$7,000 worth of Free Advice

Q and Woo

If you are struggling with anger management, I’ve got a great story that really helped me.

In 2006 I moved to the greatest city in the World, Monterey, California. Then after a year, I move 7 miles south to the elite neighborhood of Carmel.  But while in Monterey; I leased a condo on Del Monte Beach.  It was right on the Monterey Bay and the sound of the ocean waves as well as the vibration of the waves crashing put me to sleep at night.

Beach Art 021

Del Monte Beach is one of the few “Dog Beaches” on the Monterey Peninsula.  But your dog must be on a leash.  As you can see; I own a German Shepherd and a Hybrid wolf.  They mind their business but keep an eye out for the “pack’s” safety.  Day after day idiot liberals would let their dogs run free on the beach because they felt that leashes were too cruel for animals.  Of course dogs that didn’t know better ended up in the jaws of my Shepherd who was obeying the law on the beach.

Monterey beach house 009

It use to make me furious day after day.  I told my counselor that I just wanted to let my dog kill the next dog that was off leash that came running up to my dogs.  He said something very profound.  Here’s your 7K worth of free advice.  He said: “So you let your dog kill the next dog; what about tomorrow”?  The point being that there will always be ass holes in your life.  You can’t kill them all.  There will always be an endless abundance of stupid people in California.

That put life into perspective for me.  I was a minority in a sea of liberal idiots.  Saul Alinski is buried in Carmel.  So once I realized that I was getting upset over fools, I let my dogs defend themselves, then said to the owners: “You know the leash law isn’t just a law”. I changed my attitude towards these idiots and rather than getting mad: I just let them make fools of themselves.  fortunately my dogs would spit out little Fee Fee and never killed an animal on the beach.

To this day, I think of the same line whether I’m in a long traffic jam or a long line at the bank.  “You gonna kill them all?  What about tomorrow”?

Fortunately, here in Area 51, everyone owns German Shepherds and everyone keeps them on their leashes. The people here are responsible Republicans that care for their pets and are thoughtful of others.  So if you find yourself in a place like Carmel; you might think about moving.  If not, just keep in mind; The world will always have stupid people and you can’t kill them all so don’t let them upset you.

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