Obama has crashed our economy.  He’s given us 5 years of unemployment above 7%.  Our workforce is at an all-time low.  Now he wants to defund our military so he can make us vulnerable to Communist countries.


This would be a suicidal death blow.  Look at the big picture.


Note how unemployment sky rockets in 11/08.

1.  He’s crippled our economy making the U.S. dollar vulnerable.  He continues to prop up the market with FIAT money.  The printing press at the Federal Reserve will help the future of America only when it breaks down from printing so much monopoly money.

2. The D.O.J. is telling the States that they can ignore the rule of law.  The top cop in the land is telling State D.A.s that they only have to enforce the laws they want to.

3. Obama wants to let the most dangerous terrorists go from Gitmo on a “get out of Jail free” card.

4.  Now he wants to reduce our troops to a level of pre-WWII.  This in its’ self is nothing short of treasonous.  Why doesn’t he defund his vacation plans, of which we the Tax Payer, have paid over 18 Million for since he’s become the Golfer in chief.

In the BIG PICTURE, Obama has weakened America in every way he can.  When the comfort of under-achievers in the ghetto becomes more important than kevlar for our troops in Afghanistan, we can determine what the main agenda on Obama’s dance card it.  He is the most deceitful politician our country has ever seen.  (That’s a quite an accomplishment)  He can look at the parents of dead heroes and lie about their death.

We have an A.G. that has needed executive protection to keep from cooperating with Congress.

We have the head of the IRS pleading the fifth as Obama looks into Bill O’Reilly’s eyes and says: “There is not one smidgeon of corruption in the IRS”.  Of course it’s not a smidgeon, there’s a truck load of corruption in the form of intimidation and harassment.

Whoever is funding Obama and various other corrupt representatives is trying to bring down our Capitalist system and cause the destruction of America from within.

Nikita Khrushchev once said: “The proletariat is the undertaker of Capitalism”.  Then he said we will bury you.


Obama was raised by Communist parents. (Ann Dunham)

Obama was educated in Communist schools (Jakarta, Indonesia)

commie flag

Obama was mentored by Franklin Marshal Davis.  Communist Party memberr #47544


And in his own words, he clung to Anti-American groups while growing up.

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