Attorney General Eric Holder was hospitalized today for “Faintness” and “a fluttering” feeling in his chest.

As much as I loathe this person and see him as America’s enemy #2, When I heard he was hospitalized my first thought was, perhaps America will get lucky and……..

Then I rose above that and saw the hatred the left had for President GW Bush.  And we are taught by higher powers to “Love our Enemies”.

So I said a little prayer for A.G. Holder and I do pray that his stay in the Hospital is not a serious stay and that he is healthy and able to testify for his role in Brian Terry’s death.  But I wish him no harm.  I wish him a speedy recovery.

This is the difference between the Right and the Left.  I can hate Eric Holder’s actions without carrying a personal hate for the man.

Get Well Mr. Holder

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