The term “Plausible Deniability came to the public’s eye in President Reagan’s last term as president when the Iran Contra affair had surfaced.  When President Reagan heard of the deal to sell arms to Iran to fight Saddam Hussein (Who was using poisonous gas to kill the Kurds in the north) in exchange for cash to support the contra-rebels in Nicaragua, He denied that it had even happene

Once Reagan got to the truth, he addressed the American people and said that he was wrong in what the U.S. was doing and was never told about this “scandal”.  Contrast this to the Obama circus.


There comes a point when plausible deniability becomes irresponsible and willful ignorance.  The phrase: “Just do what you have to do and don’t tell me about it” is the Obama version of plausible deniability.  It would be my guess that everyone in the Administration has a signed blank check book.  Nobody has ever been fired but allowed to take paid “time off”.

Stevens Video

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 11 times and you’re a sociopathic liar.  The term: “I heard about it on the news the same time you did is equivalent to saying: “I’m just as dumb and ignorant about this issue as you are”.  Obama is using the Cloward and Piven strategy of starting so many fires, you can’t focus on one.  When the whole Sierra Nevada mountain range is on fire and the people of Yosemite and Truckee are fleeing their homes, who is going to stop a bank robbery in Placerville?  I’m using this as an example.  If you overwhelm the system, who’s going to focus on a dead Ambassador in Libya?  Who’s going to bring up 40 dead Veterans at a time like this? (When we have 60 thousand illegal children crossing the border.  Who’s going to notice that the other 80% are adults and gang members or Islamic cells?


Personally I’m tired as hell of the talking heads like Bill O’Reilly who keep asking: “Charles, is the president ignorant or incompetent”?  Bill refuses to admit as Dinesh D’Souza claims, it’s all by design.  Yes Obama is doing this, or allowing it to be done by design.


How come nobody is reporting how Valerie Jarrett met with leaders of the illegal immigrant activists off of the White House grounds?  The activists were Illegal and wanted to speak with Obama, but were turned away because of their illegal status.  Notice they were not detained or handed over to ICE.  They were turned away and later met with White House chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett.



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