we die, those silver cords are severed and our spirits are collected in another place.  Your spiritual life is the most important aspect of your life.


If your physical life is not in Olympic balance, you will die sooner; however we will all die a physical death. If we let our emotions guide our life, we will make poor, sometimes regretful decisions but the worst thing that will happen is that it will lead to apathy and affect your spiritual belief system.


Neglecting the educational condition of your life will make you a target. You will often make poor choices.  Conversely, the over educated often does so at the cost of their social skills.  The highly educated and highly uneducated do so at the cost of their emotional condition.  Both can lead to a life of insecurity.  Without the spirit keeping your life in balance, you will be the one known as the “Know it all” or the “Idiot”.  But keep in mind, Harvard Graduates have ruined the United States while some of America’s greatest Heroes were high school drop outs.




Your spirit is the only thing you take with you when you go. Prioritize it!  A good heart, mind and brain will help you develop that spirit.  But excess and neglect tend to ruin almost everything earthly.  Fear not the physical death, but fear today the suggestion of a spiritual death.



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