10.  CAMERAS on Cell phones.  The phone is a nice safety feature especially while traveling and you need to call your auto club to change a tire.  And of course quick access to 911.

9.  OBAMACARE What are insurance companies going to do after the party is over?  I will not miss the $6000.00 deductible.

8.  TSA strip searches and exposure to radiation.  We need to learn from Israel.  We need to interview more 20 year old jihadists and less 80 year old white ladies.

7.  Government Corruption yes, the IRS and homeland security should be hit with RICO laws. (Racketeering influenced Corrupt Organizations) This would also include political PACs.  A financial fund that is allowed to support certain candidates.  It’s a slap in the face of a law that limits individual contributions to $2,700.00 per individual.  This was a great Idea in an attempt to keep elections from being “bought”.  Political PACs have no restrictions so “Big Money” is allowed to influence (There’s that word again) your vote.  In 2009 the head of the SEIU, Andy Stern was asked while entering the White House: “What are you here for today?” His response was: “I’m here to collect on a deal”.

Andy Stern

6.  $3.00 Coffee – How many years did we drink coffee out of the can?  I wonder how much a shot of espresso is in Italy.  All Starbucks did was gave Folger’s a chance to increase the price of “non-premium” coffee.

5.  Political Correctness – Just look at Donald Trump and ask yourself why he’s so popular?  I think consciously hurting someone’s feelings is wrong.  Today the word Black can label you a racist.  I think you have to use the term “African American”.  So get it straight “Whitey”.

4.  Electric Cars – Sure I’m for alternative energy but don’t you have to pay for Electricity? (which has an effect on the environment as well)  Fossil fuel is like cancer.  There are companies that have too much to lose should it be done away with.  Think of the Million dollar scanners that would not get sold if something like “Aloe Vera” cured cancer?  GE would not let that happen.

3.  Millions of Taxpayer dollars being wasted on “Global Warming”. Most hydrocarbons do not come from semi-trucks on the road.  A majority comes from active volcanoes and methane comes from your dinner.  Get rid of subsidies for corn as a fuel.  Not only is it a waist of taxes but it has raised the price of meat.  Talk to me when you can explain what melted the last two Ice ages.  Let me know when China and Russia are willing to show some concern.

2.  RAP/Kanye West – Sports used to be the dream for underachievers but that required a high level of discipline such as Jerry Rice demonstrated.  Jerry Rice was every 49er rookie’s worst nightmare.  Not many athletes were as dedicated to such a strict workout routine as Rice. (Even when Jerry Rice was at the top of his game).  San Francisco paid big money for future replacements for Jerry Rice and most of them faded away out of frustration of trying to keep up with the greatest athlete in sports.

Rice YAC

Then spewing filth to a drum machine became much easier and attractive. Rap is not poetry, it’s more of a “jingle.” It doesn’t need to be clever.  The more crude it is the better.  It started in the 20th century, but gained legitimacy when Run DMC did a version of “Walk this way” with Aerosmyth.  Soon, music was optional, then a beat was optional then it morphed into filthy loudmouth rants that degrade women and appeal to those who can’t speak a sentence with 2 syllable words.

1.  SOCIALISM & Barack Hussein Obama – The United States has been fighting a battle of socialism for 7.5 years now.  An argument can be made that it actually started in 2004.  Not only are we fighting against a socialist president, but in a Hitleresque fashion, we’re fighting socialist professors in expensive colleges.  It’s no wonder the socialist, Bernie Sanders is campaigning for free college. (You get what you pay for, or should)


The current administration embraces taking money from achievers and giving it to under-achievers. I’m not talking about social security as that was a government imposed retirement account.  It was a Ponzi scheme as it was designed to pay off 10 years after the average lifespan of the average American.  So when it started, they calculated that pay offs would be rare. (Assuming you would be dead). Socialism is a guise for communism.  The only difference is socialism gives you the illusion of freedom.  Communism uses the power of totalitarianism.  Do it or die.  By the way; Communism and Socialism have failed in every country trying to impose it.


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