TABLE FOR THREE?      

 Perot  Bush

In 1991, a likable conservative “TEXAS” businessman with a bad haircut named Ross Perot captured the attention of many conservatives.  In doing so he split the Republican vote robbing the TEXAS incumbent President George H.W. Bush  and allowing Bill Clinton to scamper like a cockroach into the White house with a “Minority percentage” vote(less the 50%).  Clinton began his reign of liberalism like Barack Obama.  But thanks to the 104th 105th and 106th congress which held majorities in the Senate and the house, Clinton was forced to “Triangulate” to the center.  This actually saved a presidency scandalized by the Monica Lewinski, oral sex impeachment, white water and the mysterious death of Vince Foster.(Clinton’s Deputy Whitehouse Counsel)


William Jefferson Clinton

I’ve always felt that Perot used his money to keep Bush from being re-elected.  I have often thought that he had help from the Dems who had just suffered 12 years of republicans in the White house.  Perot used old fashion teaching tools like Pie charts and a chalk board to reach voters in a very Bourgeois fashion.  He resonated with his followers much like Talk show host Glenn Beck did, in a very non-condescending style.


Governor Chris Christie

The question that arises today is, Who would a third party candidate steal votes from? If Ross Perot was pro Marijuana deregulation, would G.H.W. Bush have won?  Who do the Republicans have that could run and “Perot”(verb) Hillary?  I think without a doubt, Rand Paul has more appeal to Democrats while still having a basic core respect for the Constitution.  Can conservatives live with a true libertarian in the Whitehouse?  Does Rand Paul have the Romney talent to get us out of the gutter Obama is throwing the U.S. into?  It’s obvious both Rand Paul and Chris Christie are the front runners at this time.  I believe that Christie would split the GOP if he ran either as a third party or as a moderate, which leaves us with the Younger Paul.  If Paul ran as a libertarian, I think 30% of the Dems would vote for him thus dividing the Dem vote.  I also think unfortunately that 30% of the Republicans would vote for him.  You do the math.  Then ask yourself this: “What if Hillary doesn’t Run”?

Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul

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