I’ve been very fortunate to live in a time of prosperity in our country only to see it sliding away.  I grew up saying the pledge of allegiance daily in “home room” class.  I recall Nikita Khrushchev saying: “We will bury you” and “Your children will grow up Communists”.

 Combat Title

I grew up watching Combat on ABC every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM.  I grew up in the Navy as my parents had both died when I was quite young.


The military taught me self-reliance and decent morals.  It exposed me to the evil that exists in our world and not just within the enemy but in my own unit.  I have to admit that I don’t fully trust a person that hasn’t served their country in one form or another.  All of my shipmates knew we were riding on a floating powder keg that could have ended every last sailor’s life.

When I left the military I took off the uniform but I never took off the principles the military had inculcated in me.


Most of all, I remember patriotism.  Please watch this video until the end.  My favorite American is in the 2nd to last scene.

One of the greatest books on war ever written was penned by a Chinese warrior, a high ranking General named Sun Tzu, who wrote a book on war strategy that is taught at West Point today.


The book “THE ART OF WAR”, was first translated into French in 1772.  The original text was written in 512 B.C. and very little substance has been deviated since its’ first translation.

Hanoi Jane kerry

In the 1960s, America lost its’ “innocence”.  During the Vietnam War, Communist China used one of the precepts of Sun Tzu to attack America from within.  In chapter 1 (Laying Plans), article 23, Sun Tzu says: “If your enemy is united, SEPARATE THEM”.  In WWI and WWII Americans supported the troops.  The same can be said for The Korean War. Communist China used scoundrels like Jane Fonda, John Kerry and Bill Ayers to divide the country under the guise of “Humanity”.  This was a successful tactic used by North Vietnam. Another precept Sun Tzu writes about is the Prolonged War.  He says: “A country will not support a prolonged war”.


In the 60s, the counter culture was born.  It was obvious and nurtured by Hollywood.  If you look at my series I wrote about TV and Movies of the last 3 decades, you can see how shows about family and goodness turned to shows about the “Bad Guy Hero” and scenes of immoral sex.

WWII vet closed

I grew up in a Culture that still related to the founding fathers.  We had survived the monarchy of FDR and still had faith in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But I woke up this morning and opened my eyes only to be aware of the similarities employed in the Weimar Republic in the late 1920s.


Again, please watch this video all the way through.  (it’s not very long)



I ask you the reader: “WHERE THE HELL DID MY COUNTRY GO”?  This is not the America I grew up in.

One thought on “WHERE THE FUCK AM I?

  1. Since you respect the study of history, I would suggest you view changes in American culture by reflecting on previous empires and world powers. They all declined, without exception. Every rise is followed by a plateau and entropy. We are living in the downward phase, that’s all. It’s inevitable. Your individual life need not reflect it, if you are sufficiently adaptive.

    One of the big lessons living during the decline has taught me is that while technology tends to improve over time, the limits and flaws that are a permanent part of human psychology haven’t changed since the Ice Age. We fight wars over the same issues over and over, unable to remember that we are at heart just animals with a knack for tool-making. And in every century, there are a few wise persons suggesting “We don’t have to be this way.” But history proves we stop only for a moment to listen to them before going right back to conflicts over resources, ideology, and territory.

    You can choose to go in step with the current or not, but you can’t really change its direction.

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