I remember when I was growing up, there were two things that were as reliable as the sun coming up and tides rolling in.


  1. The President of the United States stood for the Constitution, Truth andFreedom
  2. Neither rain nor sleet nor even hail; nothing could stop the U.S. mail.


Now the president is amongst the most popular public liars.  Yet he doesn’t just stretch the truth, he’s become a sociopathic liar.  He along with Nancy Pelosi and other political buffoons don’t seem to understand how video works.


To validate the above accusations we have the consultant of Obamacare saying that “Non-transparency along with the stupidity of the American voter was necessary to get the law passed”.  Pelosi went on Television and said she had no Idea who this Gruber person was.  Yet we have video of her bragging about what a great job Jonathon Gruber from the prestigious M.I.T. was doing with Obamacare.  Yes the same Gruber who called the American public STUPID.


After the Stupid American Voters chose the habitual liar over Mitt Romney, Obama felt he could lie with complete impunity. “Not even a smidgeon” to use his choice of words when lying to Bill O’Reilly on Super Sunday.  His will to lie is so absurd; he sat on “Univision” and lied to the Hispanic host who came out and called him a liar and even asked him if he was worried about being impeached?  Basically Obama sat and argued that the sky was green.


What effect has this had on lower Federal branches?  Lois Learner is pleading the 5th in front of a congressional panel about her participation in denying conservative action groups their 5013C tax exempt status prior to the 2012 election.  Actually she used even dirtier actions than denial, she just didn’t act on them.  That’s even worse than denial.  If you think a good employee will quit if you tell them something they don’t want to hear, what do you do?  You say, let me think about it.  (You haven’t decided either way thus causing paralysis).

File photo of U.S. Director of Exempt Organizations for the IRS Lerner being sworn in to testify before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in Washington

The NSA went crazy spying on everyone.  I’ll bet they downloaded my music for free. Our once loyal allies in Europe got spied on. Germany was furious.

Two protesters attend a demonstration against secret monitoring programmes PRISM, TEMPORA, INDECT and showing solidarity with whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and others in Berlin

Hell, even Fox news channel’s James Rosen was investigated by the D.O.J. for not turning over his sources.


Sharyl Atkisson of CBS was a fine reporter until she decided to do her job and uncovered EMAILS from the D.O.J. to the Whitehouse regarding the Fast and Furious scandal.  Atkisson was dismissed from the lap dog network CBS and went rogue.


She later released a book called Stonewalled.  A great title as that is the typical Modus Operandi unless you’re a less than intelligent non-law abiding citizen selling “Lucies” (Loose cigarettes) in Time’s square.  If you do that, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will have you taken down with the equivalent of a S.W.A.T. team and you may end up with Andrew Breitbart.


Now if you are breaking immigration laws, Obama will assist you in your crime by telling the ICE units not to enforce the laws of our constitution.


If you are a drug Cartel, “BONUS” just get a kid 18 or older to go into a Texas Gun shop and have them buy as many AR-15s (Civilian M-16s) as the local Cabela’s has in stock. Don’t worry, when the owner calls the D.O.J. to warn them of what appears to be a scandal, the store owner will be told to “Stand down” and then eventually get blamed for selling the guns to the illegal immigrant.  As for the D.O.J./AG?  He received executive cover from the liar in chief.


Speaking of Stand down……….


We have CIA agents who testified they were locked and loaded in Benghazi and chomping at the bit to go in and rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens when they were given a “Stand Down” order.


Then we had one of Obama’s professional liars (almost as good as he is) take her dog and pony show on the 5 Sunday shows spewing a lie about the attack on our embassy in Libya being about a YouTube video that nobody has ever seen.

Rice Talk shows

What happened to the great deceiver?  She got promoted to U.N. Ambassador.  I guess in this administration; you get promoted to your ability to lie for Obama.



The Secret Service.


OK I don’t want to piss these guys off, but what Fraternity did the White House find them at.  It just seems they have a prostitution directory in every port.

 Tutes SS

As for the Nimrods that jumped the fence and did an end-zone dance in the White House, I guess the SS knew Obama wasn’t at home.  (But don’t they just have to push a button to release the hounds)?  Perhaps the K-9s get confused.


So let me get local about Federal corruption.


The U.S. mail which use to stand for trust, reliability, and confidence is now just another scam outlet.  We expected such behavior from the luggage workers at the air-lines.  But does anyone remember the legendary “Pony Express”.


Now you better be prepared to “Pony” up a few hours on hold with USPS if you want to find that Christmas package your Grandma sent you.  I hate coming down on the Post office as my mail carrier in California was one of the finest workers the postal service has ever employed.  On the other hand, in my new location, it’s like being stopped by the Mexican Police.


Perhaps it’s the unintended CON-sequences of affirmative action, but recently, I tracked a package from Texas that stop at a local location on December 5th.  OK, I know it’s the Christmas/Hanukah season so I waited 10 days before calling USPS.  I guess they heard Obama say: “If you like the package; you can keep the package”.  Sadly, the supervisor of my local post office got caught in a typical Obama-esque lie.  He said that he had: “called me and we had “resolved the issue”.  After going up the ladder to the Department of CONsumer affairs, my package arrived the next day.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the President of the United States or the Post Master of your local post office, integrity has become a thing of the past.  I call it

Trickle down Federal Corruption”.

Bolling’s Speech to ISIS


After a typical round table debate about Ferguson on the 23 of August, 2014; Eric Bolling who usually has stock picks from his two guests Wayne Rogers and Jonathan Hoenig shared his anger over not only the propaganda video released by the terrorist group ISIS, but the Presidents, response.


The president, who was golfing and laughing it up in Martha’s vineyard gave another predictable, “This is unacceptable” speech and within 6 minutes was back on the Golf course.  Bolling said he yelled at the TV set: “That’s it”?  He was outraged, not so much that Obama went back to golfing, but that the president gave another generic speech that was under 5 minutes with no passion or even a hint of what he was going to do about it.  This is typical as even Obama’s Pravda outlet “The New York Times” even said, Obama is disconnected and doesn’t seem to care anymore.

Before signing off, host Eric Bolling gave what would have been his response to ISIS.  Had Obama given Eric Bolling’s speech; The President’s rating would have spiked 50 points.


Bolling said: “If I were the president, I would have picked up the microphone, looked straight into the camera and said ISIS, YOU JUST BROUGHT A KNIFE TO A GUN FIGHT! Then dropped the mic on the podium and walked out and gone back to golfing”. 


But alas, our president doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude, nor does he seem to be bothered by the public beheading of James Foley, to make such a statement.  To America, it was more of the same: “I’m outraged, feel sorry for, and blah, blah, blah.  It makes you wonder who Obama truly sympathizes with.





I’ve been very fortunate to live in a time of prosperity in our country only to see it sliding away.  I grew up saying the pledge of allegiance daily in “home room” class.  I recall Nikita Khrushchev saying: “We will bury you” and “Your children will grow up Communists”.

 Combat Title

I grew up watching Combat on ABC every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM.  I grew up in the Navy as my parents had both died when I was quite young.


The military taught me self-reliance and decent morals.  It exposed me to the evil that exists in our world and not just within the enemy but in my own unit.  I have to admit that I don’t fully trust a person that hasn’t served their country in one form or another.  All of my shipmates knew we were riding on a floating powder keg that could have ended every last sailor’s life.

When I left the military I took off the uniform but I never took off the principles the military had inculcated in me.


Most of all, I remember patriotism.  Please watch this video until the end.  My favorite American is in the 2nd to last scene.

One of the greatest books on war ever written was penned by a Chinese warrior, a high ranking General named Sun Tzu, who wrote a book on war strategy that is taught at West Point today.


The book “THE ART OF WAR”, was first translated into French in 1772.  The original text was written in 512 B.C. and very little substance has been deviated since its’ first translation.

Hanoi Jane kerry

In the 1960s, America lost its’ “innocence”.  During the Vietnam War, Communist China used one of the precepts of Sun Tzu to attack America from within.  In chapter 1 (Laying Plans), article 23, Sun Tzu says: “If your enemy is united, SEPARATE THEM”.  In WWI and WWII Americans supported the troops.  The same can be said for The Korean War. Communist China used scoundrels like Jane Fonda, John Kerry and Bill Ayers to divide the country under the guise of “Humanity”.  This was a successful tactic used by North Vietnam. Another precept Sun Tzu writes about is the Prolonged War.  He says: “A country will not support a prolonged war”.


In the 60s, the counter culture was born.  It was obvious and nurtured by Hollywood.  If you look at my series I wrote about TV and Movies of the last 3 decades, you can see how shows about family and goodness turned to shows about the “Bad Guy Hero” and scenes of immoral sex.

WWII vet closed

I grew up in a Culture that still related to the founding fathers.  We had survived the monarchy of FDR and still had faith in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But I woke up this morning and opened my eyes only to be aware of the similarities employed in the Weimar Republic in the late 1920s.


Again, please watch this video all the way through.  (it’s not very long)



I ask you the reader: “WHERE THE HELL DID MY COUNTRY GO”?  This is not the America I grew up in.



Politics is never to be discussed with the novice.  And by novice, I don’t mean the idiot on the street who can’t tell you who the vice president is, but the Kool-Aid drinking Left or Right wing fringe prepper that live their life according to the news headlines.  You can tell that they are because the “Talking points of their ideology become their tools of attack”.  I’ve seen it from both sides.  I think I know why people cannot talk about Politics in a civil voice any more.


We use to be: “One nation indivisible under God, with liberty and justice for all”.


Our newest novelty has managed to make us one nation divided. (Period)  People on both sides feel if you attack their ideology, then you are either winning or losing.  I’ve found that the left will beat you to death with emotions and hate.  The Right will beat you to death with facts and hate.


I think anyone that agrees with one side 100% of the time is being misled 50% of the time.  I’ve been a Democrat and I’ve been a Republican.  (The latter most of my adult life) Now I consider myself an independent as they’re the only constituency that doesn’t constantly milk you for donations.  And for me it boils down to this.  The left has become the anti-white party.  And that’s a fine strategy.  It’s worked twice. But it has divided the country.  The right has been developing an ulcer for 6 years and do not seem to be able to think straight.  I believe it’s because they had a slam dunk and for some reason their 2012 candidate lost.


The reason why is still a mystery.  I will quote Stalin who said that the people who vote in elections do not have as much influence as those who count the votes.  We’ve seen how this administration used the IRS to manipulate the election.


Back to discussing politics with friends.  Unless a person has seen politics from both sides, they see politics as a sport.  “My side versus your side”.  Sports in America has become as bad as soccer in 3rd worlds.


Dodger fans kill Giant fans (literally) in the parking lot just for wearing a Giant cap.  I know this is not indicative of Dodger fans but you see how heated sports can get people in America.  Once you remove the unsportsmanlike conduct in sports and politics, you can have a discussion.  If not, the insecurity of the “Friend” you’re talking to will be stimulated.


Ann Coulter wrote a book called: “How to talk to liberals if you must”.


Michael Savage wrote a book called: “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

I find both books amusing.  But there is credence to Ann’s book.  If your friend is not politically mature, leave it alone.  Unless they can understand your political paradigm, and I mean from your POV not theirs. You will only alienate them.


Let me give you an example of what it should be like.  Say what you want about Boston Red Sox fans (I find them loudly obnoxious and hard to understand) but unlike Giant/Dodger fans or even Yankee fans, they have an understanding and respect for the game.  I was blessed with a chance to see Fernando Valenzuela (as an Oriole) pitch against Roger Clemens in Fenway Park.  Fernando gave up a walk and a hit in the first inning.  The hit scored the base runner from second. (Whom had advanced after a sacrifice groundout).  From that point until the bottom of the 7th inning, Fernando did not allow another batter to reach first.  His arm tired in the 7th and like a good manager, he was pulled after missing the strike zone and giving up two more hits all in the 7th.

I remember as Fernando walked off of the pitching mound how the other team’s fans (Bostonians) gave the former Dodger Cy Young winner a standing Ovation.  They knew what a great pitching performance they had just scene.  They were able to set aside partisanship and show respect for an amazing performance.

 Standing Ovation

You need the same respectful state of mind in discussing politics.  Most of the time it’s Right vs. Left spewing talking points.  Most of the time once the side with baseless talking points runs out of explanations, it turns ugly.  Then you reach the point I spoke of on conflict.  You fight, fly or freeze.


My advice to you when a zealous friend is talking politics is to pretend you’re listening.  Don’t try to talk sense.  Just say: “I’ll have to look that up”.


Sadly if you have to do what I just mentioned, your political opponent is really not your friend.  Friends, (I’ve found in the music business) know how to back off of sensitive areas.  Those who go after you with disregard are not trying to converse, they’re trying to win.  They’re rooting for their side.  To hell with facts.  Go ahead, boo Fernando’s 6 inning perfect game.  Even Bostonians are smarter than that.


I’m not talking about “The End of the World as We Know It” or EOTWAWKI.  But simply the end of the World for mankind.   President Reagan once said that America is the last free nation on the earth.  He also said we’re just one generation away from losing our freedom.  There are those who are envious of our freedom and rather than fight for their own freedom; they want to see us lose our freedom.  This will result is a global war of good vs. evil.

The Bible talks about the destruction of the earth in the Final Book of the New Testament, Revelation. The Apostle Paul in his last letter to Timothy talked about the end of times.

Rather than go through Book Chapter and verse; let me give you the gist of it.  He said Evil will do Battle with Good.  We’re not talking about your side versus my side Evil.  Or a Giants vs. The Dodgers good and bad.  But that which represents good via Satanic measures vs that which wants the good for all.  We could easily be in a situation where just pockets of humanity exist.  Should Evil get its’ hand on WMDs, and other countries retaliate, the world will become a small place quite quickly.

We’ve been told that in the final days The Earth will shake.  Fish will stack up on the beach. Volcanoes will erupt.  The water will turn to red.  There will be wars and rumors of war (Ukraine, Gaza, Syria, Iraq)?  Paul used the term, tickled. “They will want their ears tickled”.  An anti-Christ will arise. (Promising hope and change)?  Finally, a great war will take place in the Holy land.

Have you seen Israel lately?


Rockets launched continually from Gaza

I will refrain from showing the multiple beheading pictures.  Just know that it is coming to America.  Obama has no plan nor interest in stopping it.  As he proclaimed to Turkey, America is the largest Muslim nation.

What were some of the situations or signs that the prophets gave us that we could objectively look for?

“Remember that there will be difficult times in the last days.  People will be selfish, greedy, boastful”



They will be unkind, merciless, slanderers, violent, and fierce; they will hate the good;

Christian girl

Christian girl in Syria

“They will be treacherous, reckless, and swollen with pride; they will love pleasure rather than God”


“They will hold to the outward form of our religion, but reject its real power. Keep away from such people. Some of them go into people’s houses and gain control over weak women who are burdened by the guilt of their sins and driven by all kinds of desires, women who are always trying to learn but who can never come to know the truth”.


Nobody will know when.  But it could be today, next week or next month.  But we are that close.  Don’t be fooled.  Get right with God and get your house in order.



  1. Actually hosted the Olympics
  2. Enhanced the U.S. Space Program
  3. Revived his country’s economy
  4. Pulled Germany out of the great recession
  5. Was on the “Hood winking” side of the Hoodwink
  6. Had the respect of other countries
  7. Didn’t send money to foreign countries to try and gain their respect
  8. Built up his military instead of dismantled it.
  9. Delivered great speeches without the use of a teleprompter
  10. Did I mention was respected and feared by other counties?



U.S. President Obama shoots pool during stop in a bar in Denver golf

Well, it got your attention but would you consider it communication?

There’s a big difference between a conversation and the collective monologue. Most people have an us and them mentality and they find comfort when they’re in the “Us” community then rely on talking points when conversing with “Them”. Usually the person is not listening, but rather thinking of what their come back is going to be. That’s the collective monologue. It takes real courage to walk on the other side and try to understand the opposing paradigm from their Point of View (POV).
G Mac
I use to be an election team leader for one of the most liberal Presidential candidates not named Barack Obama, but George McGovern. I practically lived at the campaign center. It’s funny because Ronald Reagan was a registered Dem at one time. I was still a Dem until I got out of the Navy at the beginning of Jimmy Carter. In 1980 I was still a Dem that voted for Kennedy in the Primaries, then Reagan in the November election.
This is the first time I’ve ever confessed voting for Kennedy. I guess it was because I really liked his brothers, who would probably be Tea party candidates by today’s definition of liberal. (Remember, ask not what your country can do for you)?
                             Kennedys  Jack and Bobby
Also remember that when you hear our fearless leader blaming his shortcomings on 1/3 of the political system.  Leading means you show others the way.  It’s not taking a walk and hoping people will follow you.  You have to have trust to be a leader.  You have to be confident to be a leader.  You have to have the best interest of your followers in mind to be a good leader.
I don’t think there is anything wrong with making “Big Money”. But I’m afraid Big Money (aka Soros/Koch bros) are trying to rule the world. They’re buying elections. They’re creating “cult of personalities”. Those who are already rich hate America with few exceptions.Bill Clinton (Sex scandal aside) was the last true president we had. Bush 41 and 43 as well as Obama have done a tremendous job of making the rich richer and the middle class chained to serfdom. It’s Agenda 21. (Or the new world Order) The cycle has got to be broken. A country divided cannot stand.
Obama has ruined what was once a perfectly healthy alternative.  The principles that the Democrats once stood for have been abandoned and coopted by socialists.  Just as Both Bush’s ruined the Republican Party.  We haven’t had a true Leader since Reagan.  William Jefferson Clinton was what one might call a reluctant leader.  Compared to the last two Presidents, I would call him a reluctant hero.  In politics today it’s not about Party D vs. Party R.  It’s about Money A vs. Money B.  Sometime soon we need to get back to respecting the Constitution no matter WHO DOES IT.



The term “Plausible Deniability came to the public’s eye in President Reagan’s last term as president when the Iran Contra affair had surfaced.  When President Reagan heard of the deal to sell arms to Iran to fight Saddam Hussein (Who was using poisonous gas to kill the Kurds in the north) in exchange for cash to support the contra-rebels in Nicaragua, He denied that it had even happene

Once Reagan got to the truth, he addressed the American people and said that he was wrong in what the U.S. was doing and was never told about this “scandal”.  Contrast this to the Obama circus.


There comes a point when plausible deniability becomes irresponsible and willful ignorance.  The phrase: “Just do what you have to do and don’t tell me about it” is the Obama version of plausible deniability.  It would be my guess that everyone in the Administration has a signed blank check book.  Nobody has ever been fired but allowed to take paid “time off”.

Stevens Video

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 11 times and you’re a sociopathic liar.  The term: “I heard about it on the news the same time you did is equivalent to saying: “I’m just as dumb and ignorant about this issue as you are”.  Obama is using the Cloward and Piven strategy of starting so many fires, you can’t focus on one.  When the whole Sierra Nevada mountain range is on fire and the people of Yosemite and Truckee are fleeing their homes, who is going to stop a bank robbery in Placerville?  I’m using this as an example.  If you overwhelm the system, who’s going to focus on a dead Ambassador in Libya?  Who’s going to bring up 40 dead Veterans at a time like this? (When we have 60 thousand illegal children crossing the border.  Who’s going to notice that the other 80% are adults and gang members or Islamic cells?


Personally I’m tired as hell of the talking heads like Bill O’Reilly who keep asking: “Charles, is the president ignorant or incompetent”?  Bill refuses to admit as Dinesh D’Souza claims, it’s all by design.  Yes Obama is doing this, or allowing it to be done by design.


How come nobody is reporting how Valerie Jarrett met with leaders of the illegal immigrant activists off of the White House grounds?  The activists were Illegal and wanted to speak with Obama, but were turned away because of their illegal status.  Notice they were not detained or handed over to ICE.  They were turned away and later met with White House chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett.





In WWII, we saw Japan use the Kamikaze pilot who was ordered to give his life and use his plane as a weapon of destruction.  September 11th 2001 comes to mind.  Towards the end of WWII Hitler ordered the brilliant Aces of what remained of an over worked Lüftwaffe in April of 1945, to give their lives to take down B-17s and B-24s that were killing German civilians.  Lüftwaffe heroes such as Heinrich Erhler gave their lives to take down one last B-17 in the attack on Berlin.  In Germany, it had become an act of self-defense, in the Pacific it was an act of aggression.  Japan was attacking the U.S. Navy in battles in the Philippines and other areas across the South Pacific theater of battle.


(These children should be playing with stuffed animals and Tonka Toys.)

In Iraq and Afghanistan, everyone is a potential suicidal IED.  Only the term INCORRIGIBLE can describe this egregious lack of appreciation for human life.  This Muslim culture’s lack of respect for humanity is only outdone by the hypocrisy of the Palestinians who use children as human shields, then have the fucking audacity to say that Israel or Americans are committing war crimes by bombing “innocent children”.  The same innocent children these psychotic killers strap bombs to.  We are dealing with a truly satanic regime in the Middle East.  They multiply like fleas or termites and do far more damage per capita.


We seem to have a worldwide war of the “have-nots” attacking the “Haves”.  Perhaps, invading the haves is a better word.  Central America and Mexico are not capable of bringing their standard of living up to that of the U.S. so instead of developing a thriving economy, they create a pile of donkey feces and cry that they’re refugees from their own shit holes.

Immigrant train

Is it in their DNA?  In Albert Schweitzer’s book “African Notebook”, he spends two chapters discussing the differences between Blacks and Whites.  I believe that what he is really talking about is cultural differences.  For most Americans, even the most hardened criminals; I believe would find it hard to strap a bomb to a toddler and send it into a café to kill 30 of their enemy.  It’s not in our American culture.  Yet most communist or Muslim countries seem to find no issues with this and just call it jihad.

child_suicide_bomber        Hamas

In the swamp; you cannot negotiate with Alligators.  In the ocean, you cannot negotiate with Sharks.  They will eat you.  Albert Schweitzer wrote this in the 1st edition of his book: “African Notebook”

I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him and they will destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

The Nobel prize winner (Schweitzer) was giving a stern warning to those who would follow him, using heavy admonishments.  The point in referencing Schweitzer is that he was claiming that there are cultural differences that we need to be aware of.  In America and parts of Europe, we want to proclaim all men equal.  And all men are entitled to equal unalienable God given rights.  But not all men are culturally equal.  I believe this was Dr. Schweitzer’s point.  We need to remember this when engaging illegal immigrants or fighting the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas or their affiliates.  We are not fighting the English of the 18th century.  The enemy does not line up and shoot at you wearing the same colors.  We need to understand the culture of the enemy and fight them on their battle field.

Hamas Rockets


Only then will we see respect and a modicum of co-operation.