Happy Birthday Andrew, God rest your soul.

A year later and Edward Snowden is still on the lamb.

In 2012 The name Breitbart became a verb.  Just as the term suicide is used as a façade for murder (As in: “They’ll suicide me”) Andrew Breitbart is dead and before his body was even cold, the mid-stream media released a press report saying Breitbart died of natural causes.  So when someone politically active dies, one can use the name Breitbart as a verb as in: “He got Breitbarted”. (Meaning he was snuffed out mysteriously and the cover up was in motion before Andrew’s heart stopped).

Andrew Breitbart’s death was a message to those who knew too much.  You can be “Neutralized” and it will look like natural causes.

Edward Snowden was an employee of the NSA with a high security level rating.  He allegedly downloaded the NSA Database and has been exposing the NSA for spying on us, the American Public.  Part of the country sees him as a traitor and politicians especially want to see Snowden hang for treason.  Some of America as well as the rest of our allies see Snowden as a hero who outed the practices of the Obama Administration. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was informed that her cell phone calls had been tapped.  Senator Rand Paul is filing charges against the Obama administration for violations of the 4th amendment. (Right to privacy and due process)

I believe, (Looking at it from Snowden’s POV) he had no choice but to do what he did when you consider the ability of the NSA’s ability to track down hackers, let alone a breach of security within the NSA.  Should he have done it?  I can’t answer that.  I would like to know what was on the memory sticks he gave to China and Russia.  If he thought he was acting in the best interest of our country I don’t think he had many plausible options.  I’ve heard politicians that were shocked! Shocked I tell you to find out the NSA was spying on its’ citizens, then have the nerve to say he should have testified before congress.  Perhaps Mr. Snowden has a memory stick that explains how

Andrew Breitbart really died and Snowden understands how short his life expectancy would be if he would have gone to congress.  Andrew simply said he had info on Obama.  His exact words at the C-Pac convention was:”We have information and this time you will be vetted Mr.Obama”.

What Can Snowden Do?

Stirb langsam

Hans Grüber once said while stealing 700 million dollars in Bara bonds  if you steal 100 dollars nobody will look for you.  When you steal 700 Million dollars they will find you unless they think your dead.

As far as silly claims of “Clemency”; to quote Tony Soprano: “Forget about it” Snowden will be “Breitbarted” before he has a chance to raise his right hand.  He will have died from bad caviar from Russia.  For all intents and purposes, Snowden is a dead man if he makes any public appearances.  He needs to go into a German witness protection program or perhaps Lichtenstein then somehow disappear in Switzerland.   Edward Snowden is no Mark Felt. AKA Deep Throat. (The anonymous confidential informer on “Watergate”)


In fact with today’s technology; Felt would have been hunted down in hours and “Neutralized”. (Or Breitbarted). Welcome to Chicago politics. If Edward Snowden is smart, He will stop making videos unless they are to head fake his former NSA comrades. Shave his head or put on a Phil Robertson beard.  It should be Glenn Greenwald’s mission statement now, to take down the Obama administration.


Andrew. Rest in peace and Happy Birthday.

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