Vai  The Catch


You cannot, I repeat, you cannot compare Sports to the Arts. You cannot make art a sport.  Some sports may have artistic moments such as Ichiro Suzuki climbing the right field fence at Safeco Field in 2005 to rob an Anaheim Angel of a homerun.  It was a thing of beauty to watch Dwight Clark make “The Catch” for a game winning touchdown when he came down in the end zone with a Joe Montana pass.


These are rare moments. You don’t go to a sporting even to see a “thing of art”.


Music on the other hand appeals for reasons that need not or cannot be explained. I like Wagner, but then again so did Hitler.  Why?  I couldn’t tell you.  Many people hate Wagner.  The arts are about taste.  Taste is subjective.  Catching a ball before it hits the ground is objective.  (Even with instant replay).


There’s a scene in Steve Martin’s “L.A. Story” where he’s in the L.A. museum of fine arts and his friend is taking video of him roller skating past classics. Steve Martin’s character calls it art, his friend calls it wasting time.  Then comes the line.  Steve Martin says: “History will decide”.


The reason the public enjoys confusing sports and art is because both have a creator such as the players, musicians or the Artist, and both have people that watch or appreciate.


You commonly hear ignorant music fans and to a degree art and acting fans say: “Steve Vai is the greatest guitarist in the world. You can keep your B.B. King”.  I’m here to say that both are at the top of their game and the art they produce is equally pleasing.


There’s a saying in music: “If you enter a battle of the bands you’ve already lost”.


In sports you often hear: “He pitched a masterpiece”. No he didn’t.  He pitched strikes and 8 other guys made great plays behind him.  Was Willie Mays a better center fielder than Mookie Wilson?  Objectively; YES!  There is little room for subjectivity in Sports.  Sports often (excluding Tennis, swimming and golf) teaches us a good lesson about teamwork.  Teamwork is an essential part of our work and family life.  There are life lessons that can be learned from sports.


Art is about self-expression. Be it an orchestra or a 3 piece rock-a-Billy band, it’s about self-expression and touching the viewer or listener in a way that sports cannot

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