I will confess that while listening with one ear to Donald Trump, he says the things you want to hear. But it’s what he doesn’t say which should have all of you Trump minions concerned.  Recently, I posted on a Face Book page that is “Pro” Donald Trump that America should be able to do better than a game show host for president. I was asked by the admin: “Who would you choose”? OK.  Fair enough.

My response was to ask the minions of Trump to strip away the 4th grade name calling and ad hominem attacks on Megyn Kelly and ask themselves, what are Trump’s plans?  I mentioned that he couldn’t use the term interstate commerce and repeated “rings around the states”.  To me this is poor coaching before the debate and not something from a well thought out plan.  I said: “If Trump had a plan, he would have loudly made sure everyone heard it”.  But the truth is, interstate commerce is just one tool that would heal the devastation inflicted by Obamacare. I questioned what Trump would do even if we could get the uninsured down to 49 million Americans again? What would he do about regulating the out of control health insurance and Pharmaceutical market?  How is he going to get these high deductible scam policies back to the pre-Obama rates?  You can’t just say “Many programs will “pop up” once you do away with restricted border commerce”. I felt Donald Trump’s current political platform is to call whoever “dares” to attack him a bigger liar than the last candidate that attacked him.

I like tough talk after 8 years of a pacifistic communist in office. But talk without meat won’t cut it.  In 1928, a young Austrian stepped forward and fanned the flames of the fire of discontent for the out of control inflation in the Weimar Republic.  The man with the answer would go on to be known as “Der Fürher”.


  I do not want to see America (A country that re-elected Obama and Nixon) repeat the mistake California voters made by voting for Arnold. Strip away the name calling and tell me what you’re left with?

A self-proclaimed Presbyterian that thinks Planned Parenthood is a great place for women to seek medical help.

By the way, my answer to the Admin’s question was Rubio, Carson or Kasich but not Cruz as he’s shown his willingness to be deceitful under the guise of Christianity. Instead of putting up a rebuttal, I was blocked and the entire thread was destroyed. The truth shall not only set you free, but get you blocked.

I call it a badge of honor

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