Pro-Choice ~ it sounds so simple and it is.

But killing the unborn is not a choice, rather an intention.

A woman and an unborn heartbeat.  That’s the situation.  The “Choice” is to have a baby or kill the unborn.  I won’t sugar coat it.  It certainly is no longer a woman’s choice as to what to do with her body.

That choice was forfeited weeks, maybe months ago.

It was a choice the woman made often in the throes of passion.  That is when the woman had a choice.  In some (I use the term loosely) situations, the pregnancy was not a result of responsible choice.  My first child was conceived with an IUD.  Some women unfortunately are victims of non-consensual sex. (rape).

These instances are rare and in such cases the woman’s choice has been taken from her.  Is this the fault of the unborn child?

I think the irresponsible have done a successful job of making abortion about life or death being a woman’s choice.  It’s not.  Her choice was whether or not to engage in a sexual act with someone they were not willing to have a baby with.  The primary reason for sex is “procreation”.  To be fruitful and multiply.  The joy we get from having sex is programmed from the “thought” of procreation.  Nothing is more joyful than giving physical life to a spiritual being.

Without it, it’s just friction and negative pressure.

Our bodies were created with neural programs.  Thirst tells us we’re dehydrated.  Weakness and stomach pains tell us we need to eat. Sweat, clamminess and chest pains means get to an emergency room. Lust is a program that can lead to procreation.  But our culture has turned lust into “mutual masturbation”.  The young people in our country refer to the act of sex as “Hooking up”.  Sounds romantic n’est–ce pas?  I still prefer: “Making Love”.

Did you know that this neural programming is so sensitive it can make you aware of danger when you are not consciously looking out for it?  When you stop what you are doing because you heard a sound or smelled something out of the ordinary, we assume what is called the “Kruk” position.  When you hear something that catches your attention, you will automatically say: “Shish” then project your chin forward in a “ready” position. Your eyes may scan left and right, and you will stand as tall as you can, but this is something we all do as a result of a “built in” neurological response.  The same is true in the case of lust.  Men may often assume an erection.  They will go so far as to emit a hormone in their sweat that will attract the opposite sex.  It is designed for the purpose of PROCREATION.  Our bodies were never meant to be used as amusement park rides.



So how does killing a heartbeat within a uterus become a legal choice, while spanking that same heartbeat 18 months later is considered child abuse?  Is this a woman’s “War on Children”?  Not at all.  A woman had a choice not to start the pregnancy process when she “Chose” to use her body as a sperm receptacle. (disregarding the unintended yet primary consequences).

Let me leave you with this one question.  If a woman has the choice to pick up a loaded hand gun and aim it at her head; we would agree it is her choice to pull the trigger.

Should the bullet be blamed for her death?

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